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Observance (I) (2015)
Excellent stylish start with strong Lynchian undertones, ruined by an abrupt change in tone...
13 July 2018
I was REALLY into this film. I could totally feel the David Lynch vibe with the great atmospheric B&W shots, the excellent, moody soundscape, and the compelling and, to me anyway, very involving mystery of what the hell was going on.

BUT... although the movie makers had carefully paced the movie to create an increasing sense of tension and unease, very artfully immersing the audience in an effective ambient mood, and then... abruptly about 40 minutes into the story, for some inexplicable reason the director seems to throw all that hard-earned subtlety to the wind and we have like a 5-10 minute disgustingly gross scene of this guy in the bathroom heaving all this horrible stuff up, etc., etc...

Now, if I had wanted a GROSS fest, I would have chosen a film that highlighted that. I cannot understand WHY this abrupt and to me extremely disappointing change in tone was suddenly thrust upon us. I tried to weather the scene figuring it might be over in a minute or so. But, astonishingly the director just keeps us focused on this completely jarring grossness that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the lovely textured mood that had been created up to that point. To me, the whole bloody thrust (and appeal) of the film was the great sense of mystery and the SUBTLETY of the mood, clearly leading to some powerful reveal later on. What I was NOT frigg'n expecting was for that to be yanked out from under us and then to be forced to view this meaningless, VERY extended, mood-breaking grossness. I tried to put up with it as long as I could, but after about 5 friggin, constant minutes of our this mindless audience abuse, I had to shut it off.

A real shame too... The movie up to that point I felt was very well done and very cleverly crafted. Whatever the hell got into the director to completely ruin it by doing this is almost a greater mystery than he had taken all that time and effort to create in the first place...
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Great concept, nice atmosphere, good old-fashioned style, BUT...
10 July 2018
I KNOW that this is mainly just me, but sadly, as much as I loved the old-school Horror feel of the film, I just could NOT stand the bloody awful sound design. I know... I've mentioned this in the past. But, when EVERY sound, every paper rustle, every footstep, every car door opening, wheels on gravel, clothes rustling with every movement, even lighting a frigg'n MATCH for God's sake, the sound is cranked up so damn high that it just takes me out of the movie. Period...

Too bad too... And, in all honesty, this probably won't bother a lot of other people like it does me. But, to me personally, it is SO damn amateurish and SO frigg'n UNNATURAL, that for me, I just cannot get immersed into the film, no matter how great everything else is.

All I can humbly suggest is this...

PLEASE, for all that is Holy... Keep the damn sound design NATURAL, like we would normally hear things when in the room with these people. Bloody STOP cranking EVERY damn sound up to 100 decibels, okay...?

A real shame too because I'm sure that if I could have taken a couple of Valium or something to keep me from going insane (well, MORE insane...) I would genuinely have loved to see how the film turned out.

PLEASE... a simple warning to all aspiring and beginning film makers... PLEASE do NOT fall into this stupid, HUGELY distracting amateurish trap that so many new directors do. LISTEN to your work... Think about the audience and how they are hearing and perceiving things. KEEP it bloody NATURAL so that we can get absorbed and lost in the story, okay...?
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Bullet Head (2017)
Very well done, quality film... BUT... a LOT of people are going to expect something different... Bluray: Excellent A:9 V:9
18 February 2018
It's totally understandable why there are SO many negative reviews and why so many people are genuinely disappointed with this movie. You have to understand that this is NOT a hard@ss crime film with a lot of action. As a matter of fact that isn't the point of the film at all.

To me, the overwhelmingly main thing is that this movie is done VERY well. It is extremely well written and acted, despite what some have said here due to expecting a completely different type of film. As a matter of fact, if someone had pitched this film to me just telling me what the primary underlying theme is (basically a well written, character study and a film for dog lovers) I probably would have passed on it. I don't usually go out of my way to see straight Dramas, except real Classic ones. BUT... and THIS is the point (at least to me...) The director was deliberately constructing a situation where we truly get to know the kind of people these 'criminals' are, and in what I feel in a VERY clever way, he placed this story in the context of a heist, criminals, and a VERY scary dog.

In my lowly and wretched opinion, the POINT always is this... 'Is it a well made film?' and, 'Does it do precisely what the director wants it to do?' In this case, I think that the answer to both is a very strong 'Yes!'

Just because a person goes into the film expecting a brutal Tarrintino film or some hard@ss action, and then they come here and P*$$ all over the movie because they find it 'Slow & Boring' does NOT make it a bad film. Despite my normal avoidance of 'Dramas', I genuinely found the movie to be very moving, the characters very involving and real, and YES, even though it basically is just a simple tribute to dog lovers, I felt it was done very well, thus the '8' rating, which I do not give to often.

BUT... please keep in mind, this is most definitely NOT your usual 'Crime Thriller' at all. There IS excellent Suspense and Action it it, but that is not the main thrust of the story. In order to enjoy the quality of this film, you absolutely HAVE to understand and EXPECT it to be a strong, well done character study and an affectionate tribute to dog lovers...
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Insectula! (2015)
Yes, VERY silly... Yes, a bit too long, but with moments of cleverness and hilarity... Blu-ray: Very Good A:8 V:8
26 October 2017
Okay, every other reviewer here has gone into the story, so I won't do that here. And YES, it appears once again that we either have dubious gushing 10 star reviews, or people completely dumping on the film, as usual...

Sooooo... Look, the 'movie' such as it is is very, VERY silly. And, the only real criticism that I have is that if the film makers had simply trimmed away about 15-20 minutes of the parts that weren't so funny, THEN you would have really had a great film! (Well, maybe 'great' is a bit strong...) But, you would have had a really tight, fast paced, MUCH more funny film in my lowly and wretched opinion. There are entire sequences that I thought didn't work that well and could have easily been eliminated (like the segment with the plane, and some of the military stuff, and more) I get it though... You are a first time film maker and you are all excited to put in EVERY bloody idea you can think of into the movie. Sure, understandable. But, that is part of ultimately being a good director, is KNOWING exactly how the movie comes across to your audience and how to maximize the entertainment value of it. Just takes experience, I guess.

Anyway, some of the parts were just hilarious, especially with the doctor. He had such a GREAT deadpan delivery. And good ol' Del... Man, WHERE the hell did they find these people?! There were honestly some VERY good conceptual shots and atmosphere here too, which I feel really shows the talent and potential of these guys. I mean, there were some REALLY lovely shots and some great little snippets in there, such as the 10 second part about how the doctor got the name for the creature. Awesome! But, unfortunately, by keeping in so much additional blah material, I felt that it sadly diluted the excellent parts of the rest.

So, I would say, that first of course, if you 'get' what they are doing here and accept that at face value, that is a good start. But, if you like really serious-faced, deadpan, SILLY humour, then there is a chance that you might find this little film kind of fun.

(Honestly, I really feel like going in there and editing out about 20 minutes of it myself, because I'm pretty SURE that after doing that, you would have a truly great, funny little movie here!)
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Neither Classically great nor abysmally awful. I thought it was mildly entertaining... Blu-ray: Excellent A:8 V:8
9 October 2017
As usual, it seems like either the reviewers APPEAR to be plants with their rather silly 10 star reviews, or someone comes along and completely trashes it.

