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Unbroken (I) (2014)
Amazing Story
8 January 2015
This film is based on the true story of Olympian Louis "Louie" Zamperini, who survived in a raft for 47 days after his bomber was downed in WWII, and he was sent to a series of prisoner of war camps. The story itself is amazing, and it really makes you wonder if you would have it in you to be as strong as the characters were in this movie or just pray for death instead.

However, the script for Unbroken was very weak, especially if you read the book beforehand. None of the characters grew, transformed, changed or learned anything by the end. Everything was so matter-of-fact. Lots of room for intense dramatic moments, character climaxes and transformations that were left on the editing room floor. A dramatic moment would start to happen, but then it would smash-cut to the next scene or day. Hmmm....

Still, a good effort by director Angelina Jolie.
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Fascinating Suspense Thriller
3 November 2014
The plot of the film is similar to 50 First Dates, where a woman wakes up each morning forgetting everything that happened in her past after her accident that caused the amnesia. However, the film does a good job keeping the audience guessing who is real and who the true villain is until the very end. There were a few times that my jaw was on the ground, eyes were wide, I grasped the seat and stopped breathing when a new plot twist appeared. The trailers for this film do not do it justice. I was completely entertained and enjoyed the film.

There is only one sex scene, no nudity, but there are a few brutal violence scenes as well as some strong language in this film. I would not recommend this film for young viewers. The film is only 90 minutes, but it moves fast and new things are revealed throughout the film. I would not recommend leaving the film once it starts as you may miss a key scene.
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Bears (I) (2014)
Slow moving, cute and extremely unrealistic
28 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was surprised how tame and dull this movie was, even for Disney. I get it's a G-rated film, but nothing dramatic, thrilling or suspenseful happens in the entire 77 minutes of the film. Disney is known for killing off a parent in their films or something horrific, bad or sad usually happens to make us adults tear up when watching the film, but not in this one - unless you are a vegetarian. We see salmon, mussels, clams and eels killed off like they feel no pain, but nothing major happens to any of the bears in the film. They act like something horrible is about to happen, but cut to more scenery shots then back to the bears and it was all much ado about nothing.

John C. Reilly's narration is very cute, but also very over-the-top. He narrates things that aren't even happening or he over-narrates quite obvious things we are watching on screen. The bear cubs, Amber and Scout are adorable. They describe this film as a fast-paced thrill ride, but it's nothing close to that. It's very slow moving with heavy narration.

Disney normally has some adult humor for adults watching the films that go above the kids heads, but not in this film. What you see is what you get in this film. Safe for kids of any age. Expect a sequel.
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Jack Reacher (2012)
Car Chase Scene Worth the Price of Admission!!!
28 December 2012
'Jack Reacher' is a action-filled thriller with a lot of humor and an ending that alludes to a sequel. A military-trained sniper is framed for a crime he didn't commit, and it's up to Jack Reacher to find the truth.

Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher, however, to me it just looked and sounded like a continuation of his military lawyer role in 'A Few Good Men'. Tom Cruise knows how to make good movies, be he just doesn't know how to absorb himself in a character to make us forget it's him playing a character. He won't be earning any Oscar nods for this role or film.

Jai Courtney is a name you should familiarize yourself with because he was convincing as a cold-blooded villain who really seemed to enjoy being bad. Werner Herzog, the master villain, is chillingly amazing and will terrify you to the bone without him even saying a word. Rosamond Pike, who plays Helen, doesn't bring much to her role except a heaving cleavage that is hard not to look at when on screen.

All the action and fight sequences will leave you laughing, which is their intent. However, the car chase scene is absolutely amazing, chilling, jaw-dropping and will have you on the edge of your seat until the ultimate conclusion which is hilarious!!! A black extra at a bus stop adds the cherry on top of this wonderful car chase scene. He doesn't even say a word, yet he made the end of that scene amazing! That scene alone was worth the price of admission!

