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Canada: An Appreciated History
5 April 2008
I began watching this series when I was in Grade 6 or so, and I didn't truly appreciate the series until I reached high school. Maggie Huculak's voice perfectly fits each scene and story line. The tone and expression helps put emotional impact on the stories. The music is exquisite and matches the artistic scenes. I was deeply sad to see the series end because it was educational and interesting. I learned so much from this series and I felt blessed and proud to call Canada, my country. The rich history is filmed artistically and the actors (voice and on screen) are passionate about their roles. The series also sides with every character and tells his/her story, and is never biased. I absolutely recommend to teachers, to show this amazing series at school because it is truly marvelous and amazing. Canada: A People's History was breathtaking, and flawless. I gained new appreciation for Canada and for our active partaking in influencing the world. Currently I am planning on becoming a history major at University and I immensely thank the wonderful efforts put worth by an amazing cast and crew because I was blown away by each episode. People need to realize what we are apart of history and we should thank the courageous Canadians of our past for this opportunity to be able to be who we are. If any of the historical Canadians featured in this series, were alive today, they would be proud to see that they are appreciated and their tales are told with true emotion. I personally disliked Henri Bourassa from the way my history textbook explained this politician, and I admired Wilfred Laurier. Canada: A People's History made me appreciate Henri Hourassa for always taking a stand and expressing his thoughts. I also learned about Wilfred Laurier's past and his hard work to become Prime Minister. Textbooks cannot explain these things-- they cannot express emotions. But by watching this series, you will "live" through each character because this series is so heartfelt. I will always keep it close to my heart and mind, and I will always remember what I've learned about Canada and it's rich, rich history. The strengths and weaknesses-- I felt victorious and I felt poor and alone. I lived in this series.
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