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Avoid insanity as you try to stop the world from plunging into Eternal Darkness!, 8 July 2015

This game came out on the Nintendo Gamecube and it seemed like they were trying to appeal to the more adult gamer with this offering. Though, they would have some resident evil games on that system, this was their exclusive brand. Granted, they did not ever go beyond this particular game making it pretty much a one game series, but within that one game are quite a few series! Graphically, it still holds up very well, though I have stated in the past that I do believe graphics pretty much peaked during this time and now all that is done is clearer and more detail. The story in this one is pretty good and it offers a few twists on game play, but at times the game play mechanics themselves can prove to be a tad frustrating as far as fighting monsters and such. Still, with this one, Nintendo was letting us go into the darkness with an offering of their own and I do believe for the most part they did a pretty good job.

The story has a young lady named Alex going to the home of her grandfather. He has been killed in gruesome fashion and the police have no leads or clues as to what happened to him. She decides to explore the house and see if she can perhaps turn up something. She ends up finding a book called the Tome of Eternal Darkness and within it she will live out various other peoples' meetings with the Darkness that is going to try cover the world in Eternal Darkness. Can the various people who encounter the tome hold back the darkness, or are we destined to lose the light?

The game play is about the most problematic part of the game. I love that you get to control such a wide variety of characters and use so many interesting weapons. I also think the whole insanity effect was cool, just wish I could explore more while insane, but they make it so if you run out you lose health, which kind of sucks as the more entertaining thing in the game is trying to figure out if you just got your head knocked off for real or if it was just the character going momentarily crazy. The levels do have a bit of sameness to them, but at the same time you revisit stages during different time periods so you can see what age has done to the places. The fighting, now that is kind of a pain. I understand they were going for making you tense as you try to reload a gun and it takes a moment; however, at times it is also very difficult targeting the enemy too. You also get killed by camera angles and such as well. The magic casting also took forever, which for the most part was not too big a deal, that is until you had to face this huge creature during the war and time your magic attacks. Overall, not too bad as it was an earlier game so one can expect the controls to be a bit more difficult as making games like this were still not quite the norm.

So overall, a good horror survival game which obviously used a whole heck of a lot of H.P Lovecraft stories and influence. I think the story got a bit weaker as it progressed, but not a lot. It would have been interesting to see if they could have done a sequel, but the only way I could see them doing it, is if they made a completely unrelated story, but then you run into the problem of making the same game with only different locales and characters. They would have also had trouble trying to come up with different insanity effects too, so I can see why they did not immediately make a sequel. I think they could do one now though as it has been a long time since this game came out.

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Arnold is back and Conner is played by yet another actor, 3 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Part of me wishes I did not like this film, a small part mind you as I did pay to see this. The reason is so many critics have been harsh with this and a lot of people I know have said it was, "meh". So perhaps I had lower expectations and that is why I really enjoyed this film. I most definitely enjoyed it more than the super serious stick up the butt Salvation. This one is not part one or two mind you, but it turned out to be a science fiction/action film that had some laughs and had Arnold back as the Terminator who this time has a name of sorts, "Pops." So while the story may not hold up as well as the first two it was a nice action film that for me, was better than the two juggernaut films of the summer of 2015 so far, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Jurassic World". Just my opinion as I did enjoy those two films a good deal, just enjoyed this one more. I am a Schwarzenegger fan and this is the first film he has done since his political career ended that I have been able to get to other than the Expendable films, so that may be part of it too. That and I enjoy robots and stuff fighting and this has that in it too.

The story has Kyle Reese going back into the past to save Sarah Connor from the Terminator. Strangely though, something is amiss as when he arrives a Terminator is waiting for him. Meanwhile, the Terminator who has been sent back to take out Sarah is ambushed and taken out before it has a chance to get some clothes on. Soon Sarah and Kyle are meeting under entirely different circumstances and there is an opening to take out Skynet before it can begin its plans for mass extinction of the human race. Unfortunately, another Terminator is after them now in the form of John Connor.

