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Excellent movie, watch the DVD!!!
27 April 2006
This movie takes place in Beautiful British Columbia in the city of Vancouver. Vancouver is ranked the third best city to live in the world. This movie captures not only Vancouver, Oliver and my favorite city Victoria.

The title song takes place in Victoria...I love that song. There is a scene at the Camosun College (I went there, the best two years of my life) I believe not to mention Bastion Square and Victoria's scenic inner harbor.

I hope more people decide to holiday in British Columbia. Vancouver is a wonderful diverse city. That is why I am proud to be Canadian and very lucky to be surrounded in a multicultural environment. The world comes to Vancouver there is no need to search for anything.

Neal and Nikki was a cool and hip movie. A friend commented on how Nikki looks Italian. Also many of my friends saw the actual shooting.

The actress who played the lawyer actually talked to a friend of mine. Blenz is another popular coffee chain besides the obvious Starbucks.

I just got back from the VPL (Vancouver Public Library) where that particular coffee shop is...and I read a back issue of Filmfare (march 2006 and I read a bad review of this movie). That is what prompted me to write this!!!

In defense of Neal AND Nikki. Many points to make...First of all like every Hindi movie has stereotypes and this one is no exception but there were a lot of truths in this movie. One general is that all girls liked to be serenaded too, that takes a lot of guts. Another truth is that people deal with breakups in different ways...Nikki's was drinking while the Lawyer had relationships on her own terms. This is Canada and you have a choice. The most general truth is the Punjabi stereotype of Nikki and her cousin. The last song with all three of them was nice, it was so funny when Neal tells Nikki he is going to make her dance at his wedding. They were both so stubborn.

As far as exposure all actresses have been exposing, normally people do not walk around here with their navel exposed even in the summer. When non Indians watch some Indian dancing they blush, for me it is common way to dance because I grew up watching Hindi movies and English.

I have learned to appreciate foreign films from the friends I have made from different countries who come to Canada for school etc... Nikki looked cute not vulgar. Neal looked hot. Uday has been working out and it shows, it showed in his first movie Mohabbatein. I saw that in theaters in 2000.

All the songs in the movie are catchy. The director did an excellent job it is too bad that some people do not appreciate Canada. Vancouver is Hollywood north, I know actors that will be famous one day!

Vancouver is always being made into America (as in Pardes). Pardes was shot at UBC, the part where she is giving her speech about "I love my India" At least in this movie Vancouver was given its due credit. The movie was awesome enough said.
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Sohail and Natassha look good together
26 April 2006
I liked the "Bindas" song. Sohail Khan and Natassha had good chemistry. Sohail's character was sensitive to Isha's character another plus point regarding the film. Overall the film was good and I like the TV serials of the production company (Koi Apna Sa was my favorite on ZEE, although I never had a opportunity to watch every single episode!)

The promos of "Aryan" look good. Sneha is definitely a new face to watch out for...I still have to watch "Lucky". From the advertising of "Aryan" she has potential and can play a teenager which most actresses cannot. Aryan is another summer movie I am looking forward to besides the "DaVinci Code".

Getting back to this picture, my favorite memory is the "Bindas" song, a very catchy, hummable sing-along-with type tune. Everyone should watch the movie and enjoy the fun filled song.

The acting is good considering most of the actors are young. Rati is a fantastic actress, I remember watching her films as a young girl. I am glad she is back!

I am partial to thrillers...most of the Hollywood movies I like watching are of the suspense/horror/psychological thriller variety. I have so much catching up to do as far as Hindi films are concerned. I need to make a list and stick to it. So many foreign movies, so little time.
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War and Love meet...
24 April 2006
This movie is a love story set in the backdrop of war. Everything about the movie was perfect. I just saw the movie yesterday and I want to get my own DVD asap and watch it many times over. The story ends as it started I was very happy that he came back and I was proud of her for becoming a doctor and fulfilling her father's dream. She honored her father, boyfriend-husband, and her lover. The character had many shades. Christian Bale is also an phenomenal actor. Some stories do have happy endings. Aside from the love story angle I thought about how a beautiful, serene and peaceful island had been affected by war and it made me realize the true devastation war can have on its people...government makes the decision whereas the people suffer. Her father was a very educated man and wanted more for his daughter while she had regular dreams. I loved the scene where she is complaining about not getting a dowry and I also loved the scene where both lived through the earthquake. They were survivors.
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One of my favorite scary shows...
23 April 2006
Lucky for me my parents let me watch whatever I wanted on TV. I used to set my alarm for 3am just to watch the re-runs. I am one that believes TV like the internet is for entertainment.

