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Season 3

18 Jun. 2007
When a father, mother and daughter are found stabbed to death in their home, the surviving son is found cowering in the attic, high and claiming innocence.
25 Jun. 2007
Grave Doubts
The discovery of a body at a building site dating back to the L.A. Riots puts Brenda on a collision course with a priest, a politician, and one of her team.
2 Jul. 2007
Saving Face
Brenda becomes the most downloaded video on YouTube after being assaulted by a bride whose wedding she's stopped due to a corpse falling out of a casket.
9 Jul. 2007
When a little girl is abducted, Sergeant Gabriel steps over a line for results, jeopardizing the case and his career.
16 Jul. 2007
The Round File
Brenda finds herself investigating the goings on at a retirement facility when a man confesses to seven murders and refuses to give his name.
23 Jul. 2007
Dumb Luck
Brenda, while ill and with most of her team forced into WMD training, has to solve a murder with just Provenza.
30 Jul. 2007
Four to Eight
A suspected gang retaliation double murder takes a different turn, and Brenda continues to feel ill.
6 Aug. 2007
Brenda seeks a serial killer who murders in groupings of three, brands the feet of his tortured victims and dumps the bodies along the Pacific Coast Highway, a sadist who has resumed after an eight-year hiatus.
13 Aug. 2007
A reporter dies while Brenda helps him profile the LAPD, but Pope bars her from participating in the case until the department psychiatrist clears her for duty. At home, she and Fritz await her parents for a visit.
20 Aug. 2007
Culture Shock
Brenda leaves Fritz in charge of her visiting parents while she investigates the death of a Chinese tour bus guide, much to Fritz' and her parents' irritation.
27 Aug. 2007
Lovers Leap
A relentless Homeland Security auditor is found dead, but it wasn't the car crash that killed her. Fresh from surgery, Brenda is on the case but soon contracts a case of poison oak.
3 Sep. 2007
Til Death Do Us Part: Part I
The murder of a prominent divorce attorney goes to trial despite evidence that isn't as iron-clad as Priority Homicide normally produces (in the main, no confession).
10 Sep. 2007
Til Death Do Us Part: Part II
When an alibi, previously thought fictitious, turns up to derail Prosecutor Garnett's efforts in the Shafer trial, Brenda discovers a second house that provides the motive.
3 Dec. 2007
Next of Kin: Part 1
Brenda tracks a robbery-homicide suspect back to Atlanta, Georgia, where her parents resent being lead to believe she's returned home to visit them for Christmas.
3 Dec. 2007
Next of Kin: Part 2
Brenda, her parents, Fritz, Wesley, Flynn and Provenza begin a cross-country RV trip to return her suspect to LA. Along the way, she administers one of her blackest lies.

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