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Assimilate (2019)
It is a good movie
26 May 2019
I think a lot of the other reviews are looking at how this is like the 6th time this type of movie has been remade. It is the 5th or 6th time, but it is actually pretty good. They should have done more character building, because you really don't get too attached to most of the characters. I wish they would have used Cam Gigandet more in this movie, I think he was the best part of it.

If you have seen one Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie, you have seen this one, but this one does have a few things different and I liked the twist at the end. If you enjoy horror movies, you will enjoy this one. It even has a little bit of found footage stuff in it, which I personally like.
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Game of Thrones (2011–2019)
This series is a 10 till the last season
20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Specifically the last two episodes of season eight. They went passed George RR Martins writing and the show was tumbling down hill till the last two episodes. In the last two episodes, the writers single highhandedly destroyed the entire series. It's almost like Jon Snow and Dany were just filler. Jon ends up going to the wall AGAIN, even though he was the rightful heir to the throne. Seriously, why even bring up that he was part Targaryen? People finding out Jon is Targaryen was the climax of season seven! Now it means NOTHING! I KNOW I won't bother with any of the spin-offs. They will be the same writers that destroyed this show.
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Portals to Hell (2019– )
Worst of this type of show I have seen
8 May 2019
I only watched the first episode of season one. Seriously, not one thing in this show seemed even remotely legit. Like their voice box thing that threw out random words so they could just pick what ever they thought they heard and make it go with what they wanted their story to be. Then, the guy that was showing them around, talking about how he could see someone behind Jack. The guy has mental issues. Then all the times they are standing in a dark room and think they hear things (or just act like they do) and make up their own view of what the sound is or means. This show is all about making things up and showing zero real evidence of anything but that this show is fake and horrible. If you are into this kind of thing, watch Grave Encounters. That is a lot more believable and it is a found footage type of movie. Also, Katrina needs to find a new career. She was the second worst part of this show, right behind the guy that was showing them around. Actually, the worst part is, I love this type of stuff, then I find something like this...
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Roswell, New Mexico (2019– )
More left leaning political bias instead of entertainment
19 April 2019
Just another show full of left leaning politics. Seriously, the first episode starts out with a girl that is Mexican. She has to go through a roadblock. She starts into a rage against the first police officer at her window because she thinks that the police are picking on her just because of her race, when in fact, everyone has to go through the same road block, other races included. After this scene and a few other things, the show starts on negative talk about ICE, border walls and being sent back to Mexico. You can easily see where this show is going. This show was not made for entertainment. It was made to spread more left leaning political lies.
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The Newsroom (2012–2014)
Could have been good
9 April 2019
I have to say the first three episodes of season one are brilliant. There was not even one character that I disliked and I loved how all of the characters were intelligent.

Then, it seems as if they are trying to point out what they don't like about the far right leaning Tea Party and Conservatives. After a while, if you pay attention to politics, you can see that they are using talking points that the left always uses. Often Will McAvoy talks about how he is seen as a RINO (Republican in Name only), which I can say he is. The only thing about himself that he points out, while saying he is a Republican, is that he is pro life. Through the whole first season, that is the only thing he can point out to try and distinguish himself as a Republican. The rest of the season, he is attacking only Republicans he does not agree with, while preaching everything the left preaches to the right in real life.

At first, when you start watching, you hope that the show will point out the weaknesses in both parties, because they are there, but this show only attacks the right. I watched the full first season hoping it would finally point out problems with the left too, but it only continually attacked the right for many things that I even agree with the right on. Will is a Donkey in an Elephant suit. Just being pro life does not make you a Republican.
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The monster was my favorite character
15 March 2019
I eye-rolled so much during this movie that I almost got dizzy. Generic story with horrible writing and dialog. My favorite characters were easily the monster, the bully kid and the strange guy, all of which did not get enough screen time. The main character was generic and very unlikable. The only good thing about her, is she was good eye-candy.

