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A very real story
jeffrymiranda-2585818 February 2018
Perfect movie for what is happening in the United States with gun control. This movie tells a very true story about fraud in any police department, dirty politics, gun control, drugs and violence. The most beautiful part of it is that it makes it by blending different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Although I thought Ryan Goslin was going to have a more significant role in the whole movie, his share on it was more than enough. The sequence of events and the story like make complete sense and coherently bind with one another.
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First Part EXCELLENT, Second Part GOOD, Third Part OK
rai-1579912 February 2018
Rayan Gosling and Eva Mendes on their PEAK performance, Bradly Cooper did really well and rest was good enough. Glorious directional work. Awesome story from very first scene grabbing you altogether then keep rising till middle then story line falling slowly and till the end story line reaches to its Okay level.

Could be a lot a lot better if story in second and third part could had been reviewed by director before making it.
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The sins of the father come home to roost in the Capital region of New York State
Wuchak8 January 2018
RELEASED IN 2012 and directed by Joe Derek Cianfrance, "The Place Beyond the Pines" chronicles events in 1997 in Schenectady, NY, when a bank-robber's confrontation with a rookie police officer (Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper) has ramifications on their progeny (Dane DeHaan & Emory Cohen). Eva Mendes and Rose Byrne play the women in their lives while Mahershala Ali and Ray Liotta are on hand as a stepdad and corrupt cop respectively.

The intriguing title stems from the Mohawk word 'Schenectady' for "beyond the pine plains" (the city where the events take place). The scheme Luke (Gosling) and Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) utilize to hold up banks was the method Carl Gugasian, the "Friday Night Robber," applied for over three decades.

This is a Grade A crime drama/thriller and I found all three acts absorbing, although the first act is arguably the most compelling. Gosling has that Brando-like swagger and charisma, as do DeHaan and Cohen to a lesser degree. Liotta stands out as the shady cop. Unfortunately, the movie's hindered by nonsensical plot elements, like the unjustified guilt of one character (no matter how you slice it, the guy deserved what he got) and the pic in the wallet so many years later. If you can look beyond these dubious components this is a nigh great crime drama.

THE FILM RUNS 2 hours & 20 minutes and was shot in Schenectady, New York, and surrounding region (Glenville, Latham, Niskayuna & Altamont). WRITERS: Derek Cianfrance & Ben Coccio along with three scriptwriters.

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The Long and Winding Road
Anthony Iessi1 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes, you never know what the actions of now will create for the future. The Place Beyond the Pines is an incredible film in that it's story goes in one direction and then swerves into another, only to come back around at the end. Not unlike a motorcycle ride. I was thrown for a loop, in the best kind of way. We follow Ryan Gosling's character, a criminal carny performer desperate to provide for his newborn child by robbing banks. He is stopped in his tracks by Bradley Cooper. Cooper kills him, but the guilt he is left with him nearly gets him in the end. He lives with the grief of leaving a little boy fatherless in comparison to his own son, who will never know that his father is a murderer. What happens then is even more interesting. The two sons, a generation apart, form a bond with drugs and alcohol, and both end up repeating the sins of their fathers. One becomes a thug, especially when he realizes that his best friend's father killed his dad all those years ago.

What started out for me as shaky territory (love story between Gosling and Mendes) turns into something of a masterpiece that most film lovers overlooked five years ago. A truly captivating drama, with real, raw performances from everyone involved and an intriguing way to tell a tragic story.
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Its a complete film!
varuna1215 December 2017
'The Place Beyond The Pines' This 2012 film is one of the best films ever. Totally cinematic with characters to love and die for, its a roller coaster ride of emotions and my favourite 'stay'. I love the 'slow' pace of it and the characters taking their time to react. They don't just say the lines, the become the characters. Maybe I am sadist but this was just my type of a slow and hyper-emotional films where the characters are fighting with inner conflicts. In fact every single character is fighting his own battle.

