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Solid thriller
3 June 2018
A good solid thriller you don't get to see that often any more, at least not from a big production with stars acting. It's hard not to give away any spoiler about what is going on so I will keep this very short. The butler did it! I kid, I kid. The movie is about a woman who is not at the best time of her life, who notices something outside the train she is riding. From then on it goes on a roller-coaster (sorry) of emotions and information for the viewer. It manages to keep you on your toes about what is going on and doesn't let go till the end as with all good thrillers.

It's a solid movie that while it has some points it is trying to make that could be seen in a negative way, it still manages to entertain.
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John Wick (2014)
Finally an unapologetic action movie
26 September 2015
I didn't know what I was going to get when I bought this on BR. Sure Keanu is cool, some times, and so is Mr Dafoe. But what about the rest? What about the story? This isn't a sci-fi or fantasy movie where Keanu seems to pick good ones.

So, what is this movie? It's a 2010s version of a 1980s revenge/action movie. It gets bloody soon enough and stays that way till the end. You are not going to have much to "think" about. In fact the only thing I would constantly do while watching this was smiling with satisfaction for the action I was watching in a movie.

What was more impressive about it, was that at no point it felt boring, as many action movies do even when they have lots of...action.

Probably unnecessary warning, but, this is not for the young ones. It gets VERY violent and graphic, all the time.

I rarely place a movie in my favorite list, especially if it is an action movie, but oh my this is one good solid entertainment piece!
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Not that funny, but charming
8 August 2015
I didn't laugh at all till at least half an hour in. I was expecting a full blown comedy. This is not it. At least not in the sense of a comedy which make you laugh and laugh and laugh. In total I laughed perhaps about 6-7 times. Not talking about full blown laughter either. So, if you want to laugh a lot, I wouldn't recommend this.

Having said that, this is a good movie. It is well produced, acted etc. The characters are like able and even the "villain" of the movie isn't a bad guy after all. It's a charming movie which just makes you want to keep watching. At least that's what happened with me. I wasn't laughing but I couldn't stop watching.

Mind you, it is a clever film. There is some very clever writing in there.

Do I recommend this movie? Absolutely. The main reason is what I mentioned earlier, this is so charming you just can't stop but liking it.
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Fun 80s style movie
30 April 2015
I am not sure what movie the people who blast this watched, but I don't think it was this one. While it isn't a 10/10 movie or....I don't know, Blade Runner or something, it is a fun action movie. The acting is good, there is some very fine camera work, editing sound design etc are all good. Not perfect, but they are good. I particularly enjoyed the special effects which, most of them, were AAA quality.

There were some funny moments too, I laughed in a couple occasions.

As for the's a movie about Ghost Rider, a guy who signed a contract with the Devil and has a Jeckyll and Hyde persona...kind of. It's no masterpiece, but how could it be?

All in all a good movie. Plus it has Christopher Lambert for a short part which is always a good thing for me. I am rating this not as a movie which "should" be, but what it is. A fun, very 80s like, action movie.
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2 April 2015
Absurd things do happen. From story to action elements. If you want historical authenticity, you won't get it, at least not much.

What you can do though is get a lot of fun out of this movie. Good action sequences which though they should make me feel "I can't believe they did this", makes me feel good and smile with satisfaction.

The protagonists are simply awesome for their parts. Well done to them and the director. Editing is perfectly done too. Music, the same. Script, as long as you don't mind about the freedoms in realism, it's fun and enjoyable.

The best part for me is, in contrary to other similar movies (action films with a touch of comedy and tons of ridiculous action sequences) I didn't find it boring at any point. I wasn't looking forward to the end of it, or fell asleep, or felt like changing the channel.

Well done to all of those who took part in it.
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A solid average
28 March 2015
I just watched it on TV. I expected it to be a rom-com with some good jokes. I did no get that. It's actually more like a very light film noir, without most of atmosphere or the interesting story. I don't remember if there was a joke I enjoyed enough to laugh. The action sequences were few, but not bad. The music was solid. The acting was OK. The real problem with it was, for me, the story. I am not even sure wtf was the story. It was uninteresting. On the plus side, Katherine Heigl was very pleasant to the eyes.

So, why do I give it a 7? Because somehow it managed to make me stay and watch it till the end, without getting bored. Which is remarkable since I found the story so boring.

