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Season 2

8 Feb. 2013
Event Horizon
Not knowing what life holds for them once they reach Los Angeles, Martin and Jake, on the run from the authorities, immediately meet Lucy Robbins, Amelia's mother, upon their arrival. Lucy has been looking for her daughter now for three years, and is encouraged by her meeting with Martin. However, their relationship may not be totally harmonious as Lucy will do anything to track down Amelia, who Martin tells Lucy he knows is alive, while Martin is cognizant that they cannot bring too much public attention to themselves as Aster Corps will also do anything to hide ...
8 Feb. 2013
Calvin Norburg's public diatribe against Aster Corps results in two significant events. One, wealthy venture capitalist Vikash Nayar, an investor in Aster Corps, decides to pull his money from the corporation and invest directly in the work Calvin is doing. And two, Martin and Lucy become aware of the importance of Calvin in finding Amelia. As it is near impossible to get close to Calvin due to this publicity, Martin and Trevor believe the best way to gain access to Calvin is through Vikash. Although Martin does manage to gain access to Vikash, he finds that he must ...
15 Feb. 2013
Enemy of My Enemy
Martin figures that assuming a cover as a reporter under the name Martin Bishop is the best way to get information about Amelia while eluding the authorities. Trevor helps him in this regard by offering him a real job as a reporter at Breakwire. Calvin Norburg, in hiding, eventually does summon Martin to discuss the activities of Aster Corps, Martin not knowing that Calvin now has Amelia. They devise a plan for Martin to get into the Aster Corps offices to retrieve Calvin's work by using the pass key of who Calvin sees as the one other disillusioned Aster Corps ...
22 Feb. 2013
Perfect Storm
Calvin hands the Aster Corps access card over to Martin, who is tasked with retrieving all Calvin's computer files from Aster Corps. Calvin warns Martin to avoid his old partner, Tony Rigby, as Tony, who did not appreciate Calvin's public departure, would exact some form of retribution if he found that Martin was there helping Calvin. Once at Aster Corps, Martin makes a last minute decision to take a different tack--to not only get Calvin's files, but, also, any files related to Amelia. Lucy pieces together the seemingly random murders, similar to Claudia Corliss', ...
1 Mar. 2013
Eye to Eye
Unknown to anyone else besides the two and despite not yet having even met, both Jake and Amelia make a mental connection to each other, and through their internal communication work toward meeting each other. As they manage to escape - at least in Amelia's case - they arrange for a rendezvous. However, Martin tries to find Jake, while Kase and Frances search for Amelia. In the process, Martin and Lucy become aware that they are being followed by someone, who they don't yet know is associated with Calvin, while Martin and Lucy learn why Calvin and Frances are so ...
8 Mar. 2013
Off-screen, Jake reflects on radio waves. Later he turns radios to a frequency that delivers static. Desperation sends Lucy on a solo expedition to find Calvin; once she does, he offers a bargain. Amelia confronts Calvin's mother, while Martin searches for Lucy, with increasing anger. In a California wilderness, a killer importunes Heaven then happens upon a wounded man who tried suicide. On a drive, the radio signal gets clearer.
15 Mar. 2013
There is torrential rainstorm passing over Los Angeles. It coincides with the arrival of Dutch, an old Special Forces friend of Martin and Trevor's who Martin has called to the Breakwire offices to help in both protecting Jake from all those trying to track him down, as well as finding Amelia. Despite Lucy's intention to leave that evening as she feels she can both better help protect Jake and Martin and find Amelia on her own, Jake orchestrates Lucy's arrival at Breakwire, where Trevor is holding a small party to welcome back Dutch. The storm causes all the party ...
22 Mar. 2013
Following the Ortiz incident at Breakwire, Martin, Jake and Lucy either have to go on the run or go into hiding because of the detailed information that was inadvertently provided to the authorities. Through the latest number provided by Jake, they run into Calvin, who they ambush. Calvin is willing to help them as he knows that Aster Corps, most specifically his former partner Tony Rigby, was behind his mother's murder and Amelia's latest abduction probably with Kase's help. Calvin doesn't know where Amelia is beyond probably being at one of Aster Corps' many ...
29 Mar. 2013
Off-screen, Jake considers Einstein's notion that time doesn't exist. Jake hands Martin a photograph of the first patient at Dr. Teller's institute, Philip Green. Avram arrives from New York to help: he stays with Jake, who's reassembling the wheels from a clock, while Martin looks for Green. He's being executed that night for a triple murder. Martin, believing Green may be innocent, convinces his attorney to let him meet with Green, who's been silent since his arrest more than ten years before. That meeting sends Martin to Green's estranged daughter, who may hold the...
5 Apr. 2013
Two of a Kind
Martin is despondent over the news from Trevor that Lucy was found dead. However, he assumes that since there was no second body found that Amelia is still alive. But Jake, using the cipher and who utters his first few words ever to Martin, sends Martin on another important task: find and stop Guillermo Ortiz. As Martin and Trevor use the extended number that Jake provides to try and find Ortiz, Jake, with Avram in tow, is off on his own mission. Reconnecting with Amelia, the three are off to the airport to track down an incoming shipment from London and its ...
26 Apr. 2013
Because of a break-in at the house which Martin is certain was by Aster Corps thugs out to kill him so that they could abscond with Amelia and Jake, Martin, Jake and Amelia take refuge at Avram's apartment. Martin believes the fact that Detective Lang investigated both the incident at Breakwire and Guillermo Ortiz's death is a sign that he is meant to tell the detective the truth about himself, Amelia and Aster Corps. Before he takes Amelia to the police station to speak to Detective Lang, Martin gives Avram explicit instructions not to leave the apartment until they ...
3 May 2013
Fight or Flight
Martin finds out that Avram has not been returning his calls because he was seen to be abducted, although the news never made it to the police. Going back to where Avram was last seen, Martin runs into Dr. McCormick. Martin learns from an indirect source that Dr. McCormick is involved in a sleep study being conducted on some of the thirty-six, who believe they are being treated solely for a rare case of insomnia. Martin believes that obtaining Dr. McCormick's journal and infiltrating the so-called "sleep" clinic are keys to finding some answers, including Avram's ...
10 May 2013
Avram learns who abducted him and its connection to the work he was originally sent to do with Arthur Teller. Meanwhile, Martin, with a concussion, awakens in a hospital ER, learning that he was involved in a hit and run car accident, and that Jake and Amelia are nowhere to be found. He rightly surmises that the accident was orchestrated by Aster Corps, who now have Jake and Amelia. What he doesn't know is that Farington has them hidden on a cargo ship called Leviathan at Pier 17. She and Linus want to induce Jake and Amelia into a coma to accelerate the process of ...

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