'Luke''s life takes a turn when he finds out he has a baby he didn't know about. He choses to swap his life of somewhat fame and easy money and carelessness for an opportunity to be with his son and the mother of his son who is now with another man. His guilt of not being their for his mother takes precedence. As a result he chose a life of crime. To be his honest his character is somewhat unstable that loses the path of life and head for the wrong direction. 'Romina' the mother of the child too has a conflict, her's is about her duty as a mother towards his child for which she choses to be with another man, another 'stable' man and for a stable life for herself and her child; her conflict is that she might still be in love with Luke but for the sake of her child's life she decides not to be with Luke.

'Avery' the cop is riddled with his own dilemma; he has his friends and colleagues on one side but on the other is his fight with his conscience which forces him to 'rat' these corrupt cops out. This is compounded by his every present guilt of killing 'Luke' by mistake. Even after years, Avery feels a sense of responsibility towards Romina and her child and tries to help them in whatever way he can.

It is simply an amazing film with amazing performances. I would certainly reccomend it to anyone who loves cinema and storytelling. Amazing shot with a sense of melancholy and with lovely music this is a must watch film. BTW this is the 2nd time I have watched it and I watched it cos I remembered how awesome it felt the first time I watched it.

My ratings: 9/10 ********* MUST WATCH!!! Its a complete film!!!!
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Interesting, but could have been better
jchano12330 November 2017
When I first looked into this I thought it would be some boring melodramatic indie film, but thankfully I was wrong. This movie was definitely consistently interesting and by no means boring, but had the story been told in a different order, and not simply chronological, it could've been a lot better. The direction was really good and filled with lots of tension and the story as a whole was pretty interesting.

Gosling sold his part for me even though I'm really not the biggest fan of his, but I really hated the character and liked seeing him lose so many times. I actually ended up not liking any of the four male lead characters in this. Cooper's was stupid and didn't earn my respect from the get go, and Cohen's really annoyed me. DeHaan's was probably the most likable, but even then, not much.

Technically, almost all the camera-work was hand-held which got dizzying and many shots could have been significantly more effective if a track or dolly was used.

In the end, it was an interesting movie, but could have been much better had there not been so many missed opportunities.
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Original, unique, touching
rodwhitt26 October 2017
The Place Beyond the Pines suffers from no movie clichés, regardless of genre. A very original screenplay that takes the audience on a journey they'll be very emotionally invested in. Ryan Gosling is absolutely electric! The entire cast's performance was A+ quality, with Gosling leading the charge with one of his best performances. Sit back, and tag along for this tale that is highly original and extremely unpredictable.


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Beautiful story, beautifully told
jackosmithy9 October 2017
I was interested by this movie as it is directed by the man who brought us Blue Valentine, which was fantastic. This movie shocked me in every way, and I could tell just from very first shot that it will surprise me.

It was not only the amazing work in the visuals and casting, but it was the story and the way it was told that shocked me. Some decisions that were made in the writing and progression of the story were fantastic in the way they deviated from general storytelling ways, while holding a three act structure.

Another way this movie amazed me is the combination of many genres, which was effective and never felt overwhelming or confusing. The theme of decision-making and doing the right thing is the obvious dominant theme and the portrayal of that is effective.

There is one actor in this movie which stole the show, and that is the performance of Bradley Cooper, who took this character and made it his. At no point did I retract from the story to think to myself, "wow, Bradley Cooper is really good in this", but after the film after thinking about it was when I really appreciated the way he portrayed this character, and his character serves as the central point for the dominant theme of the movie, which was also done very well.

The only negative I can really think for this movie is the ambiguity and openness of certain parts of the story which some people may not like and could perhaps prefer that closure.

To conclude, this is definitely a film worth your money if you are a fan of storytelling, emotion and great film-making.
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a great movie for many reason
amytelschow1 August 2017
I love this movie for many reason. The acting is quite good by the main characters. It tells an all too familiar story of the cycle of abandonment and trauma and no role models as to healthy ways to climb out. I cry every time I watch not for any one scene, it varies.

