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10 Feb. 2013
Schmutziger Donnerstag
Lucerne, the first day of carnival, nicknamed "Dirty Thursday". Early in the morning, Franz Schäublin, Head of Lucerne's Building Commission and active guild member, is found stabbed amidst the hustle and bustle of the carnival.
17 Feb. 2013
Zwischen den Fronten
An American diplomat is the target for a suicide bomb. He survives, but some guards and the young bomber get killed. Bibi and Moritz, the two Vienna detectives try to find out who is behind the killing. A conspiration theory becomes more and more clear and was the young car-bomber guilty or a victim?
12 May 2013
Borowski und der brennende Mann
During the Lucia festival parade at a Danish school in Schleswig a man suddenly stands in flames
3 Nov. 2013
Eine andere Welt
When the body of a teenage girl is discovered in Lake Phoenix, DCI Faber and his team investigate to find her killer.
22 Dec. 2013
Albert A. Anast is the face of a controversial new reality show. He didn't show up to his own party. The "Star" has mysteriously disappeared for three days. Should one of the viewers who remained anonymous have carried out his death threat against the entertainer? Commissioners Ivo Batic and Franz Leitmayr enter the cynical world of an internet broadcaster whose success consists in exposing people ruthlessly and in the most vile way. The makers do not even shy away from falsifying their posts. There is hardly anyone who has no reason to seek Albert A. Anast's life.
26 Dec. 2013
Die fette Hoppe
A woman of a sausage company is kidnapped. The detectives are struggling to find the possible murderer in a small village in Germany.
29 Dec. 2013
Borowski und der Engel
Sabrina Dobisch witnesses a traffic accident and tries to save the life of the young pedestrian Christian van Meeren. Then she accuses the driver Doris Ackermann of premeditated murder. While Sabrina is celebrated as a courageous rescuer and enjoys the public attention, Inspector Borowski remains skeptical.

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