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The ending destroys this movie
Galaxian17 February 2018
The movie is very good up until the end. The ending of the movie is so idiotic and illogical that destroys whatever you watched up untill that point. It saddens me to give such a low score to such a good movie.
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jayholmeshj27 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am going to start off by saying two things. First, this is a horror movie. Second, I don't like horror movies. Since this is an adaptation of a book (by Stephen King), I can't fire on the story but only watch this if you can handle gruesome deaths and a seriously messed up ending. The ending was what ruined the movie for me, I'll try not to give any big spoilers but what happened was character A kills 4 people (one of whom is his family) to free them from the pain of living in a world infested with monsters, BUT ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THE WORLD IS RESTORED BACK TO NORMAL 5 MINS LATER! I mean, I haven't watched a movie that has a worse ending than this one. To sum up, only watch if you are a fan of horror movies or if you like the book. Others will feel really miserable.
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A Decent Adaptation Of The Amazing Novella
destinylives5214 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Stephen King's novella of the same title gets a decent adaptation in "The Mist." After a strong storm, a large mist quickly surrounds a town, trapping dozens of people in a supermarket. Terrifying creatures roam within the mist, hunting and killing anyone who ventures outside. But danger also lurks within the refuge of the supermarket. As the hours slowly tick by, the people form opinions on what is happening and how to survive it. Three separate groups start to form, and one will overpower the others, ushering in a new level of violence and bloodshed that will rival the horrors within the mist.

My most memorable, movie moment of "The Mist" is the scene when 5 survivors trapped in a vehicle make a shocking decision. More on this below.

I have read the novella and thought it a brilliant piece of writing. But the movie version is...far from brilliant. Two things prevented it from being great. First: Thomas Jane is completely wrong for the part of the main character. His superhero looks had no place in this story. The main character was a regular person forced to do extraordinary things under a tremendous amount of pressure and fear. Jane was completely out of his element as he wasn't believable at all when he tried to look afraid. I was expecting him to suddenly walk around with his Punisher shirt on, blasting the creatures with a large, automatic rifle and saving the whole world. Second: the ending. I understand some of the logic that went to the decision that was made in the vehicle; but there was another option. And the aftermath of that decision? Depending on your values and point of view, you will either be horrified and stunned, or start to laugh. And the fact that the ending can produce laughter tells me that it was the wrong ending to put in this movie.

The creatures were great though.

