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A little clever thing, 14 July 2005

"The Cutting Room" was shown on IFC as part of one of its short film collections. It's a perfect fit for the channel - hip, funny, smart, and stylish.

The idea for "The Cutting Room" is very clever - there's a trailer in Hollywood where characters go when they get cut out of movies and plays and books. The film looks at how a character from an action film comes to realize this fate when he meets four other characters who have been similarly cut.

The post-titles mention Dogme 95 (they also mention a few other things, which must be some sort of hip) and the film is indeed made true to those tenets, complete with shaky cameras and wacky angles.

It's a fun little film and worth looking for if you have IFC.

Upheaval (2001)
Solid short based on a play, 14 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This short film was the first in an IFC film collection and is a strong choice to start off two hours of viewing.

The story of "Upheaval" - that of a misunderstanding by an overbearing and irrational woman who accuses her nanny of stealing some jewelry - is simple and compact, reflecting its origins as a play by Anton Chekov.

Frances McDormand captures the spirit of a loathsome spoiled rich woman who is unbearable to be around and difficult to manage.

While there aren't many suspects in this whodunit, one can consider the motivation of the criminal as an examination of character. Why would anyone want to create conflict in a household with a woman that volatile?

Trust (1990)
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A gem that's hard to find but that's worth the search, 9 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been waiting for years to see this movie, as it's only available on VHS and when I had a VCR I couldn't find it anywhere. I just got cable and I was thrilled to discover that IFC has been showing it recently. Thanks, IFC, for making it possible for me to experience this gem!

The performances in "Trust" are amazing. The characters really do develop in subtle yet profound ways over the course of the film, and it's a joy to behold. Adrienne Shelly's character is shallow and self-centered at the outset - her hair and clothes are flamboyant and she has no real worldly concerns. As the film progresses and she interacts with Donovan's character, her entire demeanor changes and she becomes much more likable - I almost forgot how annoying she was at the beginning of the film. Donovan's character maintains his ennui but it gains purpose as he develops his feelings for Shelly's character. The supporting cast is phenomenal and all of the minor plots serve to enhance the film in utterly charming ways. It's funny and clever, touching and sad - a perfect little gem that needs to be seen by Hartley fans and independent film enthusiasts alike.

This may sound drastic, but it might be worth it to get cable just to see this movie on IFC.