I did have a couple of problems with the film and one of them is the fact John Connor is a Terminator. Not that he is one, but that I knew this before I went to see the film! I am still going to mark the spoiler box, but unless you completely missed the trailers you knew this was going to happen. It would have been a bit cooler had I not found out that tidbit until I was watching the film and Schwarzenegger's Terminator blasted him a couple of times. Not sure what they were thinking with that one and this is one of the reasons I try to avoid trailers all together as they do have spoilers in them a bit more than only a few years ago. The film could have also been rated R, but once again they are just afraid to have a movie with a budget this size and make it R. Granted part of my reasoning for having it R is just so I could have seen Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor) naked. Otherwise, it was rather a hard PG-13 as there was cussing galore and a couple of good kills too.

So while others may not have enjoyed this one, I did. It did some things the same and it did some things differently and it made for a fun ride. I liked how they recreated the 1984 film and I liked how they kept changing the future around as if this film was pretty much what happens when you keep time jumping and that is things really get messed up. Beyond that, this is not a thinker film and it is the summer so nothing wrong with a popcorn action film. So while it is most certainly not universally loved, I liked it and thought it was a cool science fiction/action movie. There was some good humor as well and I really enjoyed Arnold's return to the role. A good movie for me and the people I saw it with, which is all I can ask for.

Nice sequel with lots of characters to choose from, 27 June 2015

I bought this game years ago out of a discount bin. Played it minimally and then proceeded on to something else. Well, I decided to play it again and I won it as well. As far as the two X-men Legends games, I think I have a slight preference for the first one, but I think I like this one a bit more than the second Ultimate Alliance game. The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games were sort of sequels to these games; however, at the end of this one a sequel is indicated as it showed a villain laughing maniacally, but this did not carry over to the Ultimate Alliance games. Then again, at the end of the first Ultimate Alliance game it was indicated that Galactus would be the primary villain of the second game and that never materialized either. That would have been cooler than the crap they did do as the second Alliance game would do the Civil War storyline (which I hated) and have a very weak villain at the end. This one has a good villain fight at the end which is not usually present in these games. Dr. Doom was alright, Magneto would have been cool, but he wasn't the true ending boss. This one on the other hand as a great final fight and a great villain in Apocalypse.

The story has the X-men and Brotherhood coming together to take on the evil Apocalypse who believes that only the strong shall survive. He has kidnapped Polaris and also has his sight set on three other mutants for his scheme. Helping him is the equally maniacal Mr. Sinister. Along with other powerful mutants his nefarious plans take him to the mutant haven Genosha, the Savage Land, Canadian outposts, New York and finally Egypt. It will take everything the X-men and the Brotherhood have to defeat this powerful foe. They will also have to stop themselves from fighting each other.

The game play is action based RPG. You go through a level with a four person team you choose and there a are a lot of characters to choose from. You control one of them, but you just need to push a button to switch out and control another. I used Wolverine and Cyclops the entire way, but switched up the other two. It is a bit annoying leveling up as I just think it began to take too long near the end. Not to power up the main stats, but rather to power up your abilities. You get four points to charge up the normal stuff, and only one for abilities so unless you work at it indefinitely, you are not going to charge too many things to max. The fighting is rather cool, but the level design is kind of uninspired. Kind of how like in the second UA game, the levels are kind of uninspired and very monotonous.

The game is fun, just not anything all that great. The loading in this one is horrid. I realize it is PS2, but Final Fantasy X did not take this long to load and it had more voice acting and better graphics so really no excuse for such a long load, especially to just access the menu! The voice acting here is okay; however, Charles Xavier was awesome as Patrick Stewart did his voice. Kind of a bummer Ian didn't do Magneto, but pretty much the rest of the voices are very familiar sounding from countless anime cartoons I have watched. Nice villain here and good story. Make the levels more varied and this one could have been incredible. Say more like the New York stage, its level was different and it was also the shortest, all others were like one hallway after another. Still, the game at least has a nice variety of characters to control.

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It was cool to finally see a fully functional park complete with tourists, 22 June 2015

This movie was a good film, lots of dinosaur action to be sure; however, I am a bit perplexed as to why this one is doing such astronomical business at the box office. While it was good, it really was not anything me it was pretty much chock full of things we had already seen before with the exception of a cool working park that I kind of wish we got to see more of before the chaos ensued. Do not get me wrong the chaos was awesome and I guess that in the end is why it is doing so well. A kid is going to absolutely love a flick like this...I know I would have as a child. I just wish they had some more interesting human characters. Basically, I say bravo to the dinosaurs they did what they needed to. I just felt the human characters were a bit underwhelming, the poor dinosaurs had to take up to much slack.

