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Exorcism/Soap Opera

Author: starla51792 from United States
19 October 2006

I'm not sure if this is a comedy or not, but I found it pretty comical. Isobel is possessed by the devil. Somehow a perverted priest and the gardener are gonna' fix that. Part exorcism and part soap opera, you'll at least get some laughs. There's the paranoid jealous dad, satanic sister, Valley of the Dolls mother, and then the cowboy boyfriend; all there to help the skirt chasing priest fight the demons from dear Isobel. It sometimes felt like a Jerry Springer episode, but I actually paid to see this. Instead of the cool head-twisting, sailor cursing, and crucifix humping that Regan did in The Exorcist; you get a lot of Isobel bouncing on her bed like it's a trampoline, hiding in her closet, and jumping from a hay-loft. Yeah, it's Chuck E. Cheese gone wild. So, if you want to watch a quote unquote horror film that is worth a few laughs while you wait for the predictable ending ... this is your movie.

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Wait!.... What?

Author: Kristine ( from Chicago, Illinois
24 October 2006

I just rented Blackwater Valley Exorcism because the cover and pictures looked terrifying, and I don't normally watch movies that are automatically released onto DVD, but this looked so interesting and scary! I was very much in the mood for a good scary film and to me, possession is one of the scariest subjects to watch or learn about. Just look at The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, both terrific movies that made break-throughs not only horror wise, but story as well.

Blackwater Valley Exorcism is about a girl, Isabelle, who from the get go is automatically possessed, so we can't even tell what kind of a person she was to begin with. But a former wife beater turned priest is on the case with a gardener...? I know... I know. Then they go into several other stories with the priest and Isabella's sister, and the priest hit the sister and messed around with Isabelle? I'm not sure, then we get into a story with Isabelle's dad and his questioning of his wife's faithfulness to him.

I mean, the story just goes into too many directions and wasn't well developed at all. Not to mention that the exorcism didn't seem authentic at all and more of a just scare your pants off type of a film, which I didn't like at all because I couldn't take it seriously. Whoever directed and wrote this clearly had no idea where to go or how to direct the story well, so I wouldn't really recommend this.


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The Demon Can't Be Trusted, Can He?

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 July 2010

The farmer Ely (Randy Colton) finds a slaughtered coyote and his daughter Isabelle (Kristin Erickson) covered on blood and brings her home. She attacks her father and her mother Blanche (Leslie Fleming- Mitchell) and their employee Miguel (Del Zamora) tells that she is possessed and needs a priest and not a doctor. Priest Jacob (Cameron Daddo) arrives and along his exorcism, the demon Perlocus deceives the family and everyone that is trying to help Isabelle with lies and sins.

"Blackwater Valley Exorcism" is another movie of exorcism and the difference is the terrible screenplay and only Kristin Erickson has a convincing performance. The non-likable characters are not well developed and the messy story seems to be a soap opera of horror genre, with shallow dramatic situations. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Exorcismo – A Execução" ("Exorcism – The Execution")

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Better than expected exorcism movie...

Author: dwpollar from Evansville, Indiana USA
28 May 2007

1st watched 5/27/2007 - 6 out of 10(Dir-Ethan Wiley): Better than expected exorcism movie based on an actual event. In this movie, the demon doesn't just stay in the one body but tries to influence the entire ranch in an area called Blackwater Valley. The possessed girl named Isabella begins the movie being found in the woods devouring a live rabbit. Her response as to why it happens is a meek "he made her do it"(referring, of course, to the demon inside her). Initially the family doesn't know what's happening to her and wants to deny anything supernatural but their little girl is rapidly becoming something other than the person they know. Throughout the movie, little bits and pieces of the family's mixed-up life is revealed which is definitely unique for this type of movie. It's obvious that the demon wants to possess more than just the girl but also ruin the entire family and does this by revealing different episodes in their soap opera life to make them feel guilty about their past. The priest brought in to perform the exorcism is far from being an outside observer. He is a former lover of one of the daughters and has obviously been involved in the family's affairs for awhile. This gives the demon more fuel for it's fire(so to speak), but also gives the priest a greater reason to cure the girl. The ending of the movie was pretty disappointing, but the rest of the movie was actually a refreshing spin on this type of movie where the demon starts getting into everyone's heads -- making them do things that they wouldn't normally do. I also like the fact that they kind of showed you how the Catholics actually do the exorcisms and didn't skimp on the specifics. They also didn't throw in a lot of extra over-the-top gore or silliness that would make the story unbelievable. This movie was obviously made with less of a budget than other movies of this kind but they handled the story very well and made this actual event appear somewhat possible -- for this I commend the filmmakers and deem this a worthwhile movie.

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Worst. Ever.

Author: Shelby McCue (dont-forget-the-violence) from United States
7 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was probably one of the worst movies I've seen in a very long time. A friend of mine grabbed it off the shelf at the video rental store, and all but forced me to watch it, an action we both deeply regret. Ehh... Where to start? The writing, the acting, the quality? All of it, sucked.

Quite possibly some of the worst writing ever displayed in a movie. The dialog was worse than I thought it could ever be in the movies. Blatant dialog, such as "how ya doing?"..."not that great, doc" (directly after an attempted exorcism of a man's daughter and then his wife's attempted suicide. Of course he's not that great.) was, at some points, kind of funny. If not horribly written, planned out, and obvious. The general plot of the movie, the writing and the way it worked, HORRIBLE. It was like the writers could come up with nothing better to do then write a bunch of crappy dialog and throw in as many sex and nudity scenes as they randomly could. The only almost good sex scene (between the preacher and the tattooed & Peirced girl) was filmed with such poor quality that it looked more like a cheap porno than a feature film. Oh yeah, and they never actually got the deed done.