"Louis Vendredi made a deal with the devil..." the shows intro was the freakiest. I got goosebumps. The actual show was just eerie but as a child it is fun to watch scary movies because they are not real.

Mickey and Ryan are cousins are who search for the cursed objects. Every Friday the 13th the cursed objects bring fortune but the there is a price. Jack Marshack is their mentor and he also helps them find the cursed objects. Jack used to be friends with their Uncle.

I recall one episode where Mickey dies by one side of the coin (a cursed object) and is brought to life by the same coin (the other side of it). I also recall another episode about a compact. That compact seems to come back in other episodes.

Curious Goods the antique store where they all work and live. They have a fault where they lock the cursed goods once they are retrieved. They cannot be destroyed...There is a episode where they get locked in the vault and they have to confront their deepest fears.
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Salman hysteria begins...
22 April 2006
The lead actress stole the show in this movie...She was simply brilliant, not just a pretty face but also portrayed the character in a rather intelligent and sensitive manner. I think it is easier to be "modern" city than "village".

Two worlds collided in this movie...a generation ago the parents had been equals. Money and success had changed the equation and created rifts in a once solid friendship. That sad fact is that ego is to blame for the major conflict

However, I did not appreciate the stereotype of modern vs. old fashioned. Prem's fathers friend's daughter was being a good daughter from her perspective...Love is not so black and white.

I think that typology reflected the time and genre...I have noticed these stereotypes in all Indian cinema.

Now luckily things have and are continuously changing. Now there are all types of films...I have always loved Indian Cinema from the actors-songs-story. Everything. I appreciate the long long hours they work and the conditions they work in.

Marie Claire (US edition) once featured an article about Indian actresses featuring Amisha Patel and Rani. Amisha graduated Magna Cum Laude. That is a big deal and I am proud of her, its too bad not many Indians are aware and appreciative of this fact.

My favorite song in the movie is the song game, when he is angry that song is mad funny. He needs to hear those three words and she is too shy to say it because maybe she is not sure.

The title song is magnificent example of the theme. Prem is not conflicted, he knows what he wants and that is the way love should be.
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Will your heart listen?
21 April 2006
Does the heart listen? Just follow your heart and avoid conflict (easier said than done)...that is up to debate.

I liked Aamir and Pooja, I saw this during early 90s. Another reason why I miss the 90s. I could write a Thesis on why the 1990s were the best time for Indian cinema.

A magical time in Indian cinema. Pooja Bhatt was the only honest and real actress around, now they all try to be all that and then some. Sorry girls there is only one Pooja Bhatt and she is still fabulous.

There is a song that my dad recorded on a song tape...(I had my own collection). The one I am referring to is when Pooja's character is singing about her boyfriend and Aamir's is singing about his imaginary girlfriend.

All the songs are poetry put to music and they are the soul of the film. All Bhatt productions are very soulful. That is what makes them special.

The song where they conflict is the best because it demonstrates how complex love can be. Pooja's character does not want to change her mind...Aamir's character is aware of her situation and yet he does not willing to give up. Singing about emotions is the best form of expression. Music is great but words are clear and direct.

Pooja Bhatt is too young and too talented as an artist to sit behind the camera. I loved all her movies. I also liked reading her interviews when I was younger.

Aamir Khan is perfection that continues today...Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are also very good actors in the work that they do.

Everyone knows my favorite is Shah Rukh Khan ever since the 1998 Awesome Foursome concert.
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My first and only Woody Allen movie so far...
19 April 2006
This is the first and only Woody Allen film I have watched. His style of film making is eccentric but honest and that is what I liked about the movie.

I am not a film major so for me this movie was a real treat to watch and I watched it with someone who knows a thing or two about good films. Correction this person has years and years of experience in all aspects of film making. From makeup to writing. His short stories will be best sellers...