If you are looking for a fun thriller with minimal cursing, no nudity, a lot of action and humor peppered throughout, then this film is for you. The opening scene of the film is not for children because it is rather violent, and then later in the film a "rape rally" event is mentioned (but not shown). Younger audiences may not understand that term, so be ready to explain it. There are several fight/action sequences that might scare younger viewers, but that older audiences would enjoy, even laugh at, but that's also something to consider when bringing kids to this movie.

This is definitely a movie that should be seen on the big screen with a killer Dolby stereo surround system so you can feel the vibrations from the Chevelle in your seat during the car chase scene.
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Lincoln (2012)
James Spader shines in 'Lincoln'
28 December 2012
This movie is about President Abraham Lincoln passing the Emancipation Proclimation which hinges on the number of votes from Congress that can pass it or reject it.

Daniel Day Lewis does an amazing job playing President Lincoln. He really absorbed himself in this role and made me feel I was actually watching Lincoln on screen. Lewis is one of the best actors of my generation, and it's amazing to see him on screen really incorporate a role. Sally Field plays his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, whom he calls Molly throughout the film, which is his nickname for her. Sally Field begged Spielberg to play this role, which she does finely, however, she seemed to old to play such a character at the time frame this movie is set in.

The character that steals the movie and brings us the most laughs is W.N. Bilbo, who is played amazingly by James Spader. His mannerisms, his walk, his run, his facial reactions, gestures, everything about him is hilarious, entertaining and fun. He was my favorite character in the entire movie.

This movie is long, but it's entertaining, interesting and will keep you entertained until the very end. The costumes, the music, the writing and the cinematography are beautiful. I would not recommend this movie for young audiences because there are some violent, bloody scenes from war, corpses, cursing and this movie deals with mature subject matter that younger audiences may not understand or grasp like mental institutions, politics, death and family strife.
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Over-edited and over-exposed BOREFEST
17 September 2008
Why in the world does Pamela Lee have her own "reality" show? Give me a break. This show is a headache to watch and I wonder why it's still on the air. The show is over-edited. I mean, there are clips inside of clips inside of clips and there's pink writing on the screen to explain stuff along the way, but you have to look close and read quickly to get it. The sound of the show is poor and a lot of the dialogue is subtitled on the show.

What's worst about this show is that it's over-exposed. It's like they brightened the film so it's blurry and bright to make Pamela Lee look younger, I guess.

Pam has NOTHING interesting or entertaining to say on her show. It's a bunch of fluff and nothing happens. The story editors must be high school students or something because the editing of the show stinks. This show is hard to watch and hard to follow.

Pamela Lee should stick to being a pinup model and stop doing TV and movie work. She's a horrible actress. She's eye-candy and nothing more. At least E!'s "The Girls Next Door" has a plot you can follow each episode and the girls are entertaining. Pamela Lee falls flat.

Cancel this show! It's boring, not entertaining, dull, over-exposed, over-edited, has poor audio and Pamela is an idiot. You can't even enjoy her sex appeal because the film is so over-exposed and bright. It's very blurry.
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Operación Repo (2006– )
Matt? Call me!
22 July 2008
This show is awesome and I can't believe it's a Spanish show. I need to watch their lip movements with their words on-scene more closely. I never heard of this show before the marathon TruTv courtv ran of it last night and I was hooked. I was laughing and on the edge of my seat and really enjoying the show. I have a newfound respect for repo guys. Wow. I love the personalities of everyone on the show - especially Matt.