Look, NO awards are gonna be won here, okay? I think anybody who is being honest will agree with that. But, with that said... for what it is, it's kind of fun. For me, this was actually the very first modern fully English dubbed Russian film with a mildly fun Mythology about vampires and government organizations to combat them, Ancient Covenants, etc... that I've seen. So, the novelty of that was kind of interesting. What we're talking about here is a HUGELY watered down sort of 'UNDERWORLD' but with government agents instead of Werewolves. Kind of... : ) Also, with about, oh... maybe 1/10 of 1% of the budget or depth. You probably get the idea...

It was fun... Somewhat amateurish, sure, but enjoyable. Everyone seemed to be putting in their best, such as it is, and that made it mildly entertaining IF your expectations are set VERY low.

Would I liked to have seen a film like this done with a LOT more money and better writing...? Sure... But, in my lowly and wretched opinion, compared to a LOT of the truly painful, UN-watchable stuff out there, I think this one gets a pass for being kind of fun, low-key, and yet still trying to be serious about it. This is not a Horror/Comedy. Also, FWIW, it is PG-13 friendly and still entertaining, which is bloody tough to do very well these days. So, even a passable effort along those lines is still quite a ways above the rest...

If you are looking for a serious & deep Sci Fi / Horror film, then yes, by all means look elsewhere. But, if you just wanna sit back and have a lightly entertaining time without a lot of excess, then, sure, you might actually have a bit of fun with this movie...
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Revolt (2017)
Very well put together. Quite engaging. Really draws you into the story... Blu-ray: Excellent A: 8 V: 9
22 September 2017
Ah... Storytelling...

That is truly what makes a good movie, no matter what the genre, whether it is a Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, or Horror film. And this one I feel does it very well.

Many others here (surprisingly) actually do rate the movie quite highly and make many good comments about how well it is done. I fully agree. Many reviewers here have stated that although a small budget film, the way it was put together, the effects, and more importantly the excellent way the story is told, goes far above and beyond what most low budget films do today.

I think what I appreciated most while watching this movie was the way it honestly just drew you in and truly grabbed you right from the start. Whomever the film makers are, they really had a strong handle on how to draw out the best performances from their actors, they REALLY knew how to move the pace along in a very engaging way, and yes, last and foremost...

They REALLY know how to tell a good story! :)

Highly recommended!
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Some originality and atmosphere. Seems to be a good, Retro Supernatural Slasher, but but ultimately devolves towards the very low end of the nouveau mindless wave...
18 July 2017
I don't usually write reviews about films that I didn't like, but in this case I had such a nasty reaction to it, I thought I should come here and leave some of my impressions...

I really DO like the premise. It's very rare to see a truly creepy modern 'Devil Cult' film that is really effective, so I was honestly hopeful. I also really did like the Retro electronic score too. BUT... to me anyway, whenever film makers, despite a good premise or even some nice stylistic touches, like the soundtrack, immediately dive into the lowest, mind-numbingly STUPID behaviour and dialog, then they lose me right away. ANY Horror film where they immediately depict the young people as Oh-So-Excruciatingly-Hip with their bass level crude remarks, style, and manner, to me that honestly completely ruins whatever really GOOD story or any potential that a film may have. I like the review above by the fellow from New Zealand. He didn't really quite know what he just saw or if he really liked it, or if he could recommend it to others. He thought it was 'original', but not much else.

I think the reason why I feel such a strong negative reaction to this movie is because it's like the film makers come across as thinking that the audience is SO blindingly senseless, that we will automatically think it is SO cool to be barraged with painfully crude, UNrealistic dialog and behaviour. It's like we are supposed to 'buy' this idea that young people all act this way today, and it is somehow 'Normal' or expected. To me anyway, the characters come across as SO plastic and affected, and trying SO hard to be 'cool', that it completely takes a person right out of the movie and ruins any kind of resonance with the characters or involvement in the story.

Sadly, if the film makers would have just put the exact same story out there and pretty much developed the plot, tension, suspense, and even the violence in an ARTFUL way, WITHOUT all the 'cool' self-referential 'oh I am being so youthfully crude and hip' crap, THEN, sure, the story about a Devil Cult and the young people who fall prey to them could really have been quite good.

So, PLEASE... just leave out all the crude, supposedly 'hip' nonsense and give us characters, young or not, who ACT NATURAL & NORMAL enough, so that the rest of us can actually relate to them and buy into the story and the believability of who they are and what is happening to them. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, the whole thing is pretty much just a pointless collection of crude, violent images strung together for shock value, and not much else because ultimately, you simply end up not giving a flying $hit for anyone here...

I fully agree with COVENTRY'S review above: Stupid, senseless, and above all, incredibly INSULTING to the audience that we have to have a story packaged this crudely for us to think it's so awesome. The current average '5' rating is honestly still far too high for this in my lowly and wretched opinion...

I normally do not go out of my way to write bad reviews of films I don't like, but this is one of the rare cases where I honestly felt so insulted by the style and approach of the film makers, that I just had to write this. Sorry the review is so one-sided, but as you likely can tell, this movie really provoked a VERY negative response from me...
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Good, tense, suspenseful combination of Police Procedural & Sci Fi... Blu-ray: Excellent A:9 V:9
27 June 2017
I'm really amazed and impressed with the consistency and the quality of many of the Korean films that I've seen. I'm no expert, that's for sure, but you can tell that they really put a LOT of effort into creating an excellent, involving story. The acting, alone, is WAY above the average American film (and I happen to have been raised by and live near San Diego :)

This primarily is a Police Procedural about a father looking for his kidnapped child, but it has some nice, low-key, Science Fiction touches that are integral to the story. You can likely guess what some of these are by the title of the film. But, what I was most impressed by was just how well done the movie was. It honestly kept me in suspense and did an excellent job in maintaining that tension throughout the entire film.

I read one external review where they dismissed this movie as a poor copy of another really well known (and quite excellent) film. I won't mention the title of it because I don't want to give too much away. But, I very much disagree with that reviewer because as masterful and stunning as the other film is that he was referring too, I truly feel that a movie should be judged on it's own as to how well it is put together and based upon the quality of it's story, direction, acting, etc. And, this one I felt was actually quite good. It's not a Sci Fi Blockbuster by any means, so please don't expect 'TRANSFORMERS'-like effects and such. No, this is mainly a powerful Police Drama along with an excellent Mystery as to what has happened to the child. Add in the nice Sci Fi elements that propel the story and I feel that you have a very entertaining movie that does an excellent job in involving the audience in not only the search for the man's son, but also the intriguing twists and turns that reveal themselves as time goes on.