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An average movie that relies on Stephen King.
Fernando Lira8 January 2018
I enjoyed it and strongly recommend you to watch this if you're an horror movie fan. Why I rated a 5? The whole scenario is stablished fast and you don't need too much information to get into the plot. The actors were very convincing, even Thomas Jane fails to sustain the drama, Marcia Gay Harden were impressive and carry the movie. The CGI are outdated, but are not so significant to the film. It remain good in 2017. Soundtrack is generic and forgettable. But what hurts more here is the direction on the scenes that require some action. Some of the last ones were terrible. The movie has a great start, but decay in the end, probably because the original material has great ideas but the producers here tryed too hard to surprise the audience and lost the track.
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one of the most surprising and interesting movies of the 21st century
theterminator-9237829 December 2017
Loosely based a a Stephen King Novella this is the story of a man trying to survive and he must look after his son and stop the people from killing each other and the use of the psychological stress and the suspense made it all the more interesting to watch and with Frank Darabont directing it made for a movie that i could keep my eyes away from. The cast of this film were amazing and when you see that future walking dead cast members were in this movie you also get a big smile on your face although for me there was 3 outstanding cast members Thomas Jane as David Drayton, Marcia gay Harden as Mrs Carmody and finally Nathan Gamble as Billy Drayton i have to say these guys until the end made me sad happy and everything in between and i also have to make a special mention to by far my favorite supporting actor Toby Jones this movie was AWESOME for him and i loved his character. overall for a movie it was good the story was enjoyable and thrilling and i just really enjoyed it and P.S the ending will make you cry because you won''t expect what happened and honestly i overall think this is a great way to tell a Stephen king story.
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Never will forgive the ending
tjohnson-8943719 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie would have been a solid 8 if not fir the horrific ending. I know Stephen King said he liked it, but he didn't have it in his novella. Obviously, writing still trumps movie making. I still like the main part of the movie. However, I will never watch the ending ever again. Also, the ending is the main reason why I've never ever purchased the movie in any form. My husband worked for a theater company so we got to watch the movie for free.
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Waste of time
pesic-116 November 2017
The premise is pretty good for a horror film, but the execution was godawful. We have monsters that look unimaginative, characters that make you want to kill them yourself, and pretty lame action scenes, with little suspense and virtually nothing in terms of payoff. The film seems more concerned with annoying the audience with a stupid subplot where irritating characters bicker endlessly than with the peril these people face. Poor character development is often a weakness of horror films, but here the film creates unlikable characters and then insists on developing them, making sure these unlikable bastards get all the screen time in the world to talk nonsense and make your life miserable as you helplessly sit in the theater seat and scream at the film to kill these characters off already. And then comes the anticlimax and the most unsatisfying ending to a film imaginable. Not only is it unbelievably stupid and illogical, but it makes sure what little emotion you may have had invested by the end of the film was dissipated with a big middle finger to the entire audience. Everything this film did with an intriguing premise was misguided.
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Where are the real monsters ?
jdhb-768-6123413 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
'The Mist' is a really surprising film, one that is tense and horrific without having the usual gallons of blood and gore. Yes, there is some blood and some gore, but a good part of the film is taken up with watching the way in which a group of people trapped in a store react to their situation. Most are terrified, some find God, but others refuse to believe that there's actually any danger. The mysterious mist that surrounds the store hides who knows what ?

As the film progresses, the tension rises. Some of the people decide to chance their arm and venture out; their fates vary. Others are influenced by a religious fanatic who gradually convinces them that the mist, and whatever it contains, is God's work and turns them against the 'non-believers'; violence ensues and one begins to wonder whether those inside the store are just as monstrous as what lies outside. The discovery of the origin of the mist adds yet another element to the story.

The film limits the use of background music and also of special effects. Some nasty creatures do appear but a good part of the horror is due to not seeing too much, just the results of interaction between people and the hidden monsters and knowing that something very nasty lurks in that all-pervading mist.

This a very good horror film, one of the best I've ever seen, and its ending is probably as shocking as that of any film ever made; as realisation of the truth dawns, it becomes truly heartbreaking. It's a well earned 9 that will keep most viewers pinned to their seats and some hiding behind the sofa.
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I am still shivering
Dr Jacques COULARDEAU11 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It is not a great masterpiece but it is a good film.

You will recognize all King's main ideas. First, after a storm during the night, on the following day, all the damage is measured and checked and there is a lot. The main family, the father is an artist, have been severely impacted and they foresee some problem with the next door neighbor because one of his trees has destroyed their wooden pier on the lake. They discover then that from the other side of the lake a mist is rising. They nevertheless go to the town to get some groceries. The father and the son go and they take the next door neighbor who is black and whose car was destroyed by one of his trees. We will learn later on he is a New York Lawyer.

When they are in the store the mist arrives and something inside that mist attacks person and the store.

The film emphasizes a lot some reactions, particularly the reaction of a lady who is claiming she is the vessel of God. At first she is more or less disregarded, neglected even rejected, but after the first attacks or signs of the beast in the mist she will manage to make the majority of the customers in the store believe it is the punishing hand of God and she will manage to orient the anger of these people into a galvanized hatred of some individuals requiring some punishment, purification and then human sacrifice, and more particularly of a child, the only child in the store, the son of the artist. Stephen King has always been vocal against religious fundamentalists, but here Darabont seems to have increased the trait.

The second feature you will recognize is that this mist is caused by some extreme research of some armed forces close at hand in a base doing some research on the forms of life in parallel worlds and their attempt to open a window between our world and theirs. The storm was so violent that it disrupted the security and protection and the window became an open door and the mist brought along a whole set of some kinds of giant predators of insect or alien types. Flying insects, running and crawling insects, giant monstrosities in which many species are crossed from insect to octopus exhibiting the practice of the famous cinematographic Aliens that lay their eggs in living organisms that will die when the eggs hatch. That's more or less added to Stephen King's novella.

