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It's just as bad as the title.
30 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie idea is so bad it makes me angry! Wasting money on this film, hiring renown actors, even Spielberg's involvement in it, makes me all the more angrier. The fonds for this movie would have been better used feeding the poor in Africa, instead of making rich people even more rich. This movie is so ridiculous you would want to ho after the producers and shoot them yourself.

Cowboys fighting Aliens with pistols and horses???!!! Really?? Not even Harrison Ford or the lovely Olivia Wilde make it appeal in any way. The concept of this movie is so stupid I can't even go on reviewing this title. Anyway, DON'T WATCH IT!
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Jurassic Park (1993)
...the real world is much smaller than the imaginary.
30 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am a 20-year old girl living in Romania, a country God completely forgot about. Growing up, I enjoyed adventure and fantasy movies or stories more than anything, they gave me a sense of hope, great comfort and made me wonder about the world.

"Jurassic Park" gave children of my age the biggest joy of our lives, years after the movie came out we would still be talking about dinosaurs! I remember a little girl who drew dinosaurs on the street, wishing they were real and she could see one. Her kind of hope still brings tears to my eyes.

"Jurassic Park" is more than just a movie, it's a magic adventure my generation will never forget. Thank you Steven Spielberg! When I grow up I want to be just like you!
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Salt (2010)
Who is Salt?
5 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Salt is the kind of movie you would want to watch when you need to get distracted from something. It's a lot of action and reportedly Angelina Jolie did most of her stunts, which is quite impressive.

Angelina Jolie plays a femme-fatale, trained Russian spy, a woman in a men's world. From beginning until the end of the movie you wonder who is she and what is her purpose? Apparently she was a Russian spy, with her own agenda (saving the world and working alone against the Russians, while hiding from the Americans).

Yeah, sure watch this movie if you need to get distracted and you like Angelina Jolie.
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"I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. " Bruce Lee
8 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, IMDb users and Bruce Lee fans must know that this is truly a very cheap production. The editing is amateurish, the cinematography is amateurish, the script is unbelievably amateurish and of course, most of the acting is amateurish. You can actually see one extra playing in almost all 50 episodes (a doctor, a pupil of Bruce Lee, a high school colleague of Bruce, then a university colleague of Bruce, dining at most of the restaurants Bruce dines etc.) it's annoyingly obvious they didn't bother to think it all out, after all, it's the life of Bruce Lee, cultural icon and hero to the Chinese people.

I can't help but comment on Danny Chan, he looks almost like he's a clone of Bruce Lee. I heard he prepared for a full year before filming and it's probably true, he, at least, does his best to give Bruce a run for his money. It's not just about the looks, the guy tries to mimic Bruce's every feature and strand. The animal sounds, Bruce's famous kicks and punches, his facial expressions... But the fight scenes... They did some pretty lame wire work in some of the last episodes and the fight scenes are not as good as the real Bruce would've done, but overall that's OK. There is just one Bruce Lee and he cannot be imitated. My personal favorite scenes where the ones with Danny Chan running, specially those filmed on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Love. Don't even think about cheesy scenes between Bruce and women, the first time he kisses a girl on screen is after his first date with Linda, around the 23rd episode or so, although he always has women chasing after him. There are no love, but after Brandon is born, you can see the couple wearing matching house outfits, cuddling, playing with the kids and everything else families do.

After the 40th episode they kinda dedicated one episode for each of his movies, including "The Green Hornet". Throughout the series, Bruce is constantly challenged by various people to fight, many of whom end up his friends and students. His miraculous recovery was a "wtf?" moment: Being unable to feel his legs (for the rest of his life according to the doctors) he watches Brandon Lee (his son) loosing his foothold and lightning-fast he runs caching him before the child can hit the ground, realizing what he did only after he hears Linda screaming in amazement.

The last episode was mind-blowing. He just died, out of nowhere, like it was in reality. On the verge of achieving his much deserved glory, Bruce Lee died, leaving his family and friends with the millions of fans shocked and curious. I am glad I watched this TV series, it opened my imagination and made me aware of how much Bruce Lee has changed the world. In the beginning I was curious about his death, now I think his life changed more than a million others. That is why he is still loved and looked up to today.

