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Thorough Documentary
First_Epistle_of_John20 January 2006
This documentary is a great digest for the film Field of Dreams, having as much heart as the feature film it discusses. In depth analysis from Costner, Jones, Madigan,Horner and Robinson among others tell us the rich story behind the story. This is a feature length documentary which covers everything from the initial writing process of the original novel, the field location and the release of the film. With humor and heart, and intelligent discussion and great behind the scenes storytelling, you will not be waiting for this one to end, like we may do with lesser 'making of' featurettes. This one does not have flash editing - flipping between snippets of interviews and showing scenes from the film. Rather, it is a well edited, well paced and chaptered feature style documentary. Great stuff. Nothing but a great addition to any Field of Dreams fan's library.
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