I have a little crush on Matt. Matt is tough, and one look at him on my doorstep I'd hand over the keys shaking. But then he opens his mouth and you can't help but LOVE him. When he was scared of guard dogs (you guys better get out of the way - to the camera crew - because if a dog comes up behind this gate, I'm running over you guys), hates people who hit women and children, thinks people that have guns are cowards. And he even admitted to losing fights before, so that makes winning them a great high for him. And this dude is single? My gosh. He's tough on the outside, but a gentle teddy bear on the inside. (well, I'm sure Sonia would disagree)

I hope this show comes to America and production continues on this show. I'd like to get the mailing address for Matt(if he is still with the repo company - the boss told his sister to do what she has to do to get rid of him. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I hope the movie is just as good as the TV show, however casting Joey Buttafucco is just as bad as hiring Meredith Baxter Birney - straight to Liftime TV for women. Except since this show is kind of tough, it'd land on SpikeTV or something. Buttafucco is a dog. He deserves no Hollywood pay!

But I'll see the movie if MATT is in it!

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Boring, predictable and a waste of time
16 July 2008
This DVD is merely clips of candid camera moments over the years, but we don't see any full episodes. We see maybe one or two victims of the prank, but we don't see full footage. Nor do we hear the famous "smile, you're on candid camera" that we have come to love and enjoy seeing over the years. The move onto the next clip before pointing out the hidden camera to the victims.

Allen Funt puts his "favorites" of the entire series on disc one and then the other discs are "favorites" from each decade. The discs for the 50's, 60's and 70's are quite boring and the "celebrities" they had participating may have been famous at the time, but anyone born after 1970 would not remember or know who they were so the prank means nothing.

Most of the clips are so edited that we don't see the set up or downfall of the joke. We see the prank but we don't see the victim finding out it was a joke. That's the best part of the prank if you ask me - the victim's reaction to the prank - but most of these DVDs don't include that part.

This DVD set is not worth the money. I got my full set from my local library for FREE, which is good because I would have regretted paying money for it. If you want to see it, get it from your local library. Don't buy it or rent it from netflix or blockbuster. It's not worth it.

I give it four stars out of 10.

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Forgettable, Boring, Weak and Dull - Skip this title
7 March 2008
Wow, Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck and a few other known actors are in this incredibly dull flick. The script is weak, the cinematography is boring and the humor is far and in between. This movie was too long, too dull and too boring. Why did Brad Pitt sign up for this movie? If you are going to rent this DVD just for him, don't bother. He's not worth watching this movie for. Casey Affleck who was even nominated for a few noble awards for his portrayal of Robert Ford is not remember-able, quotable or entertaining. I thought his performance was over-rated and not worth an academy nomination.

I hated the title of this movie - too long - the length of the movie (too long) and the script for this movie (too boring). I kept watching the movie hoping it would redeem itself or improve or make me care about at least one of the characters, but it never did.

This movie is dull, weak and forgettable. SKIP IT.
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The Moment of Truth (2008– )
Depressing Awkward Jerry Springer Style Game Show
26 February 2008
This is the worst game show ever created. The contestants are asked questions that they had been previously asked under a polygraph machine - which aren't that reliable as you know. Then the game show host, who acts judgmental and arrogant, asks the questions and sets the contestant and family/friends up by asking a simple question relating to the game show question first and then leads into the game show question.

Then, they have dramatic lights and music and a LOT, I mean a LOT of pauses and dead silence. They go to commercial break and then they repeat the last three minutes of the show from before the break and then there's another fake dramatic pause of the contestant THINKING about their answer.

WHAT IS THERE TO THINK ABOUT??? YOU KNOW WHAT QUESTIONS ARE COMING UP. THEY'VE BEEN ASKED OF YOU BEFORE!!!!!! They reveal things about the contestant that can break families and relationships apart and the game show host is such a dork and is so judgmental during the entire game show. He even says "some things are better left unsaid" - um, if you think that way, then WHY are you hosting and supporting a show where things ARE said? This show will be canceled and lives will be ruined in the process. And the sad thing is that after they've revealed HORRIBLE things about these people (affairs, stealing, cheating, lying, drug use, etc.) some don't even win any money so they did it all for nothing.

