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E-Ring (2005–2006)
please don't complain
17 March 2006
To all vets who pick this show apart. I appreciate your views and values to the military as to what is right and wrong as far as uniforms and chain of command. You have to understand this is Hollywood and do you really want the average American to know what we really go through and what really goes on in those special ops deployments. it would really scare the hell out them. the average American doesn't want to see or hear about the true goings on. they want all of the good guys to win every time and the bad guys to always die. So please don't criticize this show for the small errors the average American doesn't see them only a few special people knows between the right and wrongs of the show. remember Russia, Viet Nam, and Korea all had their propaganda this show is ours. again i appreciate all the true blue Americans
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