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Mediocre, monotonous and overly edited.
18 February 2019
Right between 4 minutes and 4 minutes 10 seconds, this documentary is using sound effects (a common scream sound effect used in a plethora of video games and films was used 3 or 4 times). Just going to give this single example. Unless footage is muted (wasn't), it is highly unorthodox to use these types of sound effects in a documentary.

The film, I felt took an excessively bias stance by using white supremacists and antifa in their primary comparison. Antifa is a larger group that is very loosely held together. White supremacists are much smaller in numbers but are close-knit groups that aren't necessarily affiliated with one another.

I was surprised that this film was fairly balanced, considering.the title lead me to believe it was going to be a film bashing the right.

Nonetheless in my.ooinion this was a poorly thought out and executed documentary. There isn't much you will find new in this film if you keep up with the news. I do give the film some credit for decent interviews and shining a light on activities of white supremacists. As for antifa makes the news much more frequently, it was interrsting to see some updated things about white supremacists and how they are behaving in our current social and political climate.

Just dont use crappy sound effects in a documentary! Especially in footage that already has sound and is showing a traumatic incident recorded live. Imagine a 9/11 docmomentary adding sound effects to tragedies filmed that day. For example..the same scream as aforementioned added to the footage of those poor brave folks who chose to jump to avoid the fire.
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