The same idiots that go on the Jerry Springer show go on this show. It's the same exact thing. People reveal things to their loved ones that they didn't know and that ruin their relationship and trust. It's not an uplifting game show. It's not a game show that I would EVER be on.
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Be Kind. Stay Home.
20 February 2008
Jerry (Jack Black) attempts to sabotage a power plant, but he fails and ends up erasing ALL of the videotapes at a local video store where his best friend Mike (Mos Def) works. Mia Farrow plays an elderly customer, Miss Falewics, who suffers from dementia and Jerry and Mike re-create and film every movie she rents and end up becoming big celebrities in the process. Then the law gets involved because they are violating copyright laws and may end up in prison just to satisfy their most loyal customer who doesn't even know the difference between their movies and the real movies that were ruined earlier in the film.

This film has NO comedic timing and falls flat on jokes. The trailer for this film is better than the film itself, and the script is very weak. This film would've been better as a short film versus stretched out into a feature-length movie that has to go as far as to water down and explain jokes to appeal to a mass audience rather than assuming the audience is intelligent enough to get the jokes without the explanation. For each punchline, there's an explanation of why it's funny. If you have to do that in your script, then something is wrong.

Jack Black is a talented actor that can make bad scripts good, but even a magic wand couldn't revive this dead script. The plot is hokey, the jokes are badly timed and the cinematography is a joke. I wonder if the cast and crew were high and drunk when filming this movie because how it ended up in theaters as-is is beyond me.

I'd describe this movie as a dog fable that never finds it's way home. With an 80's cliché of VHS tapes that video stores put the fear in us to "BE KIND and REWIND" or else they'll charge us a "rewind fee", this film fails to deliver on that charm.

I give this film a 4 out of 10. Don't see this movie. It's not worth it.

I do have to give kudos to Chandler Parker in this film. He has a bit part, but he plays it well and he has a face that is unforgettable and draws your attention to the screen no matter who else is on there. I see a big future in movies for Chandler Parker. Great name, great face, great talent and great personality!! Bravo, Chandler Parker!
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Carpoolers (2007–2008)
If you like "The Office" you will like this show
2 October 2007
If you are a fan of Arrested Development and The Office, then you will most likely love this show.

This show was a pleasant surprise. ABC doing a 1/2 hour sitcom. Wow. I didn't think ABC knew how to do that anymore, but this show is fresh, funny, creative, unique and entertaining. It's about these four men that carpool to the same office park together. I don't think they work in the same office, though, from what I could gather from the Pilot. It also shows tidbits of their home life to explain why they are the way they are in the car.

This is not your typical "sitcom", and there is no studio audience. The writing of this show is very fresh, unique and creative and it's not a bunch of shtick that you see on most sitcoms. It's truly realistic, awkward and interesting. Each character is a unique stereotype that you can relate to, and their facial expressions and reactions to events are spot on terrific.

I like the direction ABC is going this season, and I look forward to watching more episodes of "Carpoolers" to see how the character's lives develop from what they've set up so far in the Pilot.

I rate this show an 8 out of 10.
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The Bachelor (2002– )
Good for a Guilty Pleasure
2 October 2007
This show stars a hunk of a man that is loaded with money, good looks, charm and confidence and about two dozen women who are all dying for his affection, love, attention and sperm. Yes, sperm. These women want The Bachelor to be the father of their future children. Dare to dream.

This show is good for a guilty pleasure for viewers, but should not be taken seriously. No show-winner yet has been able to make the relationship work and head into marriage without breaking up within months or weeks of the finale. This show format is NOT a good way to find love. I mean, come on, how can you fall in love with someone who is basically "cheating" on you on national television, kissing other women, dating other women, feeling up other women, sharing dreams and futures with other women, not knowing whether he is being true to you or to them.

The relationships between the girls in the house is purely superficial and fake. No one cares about the other women or hates to see them go. All they want is that rose so they can stay on TV a bit longer and garner their 15 minutes of fame. Because once the show is over, no one remembers who was on the show or even who won.