The third element is the systematic supremacist approach of many, most people in this crowd against the only black man, the only artist, all those who have witnessed the first attack in the back and pushed it away with one victim, a bag boy, who was dragged away. These supremacists just pretend this is irrational and absurd, a lie and a bad taste prank. It is not white supremacy that is dealt with here but the general state of mind of many people in a fearful and frightening situation: they look for the minority people around them and accuse them of being responsible for the problem. The worst supremacist in this crowd is, of course, the female guru and preacher announcing the apocalypse and reading the Book of Revelation. Anyone who is not on her side is against God and all those who are against God are responsible for the anger of God and have to be sacrificed, purified, etc.

This supremacist ideology is used by some to capture influence and power but it can only develop on the basis of some frustration and fear, mostly as a collective mood. This is marvelously developed and demonstrated in this film. Here again, it goes probably slightly farther than what I remember from the original novella.

But the main change is the end. In Stephen King's novella, everything went back to normal in the morning, more or less, but here certainly not. The presence of military forces to recapture the territory by burning it all and rescuing the few survivors is in line with some Kingian elements but it is pushed farther than even what King does in The Stand. I won't tell more about it: you have to discover it yourself.

The film is very good as for most of the special effects, even if some props seem to be a little bit cheap. The creatures are perfect and have so many designs and structures that they are in many ways effective, or would be with any younger audience. All animals that are despised and rejected by humans out of fear or disgust are used here, small and big. What do I say, big, giant of course is the proper word, out-worldly? Some are marvelously creative.

Entertaining and yet also dense with meaning. This film will entertain a moonless night of yours when a tempest has cut off power and the next door river or lake have submerged the ground floor of your house. Take refuge in the attic on the third level and use your satellite dish to get the film from the cloud and a small generator to get electricity. Be prepared in one word. Just build a four-yard- high translucid wall of some indestructible fiber all around your territory to keep undesired aliens out. And just have some kind of dome on top that can be raised when necessary. If you have one or two cubic meters of liquid oxygen, you will be able to survive more than a week.

In other words, VIVA LA MUERTE! But for people outside your tribe only.

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Subtract the ending and you get a mediocre movie
sakram30 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Note : There are no major spoilers in this review. If you're gonna review a movie, you shouldn't base it upon the "general impression" after having watched it, you should base it upon all the thoughts and emotions during each and every minute throughout the movie, and also consider the "cinematographic" aspects thereof.

See, it is a typical-apocalyptic-movie. Had it not been for the ending, I would grump for the waste of time about the rest of the movie which is, Let's say "Hide 'n Seek". You have a bunch of people surrounded in the mall trying to survive, limiting the entire environment of the movie to a certain mall. Then you have under- powered human beings trying to fight a supernatural prowess. The idea of the movie was pretty simple and anybody can come up with that, also with such plot, but there are a few points here and there which were subtle but valid, and the major point was : Don't mess with Mother Nature, I guess ?

At first, I thought it's a Christian-ish propaganda with that woman's shouting out biblical verses, but then, no, the plot changes. It also explained how primitively lunatic people can get when they are facing the apocalypse. I don't really know if this is exactly a horror movie, because I cannot count how many times I had jump-scares, I suppose only 1, more or less.

The bad thing is, I am used to such horror, and I have seen many things coming a few minutes before, only then did I know it was none other than an average plot.

The pros of this movie would be : The ending and the fine screenplay and script

The cons are too many to cite, I wish they had shortened the movie to 1h30mn instead of 2 hours, removing all the fruitless and underwhelming scenes. Also, the movie tried to build sympathy for people who die, but it didn't work out quite well.

You see, even the ending is flawed, I can't buy why the dude killed "them", including his kid... and then "The Mist" seems to be resolved and there, you got yourself trolled. However, this is not the only time the Movie had been illogical, it ticked me off several times because of the lack of logic.