Maybe this series is not the best production in the world. But trust me, you won't regret watching it.
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Daniel Deronda (2002– )
29 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I never read or heard of the novel and out of boredom and curiosity I decided to watch the movie, given that Hugh Dancy and Romola Garai star in it. I loved Hugh Dancy in "David Copperfield", I was 10 or 11 when the movie aired on TV and I watched it every year. I watched Romola Garai in "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" and I wondered how she would be like in other films.

"Daniel Deronda" is something I never thought I might encounter. This is more than entertainment, this is culture, something more directors and producers should try to achieve. If they were to make this movie with Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus in modern America, people might be interested. - Joking, after the failure of "Clash of the Titans 3d" the last thing we'd need is more of Hollywood's appetite for destroying culture! I can't talk much about the plot of this movie since every line and every meaning is still spinning in my head. It's a great story about self-discovery, kindness, life's way of giving everybody a little bit of what they deserve. Of course, I'm rather one to think life doesn't give us anything we are getting everything based on what we have decided.
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If you enjoyed the movie, you will absolutely love the novel!
21 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I studied the book "Maitreyi" by Mircea Eliade (or "La nuit Bengali" as it is know internationally) two years ago in high school and was gawked to discover a movie was made after it with Hugh Grant as Allan *Mircea Eliade's persona in the novel).

This movie is made after a semi-autobiographical novel by one of Romania's most successful writers and philosophers, Mircea Eliade. It's about his early years, after finishing his studies in Romania he received a scholarship to Calcutta where he worked with Narendra Sen. In the novel he uses all the actual name, except his own, changing it to Allan. Internationally, he was (and still is) mostly known by the intellectuals and I have a strong feeling that the director of this movie, Nicolas Klotz was a personal friend of Mircea Eliade.

The movie is rubbish compared to the novel, but the actors do a pretty good job. Of course it could have been much better. I hope someday a remake will be made by a very capable director. If you stumble across the movie watch it, but the novel has to be on everybody's "must read at least once in my lifetime" list.
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17 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I must confess my interest in Chinese movies is recent and I don't know much about their cinema.

I'm astonished with the beauty of this film. Some scenes took my breath away. I loved the lead actress Ziyi Zhang and her dance coordinated fighting moves. She is a lot more feminine than most Hollywood actresses. The final scenes are tragic, yet they leave you wondering what will happen to the two men left? Mei's death was a waste because Leo couldn't get over his greed for her falling in love with Jin. I never thought I could bear watching a Chinese love story, it's from a world unfamiliar to me, and I loved every second of it. I admire the Chinese and Japanese cultures and I know they are different from one another.

Takeshi Kaneshiro honestly made me believe his character was the bad guy. I loved his on screen chemistry with Ziyi Zhang and the way the situation changed, from him being a notorious womanizer to falling in love with Mei and maturing.

The battle scenes are superbly choreographed and visually stunning. This movie is beautiful!
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The Guardian (I) (2006)
Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher deliver a strong performance together.
14 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am fully aware that this is not a 10 out of 10 movie, but I've always been generous. "The Guardian" is a film I enjoyed watching a few years ago and couldn't wait to watch it again today.

Kevin Costner has always been one of my favorite actors, I loved him as charming outlaw Robin Hood or sneaky psychopath Mr Earl Brooks. His character in "The Guardian" reminds me of the one he played in "Message in a Bottle" (not a fan of Nicholas Sparks). While Ben Randall is not much of an original character, co-staring with Ashton Kutcher in "An Officer and a Gentleman"/"Top Gun" kinda movie was quite cool. I never thought Kutcher could pull off such a role, he's not that bad of an actor, I think he should challenge himself with more roles like this or the womanizer Nikki in "Spread".

The movie itself sends a powerful message about the Coast Guard. It makes me feel like joining them, but I live on a different continent unfortunately. Here people don't want to be saved. I loved the script and what Andrew Davis had done with the film.

