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Season 5

28 Sep. 2012
Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
In 2036 the Observers have begun terraforming the earth. Walter has a plan to defeat them but his capture by the Observers may be problematic. Peter searches for Olivia who is encased in amber to reunite his family
5 Oct. 2012
In Absentia
Harvard is now a secret observer installation. But Walter remembers a secret entrance that will give him access to his lab and perhaps a way to recover his plan to rid the world of the Observers. Olivia gets a distasteful look at Observer interrogation methods as Etta questions a loyalist security guard in hopes of finding a way to restore power to the lab. As Olivia and Etta disagree on how to dispose of their captive they gain a greater appreciation of each others character.
12 Oct. 2012
The Recordist
After piecing together the videos of Walter's plan Olivia, Peter, Walter and Etta head to rural Pennsylvania to retrieve essential materials for the plan. There they encounter a group of archivists who may be able to help with some local obstacles.
26 Oct. 2012
The Bullet That Saved the World
An act of kindness by Peter draws attention to Etta. The Observers deal with an infiltrator, and we learn of a resistance leader known as the Dove and, coincidentally, that Phillip Broyles is working with the Observers.
2 Nov. 2012
An Origin Story
Peter, in the grip of mourning Henrietta's death, resorts to extreme measures in order to gain powers that will allow him to surpass those that the Observers possess and hopefully, and eventually, find a means to defeat them.
9 Nov. 2012
Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There
Walter retrieves another video tape from the amber and it leads the team into a pocket universe.
16 Nov. 2012
The team retrieves another cassette tape from the amber. With Nina Sharp's help, the team recovers 2 cylinders. While Peter works independently to score a minor victory against the Observers, Olivia ascertains Peter's secret.
7 Dec. 2012
The Human Kind
Following the bread crumbs, Olivia collects a truck with cargo from a scrap yard but runs into bounty hunters. Peter, with newly gained powers, has to make a decision.
14 Dec. 2012
Black Blotter
Walter Bishop opens Pandora's Box. He finds a young Observer once he has hidden in the Pocket Universe.
21 Dec. 2012
Anomaly XB-6783746
Young observer remains muted. The team seeks Nina Sharp's help to understand him, but the mission is compromised.
11 Jan. 2013
The Boy Must Live
Young Observer's origin is revealed. And his existence and an additional time travel are necessary to change the history of Observers' invasion.
18 Jan. 2013
As the Observers evaluate Michael and begin to learn of his abilities and potential, Olivia embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue him.
18 Jan. 2013
An Enemy of Fate
As the Observers close in, Walter and September desperately work to complete the plan, but one obstacle after another hinders their progress.

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