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Able to talk about Judaism with a great touch of humour
21 August 2016
What an excellent animation, a very pleasant surprise ! Able to talk (not to much insisting on the religious side) about Judaism, Jews and Muslims all together without being heavy, pedant nor dogmatic and with a great touch of humour, I loved that. The drawing are very well made, the dialogues (rather simple, like my comment) have the right touch to make you smile... and the cat is just perfect !

Usually I avoid every movie talking about Judaism, not because of Judaism itself (I am an atheist), but for political reasons : since 1967, I am fed up with all the propaganda made for (sionism and) Israël. I mean the state, not the people living there. For a country created on foreign lands which did not belong to the Jews more than it did to the Palestinians... and the last mentioned were already there... ! Personnaly, I have no problem to speak and communicate with any Israelis, Arabic or Jew, unless he/she comes along with his/her Uzi or AK-47 and puts it in front of my noise :-) And I am also fed up with the brainwash in most newspapers and in TV channels made since WW2, as if the Jews were the only ones who suffered and died during the six sad long years... Why Russian or Polish couldn't also lament for 70 years ?! Imagine the newspapers, filled with these types of articles : it could last for 300 years !!!

Well, back to this funny animation, I will recommend it to my friends and/or to anyone who could enjoy something fresh, original, out of the main stream blockbusters. I agree there are some missing explanatory parts, but I don't care, I enjoyed the whole part. 10/10

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles


A film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles
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Victoria (II) (2015)
Great movie... and perfect example of what NOT do do !
11 February 2016
Despite I think it's a great movie, I really didn't like it... Or I better should write, though I think I'm positive thinking person, I could only enjoy the half of it : the "second part" was more or less bringing me in a state of mind thinking : should I stop watching it now, or not ?

In this story we can find, once more, the perfect example of where not to go (in), of how not be behave, in what sort of things no one should ever let him/herself slip into...

Stupidity, psychological debt, hard drugs and fear will sooner or later bring someone to deeply regret what has been going on...

But at this stage, it will be too late to go backward. There's not return possible, no happy ending possible at least in this movie.

The first part of the movie is really pleasant, even though we can feel it won't last...

Superficial common behaviours played by the actors, which are all really excellent, camera work, soundtrack, everything is just well mastered.

In the next half, we enter the dark side of the story, and nothing isn't pleasant anymore.

I won't spoil anything, but it's really a sad movie.

We can be sorry that it happens like that because the "victims of their stupidity" are not bad people, but again, it's too late.

What was done was done, and obviously with all the negative consequences that are related to what was done.

In fact, it's a clever movie, we could take a lesson out of it, if we "think" with our heart and not only with our brain.

For me, my preferred part was in the coffee-shop, with the Liszt's Mephisto Waltz...

That explain everything, or not... :-)
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Da Vinci's Demons (2013–2015)
10 * for the music, same for the generic but only 1 * for the rest !
20 December 2014
The french reviewer nebudmusil describes it with this definitive, accurate and appropriate expression :

"Circulez, il n'y a rien à voir!" (Move along, there's nothing to see!)

Nothing to save in this television series, except the music score from Bear McCreary, whom I find a great composer, and the generic which is nice to look at !

The rest is just boring : acting, script, costumes, etc...

Oh no, I forgot to mention : the Italian architecture and scenery is unmistakably beautiful...

That doesn't make enough to spend more than the first episode, and even though, it's already a waste of time.

I nevertheless gave it a brief try because of McCreary's soundtrack.

In fact, it's a real pity that a so good music score goes to a so poor "movie".

Finally : 10* for the music, 8* for the generic and minus 11* for the rest : it gives an average 1* for the whole pack :-)
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interesting, but too slow
4 July 2013
Interesting interviews about this topic for this European television documentary. For my taste, the presentation of the different commentators is slightly too repetitive, and mainly too slow. Otherwise, it doesn't take position weather if we should fear or not of this enterprise. Therefore it's up to the viewer of deciding yes or no. You would say it the basis of what a good documentary should be : trying to present facts... and I'll agree :-) Formers Google's employees also explain how it goes from the inside. The IMDb ten minimum lines are not yet reached so I'll add a few words... and give my personal point of view about the title : yes, we should ! As much as we should of everything that serves only the interest of any capitalistic company or any superpower in our world, which are definitively interested in the dominion of our human being, becoming forever all slaves of "what they have to offer to us"... Unfortunately, Google is just one of the main ones we should fear, on the long existing list ! Yes, I am a dreamer and will slightly deviate and quote a supposed Einstein's meme reflexion : "I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Einstein's attribution (right or wrong)is not important; the margin before this true sentence has becoming a factual reality is tiny if still existent, and Google's is part of it ! So for sure we have to fear, but not to abandon the fight ! Hopes are still alive !!!
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After Tiller (2013)
Courageous doctors, courageous directors
21 May 2013
Having read about this very interesting documentary, I'll put a stone for it.