I say this is one of those movies you HAVE to watch at least once in your lifetime.
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The Mystery is, what did they do with Daphne?
6 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest I would have given this movie 5.5 out of 10, but decided it's better to grant the extra 0.5 points.

Scooby-Doo was my favorite cartoon as a kid, then the movie came out and I couldn't be happier. I still love the two movies with Freddie, Sarah Michelle, Matthew and Linda.

But this movie... well, this isn't as good as the first two but it's still enjoyable, if you're a real Scooby fan.

The script was awful, but they managed to infiltrate almost everything that defined the Mystery Inc. The actors were all right.... Robbie Amell was charming as Fred, maybe because he looked natural for the role. I know most of you think the movie it's not worth watching because Fred's not blonde in this one, but trust me, you won't even notice that. Nick Palatas was almost as great as Matthew Lillard was as Shaggy. Hayley Kiyoko did OK as Velma, but Daphne was completely miscast. Kate Melton is terrible, with hideous non Daphne like outfits. She even looks pregnant in some scenes. I wish she did a better job.

But if you get through all that, it's a pleasant movie for children.
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Supernatural: Pilot (2005)
Season 1, Episode 1
The beginning
22 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
22 years ago in Lawrence, Kansas John and Mary Winchester kiss their two sons goodnight. In the middle of the night Mary wakes up to discover that someone or something is with her baby Sam. Soon after, John hears Mary screaming and rushes in to Sammy's room, where his wife was attached to the ceiling, bleeding. A fire starts around her, then the entire ceiling is burning. Dean takes his younger brother outside and John follows after an unsuccessful attempt to save Mary.

Many years later, in the present day, Sam receives a visit from his older brother Dean, in the middle of the night at Stanford. After a Winchester brothers style confrontation, we find out Dean bears news that their father is missing... And they set out to investigate! Most of the fourth season was stupidly boring and watching the first episode again reminds me of why I watch this show. Jared and Jensen fighting, delivering hilarious lines combine perfectly with the show's strong sense of irony and sarcasm.

Supernatural can offer some seriously frightening scenes and after that we also get a good laugh.

In this episode, I personally appreciated the pentagram statement. In Christianity it is a symbol of protection against evil, but it's a common mistake to associate it with Satanism. Also, a really interesting fact is that in Supernatural they base some of their episodes and monsters on real urban legends.

A ghost made the famous Impala chase Dean on the mission, that was a nice kick in the ass for him, given Dean's attachment to the car. In the next seasons we will find out what he'll do if somebody messes with his Impala.

Watching this again makes it quite hard to digest the fact that Dean will be chosen by God and saved by angels... it almost makes me hysterically laugh, but that's just irony. That's Supernatural.

Oh and to satisfy my inner naturalist, I hope they're not using real salt.
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High School in Romania goes Rock'n'Roll
15 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My father was crazy about this movie. Every time he spoke about it, he spoke with a certain melancholy in his voice. High school for him, in a communist Romania, led by Ceausescu, wasn't the most memorable period. This movie was made after the fall of communism and it's more like how high school is in my time.

"High School Rock 'n' Roll" is a fun, romantic comedy about a bunch of high school students practicing for a music competition, while trying to cope with school, teachers, relationships, love and sex.

Stefan Banica Jr. brings to the screen his natural charismatic self, to the role of Mihai, the lead character. His Elvis Presley moves and style made him something new for the Romanian public in 1992. Oana Sîrbu does a pretty good job as Mihai's girlfriend and Cesonia Postelnicu is charming as Geta the girlfriend of the goofy Ionica. Ionica is played with energy and laughs by Mihai Constantin, making one iconic character in the history of Romanian cinematography.

On stellar performance is delivered by Tamara Buciuceanu as Isoscel, the math teacher, also the teacher in charge of the high school musicians and their class.