It's fun to watch because it's a reality competition based show, but in the end, we don't really care if they end up married or in love. We want to see who wins, but don't try to tell us they've found their soul mate because everyone on the show is a 'ho. The host of the show is pimping out the women to the bachelor and everyone has to put their best show on to get that rose that means absolutely nothing in real life.

All of the roses die before the finale even airs. But this show is great for filling a guilty pleasure as a viewer. I don't watch the show for love, but for pure entertainment and drama, which the story editors do a good job on this show to keep the interests high, drama deep and entertainment strong. But don't tell me the purpose of this show is to find true love. The formula of the show goes against all the odds of finding true love.
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Anderson Cooper is Hot!!!
6 August 2007
I'm a conservative and even a Bush fan, but I can't help but LOVE Anderson Cooper!! I'm a closet Cooper fan! Shhh!! Don't tell anyone at my church. I hate the CNN channel because everything on there is so biased and left of center, and they don't report the news. They sponsor and pay liberals to be on their programs. They give more airtime, uninterrupted to liberals and conservatives are shut off, cut off or over-talked when on the shows (except Larry King).

I give the show a 9 out of 10 because I don't consider this a "news" show. I consider it a talk show and I like the format of the show where he is not behind a desk reporting news. He goes a full 360 degrees around the globe reporting news and events and topics from the source. I like that. Very appealing, unique and innovative. Anderson Cooper is also very easy on the eyes and attractive and soothing. He's great. I have never seen a complete episode from start to finish, but I always see the first 15-20 minutes after Larry King.

Just cut out all the commercials. I swear, they have 10 minutes of commercials for every 5 minutes of programming. That's when I tune out and watch a different show and forget to come back.

Anderson Cooper, as hot as he is, is as liberal as they come. He "moderated" the CNN/Youtube debate in July 2007 and he seemed to be a big fan of a couple of contenders there and even joked with a few. You can tell by his "news" program that he is a staunch supporter of the donkey, liberal issues and candidates and on "THE VIEW" on August 3, 2007, he actually said that he didn't think that viewers knew where he stood politically because he's so centered on his show.

Yeah, right.

Anderson Cooper BELONGS on CNN because he is a liberal fanatic and a mess. He does not "report" news. His simple actions and reactions to news clearly shows viewers how he stands on issues and he gives the "evil eye" to conservatives and is very shut-down in front of them. It's very sad.

If you want a news program that just reports the facts without giving their side of the issue and allows guests free reign to talk, turn to Fox News or watch Larry King. Larry King is gracious, unbiased and doesn't over talk his guests. He's great. Liberal, but great. But Anderson Cooper is very biased, shallow and reminds me of Bill Maher. Both are intelligent, attractive and great talkers, but they are both very liberal.
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Penis Envy (2004)
Bonnie Keller from Oz (Chris' wife)
2 April 2007
The content of this film did not match the movie title. This is a short-film that is from an indie director who has very unique directing styles. The sound quality was not crisp and clear or digital, but then again, it was shot in a public bathroom, so keeping that tunnel-echo-tile type sound fit perfectly with this film.

Mindy Luce, who was brilliant as Chris Keller's wife in the HBO drama, Oz, was hilarious, creative and talented in her role in this film - gotta-go-gal!! Boy could I relate!! Her facial expressions, vocal tone and voice inflexion was very professional, spot-on and actually gave me the urgency to urinate. Now that's acting!! I hope to see Mindy Luce and Chris Keller (aka Chris Meloni) back together on screen again because they had such chemistry together, I could feel their love. Mindy is an amazing actress and I look forward to watching her career move onward and upward over time!! Mindy Luce rocks!
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Cops (1989– )
Best Reality TV Show EVER!!!
21 December 2006
Score - 9 out of 10 This show is just as good now as it was when it first came to us in 1989. It's surprising how stupid some criminals are, especially those who try to flee from the police. Idiots! So many people who were going to be pulled over or taken in for misdemeanors end up getting arrested for a felony for attempting to flee from police or lying to the police about something minor.