The acting? Horrible. x100. I think the only good actor was the short Spanish guy who played Miguel, Del Zamora. And his part was written horribly. The worst acting? Arguably Paul Kappellas, whose acting combined with shitty music, a gun, and a half naked bluish white girl running around in the woods made the movie almost unbearable to sit through. He even screwed up his own death scene, one that should have been easy to nail. Although, most everybody else's acting was horrible as well.

The lack of characters also added to the overall suck level of the movie. There were just enough characters so that almost half of the characters died, that same amount of people became possessed at one point, and then the remaining characters couldn't be counted on one hand. Like... 50 thumbs down.

P.S. What IS it with the climax of exorcism movies happening in a stable, anyways?

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1 part exorcist 20 parts crap

Author: alkholic40oz from United States
3 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, I normally don't add comments on movies, but I finally watched a movie that was so utterly full of bullsh*t and riddled with incompetence that I just had to warn people about. Blackwater Valley Exorcist is loosely about a wife-beating/pederast/priest and this podunk family of horse freaks, and to make a long story short the youngest daughter who was molested by the priest but in love with the hillbilly ranch hand gets possessed. Along with a heroic god shunning Mexican gardener who once participated in a exorcism, the wife-beating/ pederast/priest manage to save the day, but not before the possessing demon is able to jump over to a hooker who the town sheriff made blow him. All in all this movie is the biggest pile of useless (I could get very descriptive with this part but why waste my energy on this movie)sh*t I've ever seen. Any and all persons associated with the making of this movie should be sterilized so that they cannot pollute the earth with their useless spawn.

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I had fun with it!

Author: Blondmyk from United States
24 October 2006

I've seen a LOT of movies about exorcism, witchcraft, voodoo, you know--general occult stuff--in my lifetime, and I have to say that while this movie really wasn't any academy award winner, it wasn't the worst film of this genre that I've ever seen in my life. In fact, it was one of the better ones. Yes, there were a few laughable points, a few really cheesy moments, and a few bad dialog moments when you just wanted to scream. You HAVE to expect that when you watch B grade horror.

I personally thought that Kristin Erickson did an excellent job playing the demonic character. It's not easy to do such a job convincingly, as so many before her have tried to do unsuccessfully. I have to give her serious kudos for her performance.

This is one of those perfect "date night" type films...the kind you don't really watch because you're busy doing something else. Still, if this is in the player and it turns out to be a bad date, it won't be a TOTAL waste of time...

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The worst movie on Exorcism, a complete disappointment!!!!

Author: mmboy from Argentina
13 December 2006

The movie started very far Isabelle's exorcism could be believed....but later, gosh!!! I didn't know if it was a horror movie, a drama one or a Must Not See one! The possessed creature attacking the sheriff had no connection at all with the movie....the make up!! well it looked pretty real at beginning, but at the end, last part of movie, the make up (especially teeth and eyes) was very exaggerated. If you want a good "EXorcism" movie watch "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".

Together with "Hard Candy" (Totally boring, pathetic plot and ending), these two movies are the worst I've seen from Lionsgate!! But well the movie company has given horror movie fans excellent films, but with this one, you will wish you never rent it!! Exorcism movie fans, just stay with two "The Exorcist" and "Emily Rose's Exorcism"

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* *1/2 out of 4

Author: Bleeding-Skull from Review Land
21 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Called in by the Church, Priest Jacob, (Cameron Daddo) is offered a job in the Vatican and asks to think about it. When local rancher Ely, (Randy Colton) and his wife Blanche, (Leslie Fleming-Mitchell) begin noticing weird events around their daughter Isabelle, (Kristin Erickson) they are at a loss to explain them. Even the help of Sheriff Jimmy, (Jeffrey Combs) doesn't help them solve the mystery, and are at a loss as to what to do. Calling in Jacob, he quickly determines that there daughter has become possessed by a demonic spirit and is forcing her to commit all the displays present. Attempting to perform the exorcism, the demon begins to get them distracted so it can carry out it's plans. Re-gathering themselves, they make another attempt to perform the exorcism and save all those who had been affected by the situation.

While only having a few mild flaws, this one still has enough about it to worthy checking it out. It's got a few things about it that will make fans of the genre to have a good time with it, while those that don't particularly enjoy this kind of film won't find a lot about it here to change their mind.

Rated R for Violence, Nudity, Mild Sexual Situations and Profanity.

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A Very Funny Movie

Author: yurshta from United States
19 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frankly, I always find Exorcism movies---and I've seen 'em all---to be extremely funny, in a kind of Dumb and Dumberer kind of way.

Faith seems to be on the decline these days, while Nihilism is becoming rather ubiquitous. Therefore, it rather behooves the men of faith-- especially with the declining membership of the Roman Catholic church (and that despite the prohibition of birth control to help keep the churches occupied)--to promote tales that would inspire faith.

This movie was amusing to say the least. Everybody except the poor lassie in question is messed up big time. The handsome young priest finds it hard to keep his hands off the ladies, the assistant is a Latino priest whose lost his faith in God, the mother is sleeping around, the father molested her as a child, get the picture.

Well, this movie has increased my faith. My faith in the powers of evil, mainly because the so called "God Squad" is made up of complete morons. How could the Devil fail to gain a decisive victory? And meanwhile God is up there sitting on his big butt smiling, or maybe he's as amused with this type of sordid scenario as I am. Frankly, If I had to have one of the characters in this film as my neighbor, I'd take the chick with the Devil, Proctologisto or whatever his name was.

Fun movie! Take your date to it! However, not quite as preposterous as the Exorcism of Emily Rose, which wins all hands down, for pure stupidity. However, movies like these beat another episode of Married With Children or another idiotic reality TV show.

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