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In short, a soft-core masterpiece....A-

Author: Smooth B from Somewhere In Illinois
18 January 2001

Yes, this series is a blatant rip-off of the X-Files with a little bit of MIB thrown in, but it makes for some interesting viewing!

Here's the basics:

A mysterious plant has fallen to earth and the white powder it spits out causes whomever it lands on to become....well, sexually attractive to those around him or her. In short, it's the ultimate aphrodesiac.

Kira Reed reprises her role as Agent Forrest from the first movie. Michelle Hall (yep, that Michelle Hall) and Griffin Drew (yup, she's still around) have a three way with a short-order cook early in the flick. Also look for my new favorite actress, Amber Newman, in a minor role. She has it out with another woman in a great girl-girl scene. That red-haired vixen, Regina Russell, also makes an appearance as a doctor who just happens to be studying the plant when it spits a little of the powder on her know where it goes from there. A great sex scene toward the end with four seperate sexual acts going on in different places is the highlight of the movie.

In some ways, Alien Erotica 2 is better than the first movie. There's more emphasis on the "erotica" part and less extra-terrestrial stuff going on.

Go see this right now!! This is one of the best soft-core movies I've seen in a long time.

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Not even close to the first

Author: Gislef from Iowa City, IA
3 November 2000

Although a sequel to The Alien Files/The Sex Files/whatever (due to continuing character Agent Forest played by Kira Reed), this movie lacks any of the humor and self-parody elements the first one had. Instead we get crude jokes like characters named "Private Parts". Ho-ho. There's also use of footage from other soft-porn movies. Kira Reed isn't bad in the psuedo-Scully role, and actually demonstrates some ability to be a credible actress. Maybe she'll be the next Shannon Tweed. Otherwise forgettable.

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Less alien, More erotica.

Author: Matt..377 from United States
17 October 2000

The second ALIEN EROTICA film involves an extraterrestrial plant whose seeds and fungus give off a strong aphrodisiac, with the ability to mesmerize anyone and everyone coming into contact with it. Among the "victims" for the viewers' pleasure this time are two lesbians, one played by the luscious Amber Newman.

More sex and less plot than before, does not involve actual alien beings this time, just the plant.

Catch it on Cinemax if you can.

* out of **** plot-wise, ***1/2 out of **** sex-wise.

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Author: bazdol from THE MIDWEST
5 February 2001

Although not as good as "Alien Files," I thought this was an excellent sequel. Kira Reed is her usual energetic self and her sex romps are always a pleasure to watch. This one also has Kim Dawson in it, another superstar of soft core. I always enjoy the intriguing Mia in a film and hope to see more of her. I first ran across her in "Sexual Matrix" where she played the inquisitive lab assistant Stacy Lovejoy.

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A Wasted Cast

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
10 January 2005

With a title like THE SEX FILES: ALIEN EROTICA 2 you know what you're going to get , some soft core simulated sex done up as a spoof as THE X-FILES which in this case involves an alien fungas spilling its spores which turns women into uncontrollable sex machines who feel the urge to tear off all their clothes and make out with the nearest guy . Gillian Anderson doesn't appear in it of course but any disappointment about that will soon evaporate when you see the jaw dropping cast list : Kira Reed , Regina Russell , Michelle Hall , Amber Newman , Mia Zottoli , Gabriella Hall and Gina Ryder . If they'd got Brandy Davis that would have meant this movie had every single soft core sex goddess in the business appearing in the same movie , an absolutely amazing feat . However the cast are simply wasted since the sex scenes lack any sparks , once again we're treated to simulated love scenes that look far far too simulated and feature no cries of ecatasy on the soundtrack and these bitterly disappointing scenes are let down even more by some really choppy editing

If cast lists are anything to by THE SEX FILES: ALIEN EROTICA 2 is just about the most disappointing film I've seen in any genre

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Amusing stiff role reversal parody of the X-Files

Author: xploringsaber ( from Fort Lauderdale, United States
15 August 2004

This film is closer to porn than soft-core erotica; with exception of no hardcore sex. What were they thinking making a hybrid of hardcore and erotica? Each has their own target audience. You need more plot development for a soft-core movie. "As agent Mulder might say, you are only limited by your imagination." To bad there was not much imagination in this creation.

There is an opportunity here to use that imagination. First of all, you need to rewrite the role of the Agents. You need contrasting Agents with polar opposite thoughts. A little double endre banter between them, create a little sexual tension between Agent Forrest and her partner could only enliven the movie's script. If nothing else, at least it would be entertaining to the most important part of your movie. Your target audience; soft-core erotica.

Some dead pan comedic timing could only help. This movie had much potential in the soft-core erotica genre than delivered. I still however thought it was very amusing, yet stiff, and incomplete body of work.

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Wow Regina!!

Author: Jim Inatti from Brooklyn Italian living in Florida
12 August 2004

You know i really love that redhead goddess named Regina Russell, i like redheads but this one is something great, in her eyes you can see she is a passionate woman, she is nice and wild, a tigress like i like to call her. And like in many others Regina's film i only can remember Regina's performance, here we can see her as a doctor that under the influence of an extraterrestrial dust she begins to get hot, an inmediatelly have a sex scene with the doctor she has to her side, that was not the best Regina's performance but still good.

So that's what i sat these films are made just to see nude girls, and her we got Regina, a queen of soft porno not in her best performance but is OK.

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Author: Emphinix from New York City
18 September 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is totally awesome to watch. It's really cool and the best porn movie ever DUDE!

*Warning Possible Spoiler*

The best part of this movie is when Pepe is jogging at the beach he sees a sexy woman jogging. WOW SHE WAS FINE!!!!!! And then he puts the dust on and the girl goes running after him and that is the best part you'll ever see, you never forget really!!

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What a monstrosity!

Author: Conan-31 from Chicago
27 October 2000

All I can say is this is horrible! HORRIBLE! The acting was terrible, the direction was non-existent, the sets where cheesy, the girls were not good looking at all, and the script (or what passed as one) was written at a 3rd grade level. Other then that, it was alright

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