I think it must take a lot of courage, especially in the USA, to make and practice

anything that is not mostly well admitted/appreciated by the people or the law of

the different states legalization, especially anything that helps freedom

of personal decision or freedom of thinking.

The reasons come from the fact that in USA, a lot of people who are "free thinkers"

have unfortunately a big chance to fall under the bullet of any madman, or

any big power/industry/political leaders rented shot man,

whom they are against or interfering their "easy business".

It comes also because to get any lethal weapon is just as easy as to buy bread !

USA is a democracy, that is correct, yes, but in many ways it's like it is not !

The pressure of television, churches and big lobbies is so strong, that in

practice it almost annihilates the democratic system, many times, by the sideway...

The democracy, obviously in itself is not the problem, but what it let allow,

I mean put a blame on a big spot, because it makes sell news !

Political opponents and free thinkers are killed anywhere on this planet, that's

true too, but for a democracy as is USA supposed to be, something goes wrong !

Apart that, my rating goes to the freedom of thinking,

because I yet didn't see the documentary.

I rated it, because quoting Martin Niemöller poem :

"When the Nazis came for the communists, I did not say anything, I was not a Communist.

When they imprisoned socialists I did not say anything, I was not a socialist.

When they came for the trade unionists, I did not say anything, I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me there was no one left to protest."

is the only way I can express my concerns about Freedom !

Therefore > courageous doctors and courageous directors :-)
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It let me a knot in my stomach after viewing it !
7 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent movie but finally an horrible story... Everything is well filmed and played, comedians are good, not overplaying. Although the scenario is rather simple, the sequences are cleverly well interlaced and the suspense last all along until the end. Apart that, I wonder why this movie is not listed in Horror section ? It let me a knot in my stomach after viewing it. As I am like a child I remember wishing and hoping for a surprising happy final twist... Didn't happen... :-) In fact that's why I just write this comment right after : to cure my feelings ! So if you like intelligently conducted thrillers, this is a movie for you. But if like me you prefer happy ends, perhaps it's better not to watch it. However my rate is quiet high (even though I won't see it again), because how I summarized it, this "Cara oculta" is really well made ! *** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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Fantômas (1980– )
A treat for the eyes !
19 December 2011
If we can agree to put aside the highly questionable moral position of Fantomas for whom human life has no value (except of course his own and his lover and brilliant accomplice, Lady Beltham), and therefore clears off number of people without any scruple, then the series is absolutely brilliant !

If we can accept the various intrigues and improbable and incredible situations that take place throughout the four episodes, then we can see as the filmmaking is brilliant.

In fact it's all about atmosphere, mood and mystery, absolutely gorgeous scenery ...

The different women / actresses in the series are frankly sublime, and men / actors are also not left out : a real treat for the eyes !

Kristina Van Eyck especially, (and Gayle Hunnicut too) wow… these are the real women !

Helmut Berger, the Prince of Darkness…

I didn't expect Jacques Dufilho to be as good as he is... and all supporting actors are excellent…

Apart in one strange and exceptionally beautiful scene, there is no direct eroticism in the actual meaning of the word, but an out-dated classic charm close to eroticism emerges all along the series, in many scenes. It is may be not obvious for everyone's eyes, but it was for me.

The tempo is rather slow, but as much the camera work as the work of the light are perfectly in accordance with the epoch and places where the action happen, at no time we do feel slowness or boredom. The scenes of battles and murders will certainly not appeal to realistic movie fans, but for me still, they are perfect in spirit and in the mood ...

I especially liked the one or two scenes in which Fantomas and Lady Beltham kiss each other : it looks like real kisses !

And not how I regret in almost any "classic" movies, in which unfortunately actors (as brilliant as they can be) literally stick their mouth on each other's in "love scenes"... which, in my opinion, always takes away a great deal of emotion, because no true lover in the world kiss by sticking just one mouth on the other's !

Apart that, I must admit that after the second episode "L'étreinte du diable" I was a little hesitant to continue watching, because it bothered me a little to see so many murders and kills, but the images were still so beautiful that I put aside my reticence. And fortunately... I did not regret it !

If you know and love "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" TV series with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, then I sincerely think that you also may enjoy this Fantomas series.

I would not say the acting is exceptional, as are JB and ED in Sherlock Holmes series, no...

but it's more all assembled parts that makes this one a superb and exceptional series.

Fantomas is, to summarize, a film of charm and atmosphere ...

Me, I just loved it :-)
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La classe américaine (1993 TV Movie)
Wonder why it is not better known in France and Switzerland ?!
5 September 2011
For French people and well-understanding French speaking people an absolute must see !

As said in the comment's title, I wonder why it's not well/better known...

Why not, really ?