If you like a good Police Drama / Thriller and also enjoy some light Sci Fi elements woven into the story, I think that there is a good chance that you might enjoy this film.
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Terminus (2015)
Simple, low-key, but solidly made little Science Fiction film... Blu-ray: Good A:8 V:8
2 June 2017
For me personally, the ONE thing that really puts me off with low budget films like this, is that many times the acting is SO atrocious that in 10-15 minutes I truly HAVE to turn it off because it is so bad. I just can't take it. And, there are a lot of them like that.

So, that's why I am rather surprised that quite a few people here have stated that they think that the acting was either pretty bad or maybe just fair. Being a person who is EXTREMELY sensitive to that very thing, I absolutely and vehemently disagree with this. I mean, we're not talking Oscar material here or anything, but I genuinely feel that overall, all the characters taken as a whole, that the acting was actually surprisingly solid. Believe me... THAT would have been the very first thing to take me right out of the movie if that were the case.

Also, FWIW, if you've grown up reading Science Fiction from a young age like I have, you know that there is a HUGE range in the Science Fiction Genre. You can have anything from flashy stories like 'STAR WARS' or 'TRANSFORMERS' all the way to quiet, little stories set in the future, or on other planets, or in space, that have very little action, but might be made up of elements that are primarily societal or philosophical in nature. Many of Ray Bradbury's stories are like that.

So, because of that, mainly with Science Fiction, there is absolutely NO way to have a 'one size fits all' type or level or sub-Genre that everyone likes, and that is IF they even like Science Fiction at all. So, in talking about a movie like this, it is really important I think to convey as closely as possible just exactly WHAT type of Science Fiction it is, so that others can get a more accurate idea as to whether they would like it or not.

With this one, in my lowly and wretched opinion, you have a solid Science Fiction story and concept that is very simple and fairly routine in nature, BUT that is put together and told in a pretty decent way. That would include, yes, the acting primarily, since the simplicity and obvious low budget nature of the film would have to lean heavily upon it. And, I honestly felt that all'n'all everyone did a pretty good job. One thing that I think that helped the story considerably, was that there were a variety of different characters who gave the story more substance and flavour. I really liked the one guy's friend who was a fellow vet; he did an exceptional job with what I would think would be a small, but difficult role. YES, in the more 'emotional' scenes, as is my nature, I kind of rolled my eyes and moved the speed along a little. But, that is just because that is me, not because they were done so horribly : )

What makes a simple Science Fiction story like this work well, is that you honestly do care about the characters. Also, contrary to what a couple of others here have said, the story line and writing were done just fine and kept the pace moving along with what I felt was a healthy degree of suspense and tension. One excellent example I thought, and without giving too much away of course, was the agent in charge. They could have very easily just portrayed him as an evil, shallow, 2 dimensional character. But, they took the time to have him come across as a more textured and rounded out person, which to me anyway, really helped make it much more believable.

Like everyone else, I LOVE the flashier Sci Fi films too (can you say 'ROBOCOP' anyone? {the original please}) and also the deeper ones (can you say 'BLADE RUNNER'?) But, I guess what I liked about this one is that I felt that they did a very good job with what they had to work with, and crafted a suspenseful and entertaining (and I might add somewhat heart-wrenching) film that I felt came across as strongly above average for a movie like this.

So, I hope that this gives you at least some idea as to what kind of Science Fiction film this is... Especially, if you've grown up reading many different kinds of Science Fiction like I have, you might enjoy this simple but effective little movie.
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Great throwback to the old Hammer Classics... However, I feel that maybe a different style and better pacing could have improved it. Blu-ray: Very Good A:9 V:8
2 June 2017
This is the kind of movie that after you see it, you have to sit and think about it for a few minutes. Not that it was profoundly deep or anything, but what I mean is that it is a little hard to separate out my conflicting feelings about it. Many others have already mentioned various specifics about the story and the quality of the acting, etc., so I won't bore you with that. Just a few of my basic impressions concerning the style and feel of the film.

1. I really like the overall story. I very much enjoy the old Classic 'Mad Scientist' type movies, especially along the lines of the old Hammer films (or as another reviewer put it, 'It was like those stupid UK Horror movies of the 1960's : )

2. BUT... although there WERE some nice visual touches to the film and the director clearly is very experienced and knows what he is doing, I honestly didn't think his flashy / non-subtle style really suited this kind of Gothic Horror story. 'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN', yes. This film, not so much...

So, therefore:

3. If it had been directed by Guillermo Del Toro, it would have been frigg'n AWESOME! (The visuals would have been WAY more Gothic and the style of direction would have more suited the movie)

4. If it had been directed by David Lynch, it would have been frigg'n AMAZING! (We likely wouldn't have known WTF was going on, BUT it would have been soaked and dripping with Mood and Atmosphere)

That about sums up my feelings about this movie. LOVE the Classic Gothic Horror theme, but I don't think the director's style was quite a perfect fit for this type story.

So, I'd say that the movie is definitely worth seeing, especially if you at all like the Classic Hammer Horror films, especially movies about Mad Scientists. As others have said, the visuals are striking, but I personally would have preferred a more atmospheric Gothic mood and style...
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Fracture (2007)
VERY Important! Make sure to watch the Blu-ray release. The ending is substantially better. Blu-ray: Excellent A:9 V:9
29 May 2017
Normally with over 300 reviews already for an older film, I wouldn't presume to add my lowly and wretched opinion which has likely already been very well covered by so many reviews.

BUT... In this case, there is one VERY VERY important difference...

And, that is as I stated in my Summary above. When I first saw this film, it was quite good for the most part, BUT the ending was so seriously stupid that I felt it ruined the movie. Obviously, I will not go into the details here, but after all these years I just now saw the Blu-ray version, and the way it ended was HUGELY better! Really... It honestly made all the difference.

So, for that reason alone, I just had to come here and mention it. If you want to watch the film, PLEASE do make SURE to see the newer Blu- ray version of it, because it truly makes all the difference the way they have structured the ending. Interestingly, 2 'Alternate Endings' are included in the Blu-ray. I think that it was the 2nd one that I had seen when I first watched the film. When you see it, AFTER watching the newer version, I'm quite sure you will see what I mean.

Otherwise, an excellent movie, particularly the lighting and photography. I really liked the soundtrack too. I think it is one of Gregory Hoblit's better films. Overall a pretty simple story, but one directed and acted very well.
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Forbrydelsen (2007–2012)
Just a brief comparison with the U.S. series...
8 May 2017
Since others here have gone into detail about the basic story, I thought I'd just leave a few brief comments comparing this original Danish version to the one that was remade here in the states as 'The Killing'

The primary thing for me personally, and this may just be my own sensitivities or personal preference, but I REALLY liked the characters in this version a LOT better than in the U.S. one. I've not completed either of the series, but I have come away with a definite impression comparing the two.

