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All about social disorganization, social learning, and social strain theory.
3 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film has a social disorganization theory. It's a theory that links to crime rates to neighborhoods. It has the rise and fall of public housing and residents. It breaks down social institutions in a community. It has a low organizational participation, a lack of cohesion and trust among neighbors. The movie had groups of friends in a chaotic environment. After 20 years since the riot at Wyatt, social issues still continue such as drug and violence. There was a lack of police supervision which is a result of social disorganization. Caine and his friends were isolated from advanced society comparing to Beverly Hills which showed an example of misery of African- Americans. There were homelessness, houses that were abandoned, and no activities to keep the young people occupied and stay out of violence. The Hughes Brothers are showing an example how the U.S. government leave certain inner cities abandoned and keep African-Americans in poverty ever since the Wyatt riot. The film showed a footage of the riot, it was like a war zone. There were homes and businesses burning while white cops beating shirtless African-Americans with clubs. The entire community was getting used to all these misfortunes between anti-heroes and victims. Violence is like a poison to all these youngsters including Caine. What affected them was weed and ghetto alcohol which we don't see in the suburban neighborhood such as Old English and Malt Liquor.

Social Learning Theory is another issue that is dealing with Menace II Society. Caine did learned how to mix and sell drugs as well as killing as he witnessed his father. Early in the film when Caine mentioned both his parents died, Parnell looked out for him as his only peer. Parnell was like a guide to Caine when he was younger. Years later Caine tried to teach Parnell's son how to shoot a gun but Ronnie didn't like that. Ronnie didn't want her son to be a gangster. Caine wanted to do all these crimes to impress his friends, if he will not do it all his friends will think he is a coward, a sucker or a bitch. The Hughes brothers were showing young audiences not to follow deviant acts or there will be consequences. Kane was not really a killer, all he does is follow deviant acts in his community and stay alive. If he breaks a norm with his friends, they will kill him. The Muslim guy Sharif, he tried to give knowledge to Kane about black history and encourage him with dignity. Sharif learned that from his father. There as a scene when the father of Sharif talked to Caine about living in America as a black man is not easy, he quoted, "the hunt is on and you are the prey." Caine didn't have a role model as a father to teach him discipline, responsibilities, manners, and respect. Caine and all his friends seemed they did not have respect for women either by calling them bitches and hoes. In the movie, that other girl Caine met which was Ilena. He only met her in one day and they both had unprotected sex and got her pregnant. Caine never thought about education. There was another scene I didn't mentioned was when Caine and Ronnie visited Parnell in the penitentiary. Parnell had an emotional conversation with Caine about taking care of his son Anthony and teach him how to be a man in a proper way. Parnell did not want Anthony to end up in jail or dead. Parnell want his part of life to be successful.

Social strain theory. It all started when Caine's grandfather asked him, "do you care you live or die". Caine replied he don't know. In one night, Caine and Sharif were harassed by white cops. They got racially discriminated, the cops threw them to east L.A. A Mexican gang found Caine and Sharif and send them to a hospital. Ever since that incident, Caine seem to care less about the rest of his life. Death seems to be stalking Caine. He was sitting in the hospital thinking about either moving with Ronnie or stay in L.A. Because of his parents who were never there to over sea his life, he seems to have a post-traumatic stress disorder. Its sad how there were no psychiatric therapy to receive treatment in his community. After all the years living in Wyatt, Caine is used to misfortunes and violence and that's his life. Caine wasn't more of a killer comparing to O'dog. O'dog takes everything personal. Like the beginning when he killed the Korean guy after he dissed about his mother and there was another scene when he shot and killed a drug addict after he asked O'dog for a blow job. O'dog was so rude and stupid, he keeps on showing the surveillance tape to everybody. He wanted to distribute to the entire neighborhood. In Caine's household, his grandparents encourage him with Christianity. But Caine did not want to get involved. Even though his grandfather preach, Caine always take it one ear out the other. There was another scene, Ronnie once again encouraged Caine to leave to Atlanta with her and Anthony during a goodbye party in her house. Caine still didn't care, said that moving to Atlanta will make no difference as a black man. However, there was a sudden moment he realized he want to move with Ronnie because he loves her. That moment, Caine was about to get out the strain theories and start looking ahead of his life. Caine loved Ronnie so much, he was protective of her when Chauncy was grabbing her, looked like he tried to rape her but Caine grabbed O'dog's gun and beat up Chauncy's face with it. Let's not forget that Caine was going to be a father to Ilena's upcoming baby. Caine was still having his strain theories as he don't want to be a father.