It's hilarious, delirious, and with some quiet inoffensive slang...

So that any grown-up person who is a movies lover could almost laugh all along the movie.

The French dialogue fits completely to the expressive attitude of the actors,

with even the lips movements which could make us think it is not an invented one, but the real original English lines...

With plenty ironic light trashy permutations of the original English dialogues and meaning of the scenes.

Without knowing the movies in which the different parts have been taken and assembled,

for sure the fun can't be the same... :-(

I define myself as a wide-open movie lover, from classic to martial arts (except horror :-),

and especially comedies but I never heard about this fantastic one before yesterday,

as someone mentioned it on a computer info's sharing site, to my great surprise.

Read straight afterward the excellent reviews here on the site...

Could find it and watched it in the evening...

What a pleasure ! So many laughs ! Just perfect !

For comedy lovers : a must see !!!

Unfortunately and for once the Anglo-American speaking audience will miss this one... :-)

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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Tron (2010)
the movie : not yet seen... but the trailer : Oh, Yes !!!
29 March 2011
As a huge fan of the original TRON, when I discovered they were making a "legacy", about a year ago, I entered the data in my movie list...

Checking what was going on with it, I had the nice surprise to see it will finally be released on mid December 2010, so in a month...

The pictures gallery, I didn't like it... seems to much like kids comics... and thought... sorry (instead another word starting with s and ending with t : I mean stunt...)... a pity ! Because so many time the sequels of any movie are just a waste of time and energy... I thought, my god, same story...

Then I went for the trailer : and, oh Yes ! my eyes wide opened...

Wow, it seems to have the same kind of spirit, and beautiful images, and plenty of action, like the original !!! So, if with some of the original TRON actors, especially Jeff Bridges whom I like very much, the new director Kosinski has may be offered us another piece of... fantastic science-fiction thrilling movie...

If the script is as good as the original one, the "Legacy" might be another Tron movie to become cult classic.

For the moment, not knowing anything else, the mystery remains ! Let's pray... laugh out loud :-) In between, I applaud the trailer !!! Furthermore, my rating is obviously conditional...

In conclusion, as are used to say our British friends :-) Wait and see !

NB This review was written on DEC. 19, 2010... I recently found out it was deleted by IMDb based on an abuse report filed by another user. I assume it was for two words... as there was no spoiler in this comment... So I edited the two words !

PS after having seen the movie, I am less enchanted, and rate goes down to 7,5/10 The trailer is more attractive than the real whole movie

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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Black Swan (2010)
Did she dance or not ? Who cares ? beautiful movie !
27 March 2011
The last news and critics about the movie make a fuss that Nathalie Portmann didn't dance most of the parts of the movie...

I guess they are right, BUT what the f... ?

Of course no one can become a top classical dancer within a few months...(may be with the exception you already are a top martial arts or artistic gymnastic expert)

Come on, the one who believed that it's possible have just no idea of what it really takes... So sorry, but if you did, you are/were just naive and if you think it's a shame that she got an Oscar for this beautiful movie, you're not fair !

The movie is beautiful, even though she did not most of the dancing part !

And as I don't care about Oscars and how is made a movie, I really give a s... to all these journalists who says she cheated...

The advertisement which was made is obviously a part of the game, and if you don't understand how it goes, again you're so naive...

I can understand that the young woman dancer who did all the dancing part says it now... it's justice to tell the truth.

Newsmen are used to say untruth, just to have more readers, not really verifying the right or wrong of what they write, that's also part of the game, unfortunately...

Many of them I mean... and especially those ones like to make more fuss, once they discovered what all they wrote was wrong, just to take revenge and because they are frustrated that someone shows/proves their emptiness...

This said, for me it won't change :

I loved the movie !

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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The Reader (2008)
Incroyable beautiful and sad movie, raising a lot of questions
24 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Incroyable beautiful and sad movie, raising a lot of question about guilt, justice, cowardice and self honesty. As I'd never seen before a movie in which Kate Winslett was acting, I didn't know that she is... absolutely breathtaking ! Fantastic actress, in a part that must not have been easy to play. As true compliments can I write about David Kross, the young lover of Hanna. And Ralph Fiennes, still having a smaller part is not left behind. The whole movie is incredible, and for whom would know me, all the stories about what happened in Germany during last WW2, usually bother me a lot and don't interest me. Of course I don't deny anything of the horrible things, but on my tastes, there are just too many films dealing about the Holocauste... So I'm fed up with them. And as soon as I read a synopsis telling about this topic, I usually just pass straight by. But his one is eventually a superb exception. As I am a "reading lover", the tittle retained my attention, so I came upon to read a little more about the movie. After having seen a trailer, it convinced me to have a deeper look on i, and many comments here on the site gave an indication of how good should be the movie. So my comment is to say : no regret at all ! The movie is so sad, that I'm not sure to see it again, but nevertheless I could strongly recommend it to anyone who likes drama. The atmosphere in so right, no false note. About the story, for sure I just cried as I understood that the male protagonist Young Michael Berg was not going to say what he knew, what would have pleaded for her defense and final sentence. True what did Hanna was out of mind... a shame ! But not to say the truth from former Hanna's lover was almost more horrible, because he did it consciously. I hated him, I mean his cowardice... just let's say the director followed just the most dramatic possible scenario. And yes, for the intensity of the drama, it's the right choice. I really disliked this part, but it is so well filmed and acted, that now I can smile and laugh of it... I'm still in the movie :-)