In the end, I was rooting for the monster, but the movie proved true to the end that it was a bad movie with that horrible, unrealistic story book ending. There could have been potential here, especially with the effects on the monster, but they really went the wrong direction. Seriously, generic movie with barely anything to offer for actual entertainment. Don't be fooled by the fake reviews. Either they have something to do with the making of this movie, or they have not seen many movies.
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Creed II (2018)
Just ok
14 February 2019
This movie felt like a hallow shell of Rocky 1-4. I really felt there was no real climax. Nothing getting your blood flowing. If you have seen one Rocky movie, you know how everything is going to go. I will say Creed's girlfriend was not as irritating in this was as she was in the first Creed movie, but that is the only positive.

This movie is compared a lot to Rocky 4, which IMO is the best of the Rocky movies, but the only reason to compare it is because it has a lot of the same characters. Nothing more. When Creed trains, you don't get the sense that he is really getting any better. Rocky does not give him advice on how to beat Drago. He just trains him in a way that seems horribly weak compared to the way Rocky trained in Rocky 4. This is just a very shallow version of Rocky 4.

I seriously don't even think people know what a good movie is anymore with all of the horrible movies that come out these days. Me and those people rating this movie a 9 or 10 much have watched different moves.
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Black Sails (2014–2017)
Outstanding series
13 February 2019
Really great characters and an amazing story. I enjoyed watching almost all of the characters interact. As the story moves forward, I found myself disliking some of the characters because of their actions, but for the most part, in the end, I still liked most. Captain Flint and Silver were the absolute best part of the series and the center stones of it with Vane a pretty close third. Watching their friendship grow was very enjoyable.

It was great seeing Black Beard, even though he was rarely refereed to as Black Beard. Mostly they called him Edward Teech I think it was. I did not know how much I really like pirates until I watched this show.

Now, there are parts of the story I just did not enjoy. One of the major characters being made gay to push an agenda made me sick. If you read comments about this series, you will see that many people did not like this aspect of the series. I would have given this series a 9 if not for this.
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16 January 2019
The most over used line in this movie was "Hello?". Every move the girl made in this movie was horribly unrealistic. Not once did it seem to occur to her to call the police. She finds the front door open, says hello, closes the door and goes on. She finds the fridge open, says hello, closes the door and goes on. She finds the attic door open, says hello, closes it and goes on. After seeing all of these strange things happen, and more, she goes to bed. She see's some strange clown person in the yard, she says hello and some other stuff, but never calls the police. A little later... She goes to bed. As the movie progresses, she never seems to lock the outside doors. Ever. Possibly the dumbest victim in a scary movie I have ever seen. I gave this movie three stars because I really enjoy found footage, but this is the second worst found footage I have ever seen.
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Outlander (2014– )
Find something else
18 December 2018
It is entertaining for a while, even with sex scenes in almost every episode, which I personally do not like and find distasteful. The last episode of season 1 is disgusting.

The two main characters are likable for a while and Jaime even carries the show, but at the start of the fourth season, Claire turns social justice warrior. I can no longer watch this show. It is ok for the first three seasons, but I do not recommend past that point.
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This movie tells the truth
3 December 2018
This movie does an outstanding job of describing exactly what the left was, is and what their true goals are, even if they don't know it themselves. It shows that the downfall of the United States will be the left's doing, if they are not stopped.
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You have seen this movie before
8 November 2018
It is a pretty good movie, but if you seen one movie of this type, you have seen this movie. Guy brings girl to meet parents, parents hate the girl, girl leaves guy, parents have a change of heart, guy/parents get girl back, happy ending. If you have seen Coming to America. This is the same story.