I love this movie, it's beautiful and fun and it's from my own country, and sometimes it's a lot like my life. I wish there would have been more movies to this "High School" series.
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Dacii (1966)
~*-True Romanian History-*~
18 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I first learned about Daciens in primary school, a few years ago and since then I am interested in everything about the Dacians, I like to believe I am rather Dacian then Roman. I am 17 now and to my surprise many people my age are interested in old Romanian movies and older people also.

I watched this film today for the first time, I've always heard my father talking about Sergiu Nicolaescu and their greatness, I just wasn't really interested in any sort of Romanian movies until now. "Dacii" impressed me so much, I think it equals "Spartacus" and "Cleopatra". I've always been proud of my heritage, like all Romanians I believe and I've been reading everything I can find about it. It's such a pity our history is not world-wide known, many people could be amazed.

I am ashamed because I waited so much until watching this movie, it's a true masterpiece, if it would have been released "World-Wide" I think it would have been a block-buster.

Amza Pellea was indeed Oscar-worthy with his performance as Decebal, a well-respected Dacian King. Mr Pellea is a renown actor here, in Romania. It's such a shame the movie didn't premiered in other countries at the time.

History tells us that Decebal committed suicide, he did that rather then seeing his loved country in the hands of strangers. The truth is Dacia lost a battle, but the Romans never got to rule this lands, there have always been people fighting for freedom.
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~*-He's back!-*~
27 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Warner Brothers proved themselves worthy of yet another well done "Hary Potter" movie. The movie manages to capture everything in the book, except minor subplots, but the story continues and the director did a great job, I'm happy he'll be making the next movies also. After all those style changes from the first movies, the fans of the movies need to focus on the story rather then the new uniforms, or other things directors usually change.

I don't think the screenplay was quite bad, and the Hermione-Ron relationship is getting a little bit awkward, since Ron is even jealous of Grawp and Hermione is looking all the time so subtle at him. It's getting more like the two of them and Harry, but the team grows bigger now. Also, Harry has Cho, while Ginny watches them jealously, yet subtle.

In this film, Sirius Black, Harry's only living relative dies, killed by Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry is absolutely shocked, he performs the Cruciatus curse on her, but he's not cruel enough to really want to hurt her. Harry grows stronger and angrier (He has his Hulk moments), while the desire in him, not to get revenge, but to defeat evil and make sure all the persons left that he cares about are unharmed.

With the "Harry Potter" films is never the question if this movie has a great story, because most of us read the books. The question is, was it a good adaptation? I cannot answer that, because all the directors brought something new to the movies and each of them represented the magic world of "Harry Potter".
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~*-Harry Potter and Alfonso Cuarón-*~
26 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this movie so many times, until I turned 15 (2006) and I loved it every time! Of course, back then I was watching it for the story. I'm seventeen right now and almost forgot I am still a teenager. This movie reminds me of so much in my life, because every time I watched it, I was sad or angry and it always helped me distract and then concentrate on a solution.

Today I watched this movie again and I noticed new things, I can say this is the kind of movie, which you can watch so many times and discover something new about it every time.

I've seen "Y tu mamá también" and "Paris, je t'aime" mostly because of curiosity about Alfonso Cuarón's directing style. I can recognize that style now, in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". He managed to bring the movie two Oscar nominations (although he wasn't personally nominated, we know the director comes with the "vision").

Of course the change is huge, it's almost an entirely different "Harry Potter" universe, the young wizards are obviously teenagers now, everything is so much darker, the characters were more rebellious and the actors were allowed more liberty with their characters and I think they did a good job. I can clearly recognize Alfonso's style with all the hugs between Harry, Ron and Hermione, you have to admit, those are a tiny bit sexual. And the "Y tu mamá también" reference when Hermione hugged Ron and Harry hugged Hermione at Buckbeak's "execution", I found a little bit too much. They were supposed to be thirteen and they referenced to a movie that's basically about a ménage à trois.

The cast was great, you can feel that Daniel Radcliffe was having a lot of fun with his character and probably Emma Watson and Rupert Grint had fun also, but Radcliffe's performance is the most noticeable.

