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The Delinquent Season was not what I was expecting at all!
19 November 2018
I was pleasantly surprised by the new romantic drama,The Delinquent Season. It was not at all what I was expecting, when the mild mannered characters engaged in a scandalous affair I was taken aback. The drama filled plot was entertaining and I was excited to see the characters lives unravel. I am impressed by Cillian Murphy's noteworthy portrayal of a man who discovers he doesn't have his life together. His love interest, Yvonne, played by Catherine Walker has a tough acting challenge battling with emotion of guilt and grief, but I feel she raises to the occasion and I hope to she her in more films. Overall the film, although a little unhurried, had some strong performances and a number of impressive dramatic scenes that make the film remarkable.
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A thrilling story of friendship
3 October 2018
The South African film, Five Fingers for Marseilles, was a fantastic film that moved me with it emotional storyline and picturesque cinematography. The film features actor Vuyo Dabula who portrays the character Tau, who changes the course of his life as well as his friends when he murders two policemen as an adolescent in his shanty town referred to as "the railway". Tau returns to "the railway" after years of absence to see the ones that he loves. The character Tau is not an easy role, as throughout the movie he deals with heavy emotions such as guilt and shame. I think Dabula did an incredible job portraying this character who is on the outside a feared outlaw, but has a wounded core who searches for peace. Initially, I was apprehensive about a western, a genre I am not too familiar with, but I think the emotional character relationships bring this film a universality. I applaud director and writer team Michael Matthews and Sean Drummond on a beautiful film that I highly recommend.
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Overall, I was very impressed by this independent animation
26 September 2018
The animated film A Wizard's Tale directed by Andres Couturier was a fun and vibrant adventure. This children's film of good vs. evil is an amusing story that keeps your attention with its colorful characters voiced by the talented Lily Collins, Ian McShane, and Toby Kebbell. I got lost in the story and found myself routing for the main character Terry (Toby Kebbell), a teenage boy who gets transported to a magical kingdom where it finds himself helping a princess defend her kingdom. The story line is dynamic and the soundtrack includes upbeat songs which amplify the energetic atmosphere created in the film. The animation was very impressive, I think Craig Kellem did a great job designing the characters in a bubbly style that I haven't seen before which made the human characters look lively. I was also impressed by the amount of wacky supporting characters the film had which elevated the entertainment value. Overall, I was very impressed by this independent animation and I highly recommend watching A Wizard's Tale.
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