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Devils Line (2018– )
Brilliant action-packed dark fantasy crime series with just the right amount of romance
23 June 2018
The anime is true to the manga. The plot is good and well thought out but leaves one hoping for a second season. The suspense and mystery keeps you on your toes and the romance is deep and thoughtful. It can be said that it surpasses other titles of the same genre that have reached major popularity (e.g. Tokyo Ghoul). The character development and characters designs are well rounded. The art is modern, but suited to the genre - all in all quite beautiful. The opening song fits the series perfectly and the soundtrack helps well with the emergence of the story. The story deals with the issue of the devil inside us and when it comes down to it many humans are more inhumane and devilish than demons. The satire is embedded well and social commentary on ethics and other aspects of society gives one some food for thought and makes the series even more relatable. I would recommend it to any fans of genres like crime, mystery, fantasy, action, sci-fi, shounen, seinen, josei or romance. Some R+ scenes include minor violence, blood and guts, mild nudity and minor obscene language.
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