A very intriguing experience. I could not stop laughing...even at the parts that were beyond my comprehension or level of understanding. That is another reason why I liked it.

Mia Farrow's choice was obvious...It was hilarious how the characters in the movie of the film all suddenly fell unimportant once that cast member went out of the picture. The "'fading out" seen was funny.

I want to see more Woody Allen movies because I have no judgments about the way he has conducted his life. Art is art.

Art is art but good art raises questions and gives the viewer (in the case of films) something...something to think about, something to talk about, something to debate about (my favorite activity).
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Hello Hello
18 April 2006
I loved this movie I watched it over Xmas break. My dil gore mmmm is my favorite. They dealt with the issue of cohabitation well...there is a correlation between divorce and cohabitation. Studies show that if a couple lives together longer than 6mos. then divorce is likely. There are always exceptions like everything in life.

A for Ambar had guts: 1) she moved from her native country to another one 2) she moved in with a chef 3) she had a child out of wedlock. Preity Zinta can pull off most kinds of roles could be due to her background in psychology. Saif is always sweet in every movie except Ek Hasina Thi...that was a surprise.

Saif and Preity make a cute couple they were good in KHNK, they have chemistry.
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Triangular Theory of Love...more of a opinion. Indian pop culture at its best, the fashion trends continue.
16 April 2006
Nisha, Rahul, Pooja are three different aspects or perspective's of love. I bet more people can relate to Nisha's character, Karisma's performance is near perfection there is no comparison between her and her co-stars. The national award was well deserved. Karisma should continue acting and win more National awards. Rahul is the dream-weaver...he creates story yet cannot relate to love. He needs to see it to believe it. Maybe experience love, when he does love in the form of Maya claims him and Rahul being a guy is upfront and honest with his feelings. Maya the illusion...who better than Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri is one of the world's most beautiful women, she could be an actress in Hollywood. Madhuri and Karisma work well together, DTPH has become a cult classic. I first saw the movie in theaters in 1999, not the best experience I had to change seats due to someone touching my hair. I learned to like this movie...I had to see beyond the imagery. This movie is quite profound. The debate whether the heart is crazy will continue for eons. Personally I believe that people do not want to take responsibility for their behavior. All Pooja or Maya has to do is be honest with AK's character. He was really good in the title song! AK has great stage presence (he sings too) He was great in the Awesome Foursome Show 98' and the 2001 show. I like that Punjabi song he sings. Getting back to the movie... Great performances, great music... I love all the songs. With Pooja's character it is not always easily to break the hearts of those close to you---especially since she is emotionally attached to them. But wouldn't loved ones want her to be honest with herself. The best part of the movie is the "musical theater" performance that is when Rahul confronts their friends watch. To avoid such issues people should be honest with each other in the first place...expression not repression. Anyways I have the collectors copy. There is more I could say I could write pages psychoanalyzing the characters and blah blah blah.
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12 April 2006
This movie is so funny! Salman is funny, Sohail is funny, Katarina is funny! Sushmita is definitely a scene stealer...I loved the scene where the good doctor takes her out to dinner and she dictates her daily activities. The Laga Laga song was also nice. Sushmita Sen is lucky to have such a statuesque and graceful figure. The rivalry of Salman and Sohail was hilarious! Salman's character was a terrible liar. I guess the moral of the story is not to lie because one lie invariably leads to the next until the person is trapped in a web of deceit. The myriad of lies that form the the plot definitely are responsible for the many comical moments. I saw this one in the there with my friend Raaes. (thanks for keeping in touch, hope you are studying in Toronto). I miss our still have to learn the proper technique of how to cut onions. Anyways this is a movie review. More comedy please!!!
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Evita (1996)
Oscar for Madonna-someday?
31 March 2006
Madonna should have gotten an Oscar this role. This movie is one of my favorites even today. I saw it the theater with my friends and fell in love with all the characters. I loved how she stuck by her husband...especially when things were not right politically.

Even though she did not fit in, she did not let that deter her. He also gave her strength. An ideal union working together. Antonio B was also great he set the mood for the movie. This movie is a classic. I highly recommend it. Everyone should have their own copy. I love musicals and they all sang from the heart.

