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This Made Me Appreciate Jesus's Death More Than The Passion Of The Christ Did-Here's Why!
19 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
*This is not just a review, it's a deep explanation on why this is my favorite movie of all time. It's an edited version of my old review.*

I became a Martin Scorsese fan a long time ago after I saw Casino when I was 16 and afterwards I wanted to see other movies that he made. I went on IMDB, went to 1988 and found "The Last Temptation of Christ." I was amazed. The same guy who directed a violent, profane movie about greed made a movie about Jesus?

Then I read that it was not biblical. That turned me off. Often, Biblically inaccurate movies are not that good and turn out confusing, frustrating, or even boring.

But I did some research on the movie anyways. On You Tube, I found a 13 minute interview with Martin Scorsese which stated why he made it. He noticed from his Catholic upbringing that Jesus was God AND He was a man. He was a human-like us! Since that is the case, what is it that makes Him human like us?

That is the point of this movie. It's not biblical, but rather a thought provoking portrayal of Jesus' struggle with being human and His destiny to suffer and die by crucifixion.

I also saw that Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel both adored it. Roger gave it 4/4 stars and in 2008 he wrote a review for his "Great Movies" series of reviews. And despite giving it 3.5 stars, Gene called it the best movie of the year!

Additionally, I discovered that the un biblical nature of the movie gained controversy upon release. There were protests, death threats to Martin Scorsese, attacked film goers, etc. over the movie. And most of the protesters did not even see it!

Then I decided it was time to check out this movie for myself. My 18th birthday was coming up, so I asked a friend who was once my babysitter to get it for me. I got it a month early. You will not be able to imagine how excited I was! I watched it that night to check it out.

A part of me wants to analyze the movie scene by scene. But you probably don't want to read a review that long.Therefore I will discuss 2 main inaccuracies that made an uproar over 3 decades ago:

2 Corinthians 5:21 says of Jesus: "He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." So Jesus was sinless. Got it.

There is a scene in which Jesus talks with someone on a hill and he says that He sins. This ticked off many people-and it was even debated on Oprah. But the scene does not end here.

"We all sin." The person responds. "Well, not my sins." Jesus continues.

Look at my verse quote again. Jesus knew no sin, but took our sins upon Himself. That's what He is saying-at least that's how I look at it.

The biggest controversy involves Christ on the cross, and an angel comes and tells Him that God wants Him to live a normal life-and not die for mankind. Jesus has struggled with this fate for the whole movie, and is relieved to hear this. He comes down, marries Mary Magdalene, and has kids with her. This includes a half-minute scene in which they have sex. This angered the protesters the most.

However, the movie is a work of fiction-and so this is not meant to be taken seriously.

Later, He grows old and learns that His "angel" is actually Satan-who has deceived Him so He would not achieve victory over death. He asks God for another chance to die on the cross-and He gets it.

He goes back on the cross and-relieved that He has achieved God's will, smiles and screams: "It is accomplished!" This is followed by joyous music that I have to dance to every time! :)

As a result, the movie ended up making me appreciate Jesus's sacrifice more than any other moment in my life! I was so uplifted by the movie for the next few days, and I still have an emotional attachment now-after seeing it 7 or 8 times in 3 years! I even shared that with my senior year English class when I had to discuss my favorite movie for a minute as a class assignment!

There is so much more that I could say about The Last Temptation of Christ, but this gives you a general idea on why I cherish this movie so much! I apologize that this review is so long(this may be the longest review that I ever write) but this is to give you a general idea on how spiritual, and not blasphemous, it is.

The movie was based on a novel by an agnostic. In the prologue, he writes, in paraphrase: "I hope this story will let any free man more than before, and better than before, love Christ." And that is where The Last Temptation of Christ undeniably succeeds!
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More than Dreams (2006– )
A spiritual journey for the characters and the viewer.
9 October 2019
More Than Dreams is a 5 part mini-series about 5 Muslims from around the world who become Christians after dreaming about Jesus. It is also one the best and most uplifting religious films I have ever seen:

Dini is the first character we meet, and the only main character who is a girl. She tells a Muslim on a plane about a vision she had that converted her to Christianity. She is then kicked out of her house for her conversion.

Khalil (as in the caterpillar-worm in Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie) is assigned to read the Bible to disprove it and make it evident that the Quran is more reliable. By reading the Scriptures, Khalil finds no flaws within(take that, Bible contradiction believers!-Just kidding.) and becomes a Christian.

Ali is an alcoholic man who decides to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in hopes to stop drinking, since he always beats his family. Instead, he has a dream about Jesus(which is so wonderful that he wants to sleep again to relive it) and through Jesus he quits drinking.

Khasrow is a Muslim who visits a church out of curiosity, is converted, and then becomes a Pastor to devote his life to Jesus.

Mohammed is an African who has many dreams about Jesus and is forced out of his tribe. However, his Dad later converts as well. My favorite piece of dialogue came from this story:

(Mohammed): Can you give me eternal life? (Dad): No. (Mohammed): Then I can't leave Jesus.

All of these Muslims see that these are more than dreams(hence the title), but messages that Jesus really is the way to eternal life.

If I could change one thing, it would be that every short has a 5 minute conclusion that all ends with an Arabian-type person summarizing the story and including a prayer for a person to become a Christian.

This is absolutely fine to end the movie to end this way(The Jesus Film ends like that, in fact), but it's not really needed 5 times. I know that this was a TV series, but that still could have been saved for the end. Still, that is a minor quibble and not really a flaw. You can skip those parts, too.

The DVD has 2 versions, a non-English version with the actual foreign languages, and an English dub, which when lips are ignored, is actually very decent.

Even if you are not religious, I can't imagine why this movie would not move you. These people don't just sacrifice their faith, but their very lives for Jesus. That can be uplifting for any situation. In the genre of faith-based movies, this is a must see!

Final Note: I am currently the only reviewer of this and therefore the only 10 review vs. no other rating. You have no excuse to decide this movie is not worth trying out!
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Interesting ideas, but not much of an interesting movie.
9 October 2019
I have a friend who mostly just watches Christian movies and she mentioned this movie to me and let me borrow it.

The main premise has interesting ideas, all presented by Ben Stein, who is mainly known for playing the Economics teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. In this documentary, he questions evolutionary theory to those who defend and research the idea.

This will be controversial for many-some may say it is shallow or closed minded. As a creationist myself, I had a one side idea of it too, but as time goes on, I have discovered ways to defend creationism more than actually straight up bashing the other side.

My 6/10, a negative rating, actually comes from this: while the ideas Ben presents are interesting, the actual execution and entertainment value drags quite often.

Documentaries for me can range from fascinating(like Hoop Dreams or Bowling For Columbine) to mediocre(History of the World in 2 Hours) to plain awful(no titles come to mind-but mainly ones from my school days.)

What makes a documentary good-or great for that matter? If it's entertaining, focused on story or subject matter and not so much on narration, and if the idea is well presented.

I'm afraid that "Expelled" does not do this most of the time. It can, but Ben's movie can be as dull as his voice while it shines in other places.

Also, know that if you did not like God's Not Dead 1 or 2, you will not like this movie either.(This is coming from someone who likes those 2 movies.)

