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Chickens Without Underwear

Author: Bucs1960 from West Virginia
18 February 2003

"Your weapons have no effect on me" but this movie does. Want to laugh until you fall over? This is the one that tops the charts for the worst Japanese film of all times. The story appears to be that 7, or maybe 8, chickens try to take over the earth, or Japan, or something and a shoe-shine boy, who is really the Prince of Space, points a butane grill lighter at them and jumps around with a sinus mask over his face. The Phantom of Krankor, the head chicken (or is that rooster?), forgot his underwear much to our dismay (or delight),has drooping football pads under his tights, and laughs demonically every five minutes. His flock keep shooting at the Prince with their stick weapons, ignoring his statement that the "weapons have no effect on me". Maybe they should have just hit him over the head. To add to the confusions, small Japanese boys run around giving orders, having access to restricted government property and speaking with a variety of American accents. Somewhere along the line, a giant Pillsbury Dough Boy appears, guarding the planet Krankor, and is easily dispatched by the Prince. So much for giant guardians. The wimpy scientists, meeting in a room the size of the Metropolitan Opera, run the gamut of emotions from cowardice to boredom, which is probably what you will do as you watch this film. It all works out, I guess and the world is safe from Krankor and his flock of invading Rhode Island Reds. I wonder if the Prince went back to his shoe shine job?

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Prince of So-Bad-They're-Good Movies

Author: divaclv
14 March 2003

Thoughts and comments on "Prince of Space":

~This movie tends to put me in mind of the "Sailor Moon" series. Both feature heros in silly costumes fighting villians in even sillier costumes, cheesy dialogue, half-baked schemes for world domination, and some very unconvincing secret identities. The difference is that "Sailor Moon" a) is in easier to take half-hour instalments, b) has better dubbing and c) has the additional attraction of pondering just how the heroine gets her hair to do that pom-pom thing. All we can ponder in "Prince of Space" is the aliens' lack of dance belt technology, the less said of which the better.

~Regarding those aliens, the beak-nosed men of the planet Krankor. A scientist-type fellow tells us they've come to Earth because they want a new rocket fuel he (the scientist) has developed. A reporter points out, rather logically, that the Krankorites (Krankorians? Krankish?) have already developed deep-space travel; why do they need our technology? The scientist helpfully explains that the Krankian fuel industry is well behind our own. How they manage space travel at all with second-rate fuel is anyone's guess.

~Then again, the Krankor mothership makes about four round trips to Earth in the course of the film. Maybe if they conserved gas, they wouldn't need our help.

~Both the Prince of Space (our, he-hem, "hero") and Phantom of Krankor (the leader of the aliens) seem to be wearing one of those vinyl capes you can get at Wal-Mart for five bucks. Both men also seem to be competing for the title of the World's Dumbest Laugh. Krankor's "Penguin from the old Batman series with asthma" imitation probably wins, but PoS's "I'm saying 'ha, ha, ha!' because that's exactly what's written in the script" is a noble effort.

~Speaking of voices, someone in the dubbing studio wasn't paying attention to pronunciation. The main scientist's name is pronounced at various times Makken, Macon, Marken, and Mackie.

~Much has been made of PoS' constant reminders to the Krankies that their weapons won't work against him. What gets me, though, is the point at which the Prince declares, "Your weapons are useless, let's try bare hands now!" Since the Kranks are perfectly happy firing their ineffective weapons, why challenge them to a fistfight? Not that it matters, as their melee skills are just as bad as their range weaponry.

~One of the kidnapped scientists bears a remarkable resemblance to Arthur Sullivan, except in one scene where the spirit gum has clearly worn off on one of his sideburns.

I realize that I have now, of course, put far more thought into "Prince of Space" than anybody in the cast or crew ever did. I know; it worries me too.

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Man. So horrible, it's worth the watch.

Author: DJEDI296-1 from United States
27 July 2005

I saw this on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I've never laughed so hard in my life, and that's no exaggeration. This is 110% cheese, at it's very best. The overdubbing of English voices is hilarious. Everything about this movie is ridiculous, from the cheesy makeup, to the cheesy laughs, to the same lines used over....and over....and over. And I thought my eardrums were going to bleed after hearing that horrible 'spaceship' sound effect used nearly 1000 times throughout the film. This movie is so bad, it's hilarious. I was able to catch this on MST3K, and they do a wonderful job of just ripping it a new one. The children in this movie are robotic. Horribly amusing. Or maybe just amusingly horrible. You be the judge.

Give it a watch.