I will say I liked a lot of the characters and the acting was great, but knowing what was going to happen in every situation, even though I have never seen this movie before, kinda ruins the experience. Like the girl and the mother play a game. Before the game started, I said out loud who was going to win, and she won. The length of the movie is a bit too much. Around the 1 hour and 20 min mark I was really ready for the movie to be over. I finished it, but it was a bit painful because I knew what the rest of the story was going to be, and I was right.
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Hotel Artemis (2018)
Pay attention to the negative reviews
7 October 2018
Most of the negative reviews are spot on, unlike the positive review that is praising this movie. None of the characters are fleshed out and all are skin deep. The character depth barely goes beyond the introduction. The story I thought would be great, but the characters really don't interact with each other much throughout the movie, not to mention there are not enough characters for the environment they created. Even the twist with the "Nurse" feels lackluster and could have been done better. Dave Bautista was easily the best part of this movie. I expected more with this cast and what the story looked to be, but was severely let down.
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Mild horror entertainment
20 September 2018
I have to start off with Camille Balsamo is one of the worst actresses I have ever seen. She acted like she was acting, and she was the lead role... Anyway, The setting is good, the story is ok and some of the characters are even interesting. It does ok on character building. The big guy was probably my favorite character. I have always enjoyed movies with a set of people stuck in a dire situation together, which this one started out ok, but the bad acting really brought it down. If you are bored, I can recommend this one, but if you are looking for something good, I would look somewhere else.
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It was entertaining to a point, but...
24 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One of the characters is super irritating and is the embodiment of a SJW. Every time I heard her speak or especially scream, I just cringed. There are a few likable characters. The comic relief cook is not one. The story is ok, but has been done many times before and much better. The movie almost had decent atmosphere, but it had characters do stupid things to kill them off. The monsters were almost interesting, but you could easily tell it was a person in a suit. Props on not using CGI though.

It's almost enjoyable, except the SJW dies last. But, because they did finally kill her off, I am able to give this movie three stars.
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The Capture (2017)
It started out pretty good
23 August 2018
It started out strong. It was interesting for the most part, but man toward the end, it just literally drops off and is ruined by that ending. The characters were all interesting and seemed appropriate in their roles, even though the girl is easy to hate.

Really, it felt like they were making a movie, ran out of money and just called it good before finishing it. It's too bad, it had potential with an interesting idea.
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Boar (II) (2017)
Not as bad as reviews say
18 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One person said it was unreal that the giant boar got up after losing its guts. It did not get back up. It showed that there was more than one huge boar. The special effects are not great, but not that bad either. The acting was ok and it was fun listening to their Australian accents. The story is pretty good and they do a really good job of character building which most movies don't even bother with these days. Some characters you actually get to liking and caring about their well being. It's basically a good B flick. Not great, but not bad.
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Skyscraper (2018)
Die Hard Wannabe
13 August 2018
The whole time watching this movie, I got the feeling it was trying to be Die Hard. It was crazy easy to spot everyone's part in the movie when they came on screen. You knew who the bad guys were as soon as you seen them during the introduction to their character. Why? Because it has been done so many times. No, they were not introduced as the bad guys till later on, but you could tell who was what as soon as you seen them. Especially as soon as the first elevator door opens...

This movie is action packed, but the story is just boring to be honest. The building with it's technology is probably the most interesting part of the movie. Otherwise, you don't care about Dwayne Johnson's family or what happens to them. It's just a very shallow movie with big explosions/action. Mindless action with a story that is less than mediocre.

Anyway, if you are bored, give it a try, but otherwise, I would not spend any money on watching this. Wait for it to hit Netflix or something.
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Incoherent mess
22 July 2018
The movie did not make sense most of the time. A lot of parts were obvious as the movie went on. You already know who is who and what is what 15 minutes into the movie, so there is no twist. Also, it seems white people were suppose to be bad people. I mean like almost all of them, this movie depicted as jerks for no reason. I don't know what that was about, but it was deplorable. I would give this movie a 1, but I like Jackie Chan.
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I like found footage movies...
18 July 2018
But this is one of the worst found footage movies I have ever seen. The first 30 minutes is spent doing obviously fake interviews with misc people. About 33 minutes in, the movie actually starts and a team moves to the location they have been discussing. Then you really get to see how bad the actors are and watch the movie just fall apart.