This show is humorous, dramatic, intense, educational and entertaining. How many shows can you say that about? This show is simple and they haven't tried to change the formula or format of the show. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Cops rocks and I enjoying watching the reruns on court TV.

Love it!!! Keep up the great work! Thanks to all the men and women in law enforcement! You are a hero!
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Santa, give me my money back!!!
28 November 2006
STRIKE 3 - YOU ARE OUT!! I thought that for sure this movie would be an instant comedy classic because the prince of comedy, Martin Short, was going to be the evil villain. Boy, was I ever wrong.

NOTHING was funny in this movie. I'd hardly classify this movie as a comedy. The farting reindeer wasn't funny the first time and then they had them fart AGAIN about 20 seconds later like it would be funny that time, and it wasn't. None of Martin Short's lines garnered laughs. Just awkward "was that supposed to be funny" reactions. And Mrs. Claus in stirrups and 9 months pregnant? That is just too much, let alone for a kid audience. Kids don't need to see that kind of stuff.

Martin Short and Tim Allen did not have ANY comedic chemistry. Every scene and each dialogue just seemed too over-rehearsed and predictable.

And the kid actors SUCKED big time. You'd think with such a large budget they could get some decent kid actors. The kid that played Santa's right arm man that knows the secrets and clauses was the worst kid actor I've ever watched in my life. How did THIS kid get to be in a BIG movie like this? He must have a good agent.

I give this movie a 1 out of 10 because I was not entertained or amused by this holiday comedy. I predict this movie will be on DVD by the time Christmas rolls around.
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Bobby (2006)
Overrated - Where's BOBBY????
28 November 2006
The title of the film is BOBBY, but the movie is not about Bobby. It's about a score of people at the Ambassador Hotel on the day RKF (Bobby) was shot. It's about THEIR day, THEIR lives, THEIR night. It has NOTHING to do with the senator title of the movie. How did this movie get made? In Emilio's "writers block" he had several years ago for this film, he should have RENAMED the title of the film to fit the plot of the movie. It should have been titled "The Ambassador Hotel".

This movie is full of a bunch of BORING dialogue that means nothing and goes nowhere. It's like "who cares?" when these people are going on and on about their own lives and their beliefs.

There are a LOT of A-list stars in this movie, but this is definitely a D-list movie. Don't waste $10 for a ticket to this movie. Just because there are a lot of stars in it doesn't make it good. Anybody could have played the roles in this movie. No character is so great that I could say "oh, he/she was cast perfectly for that character. i can't see anyone else playing that character".

Nope, this film is a dud. This film has NOTHING to do with BOBBY, BOBBY's ELECTION or BOBBY's life. It's about the people who were at the hotel the night he won the California primary. That's it.
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Charisma (2004)
Season 6, Episode 7
One of the most suspenseful episodes of L&O: SVU History
17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It is episodes like this why I watch the show. The close-up shots of all four detectives as they looked at the children in the dark is gut-wrenching.

Meloni's acting was awesome in not "dealing" with his emotional issues from that scene wanting to get his psych eval "overwith". It was awesome seeing how that previous scene affected each of the detectives differently and the one person who we thought was a ROCK was sent home without a gun.

Mariska's scene confronting Sarah in the interrogation room, getting in her face, yelling, was awesome and very moving. Now THAT was what makes Mariska one of the best actresses out there! And the ending scene when Abraham says, "What are you going to do, detective? You going to shoot a pregnant child?" and her reply, "You son of a bitch." was dead on spot on awesome. The way she said that line was amazing and she delivered it with such power and such disgust. I was on the edge of my seat in the last few minutes of this episode not knowing how it was going to end.