The U.S. one I tried to watch first (Netflix - a 'free trial' and I chose this show to watch first :) I got through several episodes, and the overall atmosphere and basic production was pretty good and similar to this one, even down to the nifty drums in the soundtrack when a particularly dramatic moment was coming up. BUT... in my lowly and wretched opinion, I just didn't care for the actual characters in the American version. The main detective was good, but I just got so bloody tired of her same bland, blank expression all the time. And, I know this probably is just me, but the frigg'n CONSTANT gum chewing in each and EVERY bloody scene! GEEZ... okay, cute little plot device, but did it need to completely dominate EVERY scene with her chomping away. I honestly found that quite annoying (as if you couldn't tell) And her partner in the U.S version just came across as such a COMPLETE @sshole, to me anyway it just went beyond, WAY beyond what was necessary to convey the contrast with her business like manner and methods. So, as you can see, the TWO MAIN characters of the show I wasn't very impressed with; so not a great beginning, that's for sure...

In this Danish version, the characters come across as MUCH more real and believable instead of artificial constructs. I will say though, I did think that the politician in the American version was a pretty cool guy; I really liked him a lot (doesn't he kind of remind you of a young Anthony Perkins) Very slick and likable guy. The Danish guy is very good too, but the politician guy was about the ONLY character that I actually liked in the U.S. version.

The U.S. version seems to throw a number of deliberately manufactured red herrings at you right at the first. It's not that I mind that approach at all; most of your very best Mysteries do that, but I guess I just don't really care for the rather superficial way they really build up the suspense in the very last few minutes of an episode REALLY making it look like someone is guilty, and then almost immediately in the next episode basically throw cold water all over it, making you go, 'Oh, okay...' To me, it comes across as sort of gimmicky and 'artificial' rather than a more naturally occurring development of the story.

So, I will leave this brief comparison with you, basically just my lowly impressions of the differences between the two series. Hopefully that will give you at least a little something to go on if you are trying to decide which version to watch. FWIW, primarily the main difference to me is that I like the characters here in this original Danish version a LOT better, so I will be much more likely to enjoy and continue watching the rest of the 3 seasons...
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Judas Ghost (2013)
Simple, mildly clever 'Ghost-Hunter' story. Holds together fairly well until the last 20 minutes... Blu-ray: Good A:8 V:7
3 April 2017
I don't normally go for most of the films like this that have been coming out recently (and there have been a TON of them) but once in a while I do find one entertaining. I think what appealed to me about this movie were the consistent 'rules' of Good vs. Evil that held it's story together for most of the time. I'm a real sucker for strong religious 'Mythologies' such as the Classic Cross, Holy Water, etc. Anything from the Classic Hammer Horror films to more recent movies that are based upon a ritualistic 'formula', or the 'belief' you have to have in order to carry out what they want to do, such as 'THE SKELETON KEY' or even the entertaining 'FRIGHT NIGHT' {the original film}

Another thing that I thought was kind of interesting was this 'Institute' that clearly was an established center for studies into these kinds of Phenomena. I liked how this Institute came across as some distant Entity that was watching and perhaps knew more about why they were there than they did. It just gave a tad more menace and mystery to the atmosphere.

For this kind of EXTREMELY limited film, a LOT really rides on the way it is done, the way it is acted, and how well it is written. I thought they held it together pretty well right up until just about the 55 minute mark where, to me anyway, the story took a bit of a dive in believability. Primarily concerning how a couple of the characters suddenly reacted to the circumstances. A bit of a shame, really, because I can truly say that it genuinely had me right up to that moment.

Prior to that point in the film, I felt that the suspense and quality of the acting were fairly decent. I won't give anything away, but I really liked some of the simple tactics that the 'Hall' employed to keep the people off balance. I read in some other reviews on other sites that the lead guy came across as too arrogant. But, I thought he had just the right tone of confidence. VERY similar I thought to the way that Jeffrey Combs comes across in roles like this. And, I REALLY like him. Heh... he even kind of looked like him a little. No, I thought he just came across as a guy who really felt like he knew his stuff in doing this kind of work, that's all. But, in the hands of another actor, I can see where just a little too much that way and he would have come across as really stupid.

If you are like me (and, God help you if you are...) and you like a simple 'Good vs. Evil' story told in a Classic kind of way with the Classic Mythologies firmly in place, you might enjoy this movie somewhat. BUT... like I mentioned, and thus the reason why I only gave it a rating of '6', I honestly feel that the last 20 minutes or so REALLY harms the effectiveness and the suspension of disbelief that the film makers had worked very hard to develop up to that point. And, that is something that is ESSENTIAL for a film like this. But, up to that moment, I genuinely enjoyed the Mystery of it all, the clever things that the 'Hall' did, and the somewhat intriguing Institute with it's ambiguous motives as to why they were really there...
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Bag of Bones (2011)
Simple, old-fashioned, but well structured Ghost Story. One of the more decent Stephen King adaptations... HD Print: Excellent A:9 V:9
20 March 2017
To be honest, I'm not a HUGE fan of Stephen King, although I do favour a lot of his earlier stuff (right now I'm currently re-reading 'The Talisman' :) But, when the film makers get it right, or mostly right, I really do enjoy some of the movie adaptations of his stories. They don't necessarily have to be masterpieces like 'THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION' or 'THE SHINING', but I even really like some of the super cheeeeeezier ones like 'THE MANGLER' (I know... I Know...) and I also really thought that 'NIGHT SHIFT' was a lot of fun.

So, without giving too much away, this movie here is basically just an old fashioned, good ol' Ghost Story. So, first and foremost, if you DON'T really like Ghost Stories in general, then there is no particular reason that you would like this one either. BUT... if you DO enjoy Ghost Stories and you don't mind ones that follow a rather older, Classic style, then in my lowly and wretched opinion, I felt that this one was done rather well.

Of course, if you already like Pierce Brosnan (isn't that just THE greatest name ever for a guy...?) he does a very good job with his role. A LOT of Horror stories are based on the premise of a man who has just gone through a serious loss, so unfortunately since we are talking about a deeply traumatic experience in their life, a LOT of times the acting just doesn't come across as very real, or usually it is just flat out overdone. But, not in his case. So, since that is a big part of the story, it is a pretty dang good start that the guy here is Pierce Brosnan.

Actually, that is one of THE main things about a number of Stephen King adaptations that I usually don't like at all. Many times the acting, particularly the 'Bad' guys just come across as ultra-clichéd, plastic stereotypes. But, not in the case of this film. Most everyone truly does a good job in all their roles. EXCEPT... maybe it was just me, but I really did NOT care for the mother of the little girl at all... talk about 'overdone'... But, other than that, the acting was decent. I must say that the little girl did an amazing job (she is gonna be a SUPER cutie when she gets older, mark my creepy words...)

Mick Garris, who has directed a number of King adaptations does a decent job here as well. YES, as another reviewer mentioned (and this was also repeated on the Horror review site '', but I don't always agree with him - he is a very good reviewer, but if he doesn't happen to like a director, he hates ALL their films) the movie is indeed filled with jump-scares, but, I think in the context of it being a Ghost Story that that is to be expected and although he did use that a lot, I thought he did it well and it enhanced the enjoyment of the film.

Some have said that they felt that since it is a 2 part Mini-Series, that it came across as REALLY padded out timewise, but I honestly did not think so. The running time of each half excluding the intro and end credits was only about an hour & 15 minutes, so it really wasn't that long. I felt that being an old fashioned Ghost Story and with where the story was set, it was kind of nice that it took the time to set the tone and location, mood, and background of the story, which again, I felt really added to the atmosphere.

