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25 Jan. 2012
For the third time in three weeks, Jake has run away from school and climbed atop a cell phone tower, breaking the tower's security alarms at precisely 3:18 in the afternoon each time. For Child and Family Services, they, who have previously diagnosed Jake as autistic, see Jake's behavior as Martin not being able to handle Jake on his own, they who send Clea Hopkins to investigate. To perform a proper assessment, she removes Jake from the home and places him in an institution for two weeks where she can monitor him. Martin not only finds that move contemptible, but ...
22 Mar. 2012
Despite she witnessing Jake's possible communication through numbers and despite Jake having run away to home, Clea is still convinced that Jake is better off under Child and Family Services care. Before Clea whisks Jake away, Jake gives his father what Martin believes is a local telephone number. That number does lead Martin to a pawn shop owned and operated by Arnie Klepper. After visiting the shop, Martin believes that part of his purpose was to prevent the armed robbery that occurred while he was in the shop. Arnie is however ungrateful for Martin's appearance as ...
29 Mar. 2012
Safety in Numbers
Jake is still in the custody of Child and Family Services. Despite Martin knowing that Jake is now communicating with him via numbers, Martin is still concerned that the review will find him an unfit parent as he chases these numbers. He gets some help from Arthur in this matter. Martin is also concerned about the news that Jake feels pain until the issue with each of these numbers is resolved. Regardless, Jake is able to provide Martin with another number, this one scribbled on a piece of paper with the picture of a dragon. At an accident scene where a woman is hit ...
5 Apr. 2012
Kite Strings
Jake's voice-over reflects on the human love of communication. Martin and Jake visit a cemetery. A man is at the grave of Martin's wife; he leaves before Martin can learn why he's there. In Iraq, a teen wants to show off his comedy chops; a female soldier is in a firefight and tries to rescue a wounded colleague. A lotto winner who hasn't cashed his ticket looks for redemption and chances on a young minister who delivers disorganized sermons in a church in disrepair. At 9:50 in the morning, Jake lets go of a kite, and he and his father follow it. The kite, the ...
12 Apr. 2012
The authorities will be doing their evaluation of Jake and Martin to see if Jake should remain under state care or be returned home. Both Martin and Clea are hopeful that Jake will be able to go home as Jake's behavior is much more "normal" when his father is around. A potential obstacle is the yet unopened package sent to Martin via the facility from Abigail Kelsey, Martin's sister-in-law who once tried to get custody of Jake following Sarah's death. Martin is suspicious if only because he did not tell Abigail about Jake being taken away or about the evaluation. On ...
19 Apr. 2012
Lost & Found
Martin provides Teller with all the leftover numbers that Jake has thus far provided him, these numbers with the exception of the last three missing from Jake's list matching Teller's own list which he calls "the Amelia sequence", named after one of his former patients who he is trying to find. Teller knows that his sequence of numbers is still incomplete and wants Jake's help to complete the sequence in order to find Amelia. Martin is reluctant to let Teller speak to Jake at this time if only to stay under the radar of the authorities who want to find any reason to ...
26 Apr. 2012
Noosphere Rising
Following Arthur's death, Martin and Clea review the surveillance tape of his visit with Jake. They notice some missing footage from the tape. But what they do notice on what remains of the footage takes them to the fact that Arthur gave something to Jake - a key - with the numbers 1188, which Martin surmises are the next numbers in Amelia's sequence. Martin goes on a quest to find what that key unlocks, which he believes will lead him to the dearth of Arthur's research. Although she is initially reluctant to help, Arthur's daughter Maggie provides information which ...
3 May 2012
Zone of Exclusion
Most of the people at the facility are going on an outing to the museum. Clea warns Martin that Sheri will be watching them closely for the upcoming evaluation. This day, Jake is continually playing cat's cradle by himself, always stopping at the triangular figure. Clea notices that the symbol matches the logo of Abilgail Kelsey's company, Aster Corps. At the live video link section of the museum, the link currently to the feed outside of the Louvre in Paris, Jake makes a connection with a young woman through the video link. That woman, named Veronique, notices ...
10 May 2012
Music of the Spheres
Jake's voice-over reflects on the music of the spheres. Jake leads his father to a 13-year-old from the Bronx intent on robbing a violinist. In Brazil, a street musician who dreams of moving to New York City expresses his love for a café owner - she's nearly broke and the café is all she has of her family. Clea, then Martin and Jake, meet a diamond dealer who says that Arthur was his best friend. Jake uses his tablet computer to show an accident victim how to communicate. Martin comes to a new accommodation of Jake's silence, and Jake reminds us where the music of the...
17 May 2012
For Jake's sake in more ways than one, Martin extends an olive branch to his sister-in-law Abigail, which she seems to accept. However, Abigail's support may not be enough in getting Jake back as Martin follows the next set of numbers provided to him by Jake in Amelia's sequence. Jake points Martin to the docks and a shipping company called Möbius, which they learn was funding Teller's research. A case of mistaken identity leads to Martin helping some of Möbius' dock workers steal an unknown but lucrative shipment coming into the Port of New York. Martin does provide ...
31 May 2012
Gyre, Part 1
As the Aster Corporation increases their interest in Jake, Martin joins forces with Abigail as the stakes of Jake's custody escalate. When Avram reiterates to Martin that Jake and Amelia, a presumed dead girl with similar characteristics as Jake, are connected, Martin sets out on a passionate mission to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, circumstances intensify when Lucy enters the picture and seemingly unrelated events are tied together.
31 May 2012
Gyre, Part 2
Jake's voiceover reflects on the constants of motion and change. Child protective services seems intent on taking Jake from Martin; the final decision may depend on Clea's recommendation. A recording engineer seeks to bring Jamaican brothers together to sing again; he's on the West Coast and gets a ride from Amelia's mother, still looking for her daughter. Martin is desperate to stop CPS from moving Jake; he buys a gun from Arnie. Randall has finished his work renovating the church, and although he's established the beginnings of a relationships, he believes he must ...
14 Sep. 2012
The Road Not Taken
In their escape from New York, Martin and Jake pass through Martin's old stomping grounds of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Although he has no intention of stopping in his old home town of McMinnville, Martin is forced to stop and stay because of car problems in part initiated by Jake. Old memories die hard as a story that he wrote at the beginning of his reporting career twenty years ago created some hard feelings amongst the townsfolk, many who do not welcome him back. One person who does welcome him is Henry Williams, the editor of the local newspaper and ...

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