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Warcraft (2016)
A love story to the fans
20 February 2019
I honestly liked this movie but I am most likely only saying that because I am a Warcraft fan-boy.

(Throughout this review I'll be referring to the movie as "Warcraft" and the warcraft universe as "WC")

Warcraft is a movie with plotlines and loopholes all over the place, many of the scenes exist only to give us fans something to hype about and if you're not a WC you will not understand and will probably not like it. The movie is riddled with with names that you would only understand the meaning and importance of if you were familiar with WC beforehand and they are not explained in the movie.

It is not all doom and gloom however, because Warcraft is quite beautifully made and the action scenes are decent. If you would like to watch a fantasy movie with fighting and fiction then you might actually enjoy Warcraft a fair bit.

Verdict: In short, if you have high expectations, then you will probably be dissatisfied with this movie unless you are a WC fan, since this movie does not contain much originality and a confusing and messy storyline. The movie does offer some beautiful scenery however and some grand fighting scenes, so if you just want to watch a movie that has some action and/or just to get time going, then you might get some good entertainment from watching Warcraft. My rating and review takes the viewpoint of someone that is not a WC fan which is why I give Warcraft a 5, however if you are fan if WC already then it could be a 7.
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13 February 2019
I'll be honest, when I went into to cinema to watch this movie I was expecting to not like it. I had seen a little bit of the trailer and it did not really "speak" to me and Alita's eyes were off putting. When the movie had begun I was actually searching for things to dislike but surprisingly there were none apart from a few cringeworthy moments. I quickly got used to Alita's eyes and they became in fact likeable. The story began to draw me in and I got completely absorbed into the story and the visuals.

The world is extraordinary and beautiful and the action scenes in this movie are fantastic, quite honestly some of the best I have seen. The story is a bit fast paced but not to a degree that it feels rushed. Alita as a character is great, she is kind-hearted, innocent, naive and protective. Throughout the movie Alita grows as a person and learns about sacrifice, loss, love and the horrors of the human mind. Alita is very likeable because she is such a good person in such a horrible world and you can't help feeling very sympathetic for an innocent being like her as she is exposed to the cruel world of Iron City.

I watched this movie without knowing the source material and I loved it. I was drawn in very early on and had to watch it a second time. I can definitely recommend this movie to anyone.
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