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This list not include the French Michael Lonsdale (full British ascendancy) and the Brazilian Gisele Bundchen (full German ascendancy) Sylva Koscina was Croatian-Polish. Isabelle Adjani was born in Paris, but his roots are not French. She has German and Algero-Turkish ancestors.
This list is Including Greeks (Aryans invasors + White mediterranean races), like the Latins, although their language not derived from Latin.
Not including Romanians, although their language is derived from Latin. Because Romanians are the Dinaric race, descending of very ancient peoples who settled in the
Carpathians (Scythians, Kurgans and Dacians)
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Hello. Today 05/29/2011 .I have made a mistake.I should have said that this is a list to remember movie people who had a tragic life or an early or violent death.There are lots of filmed material about Charles Lindbergh or JFK, but they are not movie artists.
Every death is sad, but not every death is tragic.

Cancer kills. Please,only when the victim had died young or left very young child/children.

10/30/2011. No soldiers killed in action, here.That's not a tribute to war. Movie Artists killed during the war are welcome, except soldiers. So, Stellan Rye or Nino Oxilia or Curt A. Stark or S. Rankin Drew or Leslie Howard are not .

Searching deaths into imdb databases

Replacing the year number to the number you wish
For example: if you change the year 1900 for 1400 you will found Geoffrey Chaucer
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Including deaths by brain tumor, emphysema, myeloma and lymphoma.
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Interesting movie absent: Hitler's Mountain of Stolen Art(2013), documentary by Petra Dormman.

Of course, we did not include films made by the Germans during the National Socialist period, due the reason it offer a very biased view..
However, if you wish, you can find them on the list
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<Larry W Mayes>
When I had the idea for this list, I thought in honor
only the silent film comedians, but their careers often
continued in the years 30 and 40.
So I decided to extend the list until 1945.

In fact, Jimmy Durante was already active in the 30s
and deserves inclusion. As I opened an exception to
just include the excellent Joe De Rita, I'll add another
name that you remembered..
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From Hollywood to World !
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Movies numbered 301-600 are in the tlist Other Silents I.

Unfortunately, that list is not visible in the IMDB boxes on the right.
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Search for other famous documentarists:
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This is a list and not a ranking!
Sonny Chibba was add.Thank You!
Andy Lau and Michelle Yeoh...OK!
Takeshi kanishiro, Bruce Willis, Mark Dacascos or Silvester Stallone are action movie actors more than anything. Sorry!
Don Wilson deserves to be in the list.Thanks!
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Some lost films...

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Other sources:

A documentary about this theme:
Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Films

Good news:

Please, look also this Brittish list:
Look at the Success:

Orient yourself
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The theme of western movies is often the same. To choose my favorite ones, preferred to think of those which have an unusual perspective.
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What makes great a star? Talent, Beauty, Popularity, Great movies, Great crontracts, Famous partners, Success along of time, Recognition of the fans or critics?
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If you liked this list, you can take a look at this

Silent Movies: Early Years (1922-1913)

Some movies that were in this list are now in the "last silents and mixes" list.

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Atrizes e atores do Brasil listados em um grande sítio. Confira!
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I think the celtic-blood women are irresistible or the most interesting.
Here we have a tribute to whose built, with the name, origin or work , the famous charm of the french woman.

And naturally, his beauty....
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see also_ 15 Movies of Karl Valentin

Between 1933-45,
UFA was not the only German producer,
but was in control of the distribution.
For this circumstance, we have included films from
other German producers, made ​​in the same period.

Extra: Orient yourself!
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To view politicians of U.S.A. click in the list
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To french beauties see my list "les femmes fatales"
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Where is the space to Paul Ladmirault ?
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