It's not a bad movie. It's average, but still very watchable and
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Could have been so much better
16 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
From about half way through, where the film should have been more and more exciting, it felt more and more like a drama about an abused wife. There were gaps in the story, or at least I saw them as gaps. There were story bits which didn't make much sense to me. I can't decide if the acting was bad or just the lines/story. In a thriller or sci-fi in general, you are expected to see things which are not exactly realistic. But when they get to point where they become strong plot points which don't make any sense, then the game is lost.

At least the ending was cool, not perfect, but cool.

With small changes here and there, the movie could have been much better, but it's not.

I give it a 6 out of 10 because it had some good moments (including great acting by the supporting cast) and I believe the heart of the makers was at the right place.
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2 June 2014
I just finished watching it. I never read the book. For a couple of years I hear nothing but praise for the film. For the protagonist too. There is nothing particularly wrong with the movie, it's OK, but nothing special. Jennifer Lawrence was the main attraction, at least for her beauty. This is the first and only film I have seen her in so I am not going to be critical about her acting. Visual and special effects were good, but nothing special. If I ever see it again it will probably be to see her. Other than average. Alexander Ludwig was very good, especially near the end of the movie. Isabelle Fuhrman too had a memorable presence. From the more well known actors I expected solid performances and they all delivered.

I am glad I watched this and I would like to watch the sequels, but right now I wish I had a copy of the Running Man to watch.
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RED (2010)
Much better than the trailers
29 March 2014
I actively avoided watching this for a while. The trailers gave me the impression this was going to be way too much service to the fans (or perhaps the A-list actors in it). Something like the Expendables only with less action and more eye rolling.

I am happy to say I was wrong. This is a solid action lite-spy thriller movie which at no point made me roll my eyes. The action sequences are over the top but at no point they are stupid. Some of them are even more realistic than most other films out there. While the movie is very violent with no fear of covering violent acts (apart from one), at no point it feels the violence is out of place. The story is in its own way believable enough. It bares resemblance to a well know film of the mid 90's but I wont' mention which out of fear I will give away too much. The active is very good, all the technical aspects/parts are very good and in general it feels like a good fun action movie for the fans of the stars in it.

If you want to watch a good action movie but don't feel like watching something which requires you to completely turn off the lights in your brain, it's a must see.
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Storm Catcher (1999)
Slightly bellow average for its type, but still good enough to watch
23 December 2013
It was on TV last night. I wasn't expecting anything since I knew nothing about it. There were some negative parts, plot gaps, action gaps, logic gaps, the use of what appears to be a F-117A as the new "mystery" super plane. If you took it seriously and you had any idea about military, then there is a good chance you will not like this at all. I have plenty of knowledge about military matters but I still enjoyed it. It reminded me a lot of one of those war movies from the 80's, with lower budget and not much time given to film or edit it.

If you used to enjoy those films and you are willing to turn down your thinking for the duration of this movie, you can enjoy it. The action sequences are OK enough, Dolph has the best performance among the other actors and the whole thing is ridiculous enough to be interesting to watch to see what is going to happen next.

Not sure if I am ever going to buy the DVD of it, but I do not regret at all watching it last night.
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The Rite (2011)
I wasn't expecting much
9 December 2013
I am not a professional reviewer or critic so I will keep this short and hopefully to the point..

I wasn't expecting much, mostly because of the subject. Let's face it, not that many great films about exorcisms, demonic possessions and all that.

This very very good. I don't think I have enjoyed any similar themed movie as much since the original Exorcist.

It doesn't go over the top at any point, there are no parts where I thought (well, here is where the budget for the special effects went).

Very subtle tones, several creepy moments, good solid background and great execution by everyone in front and behind the cameras.