I know people just like these characters, but not everyone will. It has layers of thoughtful story lines and I am always amazed it did not get more attention.
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Don't make my mistake.
The John Adams23 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I turned off Mr. Bean for this piece of crap. I'll never forgive myself. It starts out as a tattooed face guy robs banks movie. Then it turns into a Ray Liotta is a corrupt cop movie. Then it turns into a lifetime movie staring Bradley Cooper and the guy who plays his kid and the worst New York accent ever. Watch Mr. Bean instead.
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It kind of grabs you by the throat
Sylva Lo-Jo11 July 2017
I Loved this movie. It's a fairly realistic take on an escalation of events and crossing paths of two families. The writing is more then good and the acting of all characters was well executed. If you would like a change of pace from less serious and less realistic movies and you can handle a good amount of drama, I would say this a a 2 hour and 20 minutes very well spent. A close 8 out of 10 for me.
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I think this was supposed to be two different movies.
zombiefan898 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The story was an unfocused mess that just kind of...ended. Nothing was justifiably resolved. I thought: "Oh! Police corruption! That's interesting!" ...and not two minutes later, all the crooked cops were in jail! That could have been an exciting movie right there! Crooked cops! Who can you trust!? I rolled my eyes at the "15 years later" text.It was too late in the film to be introducing new characters to give them proper development.
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Great drama
What have Ryan Gosling, John Wayne and Janet Leigh in common?

Watch this movie and you will find out; but for the movie lovers, they already know what I mean. Remember PSYCHO and THE COWBOYS...

Just a great drama with some crime lines, cops and bank robbers. But that's not a pure crime movie although. And Ray Liotta plays of course a borderline cop, but his character is very weak.

I have not seen many films with such a daring topic. Try it
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Their Careers are Garbage
dansview16 June 2017
These actors suck. They keep doing these clichéd movies where they play the sensitive troubled guy or the brooding outsider, with either no range, or some kind of pathetic channeling of their actor heroes.

Meanwhile we are supposed to buy the idea that every picture they do is some kind of history-making accomplishment. This movie is pure crap. Silver Lining Playbook was a huge heap of dung too.

I'm so sick of us thinking that method actors from the east coast are some kind of Gods. That whole technique is so tired. I prefer subtlety. Like David Straithern.

I love the idea of a "carny" motorcycle stunt rider, and the setting of upstate N.Y. But that's it.

We get to know exactly nothing about our mystery man or his previous relationship with our female lead. Who the heck is her new boyfriend and what does he do? Ray Liotta as a corrupt east coast thug? O.K. there's a new concept. Corruption in an east coast police department? Truly groundbreaking.

I hate everyone in this movie. It's not necessary to have a lovable character, but it's nice. But if there isn't anyone to love, then at least let us get to know the bad guys better.

As previous reviewers mentioned, almost no one seems to have the slightest moral insight. I'm willing to believe that, but it's not enjoyable to watch. The mom hooked up with a lowlife and is mad at a cop for tracking him down. Even though he violently attacked her current boyfriend and robbed banks.

The new black boyfriend was perhaps the only redeeming character, but he doesn't say much.

The physical setting was appealing, in terms of the photography of the motorbike and regular bicycle rides through the trees, but the music was total cliché. (Angelic choir voices) Thanks for the violent clichéd scene of teens fighting at a teen party. Never seen that one before.

What would have been interesting, is if someone didn't behave exactly as we expected them to. But that would take some creative writing.