On my opinion, Hanna was part of this large majority of the German who did unbelievable and insane things, but once they really realized what they did and were part of, were deeply ashame, even though as she said, the were dead forever. That's the only reason why she run away, disappearing unexpectedly. She couldn't stand to love someone, with the deep pain she had inside.

And one of the movie strong point is when a law student youngster raised the question about the fact everyone in Germany knew what happened, and only a few were sentenced to jail. Of course, it is quiet difficult to put, let's say between 60 to 80% of a large country's population...

So this is a sad movie, about a strong topic...

Highly recommended !

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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Yes !!! A Must See !
29 January 2011
The best group psychological behavior movie since long, or how would act/do most human under the Authority agreement, considering the fact that most people have sadistic and/or submissive potentials (under certain circumstances), as long as there is a strong leader in any group.

The Stanford Experiment is the basis of this movie, and even though the conclusions of the S.E. were contested, with comprehensive reasons from a scientific point of view, for my humble understanding of human nature, I unfortunately have to agree the conclusions are definitively true.

Many comments do take in consideration Abu Graib, or the last WW2, but it's only because we know nothing about what is still going on every day of the year, in too many countries.

Newspapers make a big thing every once a few years, but it's only because the Freedom of Knowledge is quiet under control on this Earth, as long there are only very few courageous journalist/politicians/legal actors/banking or industry leaders/and/or individuals that really act/shout against Unjustice, because most of them live and make money on it ! (except last category)

And second (the possible main point), they are mostly friends, even apparently and publicly they disagree with each other.

I remember an incredible thing that happened in Madagascar in 1992, or 1993; I was working there 4 months a year (for 8 consecutive years), and since 1991, there was a big clash between the then actual President ("elected dictator") Ratsiraka and the opposition of most malagasy people, politicians included.

For the background, that year there was a manifestation and one million people marched against the president palace. My malagasy friends told me to come... I just replied that was may be not the best way to do, because president's were no good boys... However this day according to the government, there were about 12 officially dead, killed in a "self-defensive response" from the guards, but it was from an helicopter gun machine and the more reality there were about 200 persons who were killed this day (according Red Cross)... Sad you'd say... obviously me too !

But coming back to the "Newspapers paragraph" above, what really puts me down is that a few time later there was a direct TV show between two representatives of the government and two from the "opposition" party, and a journalist. As the talks went on, they all started quiet politely, but more and more it went on were really becoming aggressive, to almost shout against each other at the end, I mean government and opposition people.

The only one who tried to cool it down was the TV showman... who at the end of the official program thanked every one...

This was the end of the program... BUT the camera continued to shoot on live...

After about 30 seconds everyone started to chat and laugh to each other very friendly, and pleasant again ! The show was supposed to be off program, no more shooting...

This very day, I will never forget !

2 minutes ago they were all together apparently showing a real and true disagreement, talking about how many were killed, arguing, and so on, almost fighting...

Then laughing and chatting...

If you consider this story, this is not exactly the topic of this movie... but close to what I'm saying : most people collaborate, even though it possibly does not please them entirely.

Following other "happenings" I've seen before I thought I was no more so naive...

For everything what is in The Experiment, it's brilliant, the only weakling thing is the woman flashback, but it's a very minor thing, to cut down the tension, but finally helps to reinforce it afterward. The escalate is real, the acting and script and filming is all together compact, for real !

At the end, I just cried, not for the movie, I know it's one !

But because this could help many to realise and behave differently...

The "Authority" is always a bad thing, unless it's not due to self respect to the authority's kindness and knowledge which should only be taken as a positive example.

For me, may be only the Dalai Lama is a worldwide known person (to me) who really is a true example, and as for he's not invited in a main ecclesiastic conference, I just laugh : one of the Only !

To kill someone, is a bad thing, an horrible thing, but if you do it under the Authority consent because it tells you have the obligation and right to do it otherwise you'll be the next one on the list to be killed and not ONLY because YOU are sincerely convinced you must do it for your deepest belief AND for your personal soul justice (if it does possibly exist), then you may enter in doing things how we see in this movie.

Of course, it's not easy : self respect is a difficult thing to deal with, for everyone...

