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Saints Row (2006 Video Game)
Sure its a grand theft auto copycat but what the hell, ITS FUN!!!!
14 August 2007
I am a big GTA fan. I love everything about Grand theft auto except the graphics. But what i don't like is GTA copycats. They are usually boring, dull, and just trying to make a name for itself. But Saints row is just different. Sure it is very very similar to San andreas but u have to admit, there are some features in the game that are quite original. Here are the pros and cons

Pros: Great map and GTA like experience - Graphics are pretty good - Weapons are just great and realistic - Missions and activities are usually fun - Great voice acting and cast - pretty good storyline - Characters are interesting - Great sound

Cons: Missions get a little too repetitive at times, not much creativity to the mission design - Lots of glitches - No blood or gore to add to the fun - Lacks a good ending
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006 Video Game)
One of the greatest RPG games
9 August 2007
I am not a fan of RPG games except Grand theft auto (if you consider that an RPG game). In fact i don't like many RPG games like world of warcraft or the sims but Oblivion is definitely an exception. Oblivion is fun in conclusion but at times, it may get a little boring and dull.

Pros: Huge, beautiful world that is almost endless - Lots and lots of things to do besides the main storyline - Excellent graphics - Characters are realistic and well developed - Excellent storyline - Great original score

Cons: Some quests are boring - Traveling some places in the beginning take WAY to long
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Gears of War (2006 Video Game)
More fun with 2 people but still great
9 August 2007
This game probably shows one of the best graphics ever for a video game. Sound effects makes the game-play intense. But the best part of the game is online gaming and best of all CO-op. Gears of war is also the best 2 player game I've ever played. If u have trouble with a level, ask a friend and both of u can kick ass. Here are the pros and cons

Pros: Graphics are absolutely gorgeous and one of the best i have ever seen -Sound effects are great -reloading is fun -chainsaw is hilarious -Best co-op ever -Great voice acting and cast

Cons: Gameplay is very mediocre -Not that fun with 1 player -story isn't well presented
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004 Video Game)
The greatest game on the playstation2
8 August 2007
I am a big grand theft auto fan. I have ALL the grand theft autos and so far San andreas is the best one (at least till grand theft auto IV heh heh)I got it when it first came out and i was just speechless. Anyway here are the pros and cons

Pros: Very large and realistic Gta like world -Great storyline and excellent dialogue -Interesting and funny characters -addicting and fun -lots of things to do besides doing missions and just killing random people -makes u want to play over and over again -lots of mini-games -Great voice acting -Funny talk shows and radio stations

Cons: Pedestrians and other characters act like rag dolls when they get shot, always fall in the same position -guns sound like weak toys -reloading could've looked a bit more realistic
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Bully (2006 Video Game)
A new way of introducing "gta like" games without the killing
7 August 2007
Bully is a very funny and interesting game in my view. I personally love crime, grand theft auto type games. Bully is just as fun as grand theft auto except without all the violence and strong language.

Here are all the pros and cons

PROS -funny and has a great sense of humor -characters are very well developed and introduced -(as i said earlier) just as fun as GTA except without the violence -Missions are easy and fun -Loved the cliques -One of the best original scores I've heard in a modern type video game

Cons -graphics could've improved -map shouldve focused more on the school rather then the town
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Bad Bad Bad
15 August 2006
I have no idea why anybody would think this piece of trash is good. Maybe for the kids its good, but definitely not for the adults. If you are over the age of 7, I would not recommend this terrible movie to you. All the adults in this movie should have been nominated for Razzie because their acting was even worse then the kids. All the kid's performances were not that bad except for Jacob Davich's. His acting was bad bad bad. He was a lot better in " the aviator " which he was in for like 5 minutes altogether. The plot was junk. "Planet drool"! Come on! The acting, I already mention was bad for the most part. Action was cheesy, and special effects. BOOOOO!!!!
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Sin City (2005)
Great dialogue, fantastic action, and awesome movie
15 August 2006
I am not a fan of comic books. For example Spider man, The punisher, Hulk, but this film changed my mind. It isn't a " I am a super hero and i have a secret identity" kind.It is more brutal and of course a lot more complex and violent, but it doesn't change it from being the classic that it is. The dialogue is just amazing, especially " the hard goodbye", the action was almost nonstop. The acting was mostly brilliant (especially Mickey Rourkes performance which should've gotten him an Oscar for best actor in a supporting role). For those who love comic books or just simple action and violence with a neat story, this is definitely the movie for you.
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