Don't waste your time with this clinker.
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kkoehler-0276714 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is about a man named Luke who rides his motorcycle inside the globe of death, a carnival attraction. He runs into his old lover, Romina, who has secretly had Luke's child. In an attempt to support his new son and win his girl back, Luke quits his job at the carnival and robs some banks. He is successful until he tried one too many times, and was accidentally killed in the process. The story then shifts to the police officer that had Luke in pursuit, Avery Cross. Fifteen years pass, and the rest of the story unfolds. The film was produced so well and had a very grabbing plot line, and the actors were hot. This movie was so great!
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3 small movies
xhidden9919 May 2017
I didn't fall asleep but I didn't pay much attention either. It's not painfully slow moving it's not flashy either. It's 3 small movies none of which could stand on their own, stitched together into a cliché riddled saga. The first story with Gosling is cookie cutter depressed mumbling Gosling. The second story is a 70's episode of a TV show about dirty cops it even has Ray Liotta being a dirty cop, I know, where's my fainting couch. The third is the most 'cinematic' replete with morality tales about sins of the father and whatnot. But at the end it's light and fluffy. Not much to it. Would have made a good flick 30 years ago.
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Derails after 45 minutes and keeps on derailing till the end. Which was a shame because Gosling was exceptional here.
TonyMontana969 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
(Originally reviewed: 17/03/2017) What started as a compelling, stunning piece of filmmaking ended up as just another disappointment that could just not sustain its brilliant first forty five minute start. The first act of the picture focuses' on a lone stunt rider called Luke played by Ryan Gosling, who gives a very good performance here, and his character is always compelling, just like this act of the picture with show's a man who simply wants to make up for his mistakes, and provide for his family and perhaps try and be a part of his son's life.

To do this he decides to use his various set of skills to steal from banks, which is a pretty good idea if you can getaway with it, on which many occasions he does, but to my surprise when his bike doesn't start during one robbery he gets close to being caught at the scene and a chase evolves, and he ends up cornered in a house and gets shot in the face, falling out the window, managing to fire a shot at the officer who did the shooting played evidently by Bradley Cooper, and as soon as this shooting took place, the brilliance was slowly vanishing from sight until it became tedious and boring by its third act, which was a real shame. Before I progress with the story, there are some real good supporting performances here as well from Eva Mendes (Romina, his ex-wife) and Ben Mendelsohn (Robin, his partner in crime) who also help this part of the picture to become rather impressive, and Mahershala Ali who play's Romina's current husband and is also pretty good despite being quiet and having little dialogue.

The second act is Mostly about Cooper's character 'Avery', an alleged honest cop that even lied about the shooting, as he did shoot first, and here comes familiar territory, some of his buddies in the force are corrupt and he joins in with them whilst recovering from his leg wound injury, and later on after realising it was wrong, he all of a sudden grows a conscience, and now the department doesn't trust him, for trying to rat out other cop's, which to me came off as a rip-off of classics like Sidney Lumet's Serpico; and I have seen this police corruption story done to death by now, despite its admittedly adequate direction and cinematography.

So after a strong first act, this is what they do with the follow up, really?, there are some good performances here too from Rose Byrne (Avery's wife) and Ray Liotta (one of the corrupt cops) but the plot line is heavily clichéd and uninspired, I felt like I was losing interest despite the acting, which was exceptionally noticeable from Cooper, where you see him talking to a therapist, who tells him about the 1 year old son that the man he killed will never see, and more so how he won't grow up seeing his real father, scenes like this were compelling so at this point I still considered the picture at the very least good, if uninspired. This brings me to its third act, a tediously dull and pretty much, boring plot line that ruins anything that was accomplished earlier on, with a stunningly bad plot discrepancy, that expects me to believe that now Gosling's son is all grown up, and 17 years of age, that Cooper and a few other character's haven't even aged during that time, now it's even more noticeable when you see Mendes who is practically near the same age as Cooper and she even has grey hair here, I just found this really unbelievable, a rather silly mistake that should have been done with more care.