There is nothing I would complain about music or acting, they were pretty average and I wouldn't really consider criticizing.

Pretty much more to say, but too long a review I guess... 6/10.
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Great concept asking for a remake
abdelrahmanmasry27 September 2017
If you've ever played "the floor is lava" game when you were a kid, then the concept of this movie will be very familiar to you. Don't go into the mist. The ambiguity of "the mist" and what it is, and the sense of being locked inside, are the highlights of this work of fiction. And definitely strikes the right kinds of fear in the audience, and draws interest to how this diverse group of people, will deal with this unexplained and unknown danger. You can tell that every cast member has put their best skills into this. Starting with Thomas Jane in the role of a fearful father, trying to protect his only son, and Marcia Harden, trying to, do what she does.

There are two things which have (in my opinion) made this movie far less interesting to watch, and not exploit this awesome idea to its fullest potential. The first thing being cinematography, which i think is to blame for every line that seems like a cliché, and every shot that feels like composition 101. And I'm not even talking about graphics. which is "a pinch over acceptable", and truly suits a B movie. The second thing is the "science vs religion" thing, which this movie gradually develops into. It's a big distraction from the real problem and draws the focus towards what's inside, as opposed to the actual problem of what's outside. I've re-watched this movie many times, and every time i tried my best to forget about its flaws. This is a good movie with an ingenious idea asking for a better remake.
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A terrible Hollywood movie saved by its ending
Charles Jimenez5 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The novella had been noted numerous times when discussing the inspiration for many titles in the industry, I had no interest in watching this film until many regarded this film to have the most depressing/disturbing ending.

Being one who finds interest in being disturbed/depressed, I was intrigued to watch this film.

The film displayed its quality through its cinematography and camera-work, which was very note-worthy. However, this aspect diminishes as the first act ends.

The first issue I noticed was the acting and casting choices, I'm fed up with big Hollywood films always choosing the 'hottest' actors to play the most mundane roles. And that proved to be a great offender for this film.

The acting for the majority of the film is terrible, the only exception being Toby Jones's performance which fit his role. Every actor didn't display much emotion in their face especially when in the most deepest emotions a human could be.

The visuals are very bland, the typical Horror colours are utilised. Although the biggest drawback to this aspect are the CGI effects, which aren't convincing and look abysmal. Some of the CGI effects don't include any lighting to blend the CGI in with the environment, leaving the effects to appear non-existent in the scene.

There are a few practical effects that look convincing, however they're barely in the film, and become very noticeable due to the terrible contrast between the CGI and practical effects.

The biggest offender to me is the script, the characters have barely any character development, so your investment and care in them are nearly non-existent. In addition to this, these characters make the most inhuman decisions they could possibly make in the context the film displays to us.

All of these aspects helped create a dumb Hollywood film that was unintentionally entertaining, the dumb decisions and actions that took place in these scenarios made the film hilarious and annoyingly dumb. The stale, unrealistic, and synthetic acting ensured hilarity in the scenes that attempted relate-ability and emotion.

However, despite the overwhelming amount of problems the film redeems some of its problems with its twist ending, the music and tone is perfect for the situation. The ending was what saved this film from being an unintentionally hilarious Hollywood horror.
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Why? Why? Why did you do this to me? To us?
the guy20 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
While this is, in theory, a good movie, for some reason it did absolutely nothing but tick me off. The most likable characters die, and while I know this is a 2007 movie, it is still incredibly dissatisfying. The one attempt at furthering the plot is used as a way to kill one of the characters, and while ordinarily this might have been a good way to support parts of the story with other parts of the story (forgive me for my lack of eloquence), it just annoyed the absolute cheese whiz out of me. The acting was honestly pretty decent, the monsters were fine, the gore was just right. This movie should have been good. It should have been. But it just left something lacking. It feels like a movie a middle-school-er would feel "deep" for liking. ALSO GOD, WITH THE MUSIC AT THE END. You might as well have just made it the credit scene. That track went on for what felt like hours. It's unreasonable. Final verdict: Steven King Is The Garbage Man.
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THE MIST practically created the monster horror genre
cmovies-9967411 August 2017
PROS: The most iconic part about this movie would probably be the ending. It's iconic for many reasons, but above all it is just plain awesome. Not often do you find a horror movie with an ending that can live up to the perfection of the rest of the film, but THE MIST does just that. Another excellent part of the movie was the build up/tension. It really does put you in a specific world and it keeps you engaged with the characters and the problems facing them. A great part about this movie is the characters however. The way each character is displayed in comparison to each other is genuine and intriguing. The script really allowed for actors to take their roles and spin them into their own unique way, and I'm glad the actors did so.

