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Your Bad Self (2010– )
Just plain BAD!
25 January 2010
Another dreadful so called comedy show from RTE - Ireland's national broadcaster and what a waste of license payers money this awful show is. I have watched it twice (under sufferance) and have not had a single laugh, it is just not funny in my opinion , I do have a sense of humor, but this show doesn't make me laugh, instead I cringe with embarrassment with how BAD it is! Whoever gave this show the green light should be ashamed of themselves. Ireland is meant to be a nation of funny people yet RTE still can't make a good comedy show.If you want a laugh then go and watch Father Ted - a classic and extremely funny comedy. My advice:avoid this show at all costs!
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Cobra (1986)
Utterly dreadful 80's action flick!
8 April 2006
I recently saw Cobra again, much to my misfortune!I had not seen it since it was originally released on VHS in the 80's, and it has not aged well, although it was very bad to begin with! It is so typical of macho shoot-em up movies of the era like the equally awful Schwarzenegger movie 'Commando'. I have never been a big Stallone fan, but Cobra is even by his standards very, very bad! Stallone stars as tough as nails cop 'Cobretti' or 'Cobra' as he is called in the movie. I don't want to go into a detailed description of the movies story, but I would not advise anyone with any taste to watch this dreadful film, it is so dated, the clothes, the hairstyles and those absolutely hideous Aviator shades stallone wears for most of the movie, whilst chewing on a match. The only good thing in the movie was his car, a customized 1949 Mercury which sadly he thrashes whilst trying to escape baddies. Anyway, this is one to avoid at all costs, if at all possible. I voted it one out of ten, only because I could not give it zero out of ten, which is what it deserved!
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Fair City (1989– )
Possibly the most badly acted, directed and produced soap ever!
25 March 2006
Fair City, Irelands answer to Eastenders is, in my opinion one of the most amateur productions ever to grace the screens of Irish television. The acting, on a whole is of the lowest standard I have ever seen, young schoolkids act better in school plays than the cast of Fair City! It is badly directed, acted and produced, most of the cast say their lines with no emotion or authenticity whatsoever, they all seem as if the have never had any training in acting school, because most of them are unconvincing. Characters seem to drop out of the series for weeks, maybe even months on end, then they suddenly reappear with no explanation as to where they were. Perhaps RTE who produce the show cannot afford to pay the entire casts wages week by week so they concentrate on a few characters in a particular storyline for a few weeks then when that story is dealt with, they bring back the cast who have been missing for ages. It is almost too embarrassing to watch due to the substandard 'acting' (for want of a better word!) and I would not recommend anyone to watch it unless they want to see how NOT to make a soap/drama. If you want to have a laugh at the very bad standard of acting and directing, watch Fair City. If you like well acted and produced shows then avoid this at all costs!
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Red Dragon (2002)
Good but not as good as Michael Manns 'Manhunter"
25 March 2006
I recently saw Red Dragon on DVD, I had been meaning to rent it out and see how it would compare to Manhunter so eventually got around to seeing it. I am a big fan of Michael Manns 'Manhunter' and have the special edition on DVD. William Petersen was excellent as Will Graham in Manhunter, Edward Norton was good also in Red Dragon, he is one of my favorite actors, but in my opinion William Petersen did a better job. Red Dragon was not a bad movie, it was not as gory as Hannibal or as creepy, but having seen Manhunter so many times I think Red Dragon, for me had a lot to live up to. Ralph Fiennes was as usual very good, but not as creepy as Tom Noonans portrayal of Francis Dollarhyde in Manhunter. A good edition to the 'Silence of the Lambs' series but won't be a classic like Manhunter in my opinion.
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