So, since the reviews here are SO polarized for this movie, it is REALLY going to depend on whether you genuinely like old fashioned, Classically structured Ghost Stories, and if you can kind of 'get lost' in them, easily suspending disbelief where you can just sit back and enjoy this kind of story. If so, then I think that there is a good chance that you might like it...
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Bedeviled (2016)
Very straight forward, almost TOO simple Retro Horror story goes for atmosphere and suspense and ALMOST achieves it... Blu-ray: Good A:8 V:7
13 March 2017
Sigh... it's almost not really worth the effort to write a review for this film, BUT... at this time there are only 3 reviews here and there are a few specifics that I thought it would be good to mention about the movie that might help some people decide whether they should bother watching it or not.

First and foremost, with a LOT of other Horror movies, especially with a young cast like this one has, you usually have to endure some pretty painful, cringe-worthy 'acting' So, in most cases that would put me off right away. But, that actually is one thing about this film that surprisingly is not too bad compared to most. Most of the young people here, depending of course on the lines they are given, do a fairly decent job of putting their characters across without too many detracting mannerisms. Not GREAT, but slightly above average.

Next, the two brothers who directed and wrote this clearly have a real affection for this kind of Retro Horror story, one that as others here have mentioned, has been done a LOT of times before. The concept that is, not so much the specific source of the Evil Bad Guy. In all honestly, the movie really just doesn't have that terribly much going for it, but the film makers really seem to make an effort to infuse scary, suspenseful visuals and sounds and appear to be TRYING at least to put things together and craft something that comes across as somewhat scary in an old-fashioned kind of way.

I think that if they had taken out a lot of the 'Drama' and perhaps focused more on the research the guy was doing to combat this entity and given that part more depth and background, that might have given the film more weight and substance. As it was, even though that was I feel one of the more interesting parts of the story, they sadly just kind of blew past it and therefore in my lowly and wretched opinion ended up with a last act that was very weak. Seriously, it was pretty bad. The last little tag scene I guess is okay, but I genuinely got the impression that these guys just didn't quite know how to end the story in an effective way.

I kind of liked the creepy, Old-School creature and at least their EFFORTS to try to make it scary. Another thing that was also very surprising to me and is something that usually really drives me up a wall with these types of Horror films, is that the sound design was actually handled quite well (despite what one reviewer here stated, but I think he was referring to the loud jump-scares, not the overall sound design) Usually what they do, and it indeed totally drives me insane (well, MORE insane) is that they usually in a very 'Amateur Hour' kind of way boost EVERY damn sound to super high, unnatural levels. Pouring water into a glass, shuffling papers on a desk, jangling keys, etc... Horrible... But in this case, all the accompanying sounds like footsteps, how the voices were miked, and incidental sounds were actually quite natural sounding and refreshingly lower in the mix, which is NOT the case in a lot of other Horror films. So, for their side-stepping that common and EXTREMELY annoying mistake, I was very thankful.

Basically, what I am trying to say here is that there really isn't a whole lot to get excited about. There honestly just isn't that much too the film. The last act is very weak and leaves you feeling like, 'That's it...??!' But, other than that, I suppose what I'm trying to get across is that there aren't TOO many obvious, stupid things that overtly annoy or detract from the overall story, so you can kind of just sit back and still enjoy it a little.

Think Stephen King's 'IT', but WITHOUT the deeper characterizations and hefty back story. We're talking 'IT' (lite)... VERY lite...

Not really a very strong recommendation I know... I was probably a little TOO generous giving this a '6' rating, but I am SO bloody used to having to put up with all these other horribly irritating things in most films, that I guess I was just surprised and happy that at least they avoided the most common and obnoxious stuff that you usually see...
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Well crafted, very moody, atmospheric Russian Horror with an EXCELLENT soundtrack... Blu-ray: Excellent A:10 V:9
17 February 2017
Let me say this first, even before the opening credits start, the sound design grabs you right away. It is unusually moody and atmospheric, at least it really had that immediate effect on me.

Finding English subtitles for it took a little work, since the Blu-ray is released in Germany and has only German and Russian audio and only German and Russian subtitles, but I found them :)

For me personally, when I watch any films but particularly Horror movies, the thing that really grabs me first and foremost is the tone, mood, and atmosphere. And, let me tell you, this movie has it BIG time! So, if you are like me and you really like that aspect of Horror, you should really like this one. Again, I cannot say enough about the sound design. It is rather dominant and is a large part of the film, but I felt that it added tremendously to the Intensity and Surreal nature of the movie. It isn't aggressive in the sense that it is super harsh or loud, but has a deep, creative, ambient style that genuinely adds to the Suspense of the movie. Some people who may find strong soundtracks intrusive in their Horror films, MIGHT not like it. But, I feel that IF it is done well, it can really add to the feel of the film. It kind of reminds me of Retro Horror movies of the past where soundtracks were more aggressive.

I can't speak for other people, but I personally kind of preferred the German track to the original Russian. I'm probably going to watch the movie again with the Russian track, but for me, I kind of liked the smoother, calmer sound of the German as a counterpoint to the Dread and Suspense of the film. But, that could just be me; since the disc is German you will have a choice. Being in the U.S. and watching foreign films, it didn't detract really from the movie at all. The German was synced quite well with the actors. Now, with some movies that can really make a BIG difference. One Spaghetti Western I had had a German soundtrack. And, try as I might, it sounded really jarring and I just couldn't buy the Spaghetti cowboys speaking German. But, in this case being a Russian film, to me it blended just fine. That will be up to you which language you prefer...

I also really liked the pacing and calmness of this film; it had a very classic feel to it, rather than artificial jump-scares or quick editing being dominant. The acting, considering the age of the actors, was actually done quite well I thought. With nice restraint and believability that you usually do not see so often in modern Horror films.

Since there are SO many different kinds of Horror movies and people have their preferences, I would say that primarily for this film you would have to like the type of Horror movie where atmosphere and mood is emphasized over brutality and gore. There IS some of that here, but this is no Torture Porn film. So, if you are into the 'Action' more so than the Mood for Horror movies, then I'd say you may not care that much for this one. BUT... if you DO really like moody, atmospheric Horror films like I do, then I think there may be a very good chance that you might like this one...
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Solid, Old-School atmospheric Horror - Certainly better than most King adaptations DESPITE what others say... HD Print: Excellent A:9 V:8
20 January 2017
Heh, man, I actually saw this in the theater when it came out, if you can believe that. And, in all honesty, I think I do remember feeling at the time that I wasn't overly impressed. But, I just watched an excellent HD Print of the film and I must admit that looking at it now I really appreciated it a LOT more than I did initially.

Have you actually SEEN a lot of the Stephen King adaptations...? I'm not talking about the amazing Classic ones like 'THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION' which is likely one the GREATEST films ever made, or the other Classics like 'THE SHINING' or even 'SALEM'S LOT', but I'm talking about the run-of-the-mill other ones. Normally I find quite a few of them very overdone, plastic, and not terribly engaging. But, this one I felt was actually done fairly well for the type of film that it is.

