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Perhaps being dispossessed crosses cultures and makes men, men., 21 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeffords is having problems keeping outsiders out of the Apache Territory. Jeffords comes across a man digging for gold, and warns him to stay off the Apache reservation. But in his wandering, Michael Shawn comes upon a vein of gold above ground; he is surrounded and taken by Apache braves who take him to Cochise. But Michael Shawn doesn't see that line; he sees gold and the means to bring his wife and son to America.

Because of the counsel given by Burning Arrow, Cochise wants the man tried by Apaches. If white men learn of the yellow iron; then the Apache will lose their land again. Shawn says he would never tell. He knows too well how a people can be forced off their land. Shawn is allowed to go on the promise, that as an Irishman, he knows what it is like to see people dispossessed. Cochise even sends Tokumo to give Shawn enough gold to bring his wife and son from Ireland to America. But Judd Buckley sees Shawn pay for the tickets; and he takes the young brave who brought the gold.

Buckley is indeed one of the men the Apache fear. He sees gold, not people nor treaties. He tortures Tokumo, then decides to try the Irishman. Shawn is on a stagecoach heading East, when he's pulled off by soldiers who accuse Shawn of selling rifles to the Indians. Buckley is passing himself off as a federal agent investigating the gold used to purchase the tickets. Shawn was known to have been on the Apache Reservation; he had to have sold them something for the gold he has. Shawn tells Buckley the story because Shawn believes Buckley is a government man. But a fellow traveler tells Shawn Buckley isn't working for the government; his men aren't soldiers—they are his gang. With the information he now has, Shawn gets off the stage. Tokumo, the Indian is no longer needed and is shot by Buckley and left for dead. Tokumo makes it to Jeffords;before he dies from the effort he says the Irishman talked.

Jeffords takes the body to Cochise. Jeffords says Cochise was right; Shawn betrayed them. Cochise says he will go to war, but gunshots interrupt the men. Shawn has caught up with Buckley and is determined to be an army of one and kill Buckley and his entire gang. He succeeds; one man almost escapes, but is brought down by an arrow shot by Burning Arrow. Shawn explains what happened but is taken by Cochise.

Cochise puts Shawn back on a stage to get his family. Even Burning Arrow shakes the hand of Michael Shawn, a true friend to the Apache.

No Chance, 20 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stacy Chance breaks jail. Masters is given the news of the escape. Chance shot his way out and killed two men. He and Rusty are on furlough and have to get back to Fort Apache as fast as they can. They need to stop and camp for the night. Rusty is conflicted. When he first met Chance, he liked him. Now he knows, he is a bad man.

Three of Chance's men-- Benson, Turner, and Briggs-- are waiting for him. When he arrives, he is exhausted needing rest and food. Then off to Mexico where he has $20,000. He tells the men he will split with them: he gets half, the three split the other half. The men are there, but are afraid of Chance. When Chance falls asleep, Benson is left behind to watch, the others are going to check out some noise. It is Masters' camp. Turner convinces the others to alert Masters and bring Masters back to take Chance; they will settle for the $10,000 reward. But when they come back, Benson is dead, Chance gets the drop on everyone; but Rinty takes Chance down. Chance says he overheard their plan, he will get them for betraying him. His only regret, Masters got dragged into this. We know from an earlier episode that once Masters and Chance were good friends.

They start back. Chance asks for some water and Rusty brings it. Chance plays upon their early relationship. He tells Rusty that whatever he does in life, never take up killing. How did Chance go bad? An argument, a fight, and guns where they could be reached, then shots, and you realize you just killed a friend. But what about the others? They were hunting him. After being hunted like an animal; he became an animal and hunted too.

Why tell this to Rusty? Chance says Rip got started right; he got started wrong. If he could just get away, get to Mexico, he could start fresh. Rusty could help; no. Rusty likes Chance but knows he being played. Chance shrugs, no harm trying.

Turner and Briggs are beginning to wonder about Masters; he is a friend of Chance's. Masters says Chance is a job, not a friend. But Masters might turn Chance loose and split the $20,000 Chance has. If Chance gets loose, they're dead men. Masters needs to scout ahead. He leaves the handcuffed Chance guarded by Briggs and Turner. Turner gets too close and Chance takes his gun and shoots Briggs. Chance is stopped by Rinty. Now they have a wounded Briggs to take care of.