The best creation/evolution movies that support the creation side are easily Inherit The Wind and also (debate-ably) A Matter of Faith.

Those are the movies you should see on this topic instead. "Expelled" just does not fully succeed at it.

Edit: Even though it shows the opposite view, I actually rather would highly recommend Religulous, a documentary on atheism that released the same year as this mediocre movie.
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Number 17 (1932)
"The Master" Fails Big Time.
9 October 2019
I have seen some good Hitchcock movies: The Birds, Psycho, and The Lady Vanishes rank among them. This does NOT.

However, this was such a disappointment! The plot had appeal(some strangers try to figure out what's supernatural about a hotel room), but this movie is an epic fail.

Before I get that, let me start with what works. The plot does work at times, and the acting is somewhat decent. About half the movie was satisfying.(I almost gave this a 4 but decided to "meet the middle man").

Now, let's talk about the issues I had with this movie:

1. The picture quality sucks. Okay, I know this movie is 87 years old, but Frankenstein and City Lights are both a year older an look much better! And fine, Scrooge from 3 years later looks poor too, but still! Couldn't someone restore this movie a bit?

2. Ben, the sidekick character, talks WAY too softly. His accent also gets out of the way out of understanding 99% of what he says. Unfortunately the DVD I saw this on did not include subtitles.

3. The movie sometimes goes a few minutes without any dialogue, which can work, but here it doesn't seem to. My mind wandered when this happened.

4. Plot-wise, not everything makes sense, and you can't tell why everything is happening in the story. Some of it's even boring, especially the end that seems to drag without a clear destination.

5.There was also a scene that could have been avoided if the characters noticed their surroundings. 2 people lean against a banister and you can clearly hear it crack but it has to FALL for the characters to notice!

Unless you want to see every Hitchcock movie ever made, or want something on while you do housework, Number 17 is the Number 1 Hitchcock movie I currently think is worth avoiding.
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I Am Sam (2001)
One of the most moving movies I have ever seen, and may ever see.
8 October 2019
As I sit down to write this review on October 8th, 2019, it occurs to me that I watched a movie about a mentally challenged man the night before, 2 years to the day after my challenged sister passed away. That wasn't why I watched this movie at all, it was just by chance.

However, that may be part of the reason why I Am Sam moved me in a way most movies can't. Having a disabled sister, and being on the autism spectrum myself, I could relate to Sam in a way most people would not be able to.

Sam is played by Sean Penn, who as mentioned before, is mentally challenged. He has the IQ equal to a 7 year old, and a daughter named Lucy(Dakota Fanning) who just turned 7. She is the product of a one night stand with a hooker, who ran away from Sam when Lucy was born.

Since Lucy's age is equivalent to her father's brain, Social Services fear that a man can't raise his child if the kid is more intelligent than the father. So they take her away to a foster home and Sam has to hire a lawyer(Michelle Pfeiffer) to get her back.

I also read the reviews of Roger Ebert and James Berardinelli before seeing this movie. They both gave it 2/4 stars for the same reason. This can be best explained by quoting Ebert himself:

"The lesson "I Am Sam" wants to teach us is, "All you need is love." This is not quite strictly true. Sam loves his daughter more than anyone else, and she loves him, but it will take more than love for him to see her through grade school and adolescence and out into the world. Since the movie does not believe this, it has a serious disagreement with most of the audience."

This seems to ignore the fact that Sam has had Starbucks employees and a woman named Annie help raise Lucy as well! Sam is not alone in caring for his daughter, so it DOES make sense that Sam would be able to care for Lucy.

To steer from that subject, the performances is this movie are fantastic. Sean Penn gives a very believable portrayal of a mentally handicapped man. Had he never worked in another movie, you could buy that he was disabled. His acting never comes off as offensive or trying too hard, it's just the right balance to believe Sean Penn is actually Sam.

Dakota Fanning playing Lucy is just amazing as well. At just 7 years old, she shows how amazing she is as an actress in this film and in others to come. In fact, she was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for this role, and that made her the youngest person to do so!

Michelle Pfeiffer also does a fine job as the lawyer, with only The Age Of Innocence and The Prince of Egypt being superior works of hers by my knowledge.

I Am Sam also should get acknowledged as one of the few movies to make me cry quite a few times, because it takes a lot for a movie to make me cry. At times the movie can seem a bit saccharine due to this, but that didn't bother me much. If you need a good cry, I Am Sam is a great movie to put on!

I could say more about I Am Sam, but it should be clear that this is well worth seeing. It's moving and inspirational, no matter who you are. It's one of the best movies I have ever seen, and you owe it to yourself to be moved by it as well!

Note: I apologize for not writing in over a month, I got busy and struggled with knowing what review to write next. I intend to write more reviews soon!
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My Favorite Jesus Biopic!
3 September 2019
I have seen and cherish many movies that portray all of Jesus's life, as Christian movies make up my favorite movie spot. Such films include, but are not limited to: The Jesus Film, The King of Kings, The Visual Bible: Matthew, Jesus of Nazareth, etc. But out of all of them, this is my personal favorite!

This movie starts literally when Jesus was born and ends with the Resurrection. It doesn't cover the events in an exact order or give all the details the Gospels do, and some events are just mentioned instead of shown. (Ex.: A Roman reports Jesus's miracles to the council, which puts him in unbelief.) However, that makes The Greatest Story Ever Told stand out against the aforementioned Jesus biopics.

Another stand out is the cast. Some people think the celebrities are distracting, but I think pointing them out is the best part! For example, despite being an atheist, Max Von Sydow plays Jesus Himself(it was his 1st American role).

Then we also have: Charlton Heston as John The Baptist, Dorothy McGuire as the Virgin Mary, Angela Lansbury as Claudia(Pilate's wife), Sidney Poitier as Simon of Cyrene(The cross-bearer for Jesus), and many more-including a single-line cameo by John Wayne as the Centurion who says "Truly, this man was the son of God."

Finally, Telly Savalas's notorious baldness is thanks to his role as Pilate. He shaved his head for the role and never looked back! That's just a handful of the cameos this movie contains!

As a Biblical epic-it's story, cast, and camera work, among the other aspects, are all perfection. Some say it's pacing is slow(the movie runs for 3 hours and 19 minutes), but I personally think it's fine and I love every minute of it. (There's an intermission that's skippable as well after Lazarus is brought back to life, too.)

Speaking of the camera work, the look of the movie(EG: cinematography, costumes, etc.) gained The Greatest Story Ever Told 5 Academy Award nominations(but sadly no wins) for 1965.

TCM tends to play this nearly every Easter and in 2017 they played it the night before at 8pm. I watched it for the x amount of time(5th or 6th if I had to guess) and my Grandma that I live with saw it for the first time.

She saw Max Von Sydow show up and she was shocked that he was cast as our Savior, because he isn't really what we picture when we think of Him. I see her point, but I still enjoy his divine performance, pun intended.

She also thought the movie was just okay in comparison to The Passion of the Christ, and I will agree that Passion is better, but as a stand alone film, this is still magnificent.

This was also critically panned-in fact, only 38% of film critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a positive review. Some of the negative reviews are the harshest I have ever heard towards a movie of any genre.