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Short pants make bad heroes

Author: SyxxNet from United States
11 January 2001 we have a japanese space epic set in the wonderful Japanese town of Beaver Falls.....BEAVER FALLS?

This is one of my favorite bad never fails to crack me up when we watch the MST3K version, although I could probably sit through it without the MST gang and still have fun doing the MST jokes myself.

I've seen least I can sit through this one...there are several movies I don't think I could stomach again, even on MST3K...most notably the horrible Red Zone Cuba and the equally absymal Future War...

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This movie? I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!

Author: Big_Mike549 from New Jersey
22 June 2003

Let us see...None of the aliens seem to be wearing any underwear. All Prince of Space does is say how none of Krankor's weapons work on him, and all Krankor does is laugh. HA HA HA HA HA. And then we have those three kids with dubbed annoyingly. Well, not so annoying because I laughed my face off when this film or whatever you want to call it was featured on MST3K. It would be relitevly unknown if it wasn't for Mikey and the Bots.

But really, is this a film? Is it entertainment? Hell yeah! But I'm not sure if it is a film. Acctually, I heard it was two episodes from a Japanese show that was cancelled to low ratings or something, and later edited into a movie for America. Who knows?

I'm confused if I should give this movie a 10 or a 1. The MST3K version deserves a 10 but on its own this "movie" deserves crap. But I gave it a 10 since I'm such a nice guy.

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If a 10 year old boy drank 10 Jolt colas and fell asleep while reading Dr. Suess...

Author: lemon_magic from Wavy Wheat, Nebraska
13 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

...the results would still make more sense than "Prince Of Space".

Let me see if I can summarize the events in this film:

POS:"Your weapons have NO effect on me!!!" Krankor: "Kill him!! Fire!!!" Later: POS: "No, seriously, your weapons have NO effect on me!!!" Krankor: "FIRE! Kill him!!!" Later yet: POS: "Aren't you listening? YOUR WEAPONS HAVE NO EFFECT OF ME!!!" Krankor: "Destroy him! Fire!!" Even Later Yet: POS: "Are you COMPLETELY BRAIN DEAD? YOUR WEAPONS W-O-N-T W-O-R-K!!!!!" Krankor: "Ya SCUM! Kill him! Fire!!!" (Lather- Rinse - Repeat....)

All right, I realize, right up front, that POS was obviously some kind of television serial thing intended for Japanese children.Someone must have taken 3 or 4 episodes of the show and then edited them down into something resembling a 'movie'. And I am reasonably sure that in the original format and in the original Japanese, this stuff may have been juvenile and cheesy, but also harmless fun. So I maintain that we can't completely blame Japan for the finished product that appeared on our shores. But still.

This is one of the worst dubbing/translation jobs in the history of cinema. I kid you not - the only one I can recall that even compares is one of the later "Gamera" films where the dubbing actors obviously didn't understand English and read the whole script phonetically. It's just astoundingly bad - you couldn't get worse lines and readings if you'd hired a dozen MOnty Python style "Gumby" characters for your voice talent.

And even for a juvenile television serial, every production choice, will have you dropping your jaw in befuddlement. The producers wanted the villains to not be intimidate or scare their young audience, so they chose to make them 'chicken men' dressed in white leotards, with long spirit-gum noses, knee goiters, etc. And then, because they secretly hate children and wanted to scar them emotionally , they had Krankor, the chief bad guy, run around in a body stocking with his 'landing gear' swinging free and easy. I'm almost fifty years old, and I can't tell you how upsetting this is.

And the whole film is like this. The Krankor warship is a roast turkey with decals. The Prince-Of-Space cruiser is a Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer with pipe cleaners. The Guardian looks like a WWE reject whose nose-and-ear hair got out of control. The Prince looks like a rejected extra in a Ken Russell film about Zorro. It's all just dopey and goofy beyond comprehension.

If you have any tolerance for silly, stupid, cinema, this movie will make you laugh until you pass out.

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Prince of space...or the real starman series...I'm confused!