Remember, this is just your basic Monster movie, BUT with a really nice Gothic look and feel. I also REALLY liked the soundtrack which I thought was quite effective and added a lot to the mood (LOVED the male choir!) Apparently, even though the director never directed another film, I truly felt that he did a very good job crafting not only the excellent atmosphere, look, and sound of the film, but with SO damn many 'Horror' movies today filled with atrocious 'acting', I thought he did a great job bringing out the qualities of the characters in a more realistic way. That is one point in which I feel that many of King's adaptations do NOT do well. In my lowly and wretched opinion, in most cases the characters come across as 2 dimensional, empty, stereotypes that are completely unbelievable. And, even though this story had the requisite and mandatory Redneck types that flood King's work, in THIS case I think that the director had them come across in a much more believable and coherent way that didn't detract from the story like it has many times before.

I guess I am kind of a sucker for this type of Old School Monster movie, ESPECIALLY when there is a strong Gothic look and atmosphere to it. Add to that the frigg'n OUTSTANDING performance by Brad Dourif (naturally...) and the surprisingly restrained but effective one by the boss dude (I personally thought he blew away the leading guy with the quality of his performance) you end up with a pretty good, entertaining old fashioned Horror movie that I felt was a lot of fun.

I probably was a TAD generous with a '7' rating, and if I was grading it compared to ALL genres of Horror films, of course it wouldn't measure up as much. BUT... and it is a BIG BUT like Mariah Carey's... Compared within the TYPE of Horror movie that it is, I honestly felt that it was above average and merited a '7'

So, I would say that as long as you DO like these older Retro Horror films, especially with a nice, moody Gothic atmosphere, and if you also like a good Creature Feature, I think that there is a good chance that you will enjoy it...
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Very, VERY Old Fashioned Horror Story done well with a nice Classic, atmospheric style... Blu-ray: Excellent A: 9 V:9
13 January 2017
3.4...??? Seriously?

Well, maybe if a person just doesn't like this type of old school Horror film or the Retro style of movies like this really bores them. Then yes, I guess so... But, when a person rates a film like this poorly when it is one that they wouldn't like anyway, does that help the rest of us to know HOW WELL it was done? See what I mean? For example, I personally loathe and detest Torture Porn Horror films, but I certainly do not come here and give movies like 'HOSTEL' low ratings, do I? Why...? Well, because that doesn't really help people who might actually LIKE those kinds of films and who want to know if a particular one is done well. So, likewise with this one.

Sorry about the long intro, it kind of bothers me when people do that here, because as I said, it's really not helpful to others who DO like these types of films. Well, you can probably tell by my rating that I really liked this movie (the reviews of the two other people so far here seem to agree...) This movie is indeed for people who actually DO like these kind of Old School Ghost Stories (can you say, 'THE FOG' anyone...? YES, the original, NOT the lame remake : ) So, if you are the kind of person who likes older style Ghost Stories (especially ones based upon Classics like Poe) then you will probably really enjoy this movie.

In my lowly and wretched opinion, I thought it was put together in a very effective and moody way with a lot of Classic style and atmosphere. I felt that it was told in a way that served the story very well and maintained a good level of Suspense. The acting, although not stellar, was decent enough and did not detract from the mood of the story. It IS a very simple story though, so you will need to keep your expectations reasonable. I'd say if you like modern versions of Classic Horror stories like Stuart Gordon's 'DAGON', for example (although this one is much simpler and likely with FAR less money) you should really enjoy this one.

Again, a good, old-fashioned, Old School, creepy and atmospheric Ghost Story. Nicely told and well done considering the clear limitations of how much money they could spend on it.

(P.S: Please be careful with Claudio's review below (above?) as it has some, I'm sure, unintended Spoilers in it!)
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Han zhan II (2016)
Better crafted, more tightly plotted than the first film... Blu-ray: Excellent A:9 V:9
7 December 2016
I very much disagree with the people here saying that the first film was better and strongly disparaging this one (such as the review by 'Uhungmax') Yes, in the first movie, technically, there was a lot more 'stuff' happening. And, in a sense, although it was indeed engaging and exciting, after it was over I felt that some of the key plot elements and character actions did not really make a lot of sense.

However in this 2nd film, although the plot is much more direct and simple, to me personally I thought that the story was much more tightly plotted and a lot better constructed. Here you didn't have the apparent twists and turns of the first film, usually an element that I like very much. But, like I said, AFTER watching the movie and thinking about it, there were certain character motivations and actions that didn't quite add up to me. Whereas with this movie, the story itself seemed to flow much more naturally. In my lowly and wretched opinion, I honestly felt that as a FILM in and of itself, it was put together and executed in a more streamlined and believable manner. Not that I mind AT ALL when movies are complex, or seemingly disjointed, or non-linear. I DO very much like that ***IF*** everything is well thought out and put together in such a way that it fits the internal logic of the film, and as a WHOLE all the parts work together.

I think the tricky thing about comparing the two films is that the first one had a LOT more going on and was more complex. NORMALLY, that would be something that would be very appealing to me. But in this movie, I had more of a feeling that I was being carried along by the story and much more involved in what was happening, and therefore the overall effect had more substance, and I felt that the tension of the story was much more compelling. It's like with the first movie they were almost trying to be TOO clever with the twists and turns of the story where maybe it at times had the effect of almost stumbling on itself. Don't get me wrong... I liked the first film and it was quite good. But, I feel that this one was better...

These 2 films seem somewhat different for movies coming out of Hong Kong in the sense that you normally would expect them to be a LOT more Action oriented. But, both films dealt more with inter-departmental politics and connections with highly placed officials than they were on action. But, with that said, there is ONE action scene in the middle of film that was quite effective and will blow your socks off (so to speak...)

So, that is why I feel that on the SURFACE some people may get an impression that the first film was better with more 'going on' and more twists and turns. But, I honestly feel that this one was put together in a much more cinematic way with better internal logic (being a simpler story) and more believable character interactions that had a more substantial impact in the long run...
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Conjurer (2008)
very, Very, VERY S-L-O-W, old fashioned Horror story. But, with a well constructed, slow-burn atmosphere and above average acting... Blu-ray: Average A:7 V:7
1 December 2016
Wow... there are a LOT of really polarized reviews here for this film. But, I can understand why. This is the classic case of a VERY slow burn, ULTRA low-key, Retro Horror film, very much like a lot of the old British Ghost Stories. You honestly either really like them or you do NOT.

That is why you see reviews here with 7 and 8 stars and comments like 'Creepy' or 'Really Scary', and yet there are also MANY that tell you that the movie is complete crap and a waste of time.

The one thing right from the start that I VERY much appreciated was that the acting was actually quite good. Even others here who have rated the film a '5' have stated as much. As I've said before in other reviews, usually that is the ONE thing that turns me off immediately with many 'Horror' films that are similar to this. Especially with very emotional situations such as this couple went through. But, thankfully, the characters never became excruciatingly hysterical or unbelievable like so many do in films like this. So, that went a long way, at least for me, in helping me like the movie.