Then there's the one performance that just sucked, I'm of course referring to this obnoxious character, who play's Avery's son and he's unlikeable, spurts awful dialogue, constantly uses dialogue like "come on brah" and other slang that I just found awfully annoying, and he can't even act, rarely showing any emotion, except maybe self-love, he was the weak link, plain and simple. Luke's son was merely passable but he did show emotion and did the best he could do with the bad writing in this section of the picture.

The picture's third act also has teens doing drugs, drinking, having sex, a house party scene which ends in a fight and then later on a pointless sequence where Jason does nothing but injure Avery's son after finding out his identity at the house and holds Avery at gunpoint in the forest, in which nothing happens, Avery ranks up to a higher power within the justice profession and Jason buy's his father's old bike after running away and drives off into the distance ignoring the old man who asked him a polite question before he rides off and then the credits roll and I felt extremely cheated. In the end I felt nothing for the story, because the third act was so awfully conceived, and screenwriter Ben Coccio and the director Derek Cianfrance who also helped write it, deserves equal blame for tarnishing what could have been a good film, this is a huge disappointment, one that I will surely look back on and think where did it all go so wrong in its third act.
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Almost brilliant
mauricepfeife28 March 2017
Stunning actors, beautiful camera work (first take in the movie was absolutely gorgeous), and a great story with a message. It just felt so realistic and close to the characters. But I think it was a little bit too long and sometimes felt a little unfocused in the second half. Added to that it felt, because of the realism, kind of depressive, but that is just my own, personal, point of view: If you don't have a problem with something like this: Cool! but that is what makes movies a little bit worse for me. But still: Almost a brilliant piece of filmmaking!
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Of fathers and sons
Warning: Spoilers
"The Place Beyond the Pines" is an American movie in the English language by writer and director Derek Cianfrance. Last year, he made headlines with "The Light between Oceans", but this one we have here may still be his most known work. After "Blue Valentine", he reunites again with actor Ryan Gosling. You can structure this film we have here very well. The first third belongs to Goslinbg, the second to Cooper and the third and final chapter to Emory Cohen and Dane DeHaan. Supporting performances come from Rose Byrne, Ray Liotta and 2017 Oscar front-runner Mahershala Ali. I watched this really long movie (2 hours 20 minutes) back then when it came out for the first time and I remember that I really loved Goslings's part, thought Cooper's was merely okay and disliked the final chapter. On re-watch, it all moves a bit closer together I guess. The first chapter is probably still my favorite, but the second comes close and the last wasn't as bad as I remembered either. I am generally not a great fan of Gosling and Cooper, but I think both did a fine job here and show that they are capable of carrying films as lead actors if the script suits them.

The first shot of Gosling (filmed from behind) is as memorable as the last (on the ground) that actually introduces Cooper's story line. And it's a really fluent transition overall. Even the transition between chapters 2 and 3 are still fairly solid, even if there is a massive jump in time that lasts for over a decade. Yes the coincidence level in the last part may be a bit too much, but in the face of how tense the entire situation is, it is not too difficult to look beyond that I guess. And I also really liked the ending. After all the aggression and hate and violence, Jason finally focuses more nicely on the memory of his dad as he attempts to honor his heritage in getting his very first own bike as well. It adds a certain harmony and also lets the audience leave the theater with a smile on their lips that still feels authentic, which was quite a challenge looking at everything that went wrong in the characters' lives before that. I think the acting overall is fairly good in this movie. Cianfrance sure has a way to get the best out of his cast and like I said I am not the greatest fan of some some of the actors in here and my appreciation makes it even more impressive.