The story has us arriving at a fully functional dinosaur park. A couple of boys are going there to meet their aunt who is quite high up on the ladder in the park. She is so busy she pretty much pawns them off on a poor woman who really got a bit more done to her than she really deserved (I would have liked to see what happened to her, happen to D'Onofrio's character). Meanwhile, the aunt is pitching a new dinosaur as they want to wow the people so why not make a bigger more ferocious dinosaur. While this is going on, a man is attempting to train Raptors. He is asked to inspect this new dinosaur and it isn't too long before things get out of control and the new attraction is running rampant in the park!

The dinosaurs are awesome and it was totally cool to see the one in the water. Not sure why they felt the need to make anything else as I would love to go to the park just to see that one in the water. The problem is other than Bryce Dallas Howard's character, no one else was really that good. Pratt was awesome in Guardians of the Galaxy did his best Mark Walhberg impersonation in this one. D'Onofrio was over the top annoying, the two kids weren't bad, but I thought the whole divorce subplot pointless. Only a very small number of the human's jokes worked for me, most felt flat. The human element just did not even compare to the dinosaur one. It was not terrible, just not great at all.

Overall, the movie was good. The dinosaurs were awesome, the mayhem was awesome and the dinosaur fights were cool. I also applaud them for the amount of deaths they showed on screen. One of the things I hated about Lost World was that nearly every death was off screen while here we get to see em chomped! The movie could have been better if say Pratt was more like Guardians and less like a rock and some of the other characters were given more to work with, but the dinosaurs take up the slack and make this a very fun film.

Axiom Verge (2015) (VG)
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Great throwback game that captures the essence of early gaming, 18 June 2015

This is one of the first games that I played when I got my PS4 system. It is a game that most likely could have run on the first Playstation system (I would say SNES, but I feel the music and some of the bosses would have been to much for it). This game was a lot of fun, despite it did not boast super enhanced graphics and ultra realistic environments. No, it was fun because the game play was great. To me, as long as you can tell what things are, the graphics are good enough. I also feel that graphics pretty much peaked at the PS2 and now it is less about how realistic they look but how many details are on the characters in a game, because you know how great it is to see every pore and such. This game mirrors a lot of the earlier games of the NES and SNES era, but I would be foolish to neglect to say the game it mirrors the most is Metroid. From waking up in the middle of a strange labyrinth where you have to get your first upgrade by heading to the left to the use of upgrades to proceed further into the game this game feels more like Metroid than the last Metroid I played which was on the Gamecube and was a first person shooter for the most part. So it was wonderful playing a game that was a 2D platform game where one must navigate an insane world where I am still not sure what the heck was going on.

The story has your character waking up and finding himself in this strange realm where a voice guides him. The last thing he remembers is a lab accident and at first he thinks that killed him, but the truth is more bizarre as he begins to question everything in the insane world he finds himself in. Constantly having to go places and battling monsters and being offered help from huge creatures whose intentions are never really clear. Very hard to explain what is going on, best just to say it is insanity!

The game play as I said is like Metroid. With a lot more weapons...I got so many weapons by the end and I did not even get them all. It is fun using all the different weapons and trying them out on various enemies. The boss fights are very fun as the music is totally cool throughout the game, even more so during the insane battles against strange monsters that seem to think you are the evil one. Which you may very well be, as I said it just is not clear. With all the weapons I collected, I didn't even find them all! The place is fun to explore, but at times I just had no idea where to go and there were still a few places I could not figure out what to do to progress further. It also becomes very difficult near the end too, as I had it on easy and still had trouble.

So all in all a very fun game. Sure it most resembles Metroid, but there are other games that it kind of is similar too. That grappling hook you get reminded me of the one used by the dude in Bionic Commando and at one point the background was very reminiscent of Rygar. I wish more games like this were released these days rather than the same stuff being recycled every year to the delight of people who think graphics are all that matters and playing with friends and going pew pew makes for the best games. This one took some time and some struggles and was fun as all get out. A game I played on a next generation console, but was clearly retro to the extreme!