They continue on and come upon a cabin. A woman is alone. She doesn't want anyone to get close and holds a rifle on them. Her husband is in town. Masters tells her he has a wounded man. She decides to allow them in. Turns out her name is Sal, she knows Stacey. Stacey figures he has help.

Masters needs Turner's help to dig the bullet out. The woman can guard Chance. Turner figures this is a dodge to let Chance loose. As Masters and Turner leave, Chance tells Sal get him out of those handcuffs. She is like him. People like them don't change. But she has. She is married, she has a husband she loves and he loves her, and Stacey better not move. She likes who she is and doesn't plan on sliding backwards.

Chance ponders his life. Once the world was big and he could go anywhere; now it's grown smaller, everything's changed, everything but him. As Rip enters, Sal gets distracted d and that's all Chance needed. Now he's got the rifle.

Stacy's leaving with Rusty. People aren't likely to shoot if they are riding double. As he leaves out the front, Chance knocks over a stand of firewood to block the door. Rinty, Rip and Turner get out a window. Chase pulls up his horse for a minute. He has to figure a plan. Rusty tells him give up, Rip will catch up. Chance hopes not, if he does he will have to be shot. Chance is holding onto the reins, Rusty, and the rife which gives Rusty an opportunity. He knocks the rifle out of Chance's hand, it slides down the side of the gorge. Give up, Rusty pleads. No, but Rusty is released. Why? You're just a kid, you've a lot of living to do. Do it better than I did, Chance says.

Chance rides up as far as he can but has to abandon the horse to climb up the side of the mountain. Rinty finds Rusty just before Masters and Turner arrive. Rusty points out the direction Chance took. Rip and Turner start up, Turner decides this is a wild goose chase. He makes Masters drop his gun. Turner claims Masters had planned to let Chance escape. Tell Turner where Chance is or get shot.

Chance is just feet away from freedom, he sees the spot Masters is in. Before Turner can shoot, Chance stands up and yells, "I'm up here Turner." Turner turns and fires and hits Chance; but Rip recovers his gun and shoots Turner. Rip gets to his old friend just before he dies. "I evened the score, Rip." Chance didn't even have a gun. Better this way, if Chance had a gun then Rip wouldn't have been able to take him. Rusty is confused. Wasn't Chance bad? Why did he draw fire away from Rip? He could have gotten away? Why would a man like Chance do that? Rip gives Rusty the only answer he has, Chance was a bad man, but it just may be that no one is completely bad.

Baggy pants alone don't make you a clown., 20 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mrs. Murdock is giving power-of-attorney to Gerald Van Dorne. Judge Josh Simmons believes Minerva Murdock is making a big mistake. She believes that Van Dorne can give her social acceptability. The judge believes Minerva has always been a lady. He reminds her he loved her when she worked in a saloon. Even though she married his friend; he has always loved her. No matter now, to announce her engagement, Minerva wants the circus to put on a small show in the front of her mansion.

Joey believes he knows one of the maids, Doris. She claims Joey is in error, she has never met him. But later, the judge goes to see Joey about the girl Doris that Joey knows as Masie. Turns out Van Dorne is married to Doris; the marriage is a scheme to defraud Minerva of her money. The judge gives them an hour to leave before he exposes them. Van Dorne has a plan. He used to work in the circus, that's how Joey knows him. Van Dorne plans to leave but not before he clears out the safe in Minerva's house. Since the circus will be performing; he will disguise himself as a clown and no one will pay him any attention. He will be "invisible" as he robs the house.

The performance starts and Van Dorne is dressed in Joey's gear. When Corky comes back with water, he gives a drink to Van Dorne thinking it's Joey. Van Dorne's plan works but Joey and Corky catch him as he is leaving the house. Van Dorne imprisons the two in a barn of some sort while he makes his getaway. The judge tries to tell Minerva the truth but before he can, the butler that Van Dorne knocked out comes to. He claims "Joey the Clown" robbed the safe.