The ending was awesome and everyone's acting jobs were spot-on worthy of nominations. THIS is why I watch the show. Awesome, disturbing and dramatic. Very powerful.
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Pure (2005)
Season 6, Episode 18
How could the cast have kept from laughing while filming this episode?????
9 August 2006
It's always interesting over the years having A-list celebs come and guest star as the bad guy or gal in the L&O shows, however Martin Short's guest appearance gets the prize. Martin plays a "psychic" trying to help the victim's mother and the detectives with the "case".

Sebastian arrives at the police station.

STABLER: "What are you doing here?" SEBASTIAN: "My psyche was telling me that I needed to be here." STABLER: "Well, then, that makes you the worst psychic ever!!" (meaning he did not need to be there)

I can't remember any other L&O SVU episode I laughed so hard through. Martin Short brought his comedic genius and timing and talents to this role as the "psychic".

STABLER pounds his fist on the wall next to SEBASTIAN STABLER: "Did you see that coming?" SEBASTIAN: "Well, I do see anger management classes in your future."


I don't know how the cast and crew kept their serious, "poles up our butts" facade with Short on set because he just makes everything funny. Even him possibly being the bad guy is funny.

They rerun L&O SVU on USA network all the time. Try to catch it on there. The title of this episode is "PURE". Though the crime is harsh - as all of them are on this show - just Short's presence, timing and dialogue bring an entertainment value to this show that I hadn't seen before.

BRAVO, MR. SHORT!!! And bravo to Mr. Meloni too. I didn't think I'd ever like another character more than Chris Keller (Oz), however, this show is the exception. Stabler is not only a hunka-hunka-burning love, but he's rock solid, a good American and a good guy through and through. Have to respect that!!
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Oz (1997–2003)
Chris Meloni ROCKS my world!!!!
8 August 2006
Yes, this show had a lot of male frontal nudity and yes, over the years the plot lines became over the top, melodramatic and very unrealistic, however, it didn't matter because the show is great. You really get involved in the characters and every character, no matter how minor or major, is perfectly cast.

I can't imagine anyone else except JK Simmons play the neo-Nazi racist rapist leader, nor anyone else playing Tobias Beecher except Lee Tergesen. The transformation of his character from season 1 to season 2 is amazing. However, the character that MADE Oz OZ was CHRIS KELLER (played by Christopher Meloni). He didn't have relations with anyone else in prison except Beecher (well, except Ronnie Barlog, but that was only to get Ronnie to stop playing around with Keller's lover boy, Beecher). Their relationship transcended sexes and Tom Fontana actually made us care about those two and want those two to be together.

I loved Vern's soft spot for his kids in the show and how Fontana made sympathetic characters out of all these heinous criminals that we grew to adore, even Simon Adebesi.

However, some plot lines were totally unbelievable and unrealistic: * A guy building a bomb in oz * Guys standing in a spotlight in their windows in their pods looking at other men plotting something in their mind - too over the top. * Drugs getting in oz * Everyone in the rehab group used or sold drugs and sister Pete never helped anyone in six years. * People getting killed in the gym, supply closet and kitchen. * No one hurting Ryan's mom * No one fighting Cyril outside the boxing ring (except Vern of course) * Two inmates with tools being left alone in the elevator shaft and one of them dying with no investigation. * Karl Metzger (guard) gets killed and no one investigates. * Governor holds all his press conferences at the prison * All an inmate needs to do is say "i want to see Glenn" or "i want to see mcmanus" and they are taken to them no questions asked. * People die every week in Oz * On the outside, people kill someone and get 20 years, up for parole in eight, but if they kill someone on the inside they go to death row almost immediately * There is no on site paid staff in the kitchen or mail room - inmates run both departments no questions asked * Aging drugs for inmates to substitute as time served * Ryan has no friends or associates but he never gets hurt, killed, maimed, raped or beaten. * The guys NEVER flush the toilets when they go to the bathroom or throw up. * An NBA scout comes TO the prison to recruit for an NBA player (yeah right)

However, with all these flaws, this show is still awesome. It's gruesome, brutal, sexy, edgy, raw and innovative. Dean Winters, Scott William Winters, JK Simmons, Christopher Meloni, Luiz Guzman, Adele (the guy that played Simon Adebisi), Eammon Walker, Lee Tergesen, Terry Kinney, mUms, Male Alexander, LL Cool J, etc, etc, etc. All are awesome and made the show worth watching.