Still I must say that for a film of almost 2.5 hours, the greatness is not enough. Here and there, there is a really good moment and I remember being really shocked because of Gosling's early death, but in retrospective, it really makes sense. Oh yeah, and Ray Liotta should definitely play villains more often. He has a great aura surrounding him that seems pretty evil and his was definitely my favorite supporting performance that elevated the second chapter a lot. So overall, I would say that this one is on par quality-wise with Cianfrance's movie from last year. A well-rounded effort that feels realistic and authentic despite really a lot happening from start to finish. The characters here sure go through a lot and it's perfectly fine that nobody in here is really likable (maybe Gosling's character still the most because he does not seem violent and just cares for his son's well-being) because it still makes sure all the time it is an interesting watch and I was curious about what would happen to the characters. Also good on re-watch. See it.
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intriguingly different
Artemis Athanasaki30 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a great one Firstly all actors and actresses knew their job, they all were dramatic enough but none of them really exaggerated or something, and even though for a really big part of the movie starred really young actors I may say it was the kind of acting one expects to see not extremely good but good enough. the highlight was the directing and the plot. For the plot, well it was very inventive to change the main character three times, It's something that we don't see a lot and they made it look great, the transection from one to the other was quite brutal which i liked because it made yo discover the new character all at once and it didn't try to give you an impression and then change it. On the directing part. I think a great job was done, firstly I really noticed the colours as the characters changed the colours changed to match the mood. Also the director made the movie dark enough as the plot implied, but also he gave out little breaks of happiness which made the movie easy o watch On the negative part, it was a very long movie which made it a bit tiring and difficult to watch, I think that they could have made some cuts without really changing the movie.
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One of the Most Underrated Movies of All Time
littleging129 January 2017
"The Place Beyond the Pines" is the second feature film with the director/actor pair of Derek Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling. The two together are a two man wrecking force who show resemblance of a DiCaprio/Scorsese dynamic. In this film, they tackle an ambitious, emotional and completely original tale about fathers and sons, sins of the father, generational consequences, and how one moment can send shockwaves lasting a lifetime.

The movie is broken into three acts, each as compelling and unpredictable as the one before it. The film centers around three main characters, somehow, all connected to each other. It stars Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Dane DeHann as the leads. Ryan Gosling channels the brooding reticence of his unnamed badass from "Drive" and the cool swagger of Tyler Durden from "Fight Club." Bradley Cooper displays a lot of versatility as he plays a nervy rookie cop. Some other actors who shine here are Ben Mendelsohn, Mahershala Ali, Bruce Greenwood, and Ray Liotta (with his signature menacing intensity). The actors really own their roles and allow for the viewers to connect with the portrayal of their sympathetic characters. The only problem here is that the newcomer actors (Dane DeHaan and Emory Cohen) don't carry their act as effectively and emotionally as Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper did.

The story here is ambitious and succeeds in telling a new and refreshing tale that filmgoers have not seen or experienced on this level of deep sophistication in ages. The film transcends movie tropes and plots as it takes a realistic, gritty, and life-like spin on traditional storytelling. "Pines" is more than just a movie. It is an exploration and examination of the human experience, spirit, and conscience.

To match the film's sensational storytelling and acting is the phenomenal directing, cinematography, and music. Everything about the filmmaking craft helps enhance the emotional impact, and real life gravity of the film. It isn't just some action crowd pleaser or CGI-infested cash grab. Nor is it some black and white 'good guys vs bad guys' rehashed plot Hollywood has been spewing out for the last quarter-century. It's an emotional, heart- wrenching, and enriching drama in which you see every character as a human person capable of love, forgiveness, and sinful actions. It is a powerhouse of craftsmanship. Director Derek Cianfrance expertly weaves together a complex and emotionally draining epic that puts an emphasis on how one moment/decision can affect generations to come. He also concocts immersive third-person POV tracking shots which greatly add to the occasional thrills of the film. The cinematography and music create a hurricane of emotions to further augment the viewing experience.

It is a travesty that "The Place Beyond the Pines" has not gotten the attention it deserves. It's mandatory viewing for any film buff or life enthusiast. Because what this movie is is life on screen.
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Brilliant thought provoking film, but marketed incorrectly.
Samm Jones8 January 2017
I've wanted to watch this film for a while and was looking forward to it. I wasn't disappointed, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

We're told it's a crime thriller, and I think this is where some of the bad reviews are coming from. A crime thriller is usually racy and full of suspense. This film isn't. It's a slow paced, thought-provoking film about fatherhood, relationships, fate and life itself. It's split in to three separate stories that all link together.