Bimbo gets Joey and Corky free; and they tell Minerva the truth. She gets into a carriage with Joey and starts off in pursuit of her erstwhile suitor and her jewels. She catches up and with the assistance of Big Tim and the judge, Van Dorne and his wife are captured.

There will still be a wedding, but Minerva is marrying the judge.

One woman, but which one?, 20 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Joey brings the mail to Big Tim and whatever is in there has made Big Tim decide to stay in winter quarters for a few more days. And when a "looker" shows up, she knows the names of everyone in the circus, but who is she. She is Rosemary Anderson and she knows "Timothy" Champion. Big Tim has carried her picture with him during all his travels.

Obviously, there is history there. Introductions are finally made. Rosemary and Timothy have known each other from childhood. She is the daughter of the millionaire Mike Anderson; and she is the one who has been writing to Big Tim. Finally, she decided writing was not enough and has shown up. Now she expects Timothy to come and visit her; and bring Joey, Pete, and Corky along. At the party, Mike confesses to Joey that he has wanted Tim to come to work for him. Rosemary drops the real news: she and Timothy are going to be married.

Back at the circus there are a few problems. Pete tells Big Tim but he's sort of preoccupied with the marriage thing. Then Corky is disappointed when Big Tim passes up a chance to see the new trick he taught Bimbo. Problems are beginning to crop up all over the place, so Joey has an idea to move out and do a show to get everything back to normal. Before he can explain to Big Tim, Big Tim tells Joey, Pete, and Corky that he's selling out to the Gordon Brothers.

Rosemary arrives to find a demoralized circus. Joey says he hopes Rosemary's plan works for Big Tim. When the Gordon brothers arrive, they intend to sell off Bimbo, send Pete to Alaska, and Joey and Corky are also out. Big Tim says his people have to stay or the deal is off. H.B. Gordon tells Tim he will keep his crew together; but as he and his brother step outside the wagon, H.B, tells Sam not to worry. As soon as they own the circus he will forget any promises made to Big Tim.

Right before the wedding, Big Tim learns what's happening. He needs to get to the circus to settle a few problems. Rosemary tells Tim the wedding is off, for now. A man can't be married to two women; and now, Tim is married to the circus. But she tells him to keep the ring. One day he may decide that she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

The "News" is changing right there in Mayfield, 19 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Beaver has a new goal, no more jalopy racer, now he wants to be a reporter or foreign correspondent. First step into the news world: get a paper route. Unfortunately, no job. A new kid got it: he lied to get out of school early and was the first to apply. How to get that job away from the new kid? After all, not only was Beaver going to get "news" experience, he was going to have money for a new surfboard.

The paper is late. Maybe dad can call and complain. It's the first day, you have to give him a chance; Oh, and Wally had the paper because it came early. But as the days go by the paper seems to get later and later, and arrives in various locations. When Ward has to go searching at night with a flashlight, he is getting upset. Beaver is really on Ward's back about complaining. Finally, Ward wants to speak with the paper boy, and he asks Beaver to stop him. Beaver literally grabs the paper boy and the two end up rolling around on the lawn; and we get a surprise, he is a she: Christine Jordan.

Beaver has to confess he got into a fight with the paper boy. Ward's upset about the fight, but Ward did ask to speak with the boy. June is upset that Beaver was bullied, Ward even calls the paper to speak with the circulation manager. Beaver tells Wally that the paper boy is a paper girl. Beaver is distraught, he got into a fight with a girl. No boy gets into a fight with a girl. Even Wally thinks Beaver better tell dad that the paper boy is a paper girl.

The paper boy shows up at the door to collect for the paper. Ward pays her and explains he is not happy with the service he has been getting. Then the girl starts crying and claims she has been delivering the paper for a sick brother. Ward feels guilty, Beaver feels guilty, June is playing mother hen. Then the circulation manager calls back to find out what issue Mr. Cleaver had about the paper. Ward tells Beaver, it is his call. Just say we have a good paper boy says Beaver.