Author: DerrickLech from Down East
5 March 2003

Prince of space is a pretty crappy movie, but it isn't the so called "Starman" series. The Starman series, which has been released in two volumes from Something Weird video, features a tights-wearing japanese man running around laughing and beating people up as they fire guns, which they know can't kill him, for he's made of steel. Shintoho, a company that was an off shoot of the great Toho production company created these films which range from bad to so horrible that you want to spray mace in your eyes so you can't see the screen. Walter Manly, the man responsible for delivering these messes to America made it worse by cutting them down from serials and turning them into 75 minute films about salamanders and monsters, and emerald planets... I really couldn't follow the plot I was to busy throwing up... anyway, their are some really classic moments in the films, weird, American serial influenced fights against hordes of creatures or even space facists, and mutants dressed in costumes you'd think were made by the producer's mother for $15.00. There are four films made for American release (even though there were nine films from Japan, three of them were turned into "The Evil Brain From Outer Space" which, sadly, is one of the better ones. My favorite of them all is "Invaders from Space, which has some nifty acrobatics and isn't as boring as some of the others. Prince of Space does suck, but then again so does Starman... if you've got nerdy friends and you're either drunk and/or high and your looking for a giggle, check them out.

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Crank whore?

Author: Diana from United States
20 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(spoilers) "he has no powers, but he can skip reasonably well!" The hero of this crappy Japanese film is one of the most effeminate that I have ever seen. He skips, he prances, he laughs in a high, girlish voice; he wears a skin tight white leotard as part of his superhero costume, and what looks like the top half of an Arab woman's head dress. His evil nemesis, 'the Phantom of Krankor', wears gauzy ruffles and appears at all times to be trying to pick up a Dodgers game on the antennae in his helmet. The costumes in this movie are just amazingly bad. The 'knee goiters' all the bad guys sport, the fact that none of them appear to be wearing underwear, and the glittery numbers sewn onto the henchmen's chest(why Z1-7? Are they prototypes of some kind?) combine to make up what has to be the worst costuming efforts ever shown on screen. The space ships are really bad, too-from Krankor's TurkeyMobile to the Prince of Space's electric flying shaver, these are the least convincing models ever. The plot of this movie is almost incomprehensible, since someone who has achieved space flight most definitely wouldn't need to steal a human scientist's recipe for rocket fuel. The kids in the movie are really annoying little creeps, who you sincerely wish that Phantom had wiped out any of the times that he held them hostage. And the most annoying bit of all-the endless repetitions by the Prince of Space to Phantom and his henchmen about how their weapons won't work against him-to which they listen not at all. They continue to fire at him long after it would be obvious to the most brain dead moron in the world that it's a useless activity. If Phantom had stopped laughing for even five seconds, he might have figured that out and had his men sneak up on the Prince and stab him to death instead.

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Evil Plotters from outer space are stupid

Author: huemannus from United States
13 January 2008

Title:Prince of Space Category:Japanese Schlock sci-fi Schlock Rating: 9.5 Overall Production: 4.5 Actors: Japanese Date produced:1959

Its no secret little Japanese boys with 10X telescopes are the best astronomers and outer space watch dogs. When the haw, haw, haw, hawwwww evil plotter, The Phantom, with the chicken beak nose, bristly eyebrows and mustache, wiggling chin pouch and jock-less pants shows up in a weedy field outside Tokyo in his "rotating augur" space ship, our intrepid junior space watchers have no trouble beating the clueless "old fart" authorities to the spot.

Soon the Earth (Japan ) finds itself in danger of conquest by Krankor, that well-known evil planet from somewhere out there in space. After a few quick zings from the Phantom's rotating glass eye ray gun let's the crowd know he ain't fooling around, another mysterious fire and smoke emitting "reversed wheel barrow" space ship shows up.

Enter Krankor's nemesis, the self-proclaimed Prince of Space wearing mask and spiffy satin cape. The strangely charitable but invulnerable Prince laughs at the Phantom's relentless and totally ineffectual ray gun zingers and blithely flies through the release of caustic vapors on his way to thwarting the evil one's stupid plans to steal secret rocket fuel plans and conquer earth.

Breathe easy Earth. Gout-kneed inept henchmen, X-radars in 54 Chevy station wagons, flaky pie dough bumbling giants, thorium bombs; nothing stops the mild-mannered, secretly disguised Prince from saving the day.

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Putrid Kiddie Fodder

Author: Dennis K. Fischer from Los Angeles, CA
14 August 2001

Aimed strictly at the kiddie matinee crowd, this film features beak-nosed evil aliens who travel in a spaceship spaced like a trussed up turkey or chicken, while the hero never tires of endlessly proclaiming that the evil aliens' weapons cannot harm him (and indeed they don't, though that doesn't stop the bad guys from repeatedly attempting it again and again). The film also features one of the most pathetic giant monsters of any Japanese film, a hefty Japanese man in a sloppily put together mask, who guards the evil invaders' home planet. Instantly forgettable, but prime MST3K fodder.

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