Basically it should be pretty easy for you to decide whether you would like this movie or not. IF you do enjoy real slow, but quality old fashioned Horror films and you are NOT looking for over the top sadism or violence, and also VERY important, if you are the kind of person who can EASILY get drawn into atmospheric, slow-building, Ghost Stories that are similar to this, then there is a decent chance that you will enjoy watching this movie. BUT... and it is a HUGE BUT like Mariah Carey's... if you like your Horror films with a faster pace or more action or are easily bored, then you will definitely want to give this one a pass. I'm not saying that you won't be able to appreciate it; I'm only saying that it probably is just not your kind of Horror movie.

But, if you DO enjoy a low-key, mildly scary Horror story and you can allow yourself to get caught up in the mood and atmosphere that the film makers built quite nicely, then you should have some fun watching this...
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Cell 213 (2011)
Atmospheric, low-key Supernatural Thrller... Blu-ray: Excellent A:9 V:9
4 September 2016
As much as I roll my unworthy eyes at Claudio's reviews (4 paragraph synopsis of the story, 2 sentence 'review'...) I must admit that I agree with his sparse comments and his rating of this film.

I too rated it a '7'. BUT... you have to understand that this is a VERY slow-burn, low-key 'Horror' film where, when you get right down to it, not a whole lot happens. The strong point of this movie is it's well crafted and very effective atmosphere. *** IF *** you can get into Horror films that are mostly comprised of mood and atmosphere as opposed to a lot of Action and violence, THEN you might appreciate and enjoy this movie. I really liked the way the director used the photography and particularly the sound design to create what I felt was, in my lowly and wretched opinion, a very effective and suspenseful, moody Horror film.

Don't get me wrong... I frigg'n LOVE some of the all-out kick your balls up behind your ears Horror movies if they are made well, but I also enjoy low-key, well crafted, moody ones like this one. As long as you don't mind the light use of action and violence, you really can get caught up in the moody atmosphere of a movie like this.

The acting throughout was also very good, with the principles doing an excellent job in their roles. I think that since the story in itself is so simple and straight-forward, it really falls to the director to be able to bring it all together in such a way to create the suspense and tension in order to make it effective and to do what it is supposed to do.

So, unlike one of the early reviewers above who basically sliced and diced this movie telling us in detail WHY it was so bad, if you can appreciate THIS KIND of Horror film as I have tried in my inept way to explain so you can understand, then I would think that there is a good chance that you will find it entertaining. Remember too... it is basically Supernaturally themed, so if movies like that just make you roll your eyes and you feel that they are complete BS, then by all means give this one a pass...

Oh, FWIW I really dug the 'BLADE RUNNER' lighting at the very end...
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Ultimately ineffective story with a fairly predictable premise, but with some moderately creepy scenes... Blu-ray: Very Good A:9 V:9
9 July 2016
'Excellent', my @ss...

Sorry, I couldn't help but riff just a bit on this inane and clearly disingenuous review summary that I just read here for this film. This movie is FAR from 'Excellent', I assure you...

However, with that said, I do think that the film makers / director did try to create an effective Horror film. The look, lighting, and some of the visuals were okay. And, I felt that some of the ELEMENTS of the story and the film were good, but I just truly do not think that they were put together very well.

Also, at least in my lowly and wretched opinion, I honestly did NOT care for the acting very much, particularly with the lead actress. I read here in the reviews where some say that she is pretty good. Well, that may be, but in THIS film with the specific way that she came across, whether it was because of her performance or the way she was directed, but as far as I personally am concerned, she did absolutely NOTHING to make the story, character, or mood of the film more effective or believable. I guess, really, that the responsibility must honestly rest with the director since it is up to him to elicit the right performances and craft the end result in such a way in order to bring across effectively what the story is supposed to do.

I didn't particularly care for the actress who portrayed the little girl either. Was it just me, or did she come across as much 'harder' and unnaturally older than she should have appeared for her age. To me, there was NOTHING of what you would consider a 'normal', innocent little girl about her what so ever. She said her lines like she was biting off steel or something. So, I felt her portrayal supposedly as a 'normal' little girl as anything but...

I don't know... I mean, I only gave this film a '4' because I honestly didn't find it very effective. And, without giving anything away, especially the ending was really pretty bad. I don't mean the last minute or so with it's supposedly 'punchy' ending, I mean like the whole last act of about 15 minutes or so.

I usually wouldn't bother to write a review about a film like this where I felt so ambivalent about it, but I think what kind of 'pricks' me (sorry, I just like saying that :) is that I genuinely felt that there MIGHT, just MIGHT have been a fairly decent movie in there somewhere, nothing orgasmically earth-shaking or anything, but I think that with the right editing and directorial choices and at least in my worthless opinion, DEFINITELY another lead actress, just MAYBE they MAY have been able to cough up, yes, a completely derivative and unoriginal story, but possibly at least a decently entertaining 'B' Horror film...
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Gridlocked (2015)
An update of the update of John Carpenter's 'ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13' (sort of) Lots of fun! Very entertaining Blu-ray: A:10 V:9
7 June 2016
This movie was a real blast! So many times films like this are usually pretty disappointing to me, mainly because producers always seem to go out of their way to ruin stories like this with over-the-top 'acting' and artificially pumped up stupidity (does that actually make sense...???)

Anyway, one thing that I really liked about the film, in addition to it's great @ss-Kicking all over the place, were the surprisingly intelligent characters and particularly the way the interaction between the two main guys was done. To me, this was by FAR the best performance of Dominic Purcell that I have EVER seen. I frigg'n LOVED 'Prison Break', but his acting was not even CLOSE to a highlight of that series (sorry man...) BUT... in THIS film, I actually felt that he came across far more 'REAL' as a person. I honestly thought that his acting has greatly improved with this role.

I also really liked the guy they chose to play the 'Star'; he was absolutely PERFECT! In a role like this, it would be so easy to screw it up by him being over-douchey and stupid. But, I thought that the way that the film makers portrayed him being a punk, but at the same time showing a believable, sympathetic side to him, was nicely balanced.

There was also a fair amount of rather clever humour that worked pretty well. So, all in all, I really found the movie to be very entertaining, not so over-the-top that it ruined it either character wise or otherwise. And, the action was pretty good too. All the 'Bullet Ballet' stuff (as another reviewer here mentioned) was done fairly well. Probably the only slight thing that I would mention in my lowly and wretched opinion, and maybe this is just my personal preference, is that SOME of the action I felt was a bit heavy handed with the fast, quick edit stuff. I've never really been a fan of that. It wasn't as bad as many films are in this area where you can't tell what the hell is going on, but for me personally, I think that if they had taken a BIT more of a classic, traditional approach (such as in the Carpenter film) and gone for just a TAD more of a pulled-back, classic, more moodily choreographed approach, just a BIT, and cut down a LITTLE on the tight, fast edited close action, I personally feel that that would have elevated this film almost to cult status.