Richard shows up to pick up Beaver. Maybe they can go mess around somewhere. Beaver is already booked for the day. The doorbell rings and it's the paper boy, papergirl. Are you ready to come over to the house, Chrystine Jordan asks? They will be checking out the new surfboard her brother is going to let them use when they go to the beach. Beaver is ready to go, and he looks happy about it. Poor Beaver, muses a left behind Richard. I used to know him when he was alive.

Name? It's Cleaver, Theodore Cleaver, 19 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wally needs the car to get his girlfriend; but after listening to all the restrictions his parents are putting on Wally, Beaver says his dad is making walking sound good. Wally has returned with Carolyn Stewart, as she is new in town, everyone is curious to see her. Wally has a date Saturday with Carolyn, but Carolyn has to babysit her younger sister who happens to be Beaver's age. The date is off, unless she and Wally can have a double date: her sister and Wally's brother—The Beaver. Wally is speechless, his brother with a girl.

After accepting a number of "gifts," actually bribes, Beaver accepts the offer to double date. Wally is still between amazed and shocked. When Gilbert calls to speak with Beaver about Saturday night, Wally panics. But not to worry. Beaver tells Gilbert he's going on a double date with his brother. Poor Gilbert is just a little kid who has to stay home then with his parents. Are we seeing Beaver transform into Cleaver, Theodore Cleaver, before our very eyes? Does he have an Aston Martin in the garage that we don't known about?

Carolyn's sister is all ready for the date too. Wally senses a disturbance in the force. He can't accept the idea that Beaver is OK with girls. Maybe he should check out Beaver's manners. Turns out Beaver is way ahead of him. He cautions Wally not to laugh at any possible romantic scenes in the movie. And at the malt shop, he believes they should order separately so their dates can be served before they are. Who is this kid?

When Saturday night arrives, Beaver look good and has even used some of Wally's after shave. He even has money in his pocket. Everything looks A-OK. But then Carolyn calls, her sister has backed out. How to break the news to Beaver. Was that a look of relief we saw on Beaver's face? It sure looked like it. Maybe Beaver can call Susan and talk her into the "date." Beaver is reluctant to talk on the phone but calls; Susan is just as reluctant as Beaver to talk on the phone. Turns out Susan is as scared to go out with a boy as Beaver is about going out with a girl. Maybe some time when neither of them is scared, says Susan, then they might go out. Good idea says a very relieved Cleaver, Beaver Cleaver that is. Bicycle safe in garage.

Maybe the show should be " Father Knows Better.", 18 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Father/Son Banquet is coming up and Beaver might get a letter for football. Mule Saunders is scheduled to present awards, he's a local grad who went on to play college and pro football. All the fathers are coming and the boys are excited. They are figuring they will wear suits, that's when the largest kid in the school, Terry Richmond, says only sissies wear suits. The guys decide not to wear suits and to go casual. Beaver at least intends to honor the "pact" until he runs into his mom. Upstairs and change. I expect we are hearing that command in other houses.

Even Wally doesn't understand Beaver's position. Beaver is sticking to his guns. June is nonplussed, and Ward wants Beaver to wear a suit. Wally tries logic telling Beaver to call his friends and ask what they are wearing. Beaver feels even Wally is against him. Ward gives Beaver an ultimatum: wear the suit or we don't go. The dinner is off. OK, Beaver's decision. June is her usual, insisting Ward take Beaver regardless, pretty sure we know how this will go. Beaver goes to the banquet in casual dress. Wally can't believe his dad caved. Wally figures that Dad has something up his sleeve, but what?

All the boys are in suits except Beaver. Once again Beaver starts out with the call "chicken" and he ends up the goat. Even the star player is in a suit. Let's go home, my stomach hurts. No, it is the pain of embarrassment. Ward is always smarter than his son; he packed Beaver's suit in the trunk of the car. Beaver changes and they return to the banquet. Beaver's conclusion, he's a DOPEY kid. Hard to disagree.

In the paper is a picture of a well-dressed Theodore Cleaver and Mule Saunders; and Mule is in a suit as he presents Theodore an award. Will this episode finally mark the time Beaver stops being so easily led by everyone, except for those who really count.

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Wally is right. It's fun to drive but not as much fun as you think., 18 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wally is seventeen and is hoping to get his learner's permit. The commercial is playing and I'm guessing June won't be happy. I was right. Ward hesitates and June calls Ward out of the room. Yet, even Eddie Haskell has a license. June is adamant, Ward says they promised.

