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An obvious fake that doesn't belong on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel

Author: funwithstardestroyers from United States
7 August 2012

I stumbled upon this when they re-ran it on the Discovery Channel. It looked fishy (no pun intended) from the beginning, but, since this was the Discovery Channel, I thought that it was a reenactment of actual statements. Wrong. It was very easy to tell that the "scientists" were actors. They were trying too hard to look "candid" and genuine. So that struck me right off the bat. Then we were treated to a "video" of a teenager stumbling across the body of an alleged mermaid. Again, very obvious that it's fake with blatant, poor CGI.

I have no problem with any of this. It's a free country and there are people who believe this stuff. However, I do have a problem with this kind of stuff being shown on the Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel has (or had) a reputation of having legitimate scientific programing. They've had plenty of ACTUAL documentaries in similar style to this and to put this program on the channel, regardless of how many times they alluded to how it was fake, is completely inappropriate. I expect this kind of stuff on the SyFy Channel, where it would be appropriate, not on a channel like Discovery. I believe this program, more than any other in recent times, speaks to the poor state of U.S. television.

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Fake documentary?

Author: (yannigk) from NJ
19 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought this was a real documentary albeit the feeling that the three scientists involved in the interview were very well spoken (and had a strong eye contact with cameras, something only actors can do), until the moment when another "scientist" a Dr. Rodney Webster appeared on screen.

By golly, I recognized him from District 9, in which he also portrayed another scientist. The name of the actor is Jason Cope (on IMDb).

From then on, everything the 'scientists' in the movie was all just plain theories and not actual occurrences. Sure the Bloop is real. Sure the beaching were probably caused by sonar tests. And yes, there is an actual theory proposed about Aquatic apes.

But the mermaids? their sightings? the found skulls and x-rays conducted on them? All fake? At the end of the movie, the credits says "Similarities to names are purely coincidental". Which means, none of those scientists actually exist. (Google the names and university and you will find nothing).

This is disappointing, considering that Animal Planet was broadcasting it, and I thought they should label the 'movie' as fictional instead of playing it convincingly as a documentary only to have it rebuked by the credits.

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A steaming pile....

Author: Luca Brazi from United States
27 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

....of mermaid scat. Well, there was 2 hours of my life wasted. A seemingly interesting albeit fantastic concept. Presented by Animal Planet as a documentary but is anything but.

There are clues to the unwary along the way that this is faked: early on we supposedly view amateur cellphone video taken by two boys on the beach. However, the "cellphone" lens snap zooms in as they discover the twitching hand of the yet undiscovered species on the beach. I don't know of any cellphone that has a manual zoom lens capable of this feat. The "secret" video at a Navy facility is equally phony. The static that is digitally added to make us think this is amateur video betrays the fact that it is staged.

The main actor does a good job and is believable although I figured him to be a hoaxer early on. The other "interviews" are obviously actors overly emoting and some with affected accents. Even the supposed TV interview of a German fisherman is poorly acted and an obvious sham.

For a network that 'makes its bones' with documentaries, Animal Planet should be ashamed of itself for sullying its reputation with this sham.

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Shame on Animal Planet and Seriously!?

Author: jalcenius from Ann Arbor, MI
29 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have always respected Animal Planet for their documentaries on interesting subjects. I believe they even had one called "The Whale That Exploded" and it was a documentary about a sperm whale that exploded while being transported to a university on the busy streets of Taiwan. I did not see advertisements for the show. I just happened to be scrolling through the channels and saw it was coming up. Thankfully, I DVRd it so I could go through the commercials (which were half of the show!). I naturally assumed, that this program was going to be a scientific look at the possibilities of mermaids and the likelihood that they had found a body. At first I was really intrigued. They did a good job at making the show seem legit. I found this particularly interesting when they were talking about our unusual evolutionary characteristics that we shared with marine mammals. At first, I felt the "scientists" seemed too comfortable with the camera and were too moody. I assumed this may have just been editing. As they were showing the "reenactments" I started to get more suspicious, but I stayed tuned in. It wasn't until halfway through the show that I thought, "Hmm... this seems a little bull," but I continued to watch anyway.

When they finally reveal that it was for "entertainment only" I felt robbed and really angry. I trust Animal Planet to give me truthful events. They needed to state at the very beginning of the show that the entire "documentary" was "For Entertainment Only." If it had been a true documentary, I think it would have scored higher and had been very entertaining had they removed all the fake BS and maybe focused on the possibility of there being mermaids and what they might look like and evolve into (which they did touch on that a bit). As a movie, it sucks. The HORRIFIC CGI would have been acceptable for a true documentary, but for a movie, it was horribly done and we could have seen better CGI in the 1990s. The videos that showed evidence was poorly done. The 2-hour time slot was made up of 1/2 commercials.

