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Meme: Train Cancels on Boy Scouts, Is Omar Sy Set To Play Northstar, and How Horny Is Aaron Carter?

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I haven't given much thought to Aaron Carter in years, even when he tweets pictures of his enviable abs. But recently, his fans picked up on the fact that he's a horny young man, and made #AaronCarterHornyLevel a trending topic. Buzzfeed sat down with Aaron to discuss just how horny he was (varies between a 7 and 20 on a scale of 1-10), and what makes him horny. Big boobs and Demi Lovato seem to figure prominently. "So I don't know, I do love to get nasty at night."

Romania's International Women's Day honors women and their contribution to society, much like Mother's Day in the United States. Except they celebrate it with lap dances from male strippers. Beats the boring dinners we did when I was a kid.

Some Little Monsters are petitioning GLAAD to remove Madonna as a presenter at their awards show,
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