In that TCM airing I saw, Ben Mankiewicz said that Time Magazine reviewed the movie when it came out and the article called it "3 hours and 41 minutes of impeccable BOREDOM." I heard that and I honestly thought: "YOU'RE 3 hours and 41 minutes* of impeccable boredom!" (Obviously joking with that statement). I can understand the seriousness being tedious for some, but I can't picture someone, whether religious or not, finding it to be a BORE!

One of the Rotten Tomatoes reviews contains this quote: "If this is the greatest story ever told I can imagine how horrid is the worst story ever told." Oh, really? So what IS the worst story ever told to compare that to? And if Jesus dying for us to save us from Satan and to express His love for all of mankind is not the greatest of all stories, please tell me what tops it!

I could say more about this wonderful Bible movie, but this should suffice to show that it's definitely worth your time, even though it's quite a dedication of it! No matter your religious beliefs, I believe that this movie will beautifully demonstrate why the life of Christ truly is The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Note: Sorry for the 15 day delay for writing a review, I wasn't sure what to write about. This is a review I previously wrote, but I was dissatisfied with the brevity of it.

*I'd imagine that was a certain cut that was shown at the time, but I can't say for certain.
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Good Boys (II) (2019)
Good Boys Is A Good Movie-one of my top 10 comedies of all time now!
18 August 2019
Good Boys is the Stand By Me of our time! Like the 1986 movie, some close friends-all boys, do bad things when their parents are not around, and learn about growing up during their journey. But unlike Stand By Me, which puts tears in your eyes from sadness, Good Boys puts tears in your eyes from laughing.

The so-called Good Boys are Max, Lucas, and Thor, played by Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon respectively. These boys are excited to have a day to themselves while Max's Dad is away, but after they get into a pickle, they decide to ditch school to fix it, which gets them stuck with a sex drug, sex toys, and alcohol.

If raunchy humor is not for you, then Good Boys isn't either. The F word is said numerous times,and sex toys and drugs play a large just because there are kids in the movie, don't think you can take yours to see it!

However, through all of the raunchy elements, Good Boys finds a way to move the audience as well. Like in Stand By Me, the boys learn about growing up, and the boys deal with bullying, crushes, bravery, and other obstacles kids realistically go through. One kid goes through his parent's divorce as well.

The 3 boys are obviously the hit of the show, and they do a good job at their roles. Nothing Oscar worthy of course, but I see potential for all of them in the future. Jacob Tremblay already showed it in Wonder, and he proves it again in this movie!

The audience and myself laughed on many occasions, if sexual humor is YOUR kind of humor,(I can't stress that enough!), this is a very funny comedy! I must have laughed a double digit amount of times, I'm not even sure how much, but it was often!

"These are kids who drop F-bombs left and right, but they also giggle as they ride their bikes through the sprinklers. And for a while, {the director} finds a charming balance between who they really are and who they're pretending to be. But pretty soon, it becomes clear that this is a one-joke movie-Oh my {Lord}, these cute 12-year-olds are swearing!-and once that one joke has run its course, it feels like a struggle just to reach the 90-minute mark."

I see what she means, but I never tired of the "one joke", and the swearing isn't the only punchline. But even Christy mentions that the movie has heart as well!

I am not giving this a 10 because it's a masterpiece. As I write this, Good Boys is my 7th favorite comedy, behind movies like Blazing Saddles and There's Something About Mary. My 7th favorite movie of all time as of now is a tie with Love Actually and Valentine's Day, behind movies like The Last Temptation of Christ and My Fair Lady.

These films obviously do not compare. That's why I separate comedies. As a film that is just meant for fun and laughs, Good Boys immensely succeeds.

Since this released yesterday, I can assume it'll be on DVD by Christmas. I'm adding this to my Christmas wish list in that case! Good Boys is in fact good as a movie, but as a comedy, it may be one of the genre's greats!

PS, This also marks the first time I went to a movie theater by myself, so this was coming of age for myself as well!

I would also look forward to a Good Girls or a sequel with these boys!
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The Lion King (2019)
It made me love the original more-that's worth something! (9.5/10)
15 August 2019
I saw this on July 22nd, 2019. I live with my Grandma due to some personal troubles, and she took me to live with her 6 years ago that day. The Lion King is also her favorite Disney movie(mine is The Hunchback of Notre Dame, by the way), so I thought that seeing this could be our way to celebrate.

If you've seen the animated movie, you have seen about 80% of the new movie. You may have heard that this is practically a shot-for-shot remake. That's sort of true. Many scenes appear that way, though there are minor differences throughout that make it a slightly new experience. Though many parts like the climax made me feel this way. (Mufasa's death is more heart-wrenching in this adaptation if you ask me.)

The best part for me was the songs. With the exception of a Beyonce song, they are all the same, but seeing lifelike animals perform them is astonishing. I felt a rush of joy when the songs came on. (We actually entered the movie a minute late, but even The Circle of Life's middle sucked me right into the movie!)

Be Prepared was heavily modified, however, and while that wasn't so memorable, it wasn't terrible either. That's one issue I had with it.

I must also admit that some lines were not given strong emotions, for example Scar's lines were sometimes simply said and weren't as frightening as Jeremy Iron's work. However, the voice-work is overall decent.

While I had minor issues with the movie, I didn't think it was worth heavily deducting my rating. No movie is perfect, and such small details aren't worth trashing.

The movie is also exactly half an hour longer than the original, but I could hardly tell. The movie runs at such a fine pace!

The CGI that make the animals is also well done. I honestly believe that the animals make this a landmark in live action computer generated imagery, and for movies that use it in the future!

There are also some new jokes, all that made me laugh out loud. EG, near the end, there is a Beauty and the Beast reference that had me howling in the theater, along with the others in the audience! That was my favorite part, in fact!

I could give this MUCH more praise, but I will stop here. Is the movie "necessary"? No. But are 20 Marvel movies? Disney remakes are here to stay for awhile, whether or not we want them to.

Was it worth seeing? ABSOLUTELY! It's a grand production at LEAST worth seeing in theaters. It's a notch short of the 1994 movie, but this made me appreciate the original all the more! That's worth something! The Lion King is a king of animated movies, and now it's a king of remakes!

Note: If you found this review helpful, please click on cinephile-27690 to read more. Movies are my passion so let me share it with you! If you do not like this review, please just read another!

Notice: I write this review on 7/22/19 and edited it on 8/13 and 8/15 to fit better with my thoughts!
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Practically close to perfect in every way! (9.5/10)
13 August 2019
Note: This is an edit of a review I wrote back in January. It is still written as I had seen it in January for editing-flow purposes.

I just came back from seeing Mary Poppins Returns, and despite the mixed reviews I read prior I found myself really enjoying this movie. I'm giving it a 9, though when all things are said and done, this is more of a 9.5.

In this movie, an estimate 20-30 years have gone by. Micheal has 3 kids, but his wife passed away a year before. Their parents are dead as well, and Micheal is struggling with money, and the bank will repossess his house if he does not pay his debts in 3 days.

He has also forgotten the joys of childhood, and his situations make him drift apart from his children, so Mary Poppins returns(get it?) to the Banks home and takes on adventures similar to the ones in the 1964 original movie.