CONS: There is only one con that I could find in the movie and it is kind of a nit picky one. I really wished they would've explained where the mist came from. I don't know where they would've added that, but I felt it could've been important. I guess it left me thinking, which is good, but I wanted more clarification.
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Darabont Loses Some of The Film's Potential In the Titular Mist...
roblesar998 August 2017
Writer-director Frank Darabont's The Mist is a film I wanted to like a lot more than I ended up liking. This is, after all, another Stephen King adaptation from the same director who brought to the screen the greatest King adaptation of all, The Shawshank Redemption (it edges The Shining by a hair.) But instead, I was left with a certain feeling of dissatisfaction when the credits started rolling, a feeling that was likely compounded by the film's absolute sucker punch of an ending. The film follows a group of individuals taking refuge in a grocery store after an unnatural mist covers the town after a violent thunderstorm the night prior. Inside the mist, hide supernatural monsters that threaten the residents' existence. King used the original story to tell a story about human beings in the face of extreme odds, a concept that Darabont entertains to generally successful results. There's a lot to admire here, but there's also a handful of flaws that hold it back from reaching greatness.

For one, Thomas Jane feels miscast as the film's protagonist, David Drayton, a freelance artist. In fact, he almost single-handedly ruins the film's ending because he makes it nearly impossible to take him seriously. The misfire of his casting stands out both because of his somewhat wooden performance and for the simple reason that everyone else in the cast fits their role like a glove. Marcia Gay Harden delivers an excellent performance as Mrs. Carmody, a fanatical Christian who believes that the mist signifies the coming of the apocalypse. Playing the film's despicable antagonist, Harden delivers stellar work, demonstrating that sometimes the real monster isn't lurking around in the shadows, but rather standing right next to you. Toby Jones also turns in a solid performance as Ollie Weeks, the assistant manager of the store, gradually transforming from a seemingly meek individual to one of Drayton's essential allies as the rift between Drayton's group and Carmody's followers grows. Even Laurie Holden, who has often been slighted for her role as Andrea in AMC's The Walking Dead manages to deliver. Playing Amanda Dumfries, an elementary school teacher, Holden makes the most of her somewhat limited material. Apart from Drayton, the rest of these characters lack depth, but the performers make for a saving grace.

The film does tackle some thought-provoking ideas and themes, examining the way human beings react to extreme situations. Considering the film's release a decade ago, Darabont prominently focuses on the rift that forms between the aforementioned groups, which serves as an obvious parallel for the Bush-era conflict between Christian, right-wing thinking and more secular, left-wing ideology. While it wouldn't have hurt to portray the groups with a bit more nuance (the division between the two becomes entirely too clear), Darabont deserves credit for his willingness to make a horror film with more than just scares on its mind. But as for the horror, that's where Darabont's film excels. There are genuine moments of dread and terror throughout, as the groups in the supermarket deal with both the creatures of the mist and themselves. And Darabont accomplishes this by establishing a convincingly ominous atmosphere rather than relying on jump scares. The film feels like a monster movie from the '50s, and I really wish I could have been able to watch the B&W version.

