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Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (1990 TV Short)
A Universal Classic
7 August 2001
No other cartoonist who dare address subject matter as death can achieve such brilliance as Charles M. Schulz. One of the absolute best of the Peanuts TV movies, a beautiful piece that stays with you throughout the years.
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A Vivid Dream And An Action Fantasy
21 March 2001
Less than half an hour into the viewing of this masterpiece I knew this would become one of my favorite films - of all time. Only in my wildest dreams (quite literally, this movie has touched me on a personal level) have I visualized such fantastic and precise choreography, so captivating that to take your eyes away during the intense confrontations is to deny yourself the essence of what makes this film so wonderful.

With an artistic license unprecedented, the action scenes are entirely unbelievable but purely the work of a fabulous imagination. The magical settings and the colorful characters fit well into the plot but you will take away the breath-taking martial arts sequences.
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Play for Today: Schmoedipus (1974)
Season 4, Episode 20
Dark and enticing ...
19 March 2001
A very sexy as well as chilling piece concerning the mind and mystery. A mild housewife discovers a man who claims to be her long-lost son and welcomes him into her home, only to doubt his convictions and seemingly place herself in what appears to be a position of danger. A clever twist concludes this brilliant U.K. TV movie.
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