Her Death, even though you know from the beginning that she dies forget will watching the movie. The irony is the circumstances of her death and how she would still be alive (due to medical technology).

The scene when she tells the little girl to go back to school was gutsy. "what happens now"--"where am I going" "don't ask anymore" are repeated over and over in the movie. Questioning does not always guarantee an answer, yet we keep asking...what will be will be...things could of been different for her if her father's family had accepted her, a child is a child---Eva was deeply affected by middle class values ("fathers other family.")

I have seen it a few times. This movie demonstrates the power of a woman's will. "you act has not changed much...neither has yours"-WOW. Maybe he should of taken care of the diamond instead of exploiting it. Madonna is amazing, how she can play any role...Her new album is her best! I think more people would be happy if they just accepted themselves. Madonna does not need marketing but I like her attitude about life.

I recommend Swept away as well...not well received by critics but I liked the British humor.
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Rekha's best performance...
30 March 2006
Rekha's maternal acting was wow! I mean she really stuck up for her child. She supported her husbands ambitions as well. Rekha is an angel in disguise. Ideal woman! Hritik too is very talented...that is why he is being selective, he is young he should not try to get everything too soon. Priety did not disappoint. I am proud that she had the humility to apologize, she had no ideal he was developmentally disabled. The teachers did not believe in him...that is vital because the teachers are supposed to facilitate learning not hinder it. when a teacher acts like a child they should be treated as such. what comes around goes around bad or good. I love the its Magic song...
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Judwaa (1997)
29 March 2006
The love these two together! They are the perfect on-screen couple. Karisma is so cute. Salman is really funny in both roles. The songs are fun. I still remember the songs, they fit in perfectly with the entire movie. Another perfect example why the 90s were the best time for movies. Case in point: Karisma and Salman both could possible act together in for years and years to come. I would to see the longevity of these two, they work really well together. Karisma should come back to the screen in 2-4 yrs. I am glad that she had the maturity to get married at the age she did, smart move. Karisma's acting is very much based on the love of the craft...I remember the Karisma poster I had when Prem Quadi came out. I think she was the first newcomer who worked with a no name and did not use industry connections. Some of the newer girls look older...Which goes to show you that age is just a number. Karisma could easily play a 16yr old again. Karisma has single-handedly revolutionized Indian Cinema. Now I know why all my friends and I liked her back then...when Indian cinema was not Bollywood. I cannot believe the terms: Lollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and the like. I do not see British, Spanish, Italian, Finnish filmmakers comparing the too. There is no comparison. Art is art the canvas and paint quality is up to the artist. Interpretation and perception is left to us...
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Kat is not a shrew.
27 March 2006
I never read the original Shakespeare, my knowledge of the great playwright is limited to Hamlet/Macbeth and "Shakesphere in love" I enjoyed this movie it was very modern take on an old outdated concept. Julia Stiles is very good young actress, I recommend Mona Lisa Smile as well as Save the Last Dance. These are good teen flicks. Julia Stiles has the ability to play a exceptional mature teenager and not some valley girl ditsy time (for example she does not play the stereotypical blonde girl roles). I just recommended to a friend to watch. The credit goes to the director, we need more movies like this. This movie is before HL became a big range. He is not that bad either, especially in the scene where he serenades Julia's character that was very funny and very sweet. Every girl likes that! The two sisters were funny.
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Still trying to figure this one out...
26 March 2006
I liked the concept, the film was short (British Short Film) and to the point without being insulting or ignorant. It was suggestive without being vulgar. I like that because we are bombarded with enough garbage in the media it is nice to see some humorous but thought provoking cinema. I like that they taped the short film in their building it adds a personal touch, giving us a glimpse of Christian and the other characters personal lives. I have to admit the sophistication of the comedy was beyond my comprehension. I still managed to appreciate it, I also became more aware and curious...about different caliber's of film making. In essence I actually appreciate the processes of film making (from the concept-writing-acting). These actors/writers/producers are part of an elite and rare group. They are serious about their craft and they not the type that will resort to cheap tricks to market their movie. This movie is definitely worth watching more than once. I do not want to talk about the story because that what makes this film special. Definitely watch and see for yourself, Enjoy!
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Prem Deewane (1992)
All about Pooja...
26 March 2006
I like this movie. Pooja Bhatt was my favorite, of course most people would say that it would be Madhuri for obvious reasons.