However, Darabont's writing falters when compared to his directing. About halfway through the film, a romance scene occurred between two minor characters that felt incredibly jarring considering that the majority of the film had focused on Drayton up to that point. Furthermore, the next time we see these characters, one of them immediately dies at the hands of the creatures, as Darabont seems to believe that a shoehorned romance scene mere moments prior will be enough to raise the emotional stakes of their death. It just doesn't work though and feels more like lazy storytelling than anything else. Now I can't comment on how much development King's original novella offers for these two characters, but considering Darabont's willingness to tweak the ending, he could have fleshed out the relationships between these characters more. And as for that ending, I can't say that I necessarily agree with it. Darabont's conclusion delves into far darker territory than that of the novella's, creating a genuinely shocking moment. I do appreciate that he didn't deliver a forced happy ending. But his ending, one so ruthlessly bleak and nihilistic, probably should have been scrapped in favor of the ambiguity that the original ending provides.

I wish that I hadn't been left slightly disappointed by The Mist. While there's plenty to enjoy, from the taut scares to the retro '50s vibe and the generally solid performances, storytelling problems and the soul-crushing ending hold it back from entering the upper echelon of King adaptations.

Rating: 7/10 (Good)
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Peep This Reviews
Alan Smithee Esq.9 July 2017
Director Frank Darabont had previously adapted two classic Stephen King tales into unforgettable films. One of which is heralded as one of the best movies ever made. Ever. So he goes to tap that well of Stephen King's material once again. He decides to venture out of the setting of period prison films into something that would be considered a more typical horror movie. A mist full of deadly creatures trap a group of people in a prison that's taken the shape of a supermarket. Tempers flair, people butt heads and a gripping story begins to unfold which has an ending that is radically different from it's source material but in King's own words is better than what he had originally written. How often does an author say that about an adaptation of his/her work. Um...never. Great film and worth watching in full color and in black and white as it was originally conceived.
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This is A Drama, Not a Horror Movie
Daly Close7 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I mean, there are sparse moments of horror. Near the beginning, and the end. But, most of this film is just a bunch of people trapped in a grocery store, arguing about religion, and what to do about the monsters. And the arguments aren't in the slightest bit interesting. It's your typical cliché crap. Are the monsters real. Is there a God. The religion stuff gets really stupid though. Within like a day, half the people suddenly become so religious they for some unexplained reason, need to start sacrificing people? What? I will say though, that the ending is good. That's what the extra star is for.
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sweatpants151 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that when it comes to movies, I am very easy to please. I'm perfectly happy with a semi-plausible story and one- dimensional characters, as long as it entertains. (Case in point: I genuinely enjoyed the movie "Doom"). I don't ask much from movies, just this: Don't treat me like I'm stupid.

Which brings me to "The Mist": I absolutely hated this movie. I didn't mind the plot at all -- in fact it seemed quite promising, and I enjoyed the movie for the first 45 minutes or so. But eventually the mind-numbing stupidity of the characters dragged this movie down to the point of farce, with each successive turn to gore seeming like a more and more desperate attempt just to keep the audience interested.

Everyone is well aware of the cliché behaviorisms of horror movie characters, but that's nothing compared to the ridiculous decisions and reactions showcased throughout this movie. By the end, I was flat- out heckling the main characters:

"Hey guys! This sure is a horrifyingly dangerous situation. We should probably wait around for another minute or two before trying to escape it!"

"Say, I foresee that this small annoyance might actually turn into an existential threat in a day or two." "I agree. Let's try to ignore it for as long as possible."

Fittingly, the movie's iconic glass storefront provides the perfect example of this inexplicable behavior. After recognizing it as their one major point of vulnerability, the characters proceed to essentially build a sandbag wall along the bottom half of the glass, and... that's it. The top half is left completely untouched, without so much as a couple strips of duct tape to keep it from shattering - - as if all those terrifying monsters would be unable to negotiate a three-foot stack of dog food.

It's hard to convey the full essence of this inexplicable behavior without providing significant spoilers, but after watching the movie for yourself you should be able to pick up these threads over the entire movie. I don't recommend doing so of course -- I'm angry enough that I can't get this two hours of my life back.
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You must be joking
littlenige11 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am somewhat confused after watching this film as to how a great number of the reviews on here give it high marks. I usually consider the ratings on here as fairly accurate. However a 7.2 rating is WAY too generous! More like a 3.2.

