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Utopian Point of View
7 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It has been a number of years since I reviewed a movie on this website. I signed up sometime ago,wrote a few but just never got back to it.

I have a great reason to come back now. I went to see this movie on opening day because I do really like the acting of Mr. Duvall. Almost 80 he's still got the knack for doing great acting and giving his characters "character".

I have noticed some here feel this is either a bland movie or lacks any kind of drive for keeping one's attention. I feel kind of bad for them that they've missed the overall point here.

Not just that this is a movie with the surprise rate of 'G' but that the story is meant to simply give one example of a situation where a young man is wrapped up in the idea that if he fails at this sport,he fails at life itself.

This does not just apply to one thing we do in life but everything. Even when we fail at something,do we abandon it entirely and say "If I can't do this or be great at it,then my life is over?" Of course not.

What Duvall shows the young man is that the game is good but it's not the be all and end all of his existence. The fact that God is mentioned here,well that's just one person's point of view.

It doesn't mean that they're trying to be bible thumpers and try to convert us to Christianity. It is just one way of saying that what ever reason we are here,we have to find that,become that but remember that we are only human beings.

If one loses sight of that,then you end up thinking trivial things are important,instead of remembering that your life and life itself are what matters. As well as those who share it with you.

10 all the way. Not only a good golf score but a fitting score for this film.
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Cop & ½ (1993)
Even 15 years doesn't improve this bomb with time.
2 March 2008
I'm watching this movie on Superstation WGN right now,with my kids and it's just as bad,if not even worse than when I first saw it. You can defend it as kiddie fare,which is why I give it 2 stars instead of 1,but back then,it wasn't even advertised as a kids movie. My kids like it of course and that's fine.

It was put together in promos in 1993 like it was an action-comedy and that was just misleading advertising. That is why so many people give it such low ratings. Hollywood has a history of making you think a movie is one thing,then you go to see it and it's something else altogether.

I hate,and I mean hate wasting my money on a movie when given high expectations. If it weren't aimed at kids,I'd aim my rating lower.

Oh...and Joey Lawrence's "Nuthin' My Love Can't Fix" as the closing song?? Ick!
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Funny? Woo-hoo! Pefect movie? D'OH!!
11 August 2007
A long time now since I wrote up anything on here about a movie. I saw this with my wife and teen-age kids last night and well,no surprise here they loved it as if it were the stuff Oscars are made of. My better 1/2 and I laughed at most of it,blushed at certain moments and cringed in others. Cringing at the sight of Otto and his paraphinelia and Marge taking God's name in vain and other moments that made me feel like donning a big hat,trench-coat and dark glasses!

No trouble with Bart's nude skateboard ride,happy to say. I and my familyhave had healthy discussions about body acceptance. We're all Simpsonswatchers here and for a feature length film it was good. maybe were I closer to my kids' age,I might rank it higher. Such is the price ofbeing an adult and parent.

We discussed it after we went home,then all was right again. my rating is seven because of those blushing-cringing moments. I'd still see it again though.
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They shoot tigers don't they?
17 January 2007
Seems as if I am in agreeance with most of the positive reviews here. Looks like we're in the majority. I think this film while not the greatest Jack Lemmon film ever is somewhere in the top 20 out of his,say,fifty best.

I liked the idea of watching this character struggle to remain sane while all around him seem quite the opposite. He fails of course and it seems like any hopes,dreams or something resembling a happy life for him are totally shot.

I'm not much for down-beat endings nor am I fond of obvious things put in a movie to try and make them contemporary. Referring to the hippie-girl,already out of date at the time this was made. So in all 5 out of 10. Lemmon's acting,great as always but I think much better things could have been done here.

That's all I have to say on that.
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The Toy (1982)
Don't Toy With Me
2 June 2006
Richard Pryor's early 80s running down the street on fire incident must have affected him somehow. In his stand up,he jokes about it getting great laughs. It seemed to have done something involving the projects he chose. The Toy is about the lamest he ever chose,aside from I guess Another You.

A movie where a white man buys his son a black man? Nice little bit of underlying political incorrectness before thee was such a thing. It's seeing Richard getting all sentimental that made me finally walk out before the end. I wanted to see Pryor get even with this brat,instead it becomes the misunderstood kid nauseum! At least Gleason had his moments. Ignore this and watch Pryor with Gene Wilder or any of his '70s stuff. This is a waste of any movie watcher's time!
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M*A*S*H: A Smattering of Intelligence (1974)
Season 2, Episode 24
On the fence about this one.
26 May 2006
I used to watch MASH too and have recently bought seasons 1 through 8. This episode is strange though. The cast or character we know are here but there's some kind of element missing. Some lines are funny but there's others that are not.

It looks,talks and seems like a MASH episode but in some ways it's less.

I agree with happipuppi about Vinny Pratt not being funny or young enough to be a friend to Trapper. Flagg is funny always and really,he is the funniest person in this outing,which doesn't speak well for the actual cast here or the writers.

I love Flagg's coded letter that he dictates to Radar. A bunch of non related sentences that put together here are hilarious. "Sign it,your son...Queen Victoria"!

There's many better MASH's for sure but I'll just call this one uneven and not "the greatest" or "one of the best".
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Prophecy (1979)
Will All All Mindless Campers Please Exit The Woods?
20 May 2006
I like a good scare just as much as the next horror fan but one kind of fright film has never done anything for me. The kind where unsuspecting campers get killed. We know they're alone,we know that's risky and we know they're gonna get it! Yet people went and saw this and those other ridiculous terror flicks! A mutant bear like monster?! C'mon! Can filmmakers say,"Movie patrons have no brains" any more than when they drop this off at a local cinema? I watched and was not just disappointed but really annoyed! I can get into an idea like "save the planet or it will devour us" but there had to be a better way to say it on film. Zilch,zero and no stars is what I really want to say! Since i have no choice,1 will have to do. Someone please burn the original prints!
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