It reminds me another brilliant must see movie : Closet Land (1991), which deals too with the topic, beautifully shots, but only with an inmate and a woman prisoner.

I wonder if any movie maker could translate and adapt the topic... for a children movie !

It seems, since a few years, in Europe and particularly in Germany, they are again excellent directors, who deals with the notion of Autority or Power abuse...

Die Welle (The Wave) (2008) is also a damned good example.

Anyway for The Experiment, just take the helicopter for you next dealer... (but just don't shoot him :-)

or easier, take the phone to buy/rent/steal (for the last word, I do sincerely discourage it:-) this must see movie !

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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The right touch !
2 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This story, as I guess, is unknown to a non Balkans inhabitant, as I am, Swiss born... In fact I stumbled upon the attractive title, and after reading the comments, decided to give it a chance... How glad ! It was a very pleasant and nice surprise... A story without any violence, no explosion, no cgi, and dated from 2008 ! Incredible, for what is supposed to be an Action/Crime/Drama movie :-) But it works perfectly... The right touch !

Even though there is a Porsche car involved... almost the central focusing point of the movie, the stunts are very few... In fact there are almost inexistent in The Belgrade Phantom, but nevertheless the subtle tension all along the movie, pictured like a kind of documentary holds the long run. If you only need strong adrenaline all along a movie to appreciate one and stunts that are possible only in movies, fights, blood and bones, better avoid this excellent one ! I expected it to be an imaginative story and it turns out it was based on a real event and on a real "Phantom" named Vlada Vasiljevic. The acting, if not absolutely memorable, is strong enough from all the actors and the interviews were carefully chosen to keep up the rather slow pace of the movie, and even more believable to make an excellent movie. Imho, the concern of the director was more to focus on the mystery side, than on the stunts, and for me, it worked perfectly. The thief/driver doesn't have a single line in the hole movie... but again it works ! In fact, this is another incredible thing... Being able to make a suspense/mystery movie where the tension doesn't rely on the fear and sudden (hit/blow... anything) effect, but on the "whole stuff itself"... I have some difficulty to precise my thoughts in English... but I hope you'll get the point ! Forgot also to mention this movie reminds me another "road movie" I like very much : Vanishing Point (1971) much more on the adrenaline side... I found The Belgrade Phantom very human, and only in the good way of the meaning "human". The rebel here, is very gentle, very kind ! Why not ? Everything is a question of spirit ! Last thing, obviously felt sorry (of course it was predictable) that the guy died at the end... That was the effective End...

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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Closet Land (1991)
Amazing performances, brilliant !
1 January 2011
As already said, it reminds me too the Trial (Le Procès) made in 1962 by the great Orson Welles.

Same quality... questioning men's mind and the price some have to pay for Freedom.

A perfect and must see "Huis-clos"

Almost more riveting while so small action, on some ways, but so full of intensity.

A comment on IMDb about this movie brought me up to see if there was any trailer...

The movie itself was on YT ! a top notch one !

And Madeleine Stowe is absolutely beautiful and shows a first-rate playing

Alan Rickman, wow, what an actor !

My only complaint was that to cut a movie like this (I mean on YT) is also a bit sadistic...

Well, we could say it follows the movie's register.

Nevertheless, I was riveted to my sofa :-)

So, really fantastic is also the job that Radha Bharadwaj did with her movie.

And say that I never heard anything anywhere nor by anyone about this director : a shame !

After some searches it appears she's a real rarity :

"Radha Bharadwaj was born in India and moved to the United States in her late teens to study film. She is a rarity in Hollywood, being an Asian American female director who creates English language features that are not narrow, ethnic tales but dark tales of suspense and intrigue that are universal in theme and scope." (This last paragraph is taken from, as for... in the Fair Use purpose.)

Well, back to the movie :

So if you are for Freedom, I mean any form of it (if there are different forms of it !), and you can stand a powerful claustrophobic situation in a movie, I just can say : watch this masterpiece !

Me, fortunately I could find it slightly later in "one piece" on DVD format, so it joined my home video library, for my great pleasure :-)

Remember : Amazing performances, brilliant !

If you agree/disagree with this comment, I'll be glad if you'll rate it, wishing more Yes, just because this movie speaks to my heart about Liberty AND Freedom... I know it seems a wrong double use meaning, but may be you'll understand what I trying to point out :-)

*** a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles ***
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Shéhérazade (1995)
Magnificent animation tale !
3 May 2010
***very mild spoiler ahead***

More than three years I had to wait to see this absolute magnificent animation...

I'll explain : after some researches on the title, at this time, the pictures I could find about it on the web seemed really superb... Nevertheless impossible to find in any place where to get/buy/rent (even steal :-) a copy !

So I had to put it in my hoping-to-see/waiting-to-find list...

And finally, miracles happens... Schéhérazade !

Could find one DVD quality specimen, two days ago... The more than 1001 days I had to wait where worth the trip !

