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Great Flick !!
24 December 2006
This movie follows the real event very closely as it really happened. A saddened day for Huntington, WV and for the entire Ohio Valley (area along the Ohio river), it took many years for all of them to recuperate and this movie depicts the story so true.

The drama, the plot, and the thrilled suspense, will keep you on tuned in to the main characters who desire a result but are challenged to find themselves in a darken tunnel.

Matthew McConaughey plays an excellent role of depicting a true to life coach whose mission was survival and along the way manages to give the viewer a laugh just when it's needed.

If you're from the Ohio valley and remember this event, you will leave the theater with Marshall University on your mind and if you are from Huntington area you will know that your team has received it's recognition so needed but if none of these then you will definitely enjoy the drama, the personal stories lived out on the big screen, and the witness of the desire of the human spirit to rise above it all, even when beaten.
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October Sky (1999)
Against the Odds!
11 November 2006
Homer and company have the cards laid out against them. Having driven through Coalwood WV where they grew up, one quickly can see how the odds are favorable for working in the coal mines. Being raised in a similar situation where the principle income was coal and refractories while graduating from high school in the 98th percentile in the nation in science, I can identify with these boys challenges, desires, and purpose driven objectives. Many a child in similar situations simply take what is laid before them and turn from the challenge to break the mold and move out into a bigger and more broadened world. Homer struggles with this challenge and even finds family obstacles and academic hurdles to overcome should he and his friends decide to break on through to the other side.

Will Homer and his friends make it? Should they try to make something better of their lives? The director, cast, and crew work hard at making you part of that decision process. Expect to find points where you want to scream "do it" but also expect to be saddened when the chips fall and the challenge grows to greater summits then the boys have courage. Will they succeed? Will they meet the challenge and rise above it? Or, will they join the rank and file and become just as their fathers and their fathers for generations? You have to see this one and have your children see it too. I give it a 10 for content, life impact, and personal growth . . and . . the directing, acting, and setting aren't bad either. Actually the latter set the pace for an exciting and enjoyable flick that will leave your heart filled with desire. DrD
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Great Movie for Life!
10 November 2006
A definite movie to watch if you're struggling with a lot of "giants" in your own life. In Facing the Giants, you will get to witness how one man, one team, and one town, find a way to change their lives. By changing their attitudes completely through belief, faith, and determined attitudes every team member of a small town football squad are changed. Morever, the obvious objective to get the viewer to realize that there is a greater force beyond this world in which we should place or faith and trust is a well driven message. In addition, a purpose and reason for living is justified.

My hat's off to the Kendrick's for this great presentation of where to look for the truth in why we are here and how to find faith and strength in times of our darkest hours. The message is clear, the answer is acheivable, and the result is astounding! Thanks for listening. DrD
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A Lesson Learned!
8 November 2006
This is a great educational movie about life in the real. Here, Curly learns that while he believed most people (including himself) to be honest and caring individuals, he learns from his trusted associate and partner otherwise, that "you can't cheat an honest man," as so well put by Mordicai. Having been taken a few times myself in life and thus a happy matriculated student of the game, I especially see the flamboyance of the con and what to open my eyes to after having been graduated at a cost.

Curly learns something we all need to learn, people can't be trusted and especially those who seem to be the most trusted and reverered in life, for everyone has a skelton (or two or few) in the closet and/or will take the con if the risk is low and the reward high, regardless of the dishonesty involved. Yes, Mordicai is the film flam man but his lesson matriculates quite well in the end, if one listens and learns. DrD
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14 August 2006
If you've ever been on a motorcycle racing circuit or been around other real life circuits with those of the egotistical boaster class, you will love this movie. On both the motorcycle racing circuit and in business, I've met Halsey Knox; well, not really but a true to life, full blown, likeness thereof.

Having not really been a fan of motorcycle racing, but a fan of the scene, I immediately can identify with those of the "Halsey" genre, who not only know everything and been everywhere, but are the best and foremost authority on nearly every subject, let alone get all the women and nearly always screw up everyone's life around them by capturing the heart mind and soul of the unsuspecting and then "use" that person for what can be accomplished for the host.

Robert Redford plays the part like a pro. And poor unsuspecting Little Fauss is literally taken by the style and non-chalaunt attitude of Halsey. The two team up and when Fauss finally wakes up to the reality of being used by a bluffer and boaster, he finds the nerve to move on and locate success on his own.

Definitely a classic and no wonder Robert Redford didn't like the part, after all who wants to be seen as a loser with an egotistical "know it all" attitude, except of course for the part where he "gets all the women" :o)
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Love Story (1970)
Great Flick
13 January 2006
One of my all time favorites, right there with "Goodbye Girl," where a witty writer, gets to also do the screen play (in fact the screen play was before the novel) and their real story gets portrayed on screen, rather than someone else's interpretation.

The book was an easy read and the play follows it very close. The best part is the chase between the two principal characters (Ollie, Ryan O'Neal & Jenny, Ali McGraw) and the war between Ollie and his father (Ray Milland). Also, what a great start appearance for Tommy Lee Jones.

Moreover, for those of us who spent many years on college campuses, the aura is a great relive.

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