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Season 2

13 Jul. 2007
American Duos
Shawn & Gus are hired to protect a reality-show judge who has escaped a series of attempts on his life.
20 Jul. 2007
65 Million Years Off
Shawn worries he may be losing his meal ticket when Lassiter goes on a winning streak, solving nine cases in a row, so he horns in on the current case...jeopardizing his and Gus' credibility when he claims a T-Rex killed the victim.
27 Jul. 2007
Psy vs. Psy
Shawn goes up against a federal psychic, and Juliet is entranced with the Treasury agent who accompanies her.
3 Aug. 2007
Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds
A case involving a chop shop owner has Shawn having second thoughts, triggering an unexpected first for the would-be detective.
10 Aug. 2007
And Down the Stretch Comes Murder
Jockey Jimmy Nickels, a bully who went to school with Shawn and Gus, hires them to find out why his horses keep losing. Things become complicated when another jockey dies in the midst of a race.
17 Aug. 2007
Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder
Shawn and Gus investigate who poisoned a food critic. Gus's uncle Burton comes to town and tags along on the investigation, so Gus pretends to be psychic.
24 Aug. 2007
If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?
Two students claim that one of their teachers is a murderer after hearing a phone call. It is Juliet and Lassiter's one year anniversary as partners and Juliet takes her first lead detective job.
7 Sep. 2007
Rob-a-Bye Baby
In the middle of a crime wave, Chief Vick assigns Shawn and Gus the staid duty of finding her a new nanny.
14 Sep. 2007
Bounty Hunters!
Juliet asks Shawn and Gus for help in capturing an accused murderer who escaped from her. They track the man down, but soon discover he is innocent and they try to find the real killer - but things are complicated by a bounty hunter.
7 Dec. 2007
Gus's Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy
Gus' dad is accused of murdering the meanest man in the neighborhood, and he enlists Shawn's help to clear him.
11 Jan. 2008
There's Something About Mira
Shawn finds out a secret of Gus's involving a woman he can't say no to. Lassiter learns that Juliet received a higher score on the detectives' exam than he did, prompting a heated competition between them to see who is truly the better detective.
18 Jan. 2008
The Old and the Restless
When a man goes missing from a retirement home, Shawn and Gus need help getting in to investigate.
25 Jan. 2008
Lights, Camera... Homicidio
Shawn and Gus investigate a murder on the set of a popular Spanish soap opera.
1 Feb. 2008
A man dies during a ritual at the Monarch Lodge, a local brotherhood, and Lassiter's soon to be ex-father-in-law is the prime suspect.
8 Feb. 2008
Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion
In order to investigate the murders of both heads of a prestigious fashion house, Shawn and Gus go undercover as models.
15 Feb. 2008
Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead
When a 3000-year-old mummy disappears from a museum, Shawn comes to the unlikely conclusion that the artifact walked out on its own. Meanwhile, Henry is acting strangely after receiving a mysterious phone call.

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