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Enchanted (2007)
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Why I voted 1, 7 August 2009

this film was a disappointment to the whole family, even though it is some of Alan Mencken's best music. I don't know what Disney films they were trying to parody but I did not recognize any of the princesses or princes. In none of the animated features are they so ignorant and stupid. It was like they were trying to poke fun at them but they only had their own jaded views of the films in their minds without even knowing the real films well. I hope this is the last of the Disney "dark years" films where it was uncool to sing and be idealistic. If you think the other animated features were all corny and bad then you will love this Shrek-esqe take on them. If you know the films avoid this lame duck. Lets all hope Lassiter brings back the Disney magic.

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no James Bond, 12 April 2007

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Thsi film is no James Bond film at all. It misses all the charme, elegance and class of the series and is merely another action film of the kind of Lethal Weapon or 24. It was boring and unsatisfying, and Daniel Craig is just miscast. I am a big fan of the James Bond films, but I was very disappointed in this one. Why were they trying to destroy the myth of James Bond? He never war a cold hearted, brutal killer. Her usually got the girl and not got all of them killed. He was charming and a gentleman of subtle wit. And he was good looking. Somehow all of that was missing in this film. And why on earth was this about Bond besoming 007, if the setting was nowadays? Surely it should have taken place in the 60ies? Whoever tried to reinvent Bond in this film ruined it for me.

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A great holiday film with a good message, 24 December 2006

A wonderful film to be recommended to all who can see beyond their on small lives and maybe still see the childhood wonder that they once had as a child. The makers chose to render the film very close to the original art work in the hardcover children's book. An interesting approach. I am stunned at the amount of comments here who really did not get the point of the film. I guess you hear the bell, or even remember what it was like at one time to hear it or you don't, but the amount of ridiculous hate reviews here on this site is ridiculous. I wonder If the times we live in have started to breed the wonder and joy of the imagination out of us all. sad. what did one person write? " we all know that trains don't go down the middle of the street" wow, what a sad state the world is in. see the film for yourself, a film where not everything is spelled out 100 % and it lets your imagination soar.

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kind of confused but OK, 12 January 2006

I am very surprised at the amount of childish comment's here about this so so film. I rented it expecting a really bad film and was disappointed. it is totally average in every aspect. a bit confused but this film makes immortal look like a masterpiece. I don't know the game but what I saw here was not one of the worst ever. If you are in the mood for lots of gun play with monsters and no really clear story except the usual allusions to some lost civilization that guarded a "dark" secret it is all pretty standard, somewhat boring fare. To all the game to film haters out there you should really know more about game story's before you generalize them all as bad. a badly adapted film is just that. badly done.

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sweet comedy, 7 March 2004

a really nice gangster comedy with a romantic touch. Pure fun! I really do not understand why this movie got such a bad rating. I guess people expected a real tough action film from Stallone and were disappointed by this rather unusual romantic comedy with a surprising touch of humor - when Jennifer and Frankie sit together at a lake, watching the body of the mafioso he just killed sink in, making romantic comments about the moonlight, it is just hilarious. Stallone does a fine job, playing surprisingly quiet, while Stowe is just wonderul as the slightly hysterical rich housewife who finds out not only that her Father was in reality a mobster but also that her husband has been cheating on her for years. Things get worse when she meets the romance author of her dreams, who is also not what he seems...

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sadly misguided version of great story, 16 October 2003

It is really a shame that the writer and the director of this film changed the story so much that it is now a sad diluted piece of melodrama. As much as I like Neeson's work he is miscast here and he and Rush are busy trying to underact each other. Why were all the names changed?? It just makes no sense like so many of the useless changes. How are we supposed to believe that Javert sees his own suicide as the only way not to break the law when we are shown his blatent disregard for the law in the arrest of Fantine? Where were Enjolras and Eponine???? since when does Valjean confess to Cosette HALFWAY through the story? So much money spent and so little sense for drama. Sometimes I wish writers would have a lobby to stop movies like this that abuse the name of a well known book. Was the plug pulled on this stinker or why did it end at Javert's suicide with Valjean's triumphant walk into the sunset??

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stylish, cool historical romp that is long but worth it, 3 September 2002

An interesting film that is a mix of Hong Kong action adventure and historical pagentry. At first I thought it would be a typical "catch the bad werewolf" flick but was very surprised at many turns. For a french film it is surprisingly middle of the road on the "King vs. The Revolution" topic. Well worth a watch if you can see it. Very cool extras on the dvd.

It is also unbelievable that the studios who own the dubbing industry still succeed in keeping all competition out by not not allowing theatrical releases to be dubbed. Then we are told that it is so wrong to dubb a film. Who watched the spaghetti westerns in the original five different languages that they were filmed in? Fifth element was partially filmed in french, too........... Hmmm. Maybe it might be time to get on the studios to stop doing this.

This film is not Shakespeare but a well done good adult action adventure and should be enjoyed as such.

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very confused wannabe weird film, 4 August 2002

I was very disappointed in this confusingly told and badly made film. Although I can see how it would make a great playground for the bla bla intellectuals who just want to project themselves into a film. A waste of time. Have a good dinner instead, chat with friends......anything but this film.