I won't go into more details since I would have to say things that would spoil parts of it, what I can say safely is this, if you have any interest in the subject, don't miss this movie. Make sure to watch it at night and without any distractions.
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Chrome Angels (2009)
Title says all
2 December 2013
Yes it is a B movie. Yes it is 100% absurd. Yes you need to turn off all mind/logic to enjoy it. But, if you can do that, you are in for a ride. There are times when it is amazing and others when it is laughable. In all, if you are watching this late at night, not having anything else to do, you can have a good time. I'm not going into story line details much, but it has to do with a gang of female bikers and how they end up in a scheme out of a sci-fi movie. (heh)

Technically 7 of 10 (my score for this) is not accurate, my score is more of the fun I had watching this, not any technical or other aspects of this movie.
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End of Days (1999)
Love it, or don't
8 November 2013
I can't say I enjoyed any A.S film since T2 till this film came. I bought the DVD without knowing anything about it when it was released. I didn't expect much, still had the taste of Batman & Robin (this sounds weird) in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised. The film is very dark and far from optimistic. There are some moments you can smile or even laugh, but this is not a comedy. An ex cop and a bodyguard for hire, A.S. gets into a plot which if it fully succeeds it will bring the End of Days (sorry). Yes, far fetched, but, very well acted from everyone. You just know they enjoyed making this film. There is lots of violence, some creepy sexual acts, bad language and depressing themes. Visually beautiful and audio that manages to be perfect for the film. Special effects were at the time it was released amazing and even now most of them look almost as good as then. Combined with the quality of production, it makes for a superb entertaining film to watch. It brought me memories of the first Terminator film. Is the story far fetched? Well, it's about the end of days, what do you think?

Highly recommended.
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The Recruit (2003)
Average but worth watching
31 October 2013
As the title says, this is kind of a spy movie, about a specific recruit. The story is all about him and his time around his training. He has an instructor who shows interest in him and there are a couple of secondary characters who help promote the story.

There is nothing wrong with the movie, technically it is fine and the acting is fine too. The story is (for a spy movie) believable enough to watch it without making fun of it, which is great. So, what is my problem with it and why I don't give it a higher score? It's too average. It doesn't go far enough (although it does remain faithful to the title). I don't usually like them, but the most interesting parts for me were the "romantic" parts. Bridget Moynahan is a knockout to look and she performs admirably. Colin Farrell is good and believable in his role. Al Pacino....well, he is Al Pacino.

Perhaps too much cut in the editing room or changes in the script? I don't know, but as is, it's just too average.

If there is nothing else on TV, worth watching or renting, but that's about it.
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Not terrible
5 January 2013
I have watched far worse films. It's an average film with a slightly bellow average script. It doesn't really go where one would have wanted it to go. The acting is not bad, the cinematography is not bad, nothing is really bad with it, as long as you are not expecting something good. It has a couple of interesting moments and if there is nothing else on TV late at night and you want to watch something that approaches a mystery/thriller, then this is a solution which will not make you want to kill yourself. There are a few "seriously?" moments, but if you didn't pay to watch it, you should be OK. With some changes here and there it could have been a 6 or even a 7.
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Surprisingly good movie
9 October 2006
A film noir for the mid 90s, similar to other similar films of the 90s, but with very good acting by all who appear on the screen. Music is predictable but good, lighting is at points similar to 90s b-movies, and at times much better. It has plenty of nudity and sex, most of the times just to have them, but even then they are not in the FF button variety (boredom etc), not porn either. It is a story about a divorced cop that still loves his ex and is into what appears to be a maniac killer.

So, we have, a good story, good music, good acting, good directing and editing, beautiful women and a fun diversion for a lonely night you feel like watching a police story that reminds a bit of film noir of the past.

It is a good movie as long as you don't expect to see an AAA film.
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Due South (1994–1999)
Beautiful television!
3 May 2006
A wonderful piece of TV production. A police series with some comedic touches. Wonderful acting, script, camera work, music, photography. Whenever there is an episode on TV I can never stop watching it. It doesn't contain much if any "in your face" vulgarity or swearing, but still remains not only authentic but realistic in its own way.

It has action, comedy, romance at times, and is a buddy series at the same time. I can't say it enough, it is a wonderful production that you just have to see for yourself. Don't take it too seriously, but don't worry, it is not silly or anything. Watch it!

The plot is about a Canadian police officer that for personal and police business takes a transfer to Chicago (with his lovely white wolf, yes, wolf). There he meets and becomes friend of a local police officer. The three of them (with less focus on the wolf), have a variety of encounters that you would expect, and some that you wouldn't. Not every episode is full of gun shooting action, but all of them, in their own way, have you glued on your seat waiting to find out how exactly things will proceed. Just Beauuuuutiful!
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