That, right there, is why this movie is a 9.5 and not a 10. The movie made me beam often, and some gags made me laugh. I absolutely loved it, and I may get it on DVD when it comes out.

But Mary Poppins Returns shows something I was discussing with my friend's Dad on the way home-Disney is running out of ideas for new movies!

For the last few years, Disney has remade: Cinderella, Jungle Book, Pete's Dragon, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

And soon, there will be Aladdin, Dumbo, The Lion King, Mulan, Lady and the Tramp, etc. Yes, ETC.

Disney Studios, if you are reading this-Mary Poppins Returns was great, and one of your greatest achievements in a while. But it's just a retread of one of your greatest movies ever.

Please do new classics like Robinson Crusoe and maybe create new ideas! These remakes are good, but get back to being great!

However, if you, the audience member, want to see this, I assure you it's worth the theater trip with your family, or whoever you go with to see Mary Poppins Returns!

And if your kids enjoy this movie, then buy the original movie for them, so they can see what true greatness is!
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Almost Famous (2000)
Almost Famous Is Almost Perfection.
11 August 2019
Okay, I said "almost" perfection because it was catchy. While the climax is not as good as the rest of the movie(It's great, but not as enthralling as the rest, if that makes sense), Almost Famous is still a riveting, feel good movie, and one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time now-as of 8/11/19 it is #9.

The movie focuses on William Miller, a 15 year old boy who loves rock music and leaves home to tour and interview with an up and coming band called Still Water. However, it's hard to do this on his own when his overprotective mother is always calling and writing to him, reminding him at all times: "Don't do drugs!"

Roger Ebert also gave this 4/4 stars and called it 2000's best movie. He began his review with these words: "Oh, what a lovely film. I was almost hugging myself while I watched it. Almost Famous is funny and touching in so many different ways." As I watched the movie, I totally agreed with him!

I know when I love a movie when I get this rush in my heart, something I can't explain properly on a keyboard. I felt that often while watching this movie, though I don't know if I can call it a masterpiece, along movies like Gone With The Wind or Citizen Kane. Maybe it's a personal masterpiece, like Love Actually.

Like Ebert said, there are many funny moments in Almost Famous. One scene that comes to mind happens when William is younger. I won't spoil it, but let's say it involves an alternative word for the F word.

This movie was also written and directed by Cameron Crowe. This is best movie I have seen so far that he made. That means this is higher than Jerry Maguire, We Bought A Zoo, Say Anything, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, etc. While those are all good movies on their own terms, Almost Famous is his crowning achievement!

The feel-good aspect of Almost Famous is what makes this movie so great! There's nothing much to really say about the movie without sounding repetitive, but I am enforcing that the most. It's a fun ride, and a great movie at the same time. Almost Famous is completely worth your time!

Note: If you are curious on what my top 10 is as of now, here it is:

1) The Last Temptation of Christ(1988) and other Christian movies.*

2) 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968).

3) Citizen Kane(1941).

4) Shoah(1985).

5)Last Tango In Paris(1973).

6)My Fair Lady(1964) + Other Musicals.

7)Love Actually(2003) and Valentine's Day(2010)-rare tie.

8)Salo, or The 120 Days Of Sodom(1975).

9)Almost Famous(2000).

10)The Age of Innocence(1993).
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Thought Provoking Best Picture Winner. (Spoilers not intended.)
11 August 2019
Everyone talks about the film aspects that make American Beauty such a praised movie. Analysis videos mention how Red symbolizes love and lust or how the blood means the opposite. Roses mean lust and-simply-desire.

American Beauty, which won Best Picture for 1999, moves me in a different way. I am 20 years old now, and I first saw it when I was 17. I liked it when I first saw it, and that was about it. I thought of the plot later, realizing that the movie focuses on a 42 year old man in his mid-life crisis wanting to seduce his daughter's 17 year old friend.

I got rid of my old copy after that, but then a year later my Marketing teacher gave me a box of DVDs that his wife and him didn't want. American Beauty happened to be one of them. It's the copy I still own today, in fact.

This may sound like a terrible idea, but I wanted a 2nd opinion on the movie, so I asked my Grandma to see it with me.(I was 18 at this point). As I watched it again, and noticed this time that Lester(the 42 year old) tries to resist his temptation, and when he gets his chance, he stops himself. (That's how far I will go to avoid spoilers.)

I asked my Grandma about what she thought of the movie. She said it was okay. So then I asked "So...what did you think of the Dad and the teenager?" She responded with: "Well, sometimes that happens." From there she explained that it is not okay but we do live in a world where such things happen.

I responded with: Well, if I have a mid-life crisis, I'm not going to do that!" I found myself dwelling on that discussion often, and I thought about ways Lester could have dealt with his immoral desire. And that slowly made it one of my favorite movies.

Forget the Oscars and the film-making aspects, American Beauty truly is a beautiful movie due to it's message of sexual purity in a parable, for lack of a better term, of what happens if you are NOT sexually pure.

It may make you uncomfortable, but it should. It's wrong to chase after such desires, and seeing the downfall of such behaviors will in the end make you a better person from having learned from it.

The tagline for American Beauty is "Look closer." If you do that, you will find a fascinating and thought provoking look at sex and marriage. That's what makes it a great me.
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Stand by Me (1986)
The Best Friendship Movie Ever Made, And Ever Will Be!
6 August 2019
I first learned about Stand By Me when I was 7. It was in the $5 bin at Wal-mart and my Dad recommended buying it. However, goody-two-shoes me pointed out that it was Rated R, so I had to buy something else.

Seeing the cover intrigued me though, and for 8 years I would do research on Stand By Me and ask others about it. But my parents, especially my Mom, would not let me see it due to the R Rating.

But then I went to live with my Grandma when I was 14 and a few months later, when I was 15, I taped it on TV and watched it with her. I loved it so much that I immediately wanted to see it again-though I waited a while. It was my favorite movie for a couple years, too.

I watched it 5 times on VHS, and then bought it on DVD, which I had to replace since I let someone borrow it and they never gave it back. I've seen it roughly 15 times now!

Okay, so now you have my background on my love for it. But what exactly is about, and why is that great?

Stand By Me is about 4 12 year old boys who, before summer ends, decide to ditch their parents and find a missing dead body of a boy who was hit by a train. On the way, they face bullies, challenges in life, and a train-and they learn about growing up in the process.

Stand By Me is not great due to cinematography like The Age of Innocence or changes in cinema like Citizen Kane. It's great simply because of it's story and message about friendship and growing up.

It says more about that in one movie then what Toy Story did in 4 movies. I love Toy Story, don't get me wrong, but the power of this movie is higher than all 4.

Stand By Me also has many iconic scenes and lines, I don't even want to mention a list because it would spoil nearly the entire movie! I will say a great scene involves a gun near a restaurant and a great line contains talk of Superman and Mighty Mouse.

I could say so much more on the impact Stand By Me has had in my life, but I'd have to write a novella to list it all! (And hey-Stand By Me was based on one!) I know this was not a traditional review and more of a love letter to the movie, but that's what the movie deserves! A love letter, not a critique!