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2 and a half hours
30 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Now this is more like it. A live action flick this long is more entertaining. Despite that the story line has a flaw, I love all the special effects and the sound effects. This sequel is about a war between politics and machines while the civilians are on their side. All these recent vehicles got me so motivative to follow my dreams. I like mostly Bumble Bee with the 2014 Chevy Camaro. I also like how some of the Decepticons joining forces with Optimus Prime. This film has non stop action with special fire power and explosion. Mark Wahlberg did a tremendous job acting in this film, his portrait as Cade Yeager in my opinion is better than Sam Witwicky because it seems that Cade is not afraid of the machines and the Feds. This is a must see in a 4th of July weekend.
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2013 MTV Movie Awards (2013 TV Special)
What about Expendables 2
15 April 2013
I'am so disappointed that Expendables 2 didn't have MTV movie award nominees for best villain: Jean Claude Van Damm, Best fight: Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damm, and best on screen team: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Stratham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, and Randy Courture. The performances suck. Im surprised they should at least let Lil Wayne and Drake perform their it song "Love Me". They were suppose to show a sneak flick of "Man Of Steel" instead of "Iron Man 3". Who the hell is Rebel Wilson hosting one of the exciting events of the year. My opinion is this her hosting wasn't good either. Mila Kunis should of hosted the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, because she more popular, more attracting, and she would of get the audiences more excited.
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2011 MTV Movie Awards (2011 TV Special)
Best fight scene
12 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Im very disappointed that the movie Predators(2010) wasn't nominated for best fight scene between Hanzo and Falconer Predator. I mean, come on. That was one of the best fight scene in a movie in my life. 20 years from now, I will show my kids and tell them, "this is a real fight scene". But they gave it to Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Sorry guys, Im not a Twilight fan. You guys should awarded to Inception(2010), that scene between Arthur and the Projection was so amazing. I like the way how Joseph Gordon-Levitt acted in that part while Im hearing that theme song. I don't know any the rest of the nominees for the best fight scene because I didn't see any of them. Kick-Ass(2010) and Fighter(2010) weren't appealing to me. Berserker Predator vs Royce should also be nominated, because Royce handled that wild, crazy, and ugly Predator very well.
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Die Hard (1988)
Welcome to the party pal
23 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great start for Bruce Willis. This movie all started with John Mcclane on his Christmas vacation from New York to Los Angles to visit his wife Holly, which they were separated. John and Holly had an argument about their marriage. All of a sudden, while Holly was having a meeting, the German terrorist took over the plaza. The way how those terrorist planed their attack was incredible. All because of Theo, he know how to use computers and shutting off the elevators. And Karl played by Alexander Godunov, I had my eyes on him the way how he look suspicious with his long hair. Alan Rickman was the right actor to play as Hans Gruber, the way how he did that German ascent. As soon John accidentally killed Karl's brother during their fight all things broke lose with him, the part when Karl said " I want blood". The only part was so stupid was when Ellis trying to be a hero claiming to be John's friend. Ellis should of known that Hans was really going to kill him. I liked the way how John handled the terrorist situation as a New York cop. Reginald Veljohnson played as Sargent Al Powell stole the movie too. Such as, the way how Sargent Powell trusted John Mcclane, standing up for himself against Executive Chief Duane T. Robinson,including in the ending when held up his gun and shot down Karl. I also like the part when John and Hans finally met when Hans was acting like a hostage and claiming that he works for Neketomi. I think that was a challenging part for the director to put those two together. The best fight in Die Hard was John and Karl, I enjoyed that fight. All the lines in Die Hard were never broken by another movie. Such as, " welcome to the party pal". and " I came by to the Christmas party by mistake who knew".
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