I suppose this animation was "hand made painting" on a celluloid support, an incredible long work, but as far my knowledge in this technical field is equivalent to 0, this point is fairly a guess...

Though the animation is a dark side fairy tale,a tough one, not for kids... I loved it ! So colorful and beautifully made and told, wow, absolutely magnificent... Gorgeous !

And as it is a digression of the original 1001 nights theme, it still offers the positive ending...

Without this back-to-original end, I guess I would have hardly appreciate it.

Me, I prefer this way of thinking... so I can ultimately admire and enjoy this Schéhérazade !

Bravo to Florence Miailhe :-)

NB Schéhérazade is the original French title

***A film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles***
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Atenshon purîzu (2006– )
Incredibly delirious, funny and crazy ! I love it :-)
14 April 2010
There are some lucky coincidences... I love comedies, mostly and especially B/W classics...

Well, it's not a classic, because it's a TV series... Furthermore, it's not B/W, it's color...

But I laughed, cried and open broad eyes as I met this "Attention please".

Not more a youngster, and a man, usually I'm not fond of series nor TV, haven't even got one at home, but, as I was doing some searches about other movies, my attention was captured by the title.

What was this "Atenshon purîzu" ?

On Youtube there were plenty of clips, and already after a very short one, laughed a lot.

It was crazy, funny and witty ! Yes, all that together !

And then could find the episodes for online viewing or downloading. So I did.

Downloaded all of them... and I'm fond of it...

The first three episodes I watched them on a row, laughing a lot ! The next ones will I savour like a rare wine, as the series is over, and it had only a few episodes :-)

The girls are pretty, the teacher is a beautiful woman, all the actors are giving an excellent performance, and cherry on cake, the lead actress is soooooo cute !

The acting range of Aya Ueto, the lead actress is just perfect !!!

And the script might be not so original, for that in fact I don't know, but anyway the dialogues, if not transcendental, are full of flavor, human compassion understandings, and the whole thing is absolutely hilarious !

I laugh all along I write this... as I could not and should not resist to offer another comment for this joyous comedy.

This series is also a full cultural Japanese subtle relations explanation, not appearing on a superficial outlook.

So, in three words : absolute pure fun !

Back to the beginning of this comment as I said I love B/W classic... for me it can stay along forever in my videotheque with some of my favorites comedies, like One Two Three (1961), Unfaithfully Yours (1948), Ball of Fire (1941), Bringing up baby (1938), the best Sacha Guitry, Raimu or Fernandel comedies for instance...

As I said : not B/W, not a classic... but pure pleasure !

So it definitively took my attention !

Will be highly recommended to my friends, and one of these next days will be glad to watch the series again with my two boys...

I laugh already in advance of what they will say or not... They like martial arts movies, action flicks, boys movies, (me too :-) but also (sometimes) B/W, classics, and even (seldom) silent movies !

Love or hate ? we'll see... :-)
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Avatar (2009)
An excuse to CGI and to war-movies
4 January 2010
Yes, the CGI are definitively first class, if you like them as an end in itself...

But for me they aren't...

Well, the story background is interesting, confronting the power of force and weapons, and the will of freedom and self respect.

Since I prefer both last ones, some aspect of this movie pleased me a lot.

But nevertheless I think Cameron did it as a pretext to show us a war-movie.

Fighting scenes are never so much of my taste, as long as they represent quiet well what does exist in the real world.

Of course, many graphical aspects of Avatar are beautifully composed and imagined.

Not to mention this would be missing the positive aspect of it.

I don't think, as I read in some comments, this movie is a milestone in art, in any ways, Nope !

It is a milestone yes, but just for the 3D effects, and that's just not enough for me...

Cameron is an excellent money and movie maker, no doubt of it... And as I undoubtedly believe too, it eventually will crash most box-offices records : money, audience, and so on...

Away these business things, for me, something with a high spirit is missing !

OK ! you would say the hero did help to win a war, obviously it seems so...

But to me, win a war is a kind of defeat, as long as you are the one to have started that war.

It means, you have basically not respected someone's else freedom and way of life.

Somehow, the analogy with what main world superpowers do on our Earth jump at our faces (at least mine :-), but I guess, as most people don't analyze things that way, they just will keep on mind how fantastic a Hero could defeat the bad ones, who have powerful weapons.

Generally I like the Hero concept !

But remember the Hero (was not yet one !), in this movie, basically accept to cheat and fake for a good while, then realize, how wrong he is...

For finally shifting to self-respect and freedom, at last.

Too bad, unfortunately it's too late, and therefore destruction is on its way.

So, at the end, things turn out to be normal ; The bad is defeated and the Wise have win.

