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Caprica (2009–2010)
The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly
20 August 2011
It is so obvious why this got canceled after only a season. It could not get a loyal fan base going. This is because of poor script pacing. I myself had to watch this twice to "get it". And it is a very well written and acted show its too bad it go canceled. Season two would have had better ratings because of the Resurrection Chamber tech being invented. The constant flash-backs is what screwed this up. The whole series should have started 88 years in the past instead of the shows advertised 58. Episode one should have shown the progression of The Adama Family. It would have been better if Col Tigh and Admiral Adama were on the Bridge of Galactica, say just before scuttling it when they finally arrive on Earth, and Adama could recall his boyhood and tell Saul a story about the Adamas and His Families connection to the Makers of the first Cylons. The story should have started there, 88 years in the past. Then told in chronological order from that point. Episode one should have ended 58 years in the past. And where the first season ended at 18 episodes. It could have been told in story arcs lasting only 10 episodes. 11-18 in season one would have been able to show the stories set 5 years later that were planned for season two. If the Zoe character had come back to life as the first "Skin Job", in season one this series may have had a season two. They took to long stretching out the stories, which as I said are excellently written and acted by all.
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Rescue Special Ops (2009–2011)
Excellent Aussie TV program in need of syndication/export
22 March 2011
Too bad this won't happen until possibly 2012. The first two seasons production was only 13 episodes each. Season 3 was just announced and will yield 22 episodes. With 48 in the can maybe we'll see this in the U.S and U.K. Is shown on Channel 9 Australia. You can watch some episodes on You Tube though. It's worth watching even with the splitting of each episodes into 5 or 6 parts as is the custom with You Tube. This show is filmed in, and around Sydney. The program is produced by Southern Star Entertainment with the assistance of Screen Australia and the New South Wales Government. The high energy action drama series focuses on a team of experienced professional paramedics who specialize in unique rescue operations. The only recognizable one of the cast of stars to U.S. and U.K. viewers would be Gigi Edgely, (Chiana) of Farscape fame. Give it a go, you'll like the wonderful photography of outdoor down under.
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Blood Alley (1955)
John Wayne-san should've just said no-e way
22 December 2010
Sorry to say this but, this movie would have rated much higher if a different lead was cast. Don't get me wrong this movie is very watchable. With Wayne & Bacall starring, Paul Fix supporting, good writing, solid acting by leads and bit players it had it all but one thing... John Wayne is out of character. This movie as I said before would probably have been rated at between 7.5 to a 9 if Robert Mitchum had not been fired from the lead role early in the picture. Since this movie was being produced by Wayne's fledgling BATJAC Productions, he was forced into the role by Warner Bros., saying they would pull the plug on distribution if he did not star. Too bad. I can easily see Kirk Douglas sending this over the top. Just think of his performance in the movie In Harms Way and you'll get the idea. Jimmy Stewart would have been great also. Think Harvey....see what I mean! If your a Wayne fan as am I, you'll scratch your head and wonder.....hmmmmmmmmm. Later Wayne would have had the clout to say no. I'll rate this at 7 paddles on the River-boat wheel.
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Holy Bat**** Batman!!!! A Zombie Movie to love
26 August 2007
Zombies........ means don't watch it. Or so i thought. Ever since Night of the living Dead was released ages ago, I have never liked Zombie Movies........ Till now that is. The only two reasons I watched this is Milla Jovovich and the $3.00 DVD price

I watched the special features DVD first. i do this, as it makes all movies more enjoyable I had no clue this Movie was based on a Video Game when I bought it. No comparing here of one to the other. This stands alone as good fun to watch. The last time a Movie made me jump or flinch was the Godfather way back in 72. The sound man in this Movie has his s**t together. you are in la la land and then all of a sudden as John Madden would say "B o o M". Can't wait for the 9.27.07 release of #3. Activate Alice Program...........Thanks for reading my review. Feel free to scream at me or praise my review at Bye for now.
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