A Silent Hill game in the barest sense, 17 June 2015

I had just gotten my PS Vita recently and perused the Vita games at a Gamestop and I happened across this game. I was surprised, I had not heard of a Silent Hill for the Vita so I purchased figuring it would probably be pretty fun. I have enjoyed all the Silent Hill games I have played with the previous weak link coming in the form of The Room. That game was a horror survival game that was converted to a Silent Hill late in its development and while it was a bit weak in areas it had a good story and some charm to it. Meet the new holder of the title of weakest Silent Hill game...Book of Memories! This game is less Silent Hill than The Room and this one was always a Silent Hill game. I am guessing this one is set up to be more enjoyable if you have more people, but as a single player game I found it very weak. It is essentially a dungeon crawler game with no interactions with much of anything. All you get is one mailman, who is the same one from Downpour, and a demon who gives you quests and then proceeds to give you a crappy weapon that will break after a few uses living you scrambling for another crappy weapon.

The story and premise is interesting enough. Whatever character you decide on receives a book as a birthday gift. In this book is the story of your life and this makes your character wonder, if you change things in the book will the changes occur in real life? You soon enter a dream like world where you battle hordes of strange monsters to change your life because I would risk my life and brave a nightmare realm to get that promotion.

The game play is simplistic and at the same time overly complicated. You go through room after room fighting monsters and trying to receive puzzle pieces which you get by fighting monsters. You can buy stuff by finding a strange currency that you usually get by looking in drawers and, of course, fighting monsters. You can also level up which takes forever and I soon found myself overpowered at nearly every turn as the game quickly progressed to a very unforgiving dungeon crawler. My guess is that one must traverse previous levels again and again to gain more exp and get more money, but I did not care to go through the same bland dungeons again and again. The menu system is the overly complicated part as they just incorporated to much to simply move from one set of items to another. I still have no clue as to how to use the magic system as I tried pushing the bar and it did nothing and there was nothing at the shop that seemed to have magical properties.

So there really is not much to offer here. I cannot believe it is ranked fairly high here as it has a score of 7.3. Don't know what game they played, but I played a game that was a Silent Hill game in truly the most barest of qualifiers. As a Silent Hill game it is most certainly a fail, and as a dungeon crawler it is annoying to the extreme. When I put a game on easy difficulty I do not expect to get killed multiple times and face the prospect of going through the level again because there is only one save site per level. Of course, one good thing I can say about this game is that it makes The Room seem a whole lot better!

Deadpool (2013) (VG)
Fun hack n slash game featuring the merc with a mouth, 1 June 2015

This game was a fun game featuring the comic character that can match Spider-man quip for quip. It also features a lot of adult content and is probably one of the last good comic book based games based on a Marvel character. Too bad Disney acquired the rights to nearly all the Marvel characters as one of the results of this seems to be only seeing our favorite comic book characters in video games only in that god awful money grab none as Disney Infinity. This one reminds me of another comic game that I was not expecting to be all that great and got at a dirt low price and really enjoyed it, "Punisher". That one was a bit better than this one even though it did come out on the last generation of comics. Though I am not the type of person who orgasms because of graphics, but rather, I enjoy a game because of the game play. Here it is fun and fast paced and features a lot of humor. That of course is to be expected as Deadpool is a comic character that likes to run his mouth. He is also crazy and this game captures his crazy side quite well. So, while we will probably never get another Ultimate Alliance for Deadpool to roam in (thanks Disney) we at least got this fun game that for a nice change of pace doesn't take a lifetime to play through.

The story, well there is one, but it is kind of messed up. Deadpool is of course aware that he is in a game so he tends to go off script here and there. Deadpool is hired to take out a guy, but soon finds himself going after Mr. Sinister who has a sinister plan up his sleeve! Deadpool must face Sinister's group the Marauders while also trying to survive Cable's explanation on what is going on! He also putters around the house, attends a party and kills countless clones!

