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Judge Judy (1996– )
this woman is unfair and just mean
23 January 2006
I went on Judge Judy recently. I was a plaintiff but wasn't allowed to speak. She asked questions about irrelevant items and never allowed us to present our case on the relevant part of the issues. She is not fair, not truthful in her attempts to get litigants on the show and just mean. Her producer kept telling me that we would be able to present our case just like in a small claims court. However, having been to small claims court they are nothing alike. That was a LIE. The producer also said that we would have a fair hearing. Judge Judy obviously came in with a decision already made so that was a LIE. The producer also claimed the Judge Judy was a good person, that is obviously a LIE. Judge Judy claims to be able to tell when someone is lying but she doesn't listen long enough to know. Therefor, She is the LIAR. We had already been to a local small claims court and the case was continued there but the producer convinced us we would be better off on Judge Judy because we would actually receive our money from the judgment without having to fight to maybe get it with the local courts. Since the judge locally had pretty much said that we would get a judgment after locating some information during the continuance, we decided that Judge Judy was the best practical option. Instead it was a farce of a trial that did not live up to the promises made.
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