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30 for 30: June 17th, 1994 (2010)
Season 1, Episode 15
18 June 2010
I was born in 1987, so although the OJ Simpson trial was the biggest news scandal growing up, the start of it was a bit before my time. I started watching this by accident and couldn't not turn away from the TV. It basically chronicles the sports world on June 17th 1984, just showing sports clips. There is no independent narrator or direction given, just the news coverage from the day. It is so haunting, how many huge events were going on at the same time. Showing the start of the day, where the New York Rangers are having their celebratory parade and everyone is so happy, and then as the day goes on the mood changes to the NBA finals game being interrupted to show the car chase! The announcers at the NBA game were so flustered. Like Bob Costas, he is still an announcer today and he looked so confused. The addition of stuff from OJ's past also adds to the mysteriousness of the program, watching how he used to be perceived before the murders and afterwards is so insane. I think for most of us it is impossible to think of OJ without thinking of the murders and this show reminds us of how loved he was. I have never seen anything like it, it was magical. Watch it if you can.
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Being Erica (2009–2011)
Much better than I expected!
13 February 2009
When I saw the commercials for Being Erica I thought it would be just another stupid low budget Canadian show but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The premise of the show is about Erica, a woman in her thirties, who has many regrets. She collides with this therapist who is very unconventional. He makes her go back in time and correct her "regrets"; each episode she corrects one. I watched it the first time because I was bored but have looked forward to each new episode ever since. I like it because it's very different. You learn so much more about the characters because you get to see them in different times. It is also funny, and I find the characters easy to relate to. The time travel stuff isn't too heavy; don't let that turn you off. I definitely say give it a try!
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