Many other people love it too, like teachers I had in high school, other friends I knew, and even Skye Jethani- a Christian speaker, who says this is more "Christian" than most Christian movies!

If you are a preteen or older, this is what I would consider a must see. It's theme, message, and story make this a classic from the last 33 years, and for all the years to come. Stand By Me earns nothing less than a 10. It's a moving, great movie on numerous levels.

I'm I saying too much? Then I haven't said enough, and I never could do so properly! If you see the movie, then you will understand!
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I Beheld His Glory (1953 TV Movie)
The Robe meets Risen, but with a low budget.
4 August 2019
I Beheld His Glory is a 1 hour TV movie about a centurion who witnesses the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, and therefore becomes a Christian. This plot has been done before(see my titles above), but this is one of the earliest versions of that Bible-inspired tale.

Despite taking liberties with the perspective, we do see many Gospel-based aspects of Holy Week, such as "Give Unto Caesar What Is Caesar's", The First Communion, Gethsemane, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, Doubting Thomas, etc.

The movie has a low budget, and while it doesn't look great(a reason this is a 9 and not a 10), I will say I have seen worse looking Bible productions. (I had a half hour video as a kid called "The Crucifixion" and a babysitter I showed it too said it looked 100 years old, or something like that. This looks slightly better.)

Besides the look being a minor flaw, I also thought that the movie started out on a slow start for about 8 minutes. I didn't hate it, but I was not amazed yet, but again this is a minor gripe.

Still, despite these minor flaws, I Beheld His Glory is a powerful and moving recreation of Easter that I would be more than happy to revisit. I also would understand another person giving it a 10. (To be honest, my thoughts jump between the 2 ratings.)

The centurion proclaims at the end "I Beheld His Glory." So did I, and I'm sure you will as well!

Note: I saw this on a DVD called "Family Bible Collection"-which I got at the Dollar Tree. I went there today and still saw a copy of it. If you have a Dollar General near you, that would be your best bet to see this movie.)

Disclaimer: Just because a movie is poorly shot, that doesn't immediately make it a bad movie or a major flaw. This is also important to note/consider when seeing a movie like this, especially when it is 66 years old and made for TV. I'm just stating that it was a MINOR flaw with the movie.
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There's an IMDB page for this? Well okay then! That is TIGHT!
1 August 2019
There's not much to say on Pitch Meetings, but now that I know that IMDB has a page for this(with many people finding this helpful), I thought I would give my quick thoughts(considering the length of the other reviews.)

This You Tube series by Ryan George playfully makes fun of movies in a very funny way. They all have the same premise(episode 100 pokes fun at this), where a screenwriter tells the plot of his movie to a studio executive and pokes fun of the mini and major flaws a movie has. I won't go any further to make the experience better.

Some videos I suggest looking up are: Home Alone, Spider Man 2, Toy Story, Sausage Party, other Disney movies, etc.

Plus they're all about 5 minutes long, so finding time to watch them is super easy, barely an inconvenience!

In short-this is a fun and FUNNY series that film lovers (and those who have seen the movies) will get a kick and chuckle out of!
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The Best Animated Movie I Have Ever Seen-A Masterpiece Of The Genre Everyone SHOULD See!
26 July 2019
I liked this movie as a kid, though- despite owning it- I rarely watched it. Now I adore it! As I have got older, I have seen it numerous times, and I own it on a double feature DVD with it's prequel-Joseph:King of Dreams, which I have reviewed on IMDB as well.

The movie simply tells the Biblical story of Moses, and how he freed his people from slavery. There are liberties taken to make the story its own epic, such as Moses and the Pharaoh being his brother for further conflict. Even the opening suggests looking up the actual story in the Book of Exodus.

The movie also has an impressive cast-many of whom are NOT religious. The cast includes Val Kilmer as Moses, Ralph Fiennes as Ramses the brother, Patrick Stewart stars as the original Pharaoh and Helen Mirren is his wife.

The Pharaoh has 2 magician assistants, who call on false gods to perform magic. The tall one is Martin Short and the short one is Steve Martin. (There is a missed opportunity there, but whatever.)

Miriam and Aaron, Moses's biological siblings, are played by Sandra Bullock and Jeff Goldblum, respectively. Moses's wife Tzipporah is played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and her father Jethro is played by Danny Glover. (Brian Mitchell Stokes sings his song-Through Heaven's Eyes- from which Moses learns that God has a purpose for him, even when he can't see it. )

There are other great songs in this movie(it is also a musical)-ones like Deliver Us, Playing With The Big Boys, The Plagues, and When You Believe-which not only has a Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey rendition in the credits but also won the Oscar for Best Song!

I don't know anyone personally who has seen it and hates it. My youth pastor loves it, and I showed it to some church friends who also loved it. My cousin loves it too-it's in his top 10 favorite movies, and deservedly so! Also, if you look at You Tube comments about the movie, you can see that even non-religious people find this movie astounding!

There are also many critics who like it, such as Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel, James Berardinelli, Doug Walker("Nostalgia Critic") and Ani Mat-who is on You Tube.

No other Dreamworks movie can compare to this masterpiece! Shrek, Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon? They have NOTHING on The Prince of Egypt! Even if I were to rank all Dreamworks's animated movies, spot 1 and 2 would have a huge gap in quality!

This is also sadly overlooked. The Dreamworks movies I mentioned above get more attention than The Prince of Egypt does. That's just sad. TPOE needs more love, people!

No words could satisfy my high admiration for The Prince of Egypt! 3 out of 3 people found my old review helpful, and here's to hoping this makes more people see this astonishing work of art! I highly recommend seeing this beautiful movie- you will be moved by it!

Note: I wrote this review when I first started reviewing movies on IMDB, 14 months ago. But many were short for quantity of reviews rather than quality, which I regret. So many reviews like this I am re-doing.
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Martin's Marvelous Masterpiece!
18 July 2019
For Martin Scorsese, 1993 really was The Age of Innocence! There are no illegal drugs in this movie, or nude characters(save some paintings-which are literally there for artistic purpose), and the profanity is cut down to one h*ll and a 7 letter mild curse, which is different compared to hundreds of F bombs and other curses in most lines spoken!

The entire movie seems odd for the man who directed Goodfellas 3 years prior, but many analysis's on You Tube argue otherwise, that the tension is the most "violent" part of the film-and such aspects make it a film to be compared to such films as Goodfellas. (Scorsese himself has stated that this is his most violent movie-in a figurative sense.)

The plot focuses on Daniel Day Lewis's character, who is engaged to Winona Ryder. (I grew up seeing her in Beetle-juice and Little Women, but it occurred to me now that she is a gorgeous woman! Too bad she's married...) Anyways, while he is announcing his engagement, he meets his fiancee's cousin-played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

He starts to fall in love with her, and his engagement has an internal struggle. Even Winona's character mentions that he is changing for the worse. From here, he must deal with this temptation to officially cheat on his fiancee. (Making Age compareable to The Last Temptation of Christ.)

The easiest thing I can praise about The Age of Innocence is the appearance-in particular the cinematography and the costumes. The camera work is astounding-it may be the best Scorsese has ever done. (Well, technically Micheal Ballhaus did that, but you get what I mean.)

