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This is what Hustle & Flow SHOULD have been.
YeahSoAnyway26 July 2010
Finally, a movie that gets Hip-Hop right. If you're like me, and though "Terrence Howard, a rapper? Really?" when you saw H&F, you'll dig this movie. It is way more authentic, and less of a silly fairytale portrayal of the Hip Hop industry. Don't get me wrong, Terrence Howard is a great actor, and H&F was a fun movie for what it was, but I never believed for a second that Howard was a rapper. And the approach to writing, recording, and everything else music related in that movie was just corny. In Just Another Day, I totally believed that Wood Harris and Jamie hector were rappers. They each have a very distinct style, and their rhymes and flow seem authentic to their characters. But, you don't really watch the movie to see a couple actors rap, you watch it because it provides a really interesting and believable look at the way the music industry works. At times it feels like a documentary (in a good way... think Robert Altmans "The Player" or Larry Clark's "Kids"). And the "24" style concept of showing just one day in the lives of two very different men was really effective. You see just how similar their struggles are, and that fame doesn't really change the situation all that much. It's kind of a bleak view of the industry, but that's the reality. All in all, a much better movie than I expected for a low budget indie. A unique story, solid acting, and good music too. A must-see for Hip-Hop fans and aficionados of the great Hood-Classics of the 90's like Mennace II Society, New Jack City, Boyz n the Hood, etc. And highly recommended for anyone that appreciates engaging indie cinema and unconventional storytelling.
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A truly authentic look at the hip hop music industry.
Jane Stewart31 August 2010
I've worked in the music industry for almost 20 years, and have spent most of the last decade dealing with urban music, and if nothing else, the filmmakers behind this movie certainly understand this world. The stories being told are very true-to-life, and many of the incidents are clearly based on reality. It is no surprise that almost everything else the director Peter Spirer has done before this has been Hip Hop documentaries. He is obviously an authority on the matter, as his films are some of the most prestigious docs out there on the subject (Rhyme and Reason, the Beef series, Tupac Thug Angel, the Biggie doc). Does this qualify him as a great feature director? Not necessarily, but it definitely gives him a lot of credibility, and a unique perspective from which he has crafted his urban feature debut. This isn't slick Michael Bay or Stephen Spielberg directing... it is raw, honest, totally indie, and has a "fly-on- the-wall" feel, like we're catching a glimpse behind the scenes. The contrast between the two main characters is also evident (albeit subtly) in the filmmaking, as the Young Eastie storyline (that of the struggling rapper) is shot with hand-held cameras and has a more frenetic editing style, while the scenes involving the established, big name rapper (A-Maze) are smoother, obviously shot with dollies, steady cams, etc, and has smoother, more polished editing. This interesting dynamic gets played with as the movie progresses and the lines between their two worlds blends. I don't know if this film will be of interest to those who are not into the music business, or urban films in general, because there aren't any big explosions, sweeping romances, slapstick comedy, or other "blockbuster" elements. But for anyone who has interest in the industry, and especially for those who understand this world, it is a fascinatingly authentic little gem. It is understated and tells a simple but harsh story of the cold cyclical nature of the Hip Hop business.
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An Awesom Hip-Hop Movie!
trackzondemand18 September 2013
I've watched this movie several times and can't get tired of it. I could relate to some of the characters in the movie. I thought that this movie hit the nail right on the head. This movie encompassed a realistic glimpse of what types of things go on in the industry. It didn't focus on just the money and success of an artist. It showed the dark side of being a hip-hop celebrity in this day and time. The music in the film was great at inspiring the scenes and vice versa. It was well written and well directed. Shout out to all the actors and actresses as they definitely brought this film to life. If you are a fan of hip-hop then you would definitely enjoy watching this movie!
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Loved it
bradtheman186 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For a low budget movie, it was well done. The storyline is great. It all takes place in 1 day. And does a great job of showing you the struggles of entering the music business and the struggles of being a top hip hop artist. AThe acting was fine. Wood Harris is awesome. This movie is so underrated. For me, this movie is right under Juice and Friday and right above Belly and Hustle & Flow. It had a lot of guest rappers like Big Daddy Kane, Lil' Scrappy, Petey Pablo, Trick Daddy, Ja Rule, and more. Like all hip hop movies, this one has an explosive ending. More people should have seen this movie. Shame it didn't get promoted well, because it deserves more recognition.

