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Season 2

11 Oct. 2010
Episode #2.1
The mutilated corpse of an elderly man is dragged from the Thames. From his hand-made shoes he is identified as Lenny Cobb, an old lag who once testified against the notorious but long dead Kray twins who ruled London's gangland in the 1960s. East End historian Buchan believes it is the first in a series of copycat murders in the style of the Krays and is proved right when another ex-villain who gave evidence against the Krays, Slasher Gainford, is also killed. There is also a resurgence in violent attacks such as the mutilation of young Dan Street in a pub toilet, ...
18 Oct. 2010
Episode #2.2
After a shooting in a pub where the Kray brothers killed rival George Cornell a witness names Jimmy Kray, one of two twin brothers born to Angie Brooks thanks to Ronnie Kray's donated sperm. However, as Jimmy has an identical twin, Johnny, the witness cannot be certain as to the true killer. Whilst Serious Crimes Squad boss Cazenove thinks the twins are fakes, purely seeking reflected glory, and not killers, Chandler believes they are trying to unite all the East End gangsters in a federation, as their father and uncle tried to do. All the team are threatened, their ...
25 Oct. 2010
Episode #2.3
Chandler and Miles survive the ambush but another team member is less fortunate. Commander Anderson publicly berates Chandler, telling him he is off the case, but this is a ruse as Anderson rightly suspects that Cazenove is allowing the Krays to control other criminals as an expedient and wants to put him off the scent. Anderson gathers the team at Buchan's house and outlines his plan. If the Krays are exposed as impostors their grip will be broken. Buchan steals Ronnie's DNA from a museum exhibit and Chandler, after taking on Jimmy in the boxing ring, gets a sample ...

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