15 minutes in there is a shot where people are dancing and the twirling is a magnificent shot! I've seen that shot a few times and my mouth still drops and my eyes still widen when I see it. There is also a shot where some glasses are being "perfectly" set and they glisten and shine that even glasses are astonishing!

Also, Elaine and Saul Bass are credited to making the most beautiful credit sequence I have ever seen, which has numerous blooming flowers. This sequence is the best part of the movie for me, honestly, aside from that twirling shot.

The movie's look is comparable to My Fair Lady, which I called "one of the most perfect movies ever made" on here!

I do have a minor issue with it-and that's that there are so many details in the plot that I had to see it twice to get more out of it, and I feel that no matter the more I see it, there will always be more to get out of the movie. However, this makes me want to see the movie many more times-and eventually I will!

When Scorsese made The Departed, he said it was "his 1st movie with a plot." A movie like Age may magnify his point. While there is a plot, it doesn't follow a story-line flow, so this makes some details pop out in future viewings. And for this movie, I am absolutely okay with that.

Also, this movie has a 7.2 rating here, while Martin Scorsese profane crime films like The Wolf of Wall Street and Casino have a 10% higher rating! HOW? This movie needs more attention-and I hope this review aids that! (There are only 170 reviews of this movie on this site as of now!)

If you love Martin Scorsese, this is a must see movie. If you are not a fan due to his violence, swearing, and sexual content, then even more so! The Age Of Innocence is a movie FOR the ages!
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Major problem, minor flaw.
9 July 2019
I saw this for the 2nd time last night, the 1st time was 3 years ago-it was part of our English class curriculum that year. When I found it at the Dollar Store I decided to see it again since I enjoyed it.

This movie is an engaging documentary about hunger in America. We follow about 3 families in our country who struggle with it. There are 2 that stuck with me: Rosie and Barbie.

Rosie is an 8 year old girl who struggles with food-to the point that her teacher has to bring her ramen noodles and sweets-it's the most she can do for them. Rosie describes how hungry she is at school, and also shows that her church helps her out as well.

Barbie is a mother of 2 kids who has a minimum wage job as a restaurant cook. (The pay is cheaper since this was filmed 7 years ago.) She buys junk food since it's overall cheaper, and this causes health issues for her kids.

The movie, overall is interesting and very informative. I highly recommend seeing it. But I have minor issues with what is presented:

Rosie does seem like a poor girl. We hear how little food she has(her fridge may have 2 fruits at most, but it's weird to see her unpack food from her teacher with VHS tapes like True Lies and Jurassic Park in the background.)

I mention this detail, not because it's movie-related, but because that is counter-intuitive to me. If you have VHS tapes, why don't you ask any friends to buy a few, and use that to buy food? I own roughly 450 movies as of now. If I have a situation where I need food, I would ask some friends to buy DVDs off of me to lessen my wants and increase my needs. I'm just saying!

Another flaw I noticed from the reviews in here, is the 2nd story I mentioned. I go to the Dollar Store and I can get a box of candy for $1.00. A reviewer here states things like:

"I go to the store and buy 5 POUNDS of carrots for $5. 10 pounds of beans for $12. 5 pounds of brown rice for $3. This is a TREMENDOUS amount of nutritious food for only $20 that can feed me for a WEEK. This is obviously not ideal since we're still missing green leafy vegetables and fruit, but it's WAY WAY better than the junk food most of these people were eating....

Cookies, cakes, soda, chef boyardee, fast food etc. are all addiction foods that are very costly on your wallet and body, the solution is so stupidly simple that all the people complicating it should be ASHAMED!

As a side note, the waitress in the first scene was complaining about how little her paycheck was every two weeks, shame on her for not telling the whole truth. You don't waitress for the paychecks, you do it for the cash tips, how many cash did you accumulate in two weeks? Didn't want to mention that one did ya?

The same family also said they don't buy vegetables anymore because it's too costly, well then, STOP making cakes and pies and start buying carrots and celery if you really care. "

(Credit to Jason-Leondias1984 for the quote)

To be less harsh, I agree- canned veggies would be better than junk food, and if you can afford all of those sweets then you can buy vegetables!

Despite these minor flaws, this is still an eye opening documentary that is well worth seeing. (I mentioned that I have seen it twice.) This is still a problem in our country either way, and while this movie gives no clear resolution to the issue, it's asking the viewer to create some. I gave a few, and I recommend that you see this movie to come up with your own.

In short: Slightly flawed, but highly recommended.

Note: It may seem hypocritical to give this a 9 due to flaws and Religulous with major flaws. The latter was indeed flawed, but it gave me a more powerful impact. That is why the latter ranks higher.
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The Movies (2019)
A Must See Series For Film Buffs!
8 July 2019
I'm a cinephile(it's in my reviewer name) so when I heard a few days ago that this series was happening, I was pumped! (This is now my 260th review!) The show simply talks about the great movies of a specific decade. This week, they talked about the 80s.

Such movies they reference include: Raging Bull, Ordinary People, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, Gandhi, The Breakfast Club, Stand By Me(a bit too briefly), Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Die Hard, When Harry Met Sally, Ghost-busters, the list continues on and on. I wished some other movies were mentioned, like The Last Temptation of Christ and Shoah(both are in my top 10)-but I understand that they couldn't discuss every movie that releases within a decade.

Through every segment, celebrities and critics give their input on how these movies impact us today(For example, ET brought long lines of people waiting to see it.) We get interviews from directors like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, film critics like Christy Lemire and Alonso Duralde(who says Die Hard is about as perfect as Casablanca-think about that...), and actors like Tom Hanks say a few words(who is also the co-executive producer of this series.) It's exciting to hear such people in the movie business talk enthusiastically about the medium!

We also get many facts about the movies, many I knew, but are still fun to hear about again. For instance, it showed how animated characters were blended in with live action scenery in Roger Rabbit, and a clip was shown of the Donald and Duffy scene occurring WITHOUT the characters drawn in! Honestly, that was more impressive than the actual scene! Rob Reiner also mentions that he filmed the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally in front of his own mother(she's the woman who says: "I'll have what she's having.")

Also, there are only about 5 minutes of previews for every 10ish minutes of the show, which was a fair balance.

As you can see, if you love movies as much as I do, this series will be like a kid in a candy store for you! It's a delight from start to finish, and it's a must see for film buffs-yet anyone else should see it as well. (Next week is about the movies of the 90s-by the way.) This is POSSIBLY the best mini-series(or series in general) that I have ever seen. It's that great and feel-good.

PS, CNN-if you are reading this review,I would love for you to release this to DVD for $20-$30, possibly-thank you! :)
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For Charlie Brown Fans Only.
3 July 2019
I used to love the Peanuts specials. I do love The Peanuts Movie from 2015, but I don't care for the 25 minute shorts anymore.

My sister and me watched these whenever ABC aired them. It's February? Time for Be My Valentine! It's Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Time to watch the appropriate special!

Then I started collecting them on DVD or VHS. Eventually we owned about a dozen shows. And my sister watched them over and over and over again. So now I don't like them as much. (I can do that with Veggie Tales but not Charlie Brown.)

