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Release Dates

USA 30 November 1993 (Washington, D.C.) (premiere)
USA 1 December 1993 (New York City, New York) (premiere)
USA 9 December 1993 (Los Angeles, California) (premiere)
Canada 15 December 1993 (Toronto)
India 15 December 1993
USA 15 December 1993 (limited)
Canada 25 December 1993
USA 4 February 1994
Australia 10 February 1994
UK 18 February 1994
Argentina 24 February 1994
Mexico 24 February 1994
Peru 24 February 1994
Japan 26 February 1994
Germany 1 March 1994 (Frankfurt) (premiere)
France 2 March 1994
Greece 2 March 1994
Germany 3 March 1994
Israel 3 March 1994 (Tel Aviv) (premiere)
Netherlands 3 March 1994
Austria 4 March 1994
Denmark 4 March 1994
Spain 4 March 1994
Finland 4 March 1994
Ireland 4 March 1994
Norway 4 March 1994
Poland 4 March 1994
Portugal 4 March 1994
Sweden 4 March 1994
Turkey 4 March 1994
South Korea 5 March 1994
Philippines 9 March 1994
Czechia 10 March 1994
Hungary 10 March 1994
Slovakia 10 March 1994
Brazil 11 March 1994
Italy 11 March 1994
Uruguay 11 March 1994
Taiwan 12 March 1994
Hong Kong 17 March 1994
Slovenia 17 March 1994 (Ljubljana)
Romania 18 March 1994
Russia 21 May 1994
Estonia 30 September 1994
USA October 1994 (Heartland Film Festival)
Czechia July 1996 (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)
USA 23 February 1997 (director's cut) (TV premiere)
Israel 25 April 1998 (TV premiere)
France September 2004 (Deauville Film Festival)
Indonesia 15 December 2016 (internet)
USA 7 December 2018 (restored version)
Argentina 24 January 2019 (re-release) (25th anniversary edition)
Czechia 24 January 2019 (re-release)
Italy 24 January 2019 (re-release) (restored version)
Peru 24 January 2019 (re-release)
Singapore 24 January 2019 (re-release)
Taiwan 25 January 2019 (re-release)
Germany 27 January 2019 (re-release)
Netherlands 27 January 2019 (re-release)
Poland 27 January 2019 (re-release)
United Arab Emirates 20 February 2019 (Blu-ray release)
Spain 28 February 2019 (re-release) (25th anniversary edition)
Lithuania 13 March 2019 (re-release)
China 6 April 2019 (4K restored version) (Beijing International Film Festival)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) Schindler's List
Argentina La lista de Schindler
Australia Schindler's List
Austria Schindlers Liste
Azerbaijan Shindlerin Siyahisi
Belarus Спіс Шындлера
Brazil A Lista de Schindler
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Списъкът на Шиндлер
Canada (French title) La liste de Schindler
Canada (English title) Schindler's List
Chile La lista de Schindler
China (Mandarin title) 辛德勒的名单
Croatia Schindlerova lista
Czechia Schindlerův seznam
Denmark Schindlers liste
Ecuador La lista de Schindler
Egypt (English title) Schindler's List
Estonia Schindleri nimekiri
Finland (Swedish title) Schindlers lista
Finland Schindlerin lista
Finland (video box title) Schindlerin Lista
France La liste de Schindler
Georgia Shindleris sia
Germany (DVD box title) Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List
Germany Schindlers Liste
Greece (transliterated title) I lista tou Schindler
Greece Η λίστα του Σίντλερ
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) 舒特拉的名單
Hungary Schindler listája
India (Hindi title) Schindler's List
India (English title) Schindler's List
India (Hindi title) (complete title) Schindler Kee Soochee
India (Hindi title) (alternative title) शिंडलर्स लिस्ट
Indonesia (English title) Schindler's List
Iran (Persian title) Fehrest-e Schindler
Israel (Hebrew title) Reshimut Schindler
Italy (poster title) Schindler's List - La lista di Schindler
Italy Schindler's List
Japan (alternative transliteration) Shindorâ no risuto
Japan (Japanese title) シンドラーのリスト
Lithuania Šindlerio sąrašas
Mexico La lista de Schindler
Republic of North Macedonia Шиндлеровата Листа
Norway Schindlers liste
Peru La lista de Schindler
Philippines (English title) Schindler's List
Poland Lista Schindlera
Portugal A Lista de Schindler
Romania Lista lui Schindler
Russia Список Шиндлера
Serbia Шиндлерова листа
Singapore (English title) Schindler's List
Slovakia Schindlerov zoznam
Slovenia Schindlerjev seznam
Spain (Catalan title) La llista de Schindler
Spain La lista de Schindler
Taiwan 辛德勒的名單
Thailand (Thai title) Chatakam Thi Lok Mai Luem
Turkey (Turkish title) Schindler'in Listesi
Ukraine Список Шиндлера
United Arab Emirates Schindler's List
UK Schindler's List
USA Schindler's List
Uruguay (original subtitled version) La lista de Schindler
Uzbekistan Shindler ro'yxati
Vietnam Bản Danh Sách Của Schindler
World-wide (Spanish title) La lista de Schindler

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