I liked Pooja's honesty, because right now its a gimmick to try to be modern. Pooja was Pooja.

I respect Madhuri because she was the ideal woman, she is the women all women aspire to be: the dutiful daughter-loyal wife-and the ideal mother.

They are both very similar than different and this reflects in their upbringing: Pooja had lots of freedom of expression, and Madhuri expressed her creativity through art and dance.

The film industry did not appreciate Pooja and they criticized her...The film industry criticized Madhuri after a certain age but most of her best work came later (Dil to Pagal Hai, Devadas, Pukaar).

The industry is male dominated but I will not tolerate man haters...blaming men is wrong. I can think of a long list of men besides my father in my life who have given me nothing but patience, love and respect---no matter how moody I have been.

There are many sides to a woman, a true man no matter what his age is knows that. Case in point I have come across many guys that can read me like a book and I have not said anything to them, of course there are those who assume things but the wise ones wait...the others quietly regret.

I have nothing much to say about the movie except I remember the it was cute. I liked Madhuris photographs. Kinda weird how he kept life size photos of her...did he need a visual reminder of her perfection.

That kind of relation is an illusion, a photo is a worth a thousand words. I think of my Enlish 11 Profs words...he also said he was a Tree in his past life, he told us to eat one egg in the morning for protein, and he was married to the French teacher hehehe.

Getting back to Prem Deewane: Prem means something along the lines of love, and Deewane means love or crazy lover. People are not crazy when they are in love that is a total myth. We have many illusions about love that we create, depending on the social climate of the times. That why it is best to pursue a well-rounded education (no need for phD analysis).

I think I believe in monogamy due to watching Hindi movies of the 90s, but I realize that time changes everything whether we chose to accept this or not is our choice. This movie was fun, it reflected the 90s well.

I never judged Pooja because I knew that she was being honest because she felt secure, and emotional security can only be passed from father-daughter. Mahesh Bhatt's legacy is his daughter, she is still very young in terms of Hollywood standards. I remember a quote of hers...she said something about being able to live anywhere and survive because she has acquired the tools. I have met many many men like Mahesh Bhatt and it all started in 89 when as a family we watched Daddy on video (not VHS but Beta I believe).

I have to thank my Dad for putting up with me, but he already knows I can see it in his eyes. Expression not repression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Destiny is like the family we are born into and Free will is what we become.

History is a great teacher, it is a waste of time to make the same mistake over and over...due to fear. Fear of self has to be the greatest fear and that is what causes problems. Experience is necessary for growth because there should be no regrets. If one has regrets then they are missing out. Pooja and Madhuri have none, both of them look fabulous.

I know I went off topic with this comment...I hope someone outthere finds it interesting. I apologize for the grammatical errors
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Ming Na before ER
26 March 2006
I am impressed with Amy Tan! This subject matter was very very sensitive and it was handled perfectly. This movie is not about Chinese-Americans it is the story of all Mothers-Daughters and the unspoken connection they share. Nancy Friday has written a book about it: My Mother/Myself, even Freud has his A mother is a woman, next time someone mistreats a woman they should keep in mind that is someone's mother or potential mother. I love the characterization as well as how the story unfolds from the perspective of each character and the switch of ancient past-past-present. Ming Na's character was my favorite, she loses her mother but discovers her maternal instinct...the scene when she is telling her mothers story to a friend's daughter is so beautiful. I found the wisdom of the mothers endearing. I sympathized with the daughters yet I wondered how they still could not communicate openly with their mothers because they were not teenagers. They did not have their own identities, yet blamed their mothers, yet living the "american dream" they had choices. Meanwhile the mothers accepted their choices yet knew their identities. The mothers even in their advancing age did not change because they despite circumstance made choices (they did the best they could). The daughters had choices...they discovered them with time. This is due to the social climate, the push-pull between culture and tradition (which is a universal conflict). Living in a primary oriental city I appreciated an heart felt look at Chinese woman as told through the eyes of the members of the Joy Luck Club.
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Water (I) (2005)
Water-essential for survival
24 March 2006
I felt really really sad after watching this movie. After watching a movie like this one feels empathy towards the women. We know women and children are being treating worse than patriarchy.