At first I felt this was a real documentary, but as the conspiracy theory part of the movie continues, you begin to strongly question it. Had I known at the beginning that it was a "movie", I still would have watch it and it would have been given the same score.

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A Fake Documentary? Why?

Author: wakeyourdream from United States
29 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was watching this special, having stumbled innocently across it late one night, entirely ready to believe in mermaids. Hoping, actually. I made it through the film not quite convinced - the "scientists" were unusually well spoken, and a bit too pretty. The liberal dosing of crappy CGI and government conspiracy didn't help matters, but still, I was optimistic. I googled the main scientist and clicked on the first few links, all of which led to a page claiming the site's content has been seized in a DOJ investigation. What? That's completely illegal (freedom of speech, anyone?) and upon further googling, it seems the fake pages were registered by Discovery around the time of the program's production. Why? Why would Discovery create a fake documentary, and take such care in hiding that is was, indeed, fake (the creators did release a statement/disclaimer that the program was purely for entertainment purposes, but that statement certainly is difficult to find). I just wanted to believe in mermaids, was that too much too ask?! And having my hopes dashed after wasting two hours on an excess of commercials, horrible CGI, and repetitive clips and conspiracy - I don't think I'll ever watch anything produced by Discovery again.

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A new low for cable TV

Author: indiedavid from cincinnati, ohio
27 May 2013

This show is the reason I quit watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. After the initial airing and subsequent negative feedback, I thought they had learned their lesson. I just saw that they are re- broadcasting this pathetic show. The very nature of both networks has been completely compromised by this "found footage" rip off. Every development executive involved in this project should have been fired immediately. Now I see they are actually re-broadcasting this garbage. Thank goodness for Natgeo and PBS. I really love nature television but I have lost faith in the credibility of the information presented on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

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I lack the words to express my disappointment and contempt for my fellow man

Author: dcm-20 from United States
12 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING SPOILER this presentation is fiction "Aquatic Ape Theory" = seamonkeys Met someone who actually watched this t^rd......and argued without end it's reality.

We are living in the future which the maitre d' in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" wept.

wow, just wow.

Interesting factoid: Did you know that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary? And apparently Dr. Evil's mother, Chloe, may have been a mermaid (what with the webbed feet and all).

So gather an interesting group of acquaintances and screen this gem followed by discussion. Try not to frighten the timid cryptozoologists as you probe the finer points such as, "Were the spears, made from the spine of a stingray, forensically similar to the one which caused the death of Steve Irwin?" "Does this prove that the Crocodile Hunter was killed by mermaids?"

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Discovery Channel, remove this piece of garbage!!!

Author: robert-259-28954 from United States
27 May 2013

This pseudo-documentary in the guise of a real life event literally destroys in one fale swoop any credibility this once "class" channel had to offer. It should NEVER have been put on a nature channel, it should have been a B-Movie on the Sci Fi Channel!!! It makes a mockery of real science, particularly the bogus portrayals faked by bogus actors. This is pure trickery, straight up. Remove it permanently from your lineup or lose yet anther fan like the one you've already permanently alienated by airing this phony crap. It's below you. Worse still, you evidently have forgotten the painful lesson apparently not learned when Orson Welles produced "War of the Worlds," with predictably bad results. The mass panic created by that radio dramatization near caused the death of many petrified Americans, who believed that this dramatization was actually true. So it was when I tuned into this piece of trash. I would have never believed that a respected wildlife channel like The Discovery Channel and by extension, Animal Planet could have even been persuaded to air such material. The Cartoon Channel, perhaps. But Discovery?? NOT.

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Absolute Rubbish and FAKE

Author: tmdavies1 from West Midlands
29 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am disgusted at Animal Planet for putting on such rubbish, thats two hours of my life I will NEVER get back. Animal Planet show real life programs why would you do that!

Terrible acting, terrible CGI and music. Absolutely rubbish.

I agree with all the views of just how terrible this program was.

Sharks eat people - There was part of person in the shark! - Really your first thought is 'it could be a mermaid'

There are enough idiots that believe this rubbish such as this, Nazi UFO, Atlantis etc all this does is reinforce there feeble belief systems.

Don't DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!

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mermaids ( a body found )

Author: sckniff from United Kingdom
19 September 2012

Why has animal planet given away its status as an iconic factual and educational channel and prostituted itself in a way that is only known to itself, to bring a programme like mermaids into its fold? It was obvious from the outset that we were listening to actors in studio's rather than in lab surroundings. This transmission should have been televised on April 1st. How many times in the past have Animal Planet tried to dupe its viewers? Obviously we will have to view every other transmission with a critical or unbelieving eye from now on. The most upsetting part of this fiction is that we were missing better programming on other channels. Very let down!

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