If you read my 10 star review of Citizen Kane(which was an early and therefore ametuer review), I give my rating scale analysis. A 5 is this: "Half decent, not for me personally, but I understand who it's for. In other words, I know the audience for it but I'm not in that crowd."

Therefore, many Charlie Brown specials fall as a 5. They're not "bad" and if you have not seen any, please do. They just are not for me anymore-for the MOST part.
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Toy Story 4 (2019)
The Best Toy Story Sequel, And One Of The Top 5 Pixar Movies!
29 June 2019
If you love Disney, Pixar, and Toy Story in general-go see this movie as soon as you can! Toy Story 4 a must see for any Disney fan!

Before I continue my praise, it seems appropriate for me to give a quick synopsis: When Bonnie(the girl in the previous movie) is about to start kindergarten, she's worried about starting school. So at orientation, a week before school actually begins, she makes Forky-a spork that comes to life after she puts him together.

He later gets lost, so Woody helps him get back to Bonnie, with old and new friends found on the way.

If you go back to the original movie from 1995, the animation isn't bad, but it's not top notch either, since feature length animated movies were a budding project. Now that 24 years have past(yes, that long!)-the animation is great! This is some of the best animation Pixar has done to date!

Toy Story 4 is also one of the company's funniest movies, I can only name Finding Nemo right now as a more comedic movie. I watched this with a friend, and we both laughed loud and hard quite a few times!

We also both cried a little, which is kind of hard for either of us to do when watching movies. I don't think you'll be bawling, but prepare for a few tears, and a few tissues may be required for some.

I'm trying to think of any minor flaws, and I truly can't think of any. The plot, animation, character development, plot twists, etc. are all close to perfection as I could imagine. Also, if I had to rank the 4, I'd say: 1, 4, 2 and 3.

I was concerned on if Forky would be an enjoyable character as well, but I was wrong to fear-he was an endearing character!

The end of the movie seem to imply that after 4 movies, this is the end for the Toy Story franchise. I think it's time, we've had 4 movies in 24 years. But this is a well worthy conclusion of the series.

My friend and me said when it ended that we wondered why there had to be a 4TH Toy Story, but this showed that even a 4th movie can be worth seeing. Maybe not always, but here, it is well used. So you have 2 recommendations in one review!

If you have not seen Toy Story 4 yet, do so as soon as you can! It's well worth it. If I can't convince you within the above paragraphs, I don't know what will. This is a charming Pixar movie and a sequel worthy of the series. It's a masterpiece of animation.

Warning: No character is super evil like Sid, Zurg, or Lotso, but prepare for a creepy doll if you have a sensitive child.

Note: If you found this review helpful, please click on cinephile-27690 for more reviews to read. Movies are my passion so let me share that with you with my other reviews.
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Very good IF you have an open mind.
26 June 2019
As a Christian, I take the Bible very seriously. In Deuteronomy 4:2, God tells the Israelites: "You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you."

When Bible movies add things God did not place in His words, it can be bothersome to me-though I do enjoy movies like Noah and The Last Temptation of Christ. I have realized overtime that these movies are not intended to be the Bible onscreen, but rather inspirations from the director's mind, and not literal adaptations. That's all I will say on that here, before I get off topic or, perhaps, controversial.

Exodus: Gods and Kings was directed by Ridley Scott, who's an atheist. His interpretation of the classic Moses story was originally one of the 10 worst movies I had ever seen, and I therefore gave it a 2/10. You can tell that from older reviews I have written.

I mentioned that last month at a church youth group meeting when we compared the Burning Bush scenes in The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt, and this. We all cringed at this version of it, which has many changes, such as Moses falling in quicksand and breaking his leg and a little boy talking to Moses, not the bush. But we compared it to the book of Exodus and found similarities between the Biblical narrative and the movie.

However, on June 11th, 2019 I rewatched Exodus Gods and Kings and realized that it very much requires an open mind-and one with a movie in mind and not The Bible. It does follow the overall skeleton structure of the story, but it puts new flesh on it. I gave you the Burning Bush example, and I'll leave you to the others to examine yourself.

I have heard that the effects are dull, but I highly disagree! The Red Sea Parting looks awesome, and I'm sure Cecil B. DeMille is rolling in his grave that Scott could make it cooler! The Plagues are nice too, I truly believed that all the water turned to blood and that insects and frogs were covering Egypt. Exodus Gods and Kings has set the standard for epic film-making in the regard of special effects!

I also think the pacing is nice. It runs for exactly 2.5 hours and it felt more like 2. Some think The Ten Commandments(a nearly 4 hour movie) felt shorter, and AT TIMES I could see that, but it definitely does not apply to the whole film.

On a grade scale of A+ to F, I am going to have to give this a simple A. I did have a couple of inaccuracy and other minor issues, ones I would rather not mention in favor of how much I admired Exodus Gods and Kings my 2nd time around, and they are also rather hard to put into words. But that is besides the point. There is so much good it overshadows any issues.

In respect of Ridley Scott's vision, I admire and recommend Exodus Gods and Kings. Like I said, it requires an open mind to watch it, not a Bible to movie comparison. It's astonishing effects and unique storytelling(which I should note make you wonder what Moses's life was like out of the Bible's teachings) and interesting casting choices make this a pretty good Bible movie for the modern audience who want a fresh take on Moses.

It's epic, it's grandly shot, and it's Ridley Scott's interpretation of Moses. Take it or leave it. I took it, and now I admire it! I could make more comments in favor of the movie, but for now I'll take an Exodus from this review! Exodus Gods and Kings is a spectacular vision and one worth experiencing if you are interested.

As of 10/8/19: Movies I "Really Like" and "Liked" will be 9/10 stars.
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Religulous (2008)
A 101 Minute Middle Finger To My Face And I Admired It.
11 June 2019
You don't have to agree with a movie's message to enjoy it. I'm a devout Christian and I watched this for the 2nd times last night. When did I first see it? About 2 weeks ago! Partly due to how interesting and entertaining it was, and partly due to the fact that I wanted to take notes on it to write this review properly.

Religulous's premise can be discovered in the title itself, which combines the words "religious" and "ridiculous." It's directed by Larry Charles of Seinfeld and Borat, and stars(for lack of a better word) Bill Maher, a very open atheist.

He claims he is trying to understand religion. "How can a rational person believe they are drinking a dead person's blood every Sunday? I have to try to figure it out...I have to try!' he states.

He questions others on why they believe in the existence of God(or a god at all), why faith is good, the trustworthiness of the Bible, the "fairy tale" aspects(You REALLY believe Jonah was in a fish's belly or that a snake talked to Eve?), their stance on homosexuality, Is the Bible really moral, and so many other aspects! This paragraph could be twice as long listing the subjects if I wanted it to be!

He asks many people from church members, a Christian scientist in a planetarium, Ken Ham, and many other Jews and mostly Christians these questions, and haggles them from then on.

For example, he asks a man dressed as Jesus at The Holy Land Experience: "Why doesn't God destroy all evil?" "He will." "He WILL? What's He waiting for?"

