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Season 4

7 Aug. 2009
Extradition: British Columbia
While on vacation in Vancouver, Shawn finds himself in the presence of an elusive art thief that Lassiter has worked his whole career to catch, much to his ill, and Gus's as well.
14 Aug. 2009
He Dead
Shawn and Gus arrive at the scene of a plane crash in time to find that the pilot wants the duo to avenge his death - and the two proceed to investigate the man's pretentiously wealthy family.
21 Aug. 2009
High Noon-ish
When Lassie's favorite childhood hangout is going to close, he secretly hires Shawn to investigate the reason - and he and Gus uncover a dead body in the process.
28 Aug. 2009
The Devil Is in the Details... And the Upstairs Bedroom
Shawn and Gus investigate the suicide of a student at a Catholic University, which a priest and former teacher believes was caused the devil.
11 Sep. 2009
Shawn Gets the Yips
After a shootout in a bar, Shawn and Gus learn that a ruthless drug lord is targeting everyone who worked on the one case they weren't assigned to - or is he?
18 Sep. 2009
Bollywood Homicide
Shawn and Gus enter the world of Bollywood to investigate when every girlfriend of Raj, a young Indian man, meets with a mysterious accident.
25 Sep. 2009
High Top Fade Out
A member of Gus's college singing group is murdered, and while the other surviving members are no longer on speaking terms with Gus, they hire Shawn anyway to investigate the crime, after the police classify the death as accidental.
9 Oct. 2009
Let's Get Hairy
Shawn and Gus are hired to protect a guy who thinks he's a werewolf and find there's more to his story than they thought.
16 Oct. 2009
Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
While investigating a crime involving an ice cream truck, Shawn stumbles upon a different crime in progress and is taken hostage by the criminals.
27 Jan. 2010
You Can't Handle This Episode
Shawn and Gus go undercover at a military base when Juliet's brother is accused of murdering one of his fellow officers.
3 Feb. 2010
Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers
Shawn accuses Gus's new girlfriend of murder when a river-rafting trip turns up a dead body in the process.
10 Feb. 2010
A Very Juliet Episode
Juliet hires Gus to track down an old boyfriend but Shawn eventually finds out that he's in the witness protection program as the key witness to a huge murder case.
17 Feb. 2010
Death Is in the Air
A murder in a convenience store leads Shawn and Gus to believe that the victim contracted a deadly experimental virus, and not only seek to find who's behind it but believe they also hold the cure to it.
24 Feb. 2010
Think Tank
Shawn and Gus infiltrate a think tank to prevent the assassination of a corporate big wig but he doesn't believe he's the target.
3 Mar. 2010
The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode
When a man's body washes up on the beach, it seems to be a simple shark attack, but Shawn and Lassiter suspect foul play.
10 Mar. 2010
Mr. Yin Presents
A year after the arrest of Mr. Yang, a new killer starts playing games with Shawn and his friends - her partner, Mr. Yin.

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