Also, the first thing you forget is how nice and magical the first movie was, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". This third one rather felt like real, like this magic world is real and there is a huge story coming about this dark wizard coming back to torment and kill the people. And I believe that was the entire purpose of the third book, getting over this amazing world and focusing on the plot Voldemort-will-be-back-soon.
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~*-The rise of Voldemort-*~
26 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this was a beautiful adaptation. And you can clearly observe the fact that the director was English. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was a bit too Mexican, while the first two films were simply American-like blockbusters. Though all of them were good. The main actors are giving a more mature interpretation of their characters, unlike Alfonso Cuarón's version where they were more rebellious and "cool".

Daniel Radcliffe impressed by expressing Harry's original emotions from the book, through the movie. You can clearly see he is having so much fun playing Harry, while he is capable of more. He is showing more in every movie he does.

I spent a lot of times thinking whether Ralph Fiennes was the best Voldemort. I came to the conclusion that he probably wasn't, but I remembered the first time I saw "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" at the cinema, I was amazed, my first thought on Ralph was that he is the true Voldemort.

All the deaths in the movie specially Cedric's are so painful to Harry because he witnessed them all.

The screenplay was amazingly done to fit into a single movie, though I would have love the return of Dobbie.

My opinion is that Mike Newell gave an accurate Potter world, but I cannot say he was the best. I don't believe in the best when it comes to this movie franchise. Every director yet made a good movie, amazingly done, every each of them. I'm really happy they didn't made some low budget movie out of J.K.Rowling's genius Hogwarts world.
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~*-The magic goes on-*~
26 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Probably, you have all heard the story and most of you have already seen the movie, I don't think there's a point in saying what everybody else already said.

This turned out to be a worthy sequel of the first "Harry Potter" film and of course, a good movie adaptation of the novel "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by J.K.Rowling.

When I saw the first movie I was ten years old, the same age the characters where supposed to be. My older cousin and her boyfriend took me to the Mall to watch a movie. Back then I wasn't going very often to the cinema, due to the fact that my parents didn't have time and I wasn't old enough to go alone to any theater. The movie captivated my attention like nothing before and I became so interested in anything that had to do with this movie, and I heard that it was made after a book. I didn't had Internet back then, but I found the first book at a library and convinced my mother to buy it. That's how I became obsessed with reading and writing.

I may say, "Harry Potter" affected me in a positive way, because after I finished reading all the published books back then, I wanted to read more books and I must thank J.K.Rowling for her genius, if it wasn't for her books, I might have been right now your normal seventeen year old at a party and wasting myself out. This amazing fictive world got me to the right path in life and helped me stay there.

I know, you probably don't care about my story, you readers only want to hear about what I thought of the movie, but I believe my story can influence you if you are a parent thinking whether or not you should let your children watch this film. My advice is yes and I have presented my reasons above.

The story is simply magical and "Hogwarts" is a genius invention. The movie is done well, almost perfect. It's the closest to the book they can get and it's an amazing experience for any kid. It's not that "Harry Potter" is a world-wide phenomena, most people don't even admit they red the books and enjoyed the movies, in teen world, it's considered "geeky", but what does it matter? The complexity and originality of the story made "Harry Potter" one of the best "things" ever invented.
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Ballet Shoes (2007 TV Movie)
~*-It's not just Watson-*~
19 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I wanted to watch this movie because of Emma Watson. She is a few month older than I am and I've liked Harry Potter since the first movie came out. Well... Now I'm 17 and I'm not really interested in Harry Potter anymore, but I'll still watch the other movies after they come out.

I've never red "Ballet Shoes" nor heard of Noel Streatfeild. I am not from the UK so don't judge me for that. After watching this movie, I'm going to see if I can find this novel, the movie was really interesting.

At first, I thought Emma is horrible and she has so little screen time and I expected so much more... but after the first 20 minutes, I was thrilled with the story and I completely forgot I was watching it for Emma's performance. I almost forgot it was Emma at all. She did a good job acting, she really got out of Hermione, considering this is her first role apart from Harry Potter. I am sure she will be even better in the future, if she will be playing different characters.