I love the way it's filmed and the characters created. I also found it had a subtle, dry humour in it.

It's not a crime thriller, but I wouldn't know how to categorise it either.

It left me thinking and affected me in some way, so it's not something to just watch for a thrill, but rather something to mull over afterwards.

Worth a watch, but don't expect an edge- of-your-seat crime thriller that leaves you guessing until the end.
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A Great Filme with Amazing Story Lines
Ahmed Okasha18 December 2016
After this movie I am definitely going to wait every single movie for Derek Cianfrance,it is his second long film and also his second work with Ryan Gosling.

I really really loved the story lines of this film ,three films in one films, the three films overlap together to give us this great film.

All the actors did a great job especially Ryan Gosling. Every scene he made was tremendous. I also loved Bradley cooper , you hate him for a second then you find yourself sympathizing with him, and by that you know a great actor.

Derek Cianfrance did a great work and showed great abilities in directing and also in writing. he gave every part of the film the exact time they needed, he also knew how to find the best in Gosling and made the best work with him.

A great movie and a Big recommendation 8/10 , 2 points are lost because the first part was much better than the second and the third .
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A place where you don't want to go
dierregi11 December 2016
Luke (Gosling) and Romina (Mendez) had a fling that produced a baby. However, for over a year Romina omitted to inform Luke about this. One evening Romina pops up for a surprise visit to the carnival where Luke works as a stunt rider.

The reasons for Romina's visit are baffling. She does not seem madly in love with one night stand Luke, she has a new boyfriend named Kofi and they live in his house. She does not even inform Luke about the baby, but just asks for a ride home. Smelling a rat, Luke goes back to her home the next day to find grandmother holding the baby.

Luke is the standard Gosling's character: inarticulate, dumb, asocial. He has no money, but insists to support the baby, even if nobody asked for it. So Luke starts robbing banks to be able to throw cash at Romina and their baby. One day Luke invades Kofi's house, allegedly to assemble a crib for the baby and during the proceedings he manages to anger Romina, scare the baby and smash Kofi's face.

Bailed from jail, where he rightly ended, and advised to keep a low profile, Luke decides the time is ripe for another bank robbery. End of part one and enough to put me off.

We are supposed to sympathize with the selfish and idiotic character of Luke, just because he is a father. It seemed more like he wanted to impose his presence where nobody wanted or needed him. Except that Romina dragged Luke in again, after the two of them ignored each other for a year, so maybe she wanted him, but not really…. whatever.

Part two is shorter and about Avery, the cop (also a father) who stops Luke and part three takes place 15 years later, when Luke and Avery's sons meet and collide. Neither Avery's or Luke's sons are particularly sympathetic, but they should be excused for being brats because they have daddy issues. Anyway, by the time the appear on the scene I had enough of the whole story.

The moral of the movie could be that fathers should be excused for robbing banks because they must provide for their children or that robbing banks is OK because the police is corrupted or that kids have the right to be obnoxious drug addicts because their fathers neglected them.
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Bad storyline
metodiev-mi4 December 2016
The storyline is something I value the most in one movie. This movie consists of three separate acts which are consequential to each other. It is more suitable for theater than for the big screen. If the story was told using retrospection, it would have kept me in suspense throughout the whole 2 hours 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, the three separate stories are interesting, but they might just as well have been separate 40-minute long movies. The transition between the first two was fine, but it was non-existing when transitioning into the third part. A few facts were hidden from the viewer which I found confusing. The acting was good too and so was the directing as well.

What I took from this movie is how an event from the past (which you had no control of but own the blame for) can come back and haunt you 15 years later. It also showed how an ambitious father can lose control over what is happening with his own family (wife & child).
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