Having watched this movie I find myself questioning where the $18,000,000 budget was spent. In fairness, it has some very good acting in it, particularly from Marcia Gay Harden as the bible spouting fear mongering woman who creates hysteria amongst the folk trapped inside the store in order to survive. She is the only character in the movie who gives it any kind of real tension for my money. The special effects in the early part of the film were hilarious - up until that moment I had hoped the film would deliver as per the reviews and ratings here. Alas, the first special effect spelt the end of any credibility this film might have had. The film might have succeeded if it had been directed in such a way that no creatures were necessary, the kind of suspense Hitchcock could drum up just using style and tension to leave the dark larking in the mist as a figment of our imagination. Instead, some moments in the film were laugh out loud ridiculous. Avoid it!
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Could of been a contender
outpix2 June 2017
This feature could of been a classic but it suffers from some bad acting and incredulous plot turns. When will Stephen King allow a truly respected director to do justice to one of his scarier works? I would of loved to of seen what Spielberg could of done here. Too bad we're left with sub-par films.
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Slightly better than your average horror movie
grantss27 May 2017
The Draytons - David, Steff and their son Billy - live in a small Maine town. One night a ferocious storm hits the area, damaging their house. The storm is accompanied by a strange mist. David and Billy and their neighbour Brent Norton go into town. There they discover that the mist contains some frightening creatures, creatures intent on killing humans.

A so-so horror movie, directed and written by Frank Darabont and based on a novel by Stephen King. Darabont's first two movies were brilliant and among the best films of the 1990s. I am, of course, referring to The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. In 2001 he directed The Majestic, also superb, yet criminally underrated.

Unlike his first two movies, The Majestic was not based on a Steven King novel and was not written by Darabont. For The Mist, his fourth (and, to date, last), he goes back to his original formula -

adapt and direct a Stephen King book/short story.

The result is not close to being in the same league as his first three movies. Largely a common-or-garden creature-horror film, this has nothing of the depth of those three movies. There are a few interesting themes - mob mentality and religious zealousness to the fore - but these are at best tertiary to the horror-thriller element.

The plot is not helped by some incredibly irritating characters and a general feeling of disengagement.

Due to the themes, ends up slightly better than your average horror movie, but that doesn't say much. It's easily the weakest genre.
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Cheesy Horror Film, but Entertaining
Tristan Bergman20 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Mist is a very interesting film that is based off of the genius that is Stephen King. Throughout the movie, I laughed, cried and was grossed out. I loved the idea of the creatures coming through the mist and I loved the setting of the supermarket, which hasn't been seen too much in other scary films. The bugs were kind of nasty, but were played out in the movie in very different ways. They were kind of corny and some of the deaths were just laughable. I also cried at the end, a very sad ending for some of the people after the truth of the mist comes to light. There are many emotions to the film, but it's solid enough entertainment that's worth a watch. I'm also a big fan of Marcia Gay Harden, she is an amazing actress in everything that she's in. Also three future co-stars of the Walking Dead (one of my favorite shows) met on this show, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn and Melissa McBride.
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Really bad
Flipper1 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Good story in the start and middle. Intense and intriguing. Plausible characters. Too much crazy Christian characters for my taste. The monsters were great. Sone of the plot is original, however some is quite ordinary and common.

Really bad ending. Destroys the whole film
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CGI killed horror
crushtheinsects18 March 2017
First things first. King's story is just fine, nothing exceptional, just another of his H.P. Lovecraft rip offs/homages.

There will be spoilers in this review.

The movie is a lousy f*****g waste of time with laughable CGI and plenty of it! In fact so much that the movie is painful to watch and not in anyway scary, the only scary thing about this film is that they don't gag the f*****g preacher lady or kick her square in the p***y.

I was just robbed 2 hours of my life and you can do so too! Don't watch it. It sucks. And it is f*****g boring as well.

The creature designs are nice though, at least some of them.

Just don't watch.
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