The game play is your basic hack n slash type game though there are a few areas where the game becomes a bit different whether because of a budget that is running low or Deadpool's deranged mind. You get to use swords, hammers and tons of guns as he blasts and slices his way through level after level. For the most part the game is not to annoyingly hard thanks to Deadpool's healing factor. If you find yourself getting low on health run around and eventually you will be revitalized. However, while most of the game has its moments, the last level was pure hell! Still, fun once you kill the three Marauders and face Sinister.

So, while this game is not a perfect triumph it is still a very fun game. The humor had me laughing and it was neat seeing other characters in the X-men's universe coming to the aid of Deadpool. Granted, only Cable really helps, most of the others do not really have all that much screen time, though there is a humorous section of the game featuring a playable Rogue. The game was definitely worth the less than 15 dollars I spent on it as this is just one of those games you hold out for as it will go down in price and that is when you snatch it up. That way there is no risk should it turn out to be bad and it yields high rewards should it turn out to be fun...which this one was.

This is quite the trip, 26 May 2015

I prefer the more unique games out there rather than the same old releases that most U.S. companies provide us every year 'cough' Call of Duty 'cough'. This one fits the bill quite nicely and it is one of many games that kind of show that the more adult oriented games released in Japan are slowly but surely making their way into our gaming culture. It would have been done already, but there is still that strange belief here that video games are only for kids. We also have a problem with anything sexual while games featuring massive killings are all right. This one is mildly suggestive, but really not all that bad. The game itself was surprisingly fun and it was done very well as they recreated the town featured here down to a tee from what I've heard. The game has a few aspects to it as you have some dating simulator in it and fighting. You also have the ability to free roam and visit shops too.

The story has you captured at the outset of the game as apparently your character's love for figurines has made him part of a bizarre experiment that has turned him into something dubbed a 'Synthesizer'. He is rescued by a girl named Shizuki who will transform him into something more and soon he and her join up with his friends at a shop called MOGRA's to fight the strange outbreak of these creatures and find out the reason they have come into being. They will also be joined by the president of a pharmaceutical company and a pop idol as they try to uncover the mystery.

The game play has you performing certain missions and side missions going through the city. You fight in this game and you strip your enemies! The game is a bit perverted, but not all that bad. It is not even as bad as the game "Catherine" which I thought was overrated as far as its adult content. Sure you see panties, but that is it for the most part. Granted, you can do a maneuver that makes all the clothes disappear, but there is a light that prevents you from seeing anything. You see more when you do the simple strips. It is fun roaming the town, just wish that you could buy more things and clothing. There could also be a few more things to do in the town as far as side quests, but that is like many side quests in games. Too often most of the side quests in even the most complex game end up being similar to one another. Overall though the game is fun.

So overall, this game was fun, but it could have been better. A bit more things to do here and there in town would have made the game more fun. I also think it could have been a bit more perverted too. During the game at times you get pictures and some are a bit risqué, but I played a T rated game, "Time and Eternity" where the pictures were more risqué. The game does seem like it will have good replay value as you can get multiple endings. So, I probably will play this one again at some point as it was fun and it also did not take 100 hours to play through it the first time, like so many games these days seem to want to do.

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Mad Max returns to theaters after long hiatus in furious fashion!, 17 May 2015

After viewing Avengers Age Of Ultron a couple of weeks ago and now this one, I have to give this film the edge as far as enjoyment goes. 'Wow' is just one of the words I would like to use when describing Max's return to the big screen...a return that was long overdue and it was very nice finally seeing a Mad Max film in the theater. The film put forth here is one of intensity and nearly nonstop action, a film that does not have its characters stopping in a random place so that we can see some back story that really is not relevant to the plot, no flashback scenes so the director can tell you why the characters are the way they, here we have simple action and the characters' actions telling you what they are about. It would be nice to see other Mad Max films in the future and it is possible as Tom Hardy did sign on to do three films. More than likely if they did get made, Max would once again find himself in the middle of a dispute that he really wants no part of, but begins to feel the need to help.

This film starts out with Max getting captured in record time as he is taken to a place called the Citadel which has water and greenery in abundance, but said greenery is controlled by a man named Immortal Joe. A woman who apparently drives for him, named Furiosa begins her next mission, but she is about to break ranks with Immortal Joe and Max will soon try to help her and her cargo escape the demented mad man and his crew of crazies in an attempt to find a place away from the madness.

