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The Witch (2015)
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Corruption of the Puritans, 7 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While watching "The Witch", I felt that the movie had a deeper meaning that many people might not have been able to see. Much like "The Babadook", which highlighted the feelings of guilt and loss, "The Witch" showcased the effects of corruption. Each member of this devote religious family are all seduced by the Devil in different forms. Mercy and Jonas, the twins are the first to be corrupted.The two bring devastation and misery to their family by unknowingly inviting the Devil into their lives. In the form of Black Philip, the demon manages to befriend the youngest members of the family and uses their naivety and innocence against them, using them as pawns in his efforts to destroy this family. Next Caleb, the eldest boy is seduced by his own lust. Soon to be coming into his adolescence, Caleb begins to have an interest in girls, which is established when he constantly finds his eyes are drawn to his sisters chest. However, when he is confronted in the wood by a beautiful woman, he is awe stricken and can't help but give into temptation. After suffering the loss of her two children, it doesn't take much for the mother Katherine to willingly denounce her faith in the name of children. Seeing the faces of her deceased children brings her to her knees, and the need to be with them clouds her judgement and she gives herself over to the Devil. In stark contrast, the father William is the only member of his family to completely ward off all temptation and stands with his faith. Everyday he tries his best to provide for his family and does what her thinks is best to keep them safe, even if those means are somewhat drastic. In the end, he is confronted by Black Philip and is impaled by his horns and crushed to death by the firewood he had spent so long collecting for his family. And finally we have Thomasin, who's journey to the powers of evil is long and devastating. Left with nothing, no family, livelihood or faith, she comes to the devil on her knees asking for help. After removing her cloths, leaving behind all sense of vanity, conventions and her religion, she leaves her home and ventures into the forest under the guidance of the devil. There, she joins a coven of witches, chanting around a roaring bonfire, and there, she receives the first taste of power in her life and lifts into the air becoming that which she feared the most. A Witch. Though this mightn't have been the most polished and pristine evaluation, this was my personal interpretation of what the film was trying to establish. "The Witch" was truly an experience and a film that, I hope will become a staple in the horror genre.

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Could have been good???, 18 January 2014

I honestly thought that scary movie 5 could have been somewhat OK, but i was ruined be crappy editing and god awful acting on Simon Rexs' part. One of the things that really annoyed me was the voice editing as it was easy to see where they changed it. The film had some good ideas, like the "Black Swan" and "Evil Dead" but were poorly excited. The only character in the film I actually enjoyed seeing was the Spanish Maid. The rest were unmemorable and a poor choice. Simon Rex ruined this movie. I also loved how at the bottom of the screen (only when it is meant to be shot by video camera), they is the REC or the time, even when they are looking at different angles when there should be no camera there. Main example being when Rex is putting up cameras and he keeps harming himself and we see everything from direction but there are no cameras to be seen. Even when he is supposed to be screwing in a camera in his hand to the wall, we see everything for a cameras point of view from where he is going to put it. Overall, this new addition to the Scary Movie franchise was a letdown due to bad editing, bad writing, bad casting and the evident absence of Anna Faris.

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Did you see the film I saw ?, 19 August 2012

I don't know why people are saying that this film was an abomination and advising others not to see it, because it has all if the element required in a fantastic horror.

For me it re-ignited the flame in what was a dying genre, being poisoned by numerous of extremely bad films. Not only did it make it's way into my favorite horrors of all time, but it makes me have faith that people can once again create a true horror. Now there are only remakes of horrors, ( Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street ....) or prequels, ( Prometheus ).

This movie is full of twists and turns you don't know what way it's going to go. It's smart, funny, gory and sexy with fantastic acting by all the cast. I was on the edge of my seat hungry for more.

Overall, I rated this movie a 10 because it deserved it. This was one of the best films I've seen in a very long time and is one that I'll be watching over and over again.