I watched this movie all the way through, hoping it would get better. At a point, I almost had hope for it, but it fell apart and just became a waste of time. Terrible actors, terrible script, terrible ending. Just all around bad. Probably the second worst found footage movie I have watched ever.
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Hannah (I) (2017)
If you enjoy...
1 July 2018
Anything that has to do with watching paint dry, you might like this movie. If you enjoy watching someone sitting at a table while drinking a cup over coffee staring at the wall for five minutes, you might like this movie. If you enjoy watching people walk a flight of stairs, basically, just walking, you might enjoy this movie. You are watching the most boring person on the face of the earth do their routine for what ever reason they are doing it until the camera just stops following them. If this is suppose to be "art". I hate art.
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The Sound (2017)
It almost starts out ok...
19 June 2018
It had good atmosphere and the situation was nice and creepy, but then Rose McGowan starts ignorant social media hashtags as she progresses through the story which made me think it was a millennial "horror" movie. Before halfway through the movie, it still had me kinda interested, even with the millennial hashtag stuff. Then this cop shows up, his acting was all keeping one eye almost closed with an intense look his whole time on screen.

It really started hard down hill after this guy shows up. Rose McGowan's wooden acting husband did not help. That guy could not act his way out of a wet paper bag. I have seen better acting in high school plays. Anyway. Around 1/3 way through the movie Christopher Lloyd shows up. I had hope he could help this movie, but basically, he does cameos. A total of like 5-7 minutes of screen time. Then the twist at the end and the ending were just stupid.

For sure not the worst movie I have ever seen, but just not good.
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Krypton (2018– )
Superman is my favorite DC character
20 May 2018
Which is why I can give this show no less than three stars. BUT, there are a lot of things I don't like about this show. I have watched nine episodes of this show now and there have been a number of physical fights between men and women. Not even ONE of those fights is won by the male. Most of the lead characters have an accent that is irritating. They all talk like they are from Ireland or something. You would think that all Zods are black, but it only focuses on the black Zod characters. There was a white Zod character, but he lost a fight to a black female Zod. One of those fights I mentioned before. This show is riddled with political correctness. Women physically equal to or stronger than men while outsmarting men, black people being half the main cast just for the sake of having black people in the show. I wonder what Asians and Mexicans think of being left out of this forced diversity. If you can get passed men being lesser to women in every way and the in your face diversity, you might enjoy this because it has a connection to Superman, but really, I doubt this show goes very far.
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Higher Power (2018)
Almost good but it's just not
13 May 2018
Almost all of the acting is terrible and 90% of the dialog is horrible. You never develop any interest in what happens to any of the characters. The main character just does not seem right for the role. The reason I am able to give this movie four stars is because of the special effects. This movie is low budget, but some of the special effects are pretty amazing for it's budget. The end of the movie is kinda strange, but I can say it was almost good for about 5-10 minutes. The rest of the movie is pretty bad. Though, it is hard to get passed the first like hour and 15 minutes to get to the interesting part because most of the movie is just boring and one of the main character's daughters is irritating. Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but FAR from the best. Easily forgotten aside from that 5-10 minutes.
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I Kill Giants (2017)
Just wow
2 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
*** Spoilers! ***

This movie is exactly as it would look to a sane person. A little girl with mental problems. She is dealing with her mother dying and falling into a fantasy world made up in her own mind because of it. Everyone has their happy place, but this little girl goes off the deep end with it. The only real curiosity about the movie is, are the giant monsters real or not. Well, there you have it, they are not real, only in her messed up little mind. The journey to find out what is really going on is horribly boring and the way this girl acts makes rejects look good. She is wayyyy out there in fantasy land and would probably need years of therapy to even have a chance at getting back. Even then, she would probably still talk to her imaginary giant.
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