It was great seeing Mad Max again as Miller made sure a lot of the staples from previous films were included as well as some odes to the previous films. It was nice seeing the sawed off shotgun, the pursuit vehicles and the nitro. Makes me wish they'd let Miller direct one of the many comic book adaptations as he proves you can create a film that is nearly all action without it looking like a cut scene from a video game. Tom Hardy does admiral filling in for Gibson, had they made this film when Miller had originally envisioned Gibson would have been in the lead role once again, but Hardy looked the part and it did feel like he was Max. It was also neat seeing that Miller got the actor who originally played the Toecutter from the first film to be the main villain here, though he is most definitely a different character.

So yes, really good action films with very little talking can be enjoyable to watch. Why wouldn't they be? I've never understood at times why they always feel the need to make action movies and such accessible to everyone. It is not as if they add gun fights and car chases to a musical to make it more enjoyable for a male, so why they always seem to do this for people who do not like action films seems a bit silly. Granted, you may lose some of the American audiences money, but a film like this is going to thrive in the foreign market. I at least hope it does, because I would enjoy seeing Mad Max on the big screen again; however, if I do not I will at least be satisfied with seeing this one as it was an incredibly intense action film rarely seen these days.

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I enjoyed it, but it felt underwhelming this time around, 4 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed watching this film, but I have to say the first one was better. That is to be expected I guess, as it was the first time something of that scope had been attempted and all the lead up to the film with the other films. This one, just kind of felt almost episodic rather than being an epic film. Basically, as if it was a television series rather than a full length feature film I paid money to see with some very overpriced snacks from the concession stand. Even the film quality looked sub par at times as it looked kind of drained of color. I knew I was probably not going to enjoy this one as much as the first due to the main villain being Ultron as he is not a favorite of mine. I just do not see him as being that big a threat seeing as how I have a comic where Spider-man takes him down. However, that is not the only reason I feel this film underwhelms, it is just a bit hard to explain. Overall, I did enjoy the film as there was a bit more action than the previous film and there was some cool stuff going on, but like I said, something about it was off.

The story has the Avengers raiding a castle which is a Hydra base right off the bat in the hopes of retrieving the scepter Loki used in the previous Avengers film. At one point a pair of siblings enhanced with strange powers attack and this leads to Iron Man having a bit of an epiphany. This leads him and Dr. Banner trying to create an artificial intelligence to protect the world from threats from space which they plan to dub Ultron. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and soon Ultron is declaring war on the Avengers and has an extreme way of protecting the world!

I will say my favorite Avenger is the Hulk and in the first film they showed how powerful he is. This film, not so much. Probably one of the things I disliked about it. Not only does he not get to really flex his muscles much, the one time he does he is taken down by Iron Man in a really big suit of armor. Anyone who reads the comics knows that the Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets so this whole fight seemed idiotic to me. No way Iron Man takes down Hulk by himself even with 'Hulk Buster' armor. You simply cannot beat Hulk down like they showed in this film, he would have continued to get more angry and torn Tony Starks' Hulk Busting armor completely apart. I have read comics where the Hulk pretty much dominates the entire Avengers team, Iron Man included by himself! So yeah, they completely undersold the Hulk this time.

The film did have lots of action which was nice and it did have some good humor here and there, but it just was not up to par with the previous Avengers film. There was a strange relationship that seemed to come out of nowhere, the in fighting kept coming and going and one of the new characters is dispatched in their first film! I also think the part of the film that got my blood going the most was the scene after part of the credits as this scene sets up the villain I wanted this time. Still, it was nice to see them bring in War Machine and the battle at the end was pretty cool too, though it needed more Hulk for my taste. Ultron was done pretty good, as they found a way to make him more of a threat than he usually is in the comics, it just would have been nice if he had more lead up in the previous Marvel films as he came out of left field. I know I seem like I am complaining too much as I did like the film, just did not love it like the first one. Worth a look, but hold your expectations down a little is probably the best way to view it and if the Hulk is not your favorite you should be fine too.

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