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Season 3

30 Jan. 2012
Episode #3.1
When a vast police archive is discovered at the station, Chandler persuades a reluctant Miles that Buchan be taken on as a police researcher. That night Ben Salter and three employees are murdered in Ben's tailor shop with no suggestion of forced entry. Fear spreads through the area as folk suppose the killer to be supernatural, though Buchan sees a connection to the Ratcliffe Highway killings 200 years earlier. Chandler's main suspect is Dan Wilkie, a rival of Ben Salter as a teenager, until Ben's embittered half-brother Marcus is pulled in and placed in custody - ...
6 Feb. 2012
Episode #3.2
After another family is killed, the custody officer admits that Salter terrified him into releasing him. Salter was owed money by the victims, as he was by his brother, and he is eventually cornered in a cinema and recaptured. However he is exonerated following the slaughter of another household, the link to each slaying being that in each case a selfish young woman is spared. Buchan's research leads to a man who was familiar with the murder sites and had a grievance against an arrogant female driver. Have the police got their man this time?
13 Feb. 2012
Episode #3.3
After a fox drops a woman's severed hand in Whitechapel DI Mina Norroy arrives from Richmond, where the rest of the torso has floated down river. The woman was poisoned and then dismembered. Ella Bowe, missing from home for six months, seems a likely victim but is proved not to be. The police locate the fox, following it to the garden of the heavily booby-trapped house of weird reclusive Adelina Grace. A woman's foot is in the garden and Adelina's dead husband's body is inside the house, but he was not murdered, and none of the potions Adelina makes can be identified ...
20 Feb. 2012
Episode #3.4
After Buchan identifies the killer's modus operandi as aping the Marquis De Sade, who murdered women after poisoning them with an aphrodisiac, Chandler and Miles hunt for the individual who contacted a firm specializing in love potions by masquerading as a couple. This leads the team to S and M club the Hooded Crow, where Mina almost falls victim to a man with vampiric tendencies. Then two more victims are found, identical in height and appearance to the first two. Chandler overrules Mina and follows Miles' suggestion that they concentrate on finding Ella Bowe. This ...
27 Feb. 2012
Episode #3.5
Babysitter Sasha Lowood is murdered by a man dressed as the mythical bogeyman at the same time that Calvin Mantus, who killed his family in a manner similar to Sasha's slaying, escapes from a secure unit. The police search Mantus' old house, which feels haunted, and where there is a poster of actor Lon Chaney in the film 'London After Dark'. According to unit head Dr. Mortlake, this was Mantus' favourite film and was said to drive its audiences mad. After psychiatrist Morgan Lamb survives an attack by the bogeyman, a masked man is seen toting a gun. But is he what he ...
5 Mar. 2012
Episode #3.6
Another boy is killed, and all three victims are discovered to have been in the same school form as Mantus' sister. Morgan survives another attack, injuring her assailant, but she has no connection with the other victims, and young DC Kent feels she is holding something back. Miles believes Mantus is not the murderer and the fact that the three victims all fell foul of recently deceased caretaker Dave Watney seems to prove his point. Does the late Dave have an avenger? Is Morgan the accomplice? Or is Mantus, seen to be nursing a leg injury, the killer after all?

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