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Soul to Keep (2018)
Great Writing!!
3 April 2019
This supernatural horror film left a lasting impression on me because, simply put, it is great writing. As an aspiring writer, I appreciated the thoughtful and artistic writing behind the film. Written by David Allensworth and Eric Bram, the story behind the demons, paranormal possessions and spiritual ceremonies and rituals, is impressively creative and fresh. The ending scene is so memorable because it was such a brilliant twist ending that the audience can't see coming, but ties all the loose ends together. This movie stood out to me because of the care and attention put into the story behind the movie rather than just hyper-focused on the production and the capital, which is very rare in the film industry. It is clear David Allensworth deeply cares about his film.
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Some of the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY I have ever seen
7 March 2019
Life and Nothing More has wonderful cinematography work. The film follows Regina, a single mom struggling to make ends meet, and her 14-year-old son, Andrew, who has trouble with the law. With a simple subject: everyday life for this small family living below the poverty line in Northern Florida, the cinematography matches this extremely well. With simple cinematography, it highlights the hardships this sweet family goes through and the effect they are taking on everyone. The focal point of the cinematography is the actors as this film contains a lot of close-ups, and single angle shots. The camera angle in the scene where Regina kicks her boyfriend, Robert, out of her house for fighting with her son, Andrew, is a fantastic angle because it makes you feel like you are actually there, standing in her kitchen, eavesdropping on the whole conversation. This cinematography work really includes the audience and makes them feel like they are actually in the movie, standing right beside or behind Regina throughout.
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One of the Best True Demon/Supernatural Horror Films!
6 March 2019
Ever wonder what happens to deep, dark family secrets after the parents die? Where do they go? Are they just forgotten or do they slip out even more to destroy more lives now that their gatekeepers are dead? Or do the parents simply take their secrets to the grave with them? If one thing is for certain, Neil Biswas' film will definitely make you wish that ominous secrets die with their gatekeepers, because this film shows exactly the chaos and havoc that secrets reap on others if they outlive their gatekeepers. And exactly why those secrets should never see the light of day. The audience sees the consequences of loose lips sinking ships when Protagonist, Randal, (played by Jaz Deol) experiences first hand what happens when his mother's deep dark secret comes to light in this supernatural thriller. I recommend this movie to those who believe in the supernatural and in demon possession as this movie deeply explores the realms of both and pushes boundaries.
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Saint Judy (2018)
Will Impress Even the Most Skeptical Critics
6 March 2019
Inspirational is an understatement when describing Saint Judy. The true story behind the film of real-time immigration lawyer, Judith Wood, is enough to impress the most skeptical critics. Fighting for every last one of her 276 clients as if her life depended on it is not only admirable and respectable, but also an immensely difficult and thoroughly excruciating process, for Ms. Wood, but also for the audience to watch. Watching the movie I had two feelings: awe for this real-life hero, and frustration at the U.S immigration system and laws. This movie had me rooting for Judy with everything I had, while simultaneously making me want to clear all of her obstacles for her so that she can pave the way for justice. As mentioned earlier, inspirational is a word that does not do this movie justice. This movie moves people and stirred up something deep inside me, an instinctual feeling of hatred for injustices and a yearning for justice. Saint Judy will do the same for anyone who watches it. They too will be stirred.
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Number 37 (2018)
The interesting gender dynamics
18 February 2019
If you like movies that seem like they are about one thing and then are actually about another, then Number 37 is the movie to watch. Number 37 is about a man in a wheelchair who witnesses a murder and then decides it's a good idea to blackmail the murderer all while living on the same block as him. While the plot seems to focus on the suspenseful and crudely reckless plans of the protagonist, Randal, the film actually highlights the power dynamic between genders. The power dynamic between the men and the women in this film is fascinating as each male character is portrayed as this machismo alpha gangster, while every female character (including the clean cop) is portrayed as inferior and weaker to the men. The women allow the men tell them what to do, even if it means risking their own lives. This power dynamic and the way it is portrayed in this movie accurately depict the abusive gender dynamic often found in lower socioeconomic households, cultures, and cinema.
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