If you wanna be bitchy about it, the last act probably COULD have been tightened up just a bit to give it more punch, but that is just a super MINOR thought, no biggie...

I really liked this movie and I personally found it VERY fun and refreshing, especially with all the destructively stupid, extreme crap that Hollywood continually tries to force down our throats. It was most engaging, the characters were intelligent and believable (something NOT usually done very well these days) and the action was great! I genuinely feel that this film does pretty much EXACTLY what it sets out to do, and does it far better than most...
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Well shot, edited and acted. Nicely crafted Supernatural atmosphere. But really let down by the ending... Blu-ray: Excellent A:10 V:9
2 April 2016
The reviews sure are all over the place for this film. The negative ones are REAL negative. Hmmm... Well, FWIW all I can do is give you my impressions about the movie. Just an added note (this was after I carefully looked at the ratings of other reviews) YES, I also do NOT like biased or planted '10 star' reviews. However, I notice on the other end of the scale that EVERY negative review has a disproportionately high vote... 5/5, 8/8, 10/10, 25/26. Strangely consistent, wouldn't you say? And yet EVERY positive review is rated EXTREMELY poorly... Does that seem unbiased and fair to you...? Looks like deliberate sabotage to me. I feel that neither extreme is very pretty...

Anyway... First off, I want to explain that the reason why I am rating this film as a '6' is primarily because of the last 5 minutes or so. In my lowly and wretched opinion, I really felt that it was very poorly done . However, if the ending had been up to par with the rest of the movie, I would have probably given it a '7'

And, although I ***REALLY*** did NOT like the first 5 minute intro or the little $hit child telling the background story (GEEZ... could he have been more irritating...?) once the main, modern part got going I was surprisingly impressed with the quality of the film and the way it was directed. I personally was most impressed with the cinematography and the sound design. I felt these elements were quite strong and really added to the atmosphere and creepy mood of the movie. I like it when modern day Horror films get more aggressive with the soundtrack. Nothing stupid, but just using sounds very effectively to heighten the Supernatural mood and the suspense and tension of the story. I really felt that the director did a very, very good job with that (a true throwback to older Horror films. A very good example of this is the VERY rare 1973 Telefilm 'A COLD NIGHT'S DEATH' {which I happen to have :} where you just basically have 2 guys alone at an Arctic research station where all the people are dead. DAMN good sound design! Typical of Horror films made at that time)

The acting too was surprisingly very realistic and believable. Especially with all the family Drama involved, in most cases with films like this, the heightened emotions and acting usually is pretty cringe-worthy and awful. But, I must say that although I was holding my breath just WAITING for some character to grind on my nerves, I actually found the performances overall to be quite good.

The story was pretty basic. Nothing wildly innovative here. Just a simple, fairly familiar Ghost Story, and for the most part I genuinely felt that it was put together very well. For me personally, particularly with this kind of Supernatural Horror film, MOOD and ATMOSPHERE are absolutely VITAL above all else. And, I truly felt that the director did this quite a bit better than most other similarly themed films.

BUT... and this is indeed a VERY BIG BUT like Mariah Carey's... the way he decided to end the film and wrap up the story just about COMPLETELY undid all the excellent work and effort and nice atmosphere that they worked SO hard up to that point to create. Very sad... I am genuinely puzzled that with all the very good thought and care that, to me anyway, was clearly put into the atmosphere and the quality of the film to make it as believable and as chilling as possible, to end it in such a 'WTF are they thinking...' kind of way baffles me completely.

Also, as in many cases when I review films like this where there are strong Supernatural themes, I absolutely MUST emphasize that if you are the kind of person who just does NOT buy into films like this and if you like your Horror more 'Realistic', etc., then chances are that you will NOT like this movie at all. This film is pretty much ONLY for those (like me) who can EASILY suspend disbelief and EASILY find yourself totally engulfed in the Ghostly and Supernatural elements of a story like this. I'm thinking that possibly a number of the extremely negative reviews here that just say general, broad things like 'This is crap' and 'totally stupid', etc. could simply be from people who just do not care for Ghost stories or Supernaturally themed films. I don't know...

Anyway... What I would personally suggest is that IF you are the kind of person who REALLY can get into films like this, and... ***VERY*** importantly... if you can kind of try to ignore the really $hitty 1st and last 5 minutes and just sit back and enjoy the rest of the film, which I felt was done very well, then you might have a 'ghost' of a chance of enjoying this movie...
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Regression (I) (2015)
First and foremost, ***PLEASE*** be very careful reading these reviews here! MOST contain VERY bad Spoilers! Blu-ray: Very Good A:9 V: 9
24 January 2016
I don't really have a lot to say about this movie. But... after seeing all these 'Reviewers' here categorically RUIN the film in their 'Brilliant' reviews, I thought that I really should at least write this here to CAUTION EVERYONE PLEASE before reading any of these supposedly 'Helpful' reviews...

The whole point of the film is bloody not knowing how it will turn out and NOT having it ruined... So, it really annoys me in the extreme that these people here are so completely dense that they mindlessly do exactly that. So, PLEASE do use the utmost caution in reading ANY of these reviews here, especially if they contain the 'Spoiler' warning. Total NUMBNUTS! Seriously... These people really should be hunted down, tortured, killed, and tortured some more so they do NOT have a chance to breed...

Anyway, not making any comment on how the movie turned out or it's intent, but just commenting on it as a film... I feel that it was very well made, very well acted by all concerned, and did an excellent job in creating a superb sense of Suspense and 'Horror' at the mysterious goings on here in this town. To me... THAT is what matters... and, I feel that it is a good film, one well made and directed, a story very well told. Now, with that said... Would I have personally liked it to end differently...? Yes... But, that is just my personal taste. The way it ended was EXACTLY the whole point of the entire film. Many here just P!$$ all over it because, oh... they were SOOOOO disappointed... poor things... Well, I was kind of disappointed too. But still, I can honestly say that this is a well put together film that gets it's point across and accurately portrays a recent era in our past.

When you get to the 'Epilogue' over the closing credits, it is very clear as to why the film was made and what it was portraying. And, in my lowly and wretched opinion, it did exactly that, and did it very well.

Would it be my first recommendation for a 'Great' Horror film...? No... Is it my very favourite 'Type' of Horror film...? No... But, I can certainly tell a well crafted movie when I see one, even if it may not be exactly the type of movie that would be at the very top of my personal list of Horror films... I don't want to give anything away (like bloody EVERYONE else here...) but, when you realize what exactly is going on, you can truly appreciate it for the excellent job the film makers did. I feel that they accurately portrayed the mentality of how the people thought then, and they also make a VERY strong statement concerning one of the 'approved' techniques used at the time, thus the title of the film...

So, PLEASE, do yourself a big favour... Ignore all these inconsiderate D!ckweeds and their pretentious, SPOIL-FILLED reviews. If the basic premise appeals to you, just start watching the film and see if it catches your attention. Even if, like me, you aren't exactly changing your pants in ecstasy at the end of it, if you honestly appreciate good movies, I think you will see that this is a very well made and thoughtful film...
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