The rest of the cast was good, also, I really liked Emilia Fox and I've never seen anything with her before. The director did a really good job and the costumes were wonderful. The feelings the movie sent me were also powerful, I've never shed a tear during a movie in years....
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If there ever was anybody capable to make a story about cannibalism and slitting throats seem like a masterpiece of Hamlet proportions, those persons are Depp and Burton
18 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Johnny Depp has always been my favorite actor, and that what the only reason I chose to watch this movie. Then I red more about it; another Burton-Depp collaboration couldn't possibly go wrong. When I knew Helena Bonham Carter was part of the movie, I thought immediately of something really twisted, I never really liked her, but she proves all the time she is a good actress. Then I thought... a musical? With Johnny Depp? Definitely. I couldn't miss it.

If a friend would have asked me to go to a movie about cannibalism, revenge, troth slitting and others I would have said no way. Burton, Depp and the rest of the cast and crew managed to transform a legend like Sweeney Todd to an grotesque, brutally genius masterpiece.

The acting was impeccable, the singing was good, to confess I was impressed by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, I thought both of them will sound like rock-stars and I thought the song will be much more Gothic. But everything was much better then I expected.

I cannot find anything to criticize, this movie is one we will never forget.
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16 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this movie three or four times by now. I have enjoyed it every single time like it was the first. I watched it again today and it still amazes me.

The cast is incredible, Depp, Bloom and Knightley make a really entertaining team. Watching this film again, it made me realize that Orlando Bloom does have acting skills and he probably has a great career ahead of him. Keira Knightley was beautiful and delivers a good performance in The Curse of the Black Pearl. She was made to act and to shine, I cannot believe she was only seventeen in this movie, the age I am now. I believe she is a really good role model as well.

Johnny Depp... His name says everything. He's an amazing actor, always part of the best movies of the genre and one of the best entertainers of this millennium, probably. It's not his looks or his muscular body, or his youth (I was making a joke) that impresses us - it's the facial expressions and the body language. Jack Sparrow is a really good character and young kids, specially boys, everywhere will want Jack Sparrow backpacks and Jack Sparrow lunch boxes. But not only kids enjoy this movie, adults do too, Sparrow is also a complex character.

But those tree are not the only ones that impress, the rest of them are good also. Jack Davenport's Norrington and Jonathan Pryce's Governor Weatherby Swann are a good contrast to Will and Jack. Both amusing and amazing. Barbossa makes a nice villain in this film and Geoffrey Rush acted pretty good alongside Depp and the main cast.

The special effects are good, modern, it almost makes you forget you're just watching a movie. The story is relatively simple, the humor is really good, sometimes I wonder if this is a pirates parody movie, but then I realize that they're trying to create that perfect feeling that comes into your mind when you are thinking about pirates and adventure.

I don't know what more I can say since I'm not an expert. If you haven't seen this movie then what are you waiting for? Everybody has seen it!
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Gossip Girl: Roman Holiday (2007)
Season 1, Episode 11
~*-A family episode-*~
3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was good, even without Cuck and Nate.

Yet again, this is another family episode, the Waldorfs are bounding and making up for the lost time. In the van der Woodsen clan, Lily gets a marriage proposal from Chuck's father and Dan's parents decide it's time for them to split.

I loved the scene when Blair warned Vanessa that she's watching and she doesn't want Serena to get hurt.

I can hardly wait for the moment Chuck is going to hit his revenge. He's such a powerful character.

All in all, my favorite scene was the one when Serena presented her "second" Christmas gift to Dan.
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Gossip Girl: Hi, Society (2007)
Season 1, Episode 10
~*-Chuck loosing his heart-*~
3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! This episode was amazing! It's so much love in this one. Nate realizes that he actually is in love with Blair. Chuck is disgust and heartbroken. Dan and Serena fight and make out. It's hard to choose what I liked best.

Even Lily and Rufus had some love vibe around them! Serna has quite a manipulative grandmother. She's almost lovely. I also loved the similarities between them! :)) It's nice to see Chuck heartbroken. But mostly that means danger is approaching.