Most women in the western world to not even know the meaning of this word. In North America what is the worse thing that happens to us...we encounter betrayal and gossip mostly by other women. We are too busy comparing ourselves to even appreciate our rights. Oprah (has said) that we are lucky just to be born in North America.

All the women in this movie were strong willful characters, like many Indian women they accepted their fate, BUT they still made choices. Lisa Ray's character still fell in love despite her destiny. Despite her circumstances she was so mentally, spiritually, emotionally and overall more evolved than John's character.

One even feels empathy towards him, as a man he is so out of touch with reality...he lives life according to his idealism. This is how he copes with struggles in his life. He choices are also constrained by circumstance From an outsiders point of view, John's character seems to have it all, respect, a sweet mom (Waheeda). I loved WR in Guide that is one of my favorites. His world shatters when he learns of his fathers secrets...

Lisa's character knows her fate, yet she takes the initiative to follow her heart. As a Canadian I am really proud of WATER, I usually do not watch these kinds of movies but sometimes a wake up call is necessary especially when we are wrapped up in our own selfish needs. Water is masterpiece...I am proud of Lisa Ray for taking the time and actually learning about the craft of acting.
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Jem (1985–1988)
Jem is truly truly outrageous..whoa Jem is music contagious
24 March 2006
Jem was the best cartoon ever!!! I loved that fact that Jerrica Benton's Father had created Synergy as a reflection of her mother. Jem loses her mom prior to her mother boarding a plane...they had a misunderstanding earlier... Rio is attracted to JEM, he does not realize that they are the same person. I did the JEM personality test online with the different characters: Jem matched mine, Roxy matched me for the Misfits, and Rapture from the Stingers I still remember the songs...I used to collect them. I had Glitter n Gold Jem, the books (still around somewhere), I got JEM soap and lotion for my 10th birthday. This was more than are was about human relations. I remember I was ''Aaja" for Halloween one year because we could not find a pink wig! IF anyone is interested they do sell DVDs at HMV... They do not make cartoons like this anymore. Every show had at least three songs, and there was continuity in the story line. Though there were three groups: Jem and the Holograms, The Misfits, and The Stingers they all contain qualities one can relate too. Jerrica felt guilt for being angry and she never gets over that, JEM is really and aspect of her but she needs SYNERGY to become her...(she needed that strength from her mother)...there is so much more to say about this show. "Showtime Synergy"
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Death by Dawn (2005)
Two sides of the same coin
24 March 2006
This short film is essentially about two conflicting forces, namely light and darkness, darkness-light...The light is good, the dark is bad or so it seems. Maybe they are one and it is subject to interpretation...the perception of the viewer. This short film is a very psychological experience for the viewer. One feels for the victim (Christian), why is he running? Is he running because it is dark. The darkness of the city blends in with the character, the only thing distinction one can make between the darkness-light is Christian's angelic face with dominates the screen. There is still light in the darkness. The dark cannot overpower the light. Evil cannot win over goodness no matter what the circumstance may be. The victim has respite from his circumstances when he is alone taking a shower, clearing is head, and leaning on the white shower walls for support. Here he can finally be free...but he was always free. One cannot escape themselves. The stalker (Arthur Patching) is always present but his presence disappears in that scene.
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No Entry (2005)
Enter...the NO ENTRY
22 March 2006
Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Salman Khan= good times, it does not really matter who the heroines were. BUT Bipasha looked fabulous, I liked her ethnic look. I think she stole the show. The wives were arch typical (stereotypical). You had the dumb one, the suspicious one, and the bratty one. Most woman are a combination of these. The guys were a bit more complicated. Anil Kapoor played the good husband, Salman Khan played himself (kidding). They both played roles that were expected of them. Fardeen Khan showed range, he is very sensitive and that reflects in his work. I liked him in Khushi with Kareena, and in Fida. The entire movie was so silly that you could not stop laughing. I saw in the theater, at home with my parents then again with friends on video. Even Non-Indians enjoyed it, subtitles and all. One guy thought that SK looked late 20s, impressive. Salman Khan looks good, and it has nothing to do with bodybuilding. The entire movie was cast well.
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