These questions have either simple or thought provoking answers. Whether or not Bill GETS an answer is besides his point. He started a war and he wants to win it in any savage way possible. In some scenes, he makes Professor Rattison from God's Not Dead look like a nice guy! His last line of the movie is, in fact: "Grow up or die!"

I gave the movie a 10, but it has many flaws. Maher questions Christians most of the time, and Jews and Muslims less. Other religions are not discussed or interviewed, at least, not for very long.

This makes his argument very biased, which Micheal Moore is accused of often-and yet Maher gets away with it more! And yet another aspect to ponder on! He claims to want to learn more about faith, but just mocks it instead. He interrogates others but refuses to let others question him.

Such flaws, and others, occur, but I am still giving it a 10 because it's very entertaining and thought provoking. How would I answer the questions Bill asks?

The fact that I'm a Christian and yet I gave it a perfect score and saw it twice in a span of about 11 days all should tell you something! Religulous is far from perfect, but it's a fascinating piece of film-making. It's made me think about my faith more and how to explain and understand it. Maybe it's offensive, but it's powerful nonetheless.

I can't say enough to recommend Religulous, but if mockery of religion will offend you, this is not for you. For anyone else, this is a must see for a challenging and yet enlightening documentary.
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I'm 20 and I actually find this movie endearing.
8 June 2019
Look, this movie is not a masterpiece. It is in fact childish(it IS Barney, after all) and not for everyone, but hey, I love what I love.

To be clear, I don't watch this all the time. In fact, I first saw this 11 months ago and once a couple months later, and that's it-only those 2 times. More on that in a moment.

The movie is about 3 kids who go to their grandparents house for a summer, and the boy-Cody-is dreading it. There's no TV, but there IS a farm. Wow, what a great summer THIS will be!

He also doesn't believe that Barney is real.(As in a talking dinosaur, his sisters have a Barney doll and make believe he's alive). They later discover a magic egg, and they go on a journey to return it to its mother, hence the "great adventure."

The movie is Rated G and rightfully so. No curse word is said, there's no nudity shown(arguably-technically Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop ARE "naked."), and violence, drugs, and scariness are all absent. This is probably one of the cleanest movies ever made, and one of the cleanest movies I have ever seen.

I like that it's not vulgar and it's just good, clean, fun. If you don't like inappropriate content, this is a movie you would enjoy. I'm not saying to always avoid adult content, but if you need to cleanse yourself from bad content, this is a go-to movie.

Another person who enjoyed this movie was-believe it or not-Roger Ebert. In his 3/4 star review, he writes: "Barney has his own movie. Not one of those videos you've watched a hundred times, but a real movie, more than an hour long.

If you like him on TV, you'll like him here, too, because it's more of the same stuff, only outdoors and with animals and shooting stars and the kinds of balloons people can go up in."

So see? Even 46 year old Roger Ebert had admiration for it!

As a Christian, I also see this as an allegory on faith. Cody learns how to have a faith in childhood, and and a person of any religious faith can take meaning from it. Maybe that wasn't an idea the makers had in mind, but that's partly how I find value in it. Even Ebert commented on that in a way:

"By the end of the movie Cody believes in Barney, because it's pretty hard not to believe in something that's purple and 8 feet tall and standing right there in front of you." That's one of the funniest things he ever wrote in a review!

There's also many classic songs in this movie, one being Old MacDonald Had A Farm. It's honestly my favorite rendition of the song!

Another plus is that it's only 75 minutes long, so the movie can fill up a short amount of time, and it goes by at a fast/decent pace.

It's a shame that this has a 3/10 on IMDB. I'm not expecting a Top 250 spot or anything, but this is a sweet film and deserves a little love! It's not a great movie, but it's innocent. That's something we need in this world.

Fun Fact: Trey Parker, the co-creator of South Park, was offered a chance to direct the movie. He turned it down to start his famous series.

Bonus: This movie is banned in Malaysia because it's "too inappropriate for children." (Probably for a diaper changing scene and Barney showers at the beginning.)
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Boomerang (1992)
Eddie Murphy's work is hit or miss. This is a HUGE miss!
2 June 2019
I must admit something before I write this: I did not finish this movie. At most, I saw a half hour of it. I may have only seen a quarter of it but it was enough to know the movie was trashy quality. That's why I did not finish it.

A plot summary seems unnecessary because I could not find a plot within the half hour I watched the movie. IMDB says the plot is this:

"A successful executive and womanizer finds his lifestyle choices have turned back on him when his new female boss turns out to be an even bigger deviant than he is."

It could have been about that, but I didn't see it in a half hour. If it takes that long to find a plot in a movie, I suppose none is really to be found. To quote Roger Ebert: "If nothing has happens in the first reel, nothing is going to happen."

What I did find in Boomerang was many unfunny sexual references. In one scene, Eddie Murphy's character is viewing a commercial for Kissable brand lipstick where cherries and bananas are licked sexually. The reaction part is mildly amusing, and may have been the highlight of the half hour.

Murphy also has sex with 2 different women in the half hour time span, which made me question how many encounters he would have in the latter 85 minutes.

One woman was Eartha Kitt, who played Ymza in The Emperor's New Groove, which made me realize Ymza and Mushu were getting it on...get THAT image out of your head!

After that scene, I took the movie out and watched Mean Girls for the first time instead. I loved that. Give THAT some thought.

Eddie Murphy has made good movies, such as: Shrek, Mulan, Coming To America, The Nutty Professor, and I moderately enjoy Norbit. All have better quality than Boomerang. At least they are all more plot-focused.

I hope by bashing the sex I don't come off as a prude. Sex and film can go hand in hand(movies like American Beauty and Last Tango In Paris come to mind, both of which I gave a 10/10 on here), but movies such as this use it very poorly.

If you want a well-written movie, Boomerang is a movie you don't want to come around to.
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The Reader (2008)
Engaging and erotic.
17 May 2019
While some scenes are more engaging then others, there is never a scene in The Reader that doesn't grab the attention of the viewer.

The Reader is really 2 movies is one, essentially:

The first is about a boy who, despite being 15, starts a sexual relationship with a woman(played by Kate Winslet-aka Rose in Titanic) over twice his age. Their relationship consists of 3 things: sex, bathing, and reading. The affair lasts a summer, and they don't connect afterwards. This covers roughly 45% of the movie.

The latter section sees these 2 meet again after the woman is given a life sentence for aiding the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Knowing her true heart-that she wouldn't WANT someone killed, the boy(now a grown man played by Ralph Fiennes) finds the books he read to her as a boy and records them unto cassette tapes for her to listen to.

Of course, many details follow, but these summaries are a quick basis without being spoiler heavy-I hope this didn't give too much!

Like I said, this movie is entertaining from start to finish. If I had to pick one flaw, tit would be that to me the dialogue was a bit quiet, but other than that, there's nothing I'd complain about!

However, I should tell you: if nudity scenes offend you, this movie is NOT for you! Kate Winslet is nude often, and the 15 year old has his share as well.

Usually excessive nudity bothers me(see my review of The Wolf of Wall Street), but this movie uses it for showing the immorality of the situation, and not used just to be there.

If you want a romance that is very entertaining, The Reader is the book, er, pick up!

Note: I recommend this for ages 16-17 and up.
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