I highly recommend renting this on DVD. Season six comes out 9/06 (next month). First five seasons are on DVD - watch them and then watch them again with audio commentary. I loved the director's commentary with Chazz Palmentari. The sequence with Andy Schillinger running down the cafeteria tables and then falling into the hole was an awesome, top notch shot!!!! Kudos! And Kathy Bates directing Family Business and the famous wrestling scene between Beecher and Keller - simply amazing!! Brilliant!!! That'd have to be so weird for Meloni to touch Tergesen's private part in front of an icon like Kathy Bates in that one scene!! Wow! Pulled that off beautifully, pun intended!

I'm waiting for Oz: The Next Generation!!!! (like with Star Trek, etc.) C'Mon!!! Let's get it started!!!!
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Dilbert (1999–2000)
Better in print than on my TV
6 June 2006
Dilbert belongs on the printed page. Bringing it to life on TV wasn't the same. Not sure if it was the voices or the long plots or what. Dilbert is fine being a 3 pane comic each day in print versus on screen. Kind of like an SNL movie. SNL movies are rarely successful because they are taking what is popular from a shorter version and moving to a longer and larger version. Comedy is quick and short. Drawn out comedy is not what it's about. Dilbert should've been a SHORT animated series like the Ambiguously Gay Duo on SNL - every now and then, throw in a short in a sitcom and there you have it. But making it into a full-fledged sitcom is not what Dilbert is all about. Glad this show got cancelled.
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Funny Bones (1995)
Depressing and boring
30 May 2006
They describe this movie as a black comedy about a stand-up comic trying to make it as a comic just like his dad did so successfully, however he fails miserably. As I watched it, I was asking myself why I am watching this movie. It is boring, predictable and misses the mark on being entertaining. Oliver Platt's character was not relatable, likable or fascinating. At the end I didn't care how he ended up or any of the characters for that matter. Nothing stood out as amazing, wonderful or even entertaining. Scenes were too long, dialog was boring and the plot line sounds better on paper than it played out to be on film. This movie totally missed the mark - don't watch it.
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RV (2006)
This movie is not funny
28 April 2006
Robin Williams' latest Hollywood vehicle has its own kitchen, sleeping quarters, luggage compartments and toilet, where the studio should have flushed the script the minute it crawled through the door.

This movie sucks.

They TRY to be like that of National Lampoon's family vacation type movies, but falls far, far, far short of it. I can't believe this movie made it to the big screen. Commercials and trailers for this film look stupid and it brings "stupid" to the screen crisply. No question about that.

The vacation romp "RV" sucks the "recreation" out of recreational vehicle, offering a few very (if any) laughs amid bad slapstick, shrieking performances and enough feces gags to make constipation sound like a viable lifestyle.

All the actors and cast and crew should be ASHAMED of this film!!! It will be listed as one of the WORST films on this year.
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Worst Movie of the Century
27 April 2006
Movies like this give me hope as an aspiring screenwriter because if crap like this can make it out there, there has to be hope for me. This movie sucked, make that S-U-C-K-E-D, with a capital S! It TRIES to be funny but just redoing scenes from great movies doesn't make it funny. This movie was a waste of my life and waste of my time. If I were part of this film, I would NEVER include this film on my resume. It was disastrous, boring, uninteresting and not the least bit funny. I didn't laugh once, and I laugh very easily as anyone could tell you. It doesn't take much to entertain me, however this film doesn't even come close to being entertaining. DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE!! You'll be sorely disappointed. 1 star out of 10.
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