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Waiting for You - pulls you in and does not want to let go
28 August 2018
Waiting for You had me transported inside a bubble where there was nothing but the film and me. The cinematography is stunning, especially when in France, but also the scenes in dreary England are lifted by the special points of view, close-ups and setting in the story. When used the music is wonderful and each time maximises the impact of the scenes. The story seems uncomplicated, but has great depths and addresses serious issues in a thoughtful way. The spare use of flashbacks adds to the realisation that there is more going on than first impressions might suggest. The performances of Fanny Ardant and Colin Morgan are subtle and superb, greatly enhancing the intentions of the writers and producers Charles Gerrad and Hugh Stoddart. This film is clearly a labour of love from everyone involved and deserves a lot more exposure to the main public than it has received so far. If you can, you must go and see !
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