Coming back to the beginning of my comment, all in all : an excuse to CGI and to a war-movie, just not enough :-)

a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles
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Enjoyed it, nevertheless may be a bit to slow...
17 November 2009
The movie is a bit slow, but I wonder if it does not correspond better to times the story happens, at the end of 16th century... This is not as much an adventurer movie as is the Sea Hawk, not at all, but again, the rather lingering rhythm, if you enjoy Middle Ages history and costumes, may be the best to conduct the play. Personally I prefer quiet a lot 1940's Sea Hawk Curtiz version, perhaps, even though I wrote this one (1937 version) may have the proper rhythm, because I like more powerful adventures and Erroll Flynn's charisma and energy certainly fits me better. But I also think Laurence Olivier, who's not one of my favorite actors, did a good job, not overplaying. Flora Robson is the right person at the right place, but I admit too that she does not play an extraordinary performance. She is not Bette Davis :-) Howard, the director, all in all, offers a solid film, pleasant to watch at, even though not memorable. To summarize, I enjoyed this Fire Over England, but would rather suggest to see the Sea Hawk, with lot of actions, excellent actors performances and with a pleasant end (a family movie)... or at best one of my favorite movies about this era (but not centered on the same historic events) and a stunning drama with fantastic and mesmerizing performances : The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex...

a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet Orson Welles
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Indiscretions (1936)
Unknown Cuvée Grand Cru
15 May 2009
As a forever and a definitively Sacha Guitry fan,

eventually failing to be original in my commentary, I almost could be dithyrambical...

Once more, a SG movie brought me a lot of fun and tears of laughter !

Astonishing actor, script writer and director he was !

Spicy and sparkling flavourous dialogs, funny situation and great acting,

this "Le Nouveau Testament" is at least an unknown "Cuvée Grand Cru".

And as always, the major thing to enjoy such comedy is that you have first to like comedies, than to accept rather long dialogs.

But for me, if he could have done a thousand movies with such quality scripts, I would watch all of them... Yes, Sir !

I also guess unless you're really fluent in French speaking, and with French social and psychological background from the 30'/40's, it will be uneasy, as unfortunately usual with any translation, to understand and enjoy all the beauty and subtle of the "action".

SG was using his sharp pen for sharp spirit movies...

In fact there are only two possible ways with him :

you are a converted devotee to his church, bowing deeply to his mastering...

the one I belong to... Isn't it rather funny ? ... because in fact don't like churches :-)

or... you just don't understand... and as a consequence, you despise him !

This movie was sleeping at home since two years, and I just watched this evening... I tell you, a hidden gem !

You bet ? I just loved it !

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet, Orson Welles
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Orlando (1992)
great sensitivity...
4 December 2008
Absolutely superb movie...

just saw it right before writing this...

remember having seen the clip on YT,

and it gave me the feeling I should enjoy it :

I definitively did !

As say others comments, mesmerizing, mysterious, delicate...

and very profound even though quiet hidden at the beginning...

It reveals this aspect, like all the movie, like a woman in love,

slowly, enigmatically, words after words, with great sensitivity...

And Tilda Swinton, wow ! what an actress !

Plus she's beautiful ! I didn't see any movie with her before,

but for sure gonna see some more...

Not at all a usual Jimmy Somerville fan, I just love his part too ;

and last song leaves you full of hope in our humanity.

Music, cinematography, set design and costuming are absolutely exquisite and stunning.

But unfortunately guess this exceptional movie is not for everyone's taste..

In one sentence, Sally Potter made a movie that you won't forget !

Her film eventually expresses what Orson Welles wrote with so much accuracy :

"a film is never really good unless the camera is an eyes in the head of a poet"
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You see a woman dancer... in two flamenco dances
7 November 2008
Well, got this short video through a Romanian friend...

Apart the fact it is 80 years old, not much happens...

You see a woman dancer, Carmencita Garcia, presented as famous, in two flamenco dances.

The music is well accorded... the introduction is well made, with rhythm, and some back and forth between some audience and the dancer.

And Mrs Garcia, is a quiet typical Latin "beauty", you'll like her or not...

Would say I preferred the music to the dances !

Oh, yes, the version offered to me was the Italian restored one... not a perfect job made, but quiet enough for what it is.

My mark 6 on 10... for the time it was filmed... if it would be an actual YTube clip, would give half of it.

NB OK for Germaine Dulac studies, even though won't add much, but otherwise you just can bypass it, no great miss...
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better see in Black and White The private Life of Henry VIII (1935)
7 October 2008
It seems, after reading different comments I'm not the only one to think it's just a mess...

Too many inaccurate points, costumes, personages, and historical facts, just transformed... so it becomes a big joke...

I like jokes, but I didn't like this one !

Well, even if you like beautiful women, let's not mention their names, (a hole in their acting curriculum),

there are other movies in which you could appreciate them much more...

Eventually if you like to see them having sex, this is the movie for you...