Wally plans to sign up for driver's ed. Mr. Barnsdall is the teacher, but Wally has a backseat driver, Shirley Fletcher. Shirley knows everything, and Wally gets so distracted that he forgets to turn the key to start the car. Poor Wally is off to a questionable start and stop. Mr. Barnsdall has faith in Wally and understands how Shirley can be a distraction. Finally, Wally is ready; he's got the physical part down, now he has to pass the written exam. But in preparing, he has a room of kibitzers: Ward, Beaver, and JUNE.

Even Eddie gets into the act; he's an expert as he's been driving for two months. Wally finally breaks away from June who believes 300 ft. between cars is a safe distance. Bottom line. If Eddie could pass the written exam, anyone could (took Eddie three times).

It is the morning of the exam, Wally is not hungry. Well if your nervous, maybe you should postpone the test. Shirley was there first and the examiner is detailing a long list for her, she failed. She claims the examiner doesn't like teenagers; apparently, he liked Wally. So, Dad can I have the car tonight. Wally has a date, not yet, but when you get your license you know you have to have a date.

Wally is out and Eddie stops by to wait and make June more nervous. Wally makes it home and has an idea; how about a second set of keys. Ward muses about this being a sign that Wally is growing up. Yep, it's car, college, job, marriage, kids . . .No, wait a minute yells June, who is too young to be a grandma.

Upstairs Wally has his own musing which he shares with the brother: the responsibility of driving a car, the need to make sure you never injure anyone, etc. For Wally too the license is a signifier of transition from child to adult.

I read that many young people have put off getting a license and have little interest in cars. I have not seen that among the students I teach. They are still anxious to get a license, but we haven't had a year pass that I can recall we didn't lose at least one student to an accident. I am honestly surprised in it is only one as so many of them admit to texting and driving. I'm not sure getting a license has the significance it had in Wally's day. I remember it well as a big deal in a teen's life.

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Wally learns even more about life, and his Dad., 17 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season six begins with a new upbeat opening; one that acknowledges the boys are growing up. While Ward's "look" is a constant, June has a new hairstyle and the boys look like the teenagers they are. Even the tempo of the theme has a new bounce. Promises of great things ahead? Wally has been spending a lot of time over at the Fosters with his new girlfriend, Julie Foster. June believes it might be nice for Wally to reciprocate their hospitality and take Julie out for a dinner. At dinner, Beaver jumps the gun and tells Wally the plans their parents have for his social life. Wally agrees, which shocks Beaver. Wally plans to ask Julie at school, but the right time didn't appear. At home, Wally calls Julie and asks her out. She's thrilled, and Wally asks her pick the restaurant. She decides on The White Fox. Wally doesn't know it, but Eddie gives Wally the bad news; this restaurant is the most expensive place in town.

Since no prices are shown in the newspaper ad, Wally calls the restaurant to find out what the prices are. Soup is 80 cents, coffee is 40 cents, this place is obviously beyond Wally's pocket; and they have a maître d and serve a la carte which Wally doesn't understand at all. Wally goes to dad for advice. He's old, he must have been to at least one 80 cent soup restaurant. Ward agrees, he has been that worldly once or twice; Ward suggests Wally discuss the cost of the restaurant with Julie. Julie is a sensible girl, she will understand the restaurant is expensive for a high school boy. When Wally goes over to speak with her, Julie is still on cloud nine. She has told all her friends; she even bought a new dress. What did Wally want? Is 7:30 a good time to pick her up? A stunned Wally walks away.

Back home, Wally asks Ward if he can sell the record player he received as a birthday present to get some money. Since a relative purchased that gift, Ward advances Wally fifteen dollars. Ward then informs Wally he has to call the maître d' to get a reservation, the White Fox isn't a walk-in restaurant; but when Wally stumbles through his request, he is told they don't have a table. Wow, Wally actually throws a hissy fit. Really. When Beaver tells Ward how lucky Wally was because tables weren't available; Ward calls the restaurant and speaks with Maurice, the maître d and straightens things out. It's clear that the company Ward works for frequently uses The White Fox to entertain clients, and Ward is well known there. Beaver wants to call one of his friends, but Ward tells him that he needs to hold off for a while. The phone rings; the call is from some French speaking guy, and he wants to speak with Wallace Cleaver. A table has been found. The dinner date is on.