I don't like the fact that although Nate and Chuck are important characters in the story, they don't appear in every episode.
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Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf Must Pie! (2007)
Season 1, Episode 9
~*-Time for the memories-*~
3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This holiday episode was only an excuse not to advance the plot with the huge scandal Blair will be forced to face. The only thing happened was Blair's confession to Serena, which is more like intimate. They fight again and then they get back together.

Thanks to their memories, we can now understand Blair a little more. You know what they say, nobody is that mean unless they suffered much. Blair's life used to be perfect, with her family, with Nate... even with Serena. She was nice and protective of Serena, she thought Dan was trying to take advantage of her. Well, with her life being like that, it's hard to adapt like Blair had to. A mother like hers, a life like hers, without her father... her entirely universe was mostly found out of pain.

The shock was Da, Serena, Jenny and Eric finding out the truth about their parents. And it's nice they had happy family moments. Even Blair got along with her mother.

My favorite part of the episode was the scene where Nate, Serena and Blair are in the bathroom and they play around in the water. This shows how good friends they were
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Gossip Girl: Seventeen Candles (2007)
Season 1, Episode 8
~*-Relationships... hardly perfect-*~
3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Nate's parents are so messed up I would kill them myself. No wonder Nate is so confused with his Blair/Serena feelings. He seems to be a gentleman and Blair plays with him like a toy. I think their relationship needs more communication.

Blair's Seventeenth Birthday, Chuck wanting Blair, Serena and Vanessa getting along for Dan, Nate and Jenny having a heart to heart, and Allison is back! That's the resume.

~ Blair and Chuck: The most exquisite couple! Unique and.... well, different. Will this relationship work out? ~ Serena and Dan: They represent the cute lovesick couple on the show. Nothing bad happens to them, because they can work it out.

~ Nate and Jenny: Wouldn't that be really nice? Maybe he could have prevented her from turning into a bit*h.

~ Rufus and Allison: Disgusting! My favorite part of the episode was the last part when Blair received her present from Chuck. And of course, Nate and Jenny were really nice. Nate was nice actually.
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Gossip Girl: The Handmaiden's Tale (2007)
Season 1, Episode 6
~*-Go little Jenny!-*~
3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Bair is up for some more games, little Jenny shows more of her potential and she can still seem only innocent in doing so. Serena and Dan go on and off, with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa in town. Nate is accused by his parents, of taking drugs, which in fact are his fathers. Chuck is being Chuck, like always, only this time... he is victimized by little Jenny. Boo hoo.

My favorite part of the episode was seeing Chuck's angry face after he was left alone and half-naked on the roof. Of course, Jenny's playing hot and cold with him, was fun also.

Vanessa isn't a character I like, so scenes with her seemed pretty annoying to me. She's the third wheel, no matter what. How can she come and hope for things to go back the way they were? Silly lovesick girl.
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Dracula III: Legacy (2005 Video)
Jason Scott Lee and Jason London in blood war affected Romania!
31 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've just seen "Dracula III: Legacy" on my computer and I absolutely liked it. I don't understand why they gave this movie such a bad rating.

The effects are good, the fighting scenes are convincing. Jason Scott Lee and Jason London actually made a really good team. I'm really hoping for a sequel.

The filming locations in Romania were good also, they had a good guide, they choose perfect places to represent a Romania affected by a vampire war. They showed mostly old castles and small villages, not so civilized or modern as the rest of Romania. The Mogosoaia Castle was again shown, with a more beautiful view. (The place were Father Uffizi talked to his superior and gave up his priesthood). The path to the Dambovicioara Cave was nice, I'm proud I have been there only a few weeks back.

In this movie, Dracula was old and hideous, that's the only part I have hated. They should have choose a younger and good-looking actor.

I also love the fact that the three movies are different from one another. The first was Van Helsing themed and then they made up another character, Father Uffizi. Interesting character that he is. The second movie was about humans discovering the concept of vampirism and the third was about vampires on lose in Romania.

All in all, I am content with this "Dracula 2000" sequels.
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