But if you like historical movies and great acting,

I would suggest The private Life of Henry VIII (1935) with Charles Laughton.

Sorry, but in that one, no obvious sex...

just fantastic acting from all actors, especially from the great Charles,

script, costumes and setting close corresponding to historical facts...

Yes, it's in Black and White... Oh, no, would you say ?

with a brief but noticeable part appearance of Merle Oberon...

it's only ten times better...

That's not much, would you say ? Just try...

and you might say a thousand times better... or strongly disagree with me ! lol
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Zügürt Aga (1985)
Unfortunately doesn't exist outside Turkey
30 September 2008
Always interested in movies which are way better than the usual production,

I read these two interesting comments about it...

which gave we the feeling to have a look on it...

Unfortunately, doesn't seem to exist outside Turkey, in any sort of support, CD, DVD, nor VHS.

And anyway with no English/French/Spanish or German subtitles,

it wouldn't be impossible to understand anything,

because obviously I don't speak Turkish : a pity !

I just watched Babam Ve Oglum (Cagan Irmak 2005) (with subtitles... lol)

and frankly it's a wonderful great gem, unknown outside Turkey

If The Agha is as good as the mentioned above, a real miss !
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WALL·E (2008)
the clip is way better than the whole movie, entirely disappointing
29 September 2008
I was expecting with great hope the last Pixar animation movie.

A total flop, and quoting other comments,

I have just to admit nobody is perfect...

Pixar studios did plenty of top notch animations...

for me, one the seldom studios using CGI in the best way possible,

with excellent scenarios, creativity, sensitivity and humor...

Usually, at least... !

I'll just remind you some :

Ratatouille, Your Friend the Rat, For the birds, Geri's Game for instance, all of them, just state of art animation works...

But WALL•E just seem to lack all that Pixar spirit...

Well, for about the 15 start minutes, just nothing happened...

Then the future "companion" is taken out from the midst...

and presented as the Messiah ! Redemption !

After the laughable insect and the green plant a while ago...

Next : the representative humans, I guess were made to please

a large overweight real human worldwide audience.

The epitome of everything : yes, of course !

It will make millions of people thinking, oh yes !

Seems relatively normal to have 1/3 of is

body weight that is only fat, coming from McDo and Cokes...

in this world.

First because they/we/you are alive (I don't deny that nor deny

the right to be overweight... everyone chooses !),

thinking, working, driving, loving, having a family...

Second because more and more we see fat people included

in any types of movies... very attractive...

And now, Pixar the Greatest put some in a 8,4/10 stars voters average movie rate (september 2008).

WALL•E, the one that many as I did were imploring to come out on screen...

took just my eyes out of my face, so bad is was, for me... (and half not so surprisingly, for my kids too!)

The clip resumed the movie the best possible way. That is the truth.

But apart what you see in the clip, funny, attractive...

the rest is really a definitive lack of time !

Even on a cold foggy day, better go out for a walk in search

of fun and mystery... because in this Pixar, you won't find that

(hard to believe, INCREDIBLE, were they high ?!)

Let's say it is only a defeat... a kind of Waterloo (for the French !)

a 9.11 (for the Americans) and a real flop for only a few of us !

but we'll expect other victorious funny movies... from Pixar, please !

The interesting point of the movie is may be that showing the possible fact that men continuing to create tons of rubbish materials, will be once overpowered by them.

Guess this comment won't please to a lot of people... Who's that (auto-censored) guy criticizing this marvelous film...

They are as many holes in my comment, as many are in this movie... laugh !

So sorry, it's just my opinion...

2/10, for the CGI, OK, that I admit... the rest is 1 for the effort
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Very good performance... but I didn't like the movie !
3 June 2008
mild spoilers ahead

Yes, I do agree with most positive comments :

Gripping film, class acting, especially from Bogart as a violent man... and so on.

Everything is right, in my opinion too...

And this is a Noir classic, yes too, but frankly I didn't like it.

Too desperate, the end just almost put me down !

Perharps because I don't see any hope, and whether or not B/W Noir movies

do interest me, it seems this one is too realistic ; situations, underlying and real violence,

I unfortunately believe that too many people in that world live under these conditions,

and alike in this perfectly played very Noir movie, for real...

And furthermore, a love story, because it's also and mainly one,

is not my taste in that kind of spirit.

We can really feel sorry for what's happening to both protagonists,

naturally and desperately unable to go backward to love each other,

after what happened to both of them.

I am may be too romantic...

Oh, before I forgot, the imagery is good, but on that point,

I wouldn't say it is an over the top B/W movie.

Nicolas Ray did a good job, but it's essentially the acting that brings it out

and puts it above of the Noir average films.

Nevertheless, nothing to compare to Laughton's Night of the Hunter,

that I also didn't like (even if I agree that one is a real masterpiece !)

Technically merits 8 or more, yes, but guess won't see it again...
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