When Julie sees the menu, she blanches. The prices are exorbitant—some main courses are from twelve to fifteen dollars alone—and she doesn't want to bankrupt Wally. The house special is sole at about eight dollars, that will be fine. Ward was correct in his assessment of Julie as a sensible girl. The meal was fine and when the check arrives, Wally has no wallet. Not to fret, Mom found the wallet earlier; Ward has called Maurice to arrange for Wally to sign the check. Julie is impressed; so is Wally.

Wally reports the evening went well. They ate some fish with nuts which was OK if you like fish with nuts. Wally calls it a night and goes upstairs. June wants to know if Ward will tell Wally the truth. No, Ward decides to let it go and have it remain a good memory for Wally. Upstairs Wally finds the wallet, in his jacket. Beaver says mom found it earlier and placed it in his jacket. Wally now realizes what must have been going on behind the scenes. Dad really stepped in to help. Beaver wants to know if Wally will thank dad, No, Wally says, because he wants Dad to have a good memory of the event.

A great season opener. We get to learn more about Ward, and we have more evidence of the kind of man and father he is. Not that we need it. The incident is no doubt a look back for many seniors, like myself, who will recall when a restaurant bill of $14.37 was mammoth. Such was the cost of trying to impress a girl. I recall a lot of us were social schlemiels in high school. Without a doubt, we would have been intimidated if we had to deal with a maître d. I will be grateful to my college fraternity for instructions on how to dress, order food at a restaurant, etc. The world of social graces was not my milieu growing up. Wally deal with it OK, here. It's clear he breathed a sigh of relief when the evening was over.

No such thing as left behind when you have family., 17 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ward is happy that he got a confirmation they will get the same cabin this summer at the lake. Beaver is ready to go now; but Wally is sort of indifferent, Wally says his teacher says that's normal for teenagers.

This will be the twelfth trip to Lake Crescent and for Ward it's memories. Wally would like to pursue his own memories with Lori-Ann, the new librarian. Beaver sussed out what's going on; and when Wally tries to explain his reluctance to go on the family vacation because of his job, Beaver spills the beans. Ward is inclined to let Wally stay behind for the two weeks, but he has a caveat: however, before Ward can say anything, Wally announces he will see if he can stay with Eddie or Lumpy for the two weeks so he won't be alone. Ward has been stymied.

When Wally approaches Eddie to stay with him; Eddie claims he wants to go to the lake with Wally. The rich babes will be staying at the lake. Anyway, Eddie says he will be glad to have Wally stay, for five dollars a week rent. Mrs. Haskell has already called June to let her know there is no problem with Wally staying over; and he son will not be collecting rent. Wally finally admits the problem isn't his job, it's Lori-Ann.

June is still sad that Wally won't be going with them. Ward tells June the story of how he ditched a family vacation because he had something to do that he thought was more important than being with his family. What could possibly be more important, June wants to know. It was Ward's first date with June.

At the library, things have taken a turn. Wally tells Lori-Ann how he arranged it to stay home for the entire summer so they will have extra time together. But Lori-Ann won't be there, she's going away for the entire summer with her parents. Sorry, but it would break her mom's heart if she wasn't with them. Wally understands the importance of family, right? The car is packed and the Cleavers are off. Wally doesn't tell his parents about the shift in his love life, and as they are driving away they stop to say good-bye to Eddie. Eddie Haskell who lets the Cleavers know he will be there to support their broken-hearted boy, and only for five dollars a week. Forget it, Beaver says, your mom already spoke with my mom.

Quick turn around and the Cleavers are pulling into their driveway. They have to get Wally to complete the family vacation. Wally apologizes, he didn't tell them because he had behaved so badly. You are always a member of the family says June, get packed. And a happy Wally starts loading his stuff into the car. The importance of family has been reestablished, and the Cleaver clan is complete and happy.

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