Soundtrack isn't bad either
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Best Hip-Hop Movie i've every seen
Steve Sanchez10 February 2011
There aren't many good movies made about the world of hip-hop, but this is the best of the lot. The actors seem like actual rappers, and i should know i work with them every day. Not only do they have distinct personalities, but they personas carry over into their music and they way their stories are shot.

This is the story of the day in the life of two rappers, one an upstart, one a seasoned professional at the end of his career. The young one is shot with gritty hand held and A-maze (the big name) is shot smoothly in keeping with his status and personality. Both of there stories are interesting and intertwine very believably.

The only faults with this movie have more to do with it being low budget rather than any fault of the film makers.

I highly recommend.
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An entertaining look into the rap game
Eric Antonowicz10 February 2011
This movie is good. Do not be fooled by the fact that it went strait to DVD, this is a very entertaining film. Both of the two main characters are interesting and it is a joy to see the actors in these roles. One really gets a sense of authenticity when watching their performances. This is a movie about rappers and the streets, and it truly captures that vibe. From the gritty style of the camera work to the dirty streets it is shot on, the film makers nail the feel of life in the rap game.

There is a subplot about a Haitian drug war that is a little difficult to follow, but that does not detract from the main plot or enjoyment of the movie what so ever.

This movie is shot fast and lose with lots of camera shaking a movement. Normally I detest this style of film making but here it seem appropriate for the subject matter and the film is indeed better for it. The only other movie that i can think of that used this technique successfully was The Hurt Locker.

I recommend this movie highly. If you are looking for a way to gangst'a up an evening, you can't go wrong with Just Another Day.
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Realistic, Gritty, and Badass
Kriss-kevin2110 February 2011
This gets it right! All of Peter Spirer's experience with rappers and hip-hop really shines trough on this picture.

Its a small movie but a good one. Accurate to a fault this is realistic and gritty portrayal of the life of rappers. The characters are likable without becoming phony or too nice. They are gritty and seemingly real characters. You feel their different personalities very forcefully and the actors are good, no great.

The editing is fast and furious. It really moves the story forward and keeps the viewer engaged. There isn't much violence, but what is there has an extreme impact. When some one gets shot you are shocked and horrified, just as you should be.

If you like rap, if you like hip hop, if you like movies, this is one for you.

Keep it up!
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A great hip-hop fantasy alternative
heredia-kr9 February 2011
I enjoyed this movie because it did not have a fairy tale ending. I am not going to spoil it, but unlike most movies, this one was very realistic. Thankfully there is a movie that delves into the deeper issues of the fame and glory of the Hip Hop lifestyle.

What I found most compelling were the actors, each and everyone seemed authentic and in their own element. I really believed that these actors were rappers -not to mention their music was pretty good in the film.

Overall, I thought the movie was good. It kept my attention the whole time, and the stakes were pretty high. When I though I knew what was going to happen next, I was wrong -which I appreciate. This isn't your normal "rags to riches" hip hop story like "Get Rich" or "8 Mile" this is a better look at the sacrifices and pressures of becoming and staying famous in Hip Hop.
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A Bad Movie Not Even Marlo And Avon Could Save
pattonfever31 July 2010
There is only one good thing about this dumb movie for dumb people. Avon and Marlo. Kids nor The Player should ever be mentioned in the same breath as this film, and there is a big reason why this went straight to video. It's plain bad.

I had no idea what this film was, but I decided to see it because Wood Harris was on the cover. When I saw Marlo Stanfield during the title credits, I became very excited. To have both of these guys in the same film was an opportunity for greatness. To bad a fraud of a director and a weak script failed them both. What a shame.

We all know these two actors are very good. Both should have Emmys, but were snubbed. In this film though, both seem like amatures, but this is due to the weak director. I really hope these two can be paired again for something good. For now I'll just watch the greatest show (even better than almost any film) ever made for the eighth time. The Wire.
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